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LONDON. FRIDAY, JULY 2. Project for a (-eneral Peace. The following Priijei, is understood to be not inconsistent vvi-h the general views of A list rsa and the Allies, for (lie establishment )f P"ace, on the h!lsis of a balance of power in Europe — Whereas, after many and krrihle revolutions, the French nation has adopted a new form of Government, .and place t at its head the family of B'lonaparte, the chief of which family has been invested with the Imperial l'ille Now, in order to prevent ail doubts an I uncertainties, with re- spect to the internal security of France, under the new regime, the saint1 shall be fully recog- niseil hy all the Powers or Europe, with the pro viso, di.r the title of Emperor shall not he un- derstood to convey any farther or other, pre- eminence, ainoji4 crowned heads, than was for- ciit)) the French Monarchs and moreover, the Constitution of the French impe- rial Government, and the Order of Succession established by the Constitutional Act, sti-iii lie guaranteed by the parties to the present trear). It being pre-supposed, that Great Britain, in conformity with her repeated declarations of de- sirefor agenerat peace, will accede to such ar. :an:;eme!<)s-.haUmnnifes<)ytenotoestab!ish the same oil a secure basis, it is hereby propos- ed that she sh,,Il ce(le (), Frint,,e the colonies of Martinique, Deseada, Manegalanfe, St. Lucie, ati,l Fo in tile %V,,st lii,lies; Ceylon and the Mauritius, in the Eastern Ocean Surinam and Cayenne, mi the continent of South America; ;Ifl I !I fsi.inds of Goree and St. Louis on lie coast of \frica. (lie. annexation of certain neigh- bouring territories has at various times been adopted by the greater Powers of Europe, with a view to their own security, and to the preven- tion of confusions and disorders in their imme- diate neighbourhood, but such annexations have occasioned new and unexpected dangers, both froai the dissatisfaction of the inhabitants of the States so annexed, and also from the alarms en- tertained h> other Powers, it is herebyy agreed, that the annexation of Holland, and of various parts of Italy, Germany, andSwirzerland ,to France, and also of various parts of Poland to Russia, Prussia, and Austria ttie same not hav- ing heen effhted IF i ol*coiiqiiest iiiol)en and lawful war, hut being'rather justified by tempo- rary rnorives, wtiich motives will in the event of the proposed peace cease to operate) shall henceforth be at an end, and the said territories shall be arranged as hereinaf-er provided. If is prop >sed, that the Swiss Cantons, includ- ing- lh territory of Geneva, fife, now annexed to France, shall remain under the protection of that Empire and that the French Emperor shall hear the title of Prottctor of the Helvetic Con- federacy. And whereas the French Emperor has often heretofore declared, that, for the security and repose of Europe,af.erhn own decease theCrowns of France and Italy should not remain on the same head; now, for the greater assurance of such tranquillity, it shall be provided, that the said separation shall take place immediately, and that he shall raise any Prince of his family (and par- ticiiiariv Joseph, now claiming to be K in of Spain, in the event of Ill's abandoning such claim J to the Throne of Italy. Further, that Joachim, King of Naples, and Felix, Prince of Lucca and Piombino, shall be guaranteed in the possession of their respective Sovereignties and that the Emperor-of France shall name Sovereigns, under the titles of Princes, or Dukes, to the indepen- dent Governments of Genoa, Corsica, Dalmatia, and Ragusa that the house of Bourbon shall he restored to the kingdom of E.'ruria, and the Pope to fhe Government of the Pontifical State; and that all the said Sovereigns, together with the Kings of Sicily and Sardinia shall form a Con- federacy to be termed The Italian Confederacy of which the Emperor of Austria, under the title of Emperor of Home, shall be the Protector the different Princes of the Confederacy being hound to furnish their contingents to him for de- fensive war, on principles and in proportions to he hereafter agreed on and lastly, that the dis trict of I stria, with the ports of Trieste and Fiutne, shall be ceded to Austria in full Sov- reignty. In order to disturb as little as possihle the re- pose of Germany, all the Princes of the Confe- deracy of the Rhine shall retain their present possessions, with the exception of the King of Westphalia, and shall be joined hy the Hanseatic cities.and by Holland (under the dominion of King Louis) and the whole, hearing the name of the Germanic Confederacy, shall be placed under the protection of ibe King of Prussia, with the title of Kmpernr. The present kingdom of West- phalia shall be divided, part being given to the Kine: of Sweden, and part toa Prince, or Princes, to he nominated by Great Britain it being un- derstood that the future Sovereigns shal1 accede to the Germanic Confederacy, as far as relates to those territories. The Emperor of Russia shall become Protector of the Pnlish Confederacy, consisting of four A rch- dukedoms, namely. Lithuania, Gaticia, Dantzic, and Warsaw to the first of which, a Prince shall be nominated hv Russia to the 2d, by Austiia to the 3d, by Prussia; and to the 4th, b) France. The Emperor of Russia shall also be Protector of the Ionian or Septinsubir Confederacy, and shall occupy Corfu. In return he shall cede to Sweden the districts of Wasa and Uleaborg; and for the remainder of Finland, Sweden shall be indemnified either in Westphalia, or by exchang- ing part of the Westphalian territory with the Duke of Mecklenburg. It is understood, that Sweden shall desist from her views on Norway, in consequence of th/ise cessions. The independence and integrity of the Spanish and Portuguese monarchies to he guaranteed by all the contracting Powers, and King Ferdinand to be re-established on his throne. Great Britain to occupy Malta, and themedia- tinn of the contracting Powers to he off., red for the settlement of her disputes with America.