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SP A IN, Intercepted Letter from the Getici-rtf in CldefoftJlI Jl rmy of the vortlz, Clausel, to Joseph Buonaparte. Puente de la Reyna, May 4, 1813 SIRE,— I have enfereed Navarre with the di- visions Barbot and Taupin, of the army of Por- tugal, and that of General Vandermaesen, of the army of the North. These troops, united with the division Abbe, form a disposable force of J3,000 men,—a force insufficient to make great progress in Navarre, to destroy the troops of and reduce the country to submission. The division Sarrut has not arrived at all at least I have no accounts of iI, though I have several times sent to Logrono, for the purpose oT learning its motions. The division Fo consists of 2,600 bayonets, according to the return niadt to me by its Gene ral and thus, supposing the division Sarrut i" be 4,000 strong, even Mb.-n it is compkteh (lis" posable and uot employed ia keeping up the communications, I shall have only the following I amount of force — Division Foy 2,600 Ditto. Barbot 3,000 Ditto- -Taupin 3,tJOO Ditto. Sarrut 4,000 13,200 The regiments come from the army of Portu- gal and of the South, to replace the regiments of Mancha, amounting to 2000 men. are prevent- ed from actijig, in consequence of their being destined to replace the others which maintain the communications. The 3d and 5th of the line cannot reckon upon their 1st and 2d divisions, all these being inca- pable of any active service and the 2 or 300 men who remain are (inly tit for garrison duty. Your Majesty will see that it is impossible with these resources to fulfil the wishes of his Majesty the Emperor, or do any thing in Spain for his ser- vice and that of your Majesty. Navarre cannot be subdued but by the presence of from 20 to 25,000 tiieii alii I without the speedy establishment of such a force, nothing will be done but sacrificing men, and uselessly wasting time; while, on the other hand, all delay in sending and establishing such a corps d'armee in Navarre, may oceasion a tnost destructive blow to the French armies in Spain. I learn that General Foy has commenced the siege of Castro. I am afraid he has not suffici- ent force for its reduction; and I have written to General Sarrut to return to Orduna while the siege lasts, and to confine himself to preventing any scarcity of provisions in the forls on the line from Burgos to li-tiii, foi there are no other troops but his to levy the eontrihutiolls. I fear, sire, and with reason, that we cannot stretch ourselves much more along the Ebro, without, on that account, abandoning Castile. Not expecting now to he of any advantage here, I mean to march and employ my troops the bands that are upon the coast. Mina will be master of Navarre till there is a corps of from twenty to twenty-five thousand men in that country. He will avoid tighting while he is (he weaker party and if he fight, it will be with de- tachments, and with a certainly of victory. Corps of small amount wiii be destroyed in Navarre in a very short time, while a respectable corps coufd easily reduce the country. I perceive all is lost in Navarre; no hope of success in the enterprize remains to me lam, therefore about to abandon it but I cannot conclude my letter without. re- newing my entreaty^ that the infantry I have equested amount to 20,000 men, with the addi- tiolt of 1000 horse. It would also be extremely useful, were a division of the Array of Portugal to occilpy, besides, the province of Burgos The 20,000 men required ought to be from this side of the Ebro, and entirely disposable 1 must also submit it to your Majesty's consi- deration, that we cannot sustain the numerous hospitals which we have, since the Sick of the Armies of the South, the Centre, and of Por:u- gal, were emptied into the hospitals of the Army of the North, without leveying the contributions; and to accomplish that he.re. it is necessary to employ more troops than in other parts of Spain. Without them, nothing can he done; and thus the hospitals and forts will be in want of every thing I remain, Sfc. The Bi ro C 1, A (T EL- «■