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London, Monday Evening, June…

To the Editor of the LIVERPOOL…


The following remarkable instance ofl the inter- position of Divine Providence, is copied from the Liverpool Courier of Wednesday the 23d instant. To the Editor of the LIVERPOOL COURIER. SIR,An event occurred, on Thursday last, which, had it happened but a, few minutes earlier, would have filled the streets of this town with the screams of distracted parents over (he mangled remains of their children, and of others deploring (he-tragic fa(e of re- latives and friends in short, Mr. Editor, the calamity might have been near Ily equal in dis- tress and horror to that occasioned by ihe of, the Old Church, and all this by an accident very éasy to he prevented. The Ches- ter Packet had just arrived, crowded with passengers; as, iu addition lb the usual num- ber, there were in the boat ahoutlhirly young gentlemen returning from Malp-is School,, j with several yoong ladies from the Schools in Chester. The whole had but jus' escaped from the crowded deck, when, awful to re- late. ilic driver of an unmanageable horse (very improperly admitted into such a place) i proved unable to prevent him f-roll, i through the screaming crowd over the quay I of Coffield's Wharf; when, with a deadly shock, which still vibrates in my cars. both horse and cart were precipitated, nearly thirty feet, to the packet's deck where, a few II)i- nutes before, the passengers had all ')ee!1 crowded. Figure to yourself, Mr. Editor, a fond mother, who, after five months separa- tion, had been anxiously waiting to press « her bosom a darling chiid Think what dis [. Iracfing scenes might have terminated her ex- I)ecl;itit,iis, iiit) you wili i)ardoti the lo,- quacity of this recital. qtiaci Let those who might have been at this mo ment weeping over the mangled remains of ortrietids, return due thanks to that gracious PROTECTOR by whose watchful providence they are enab- led now to regard Ihe accident as a WARNING only and let those respectable members of this Corporation, whose sons thus narrowly I escaped destruction, allow me to hint, that j the best way to show their gratitude wiil he j to employ all the influence they possess to j prevent similar danger to others, which may j be done by chains, eurbs, sloues, or the strict j exclusion of carts and horses in future from II that pari of the wharf I would most earnestly call the attention of all who are interested in the Chester Packet, to this event il lias caused a sensation which may seriously affect their interest. g By inserting the above in your valuable 9 paper, you will much oblige one of your COli. stant subscribers, and Liverpool, June 21, 1813. A PARENT.

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I'hursday, July I,

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