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AUCTION BILL. The following is an abstract of the Bill for regulating Sales by Auction, introduced into Parliament, and which is now on its passage through the House of Com 1(] till s. The bill recites, act I9ih Geo. HI. 291 h Geo. Ill 42d Geo. ill. Rates of former ad* snsufficienl expedient thai no other allow- ance should he made under said acts than as ifter mentioned. Knads, that from the 5th July, 1813, no allowance 10 be made under former acts, til duties to he paid by auctioneers at the iime appointed by law for passing their ac- counts of every sale—Proviso, that where iuty shall exceed -C20, ind reason to su,ppose property bona fide bought in, auction ,'ers, with two sureti-s, may gjve hond for "Y payment of the duly, with lawflll interest, in • welve months, lu case of property bona fide bought in, auctioneer or owner may (after he expiration of twelve, and within twenty lour months) lay complaint before the Com- missioners of Excise, &c. who are to hear and determine con.plaints, and examine wit- nesses on ontli j aud are empowered to gtam relief, hy ordering the repayment of the duty, 01' vacating the security, in case it shall be duly proved that the transaction was fair, con tinues the property of the former owner, and that no agreement has been made, or nego- tiation pending for the purchase, sale or transfer I hereof Po wer given to remit a por- tion of the duty, in case property should af terwards he sold by public auction for a less sum than that in which it was bought in. \o relief to be granted unless property bought in by a bidding of a specific sum of money, audibly made hy the bidder, and the amount thereof audibly repeated by the auc- tioneer; nor unless notice of the person buy- ing m property intending- to bid, be given to the auctioneer before the sale, and by him produced to, and left with, the Collector, or other officer, at the time of passing his ac count of such sale. No relief to be granted, unless notice shall have been given to the Commissioners of Ex cise, &c. 14 days before the hearing of such complallll, specifying when, where, and by what auctioneer the sale was held; and of what particular property it consisted, and the day and place when and where complaint to be determined. Recital.—That frauds had been practised by selling together property exempt from duty, and other property not exempt. Enactment.—That when property subject to duty i sold by an auctioneer, all other pro- perty sold hyauction by him on the same day, and at the same place, shall be subject to duty. Auctioneer shall not sell property in any other order than that mentioned in the Cata logue, io be delivered in to the Excise, under I)el)tllty of -C)CO. Auctioneer not to sell at any other time than hetween the hours of nine in the morn- ing and nine in the evening, under penalty of x- too. Auctioneer, in giving notice, under stat. 19 Geo III to specify his place of residence, date of his auction licence, names of the per sons granting it, the district where taken out, and the hour and piace where sale is to be held, under penalty of C50. if aoctioneer does not begin within one hour after time specified in notice, it shall be void, and a new ilotice given. Auctioneer to exhibit his licence during the sale, permit any Officer of Excise to take a copy or extract thereof during the sale, or within one hour after under a penalty of 501. Auctioneer not to offer property to sale to himself, or in which he is interested, under penally of 100.1. Penalty not to attach, if, in the catalogue to he delmed to the Excise, the property is stated to belong to the auclioueer, or that he is interested therein. Auctioneer may not, within 48 hours after the close of the day's sale, offer or agree to sell, or treat, &c. for sale of any property by private contract, at the place, or within one mile thereof, at which such auctioneer shall have sold any property by auction, under pe- naly of 1001. No owner or proprietor of property, of which a part shall be sold by auction, norany agent, &c. shall, withm 48 hours after the sale, at the place of such sale, or within one mile I hereof, sell, or negociate for the sale of the residue of such property, 01" of any other of the same description, under penally of IDOl. Not to extend to goods or merchandize usu- ally dealt in by the proprietors, and sold at his shop or warehouse in the ordinary course of II is husiness. Recital of frauds by itinerant auctioneers. No auctioneer is to sell auygoods by auction in any city, town, &c. unless he shall have remained I here 28 days before such sale, under penally of 100/. Penally not to attach on goods offered for sale within the limits of the weekly hills of mortality, or the chief Office of Excise; or on the sale of horses, or cattle, or goods distrain- ed for rent or tillieg or sold under the order of the Courts of Chancery or Exchequer, or Commissioners of Excise, &c. -or under an execution or to goods imported by way of merchandise into Great Britain, from any Bri- lish colony or plantation in America, of the produce or manufacture of sticit colonies or plantations or to wheat, &c. or provisions imported. Recital of Ihe act of Ihe 43d Geo. III im- posing I (Itity of 6;. on auctioneer's licenses. From the 5ih July, 1813, duly of 6s repeal- ed, and a duly of201. imposed on licenes laken out hy auctioneers residing within lO utiles of Ihe Royal Exchange, and 51. on auctioneers residing in any other pari of Great Britain. Directs application of duties. Duties imposed by Ihe act, arising in Eng- land, under the management of the Commis- of Excise. Licenses to be granted by the same persons, and fit the same times, as former licenses. Power of former acts continued in force. Penalties to be sued for as other penalties, and one moldy to go to the King aud the other 10 the informer.