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P ) L IT I C A L SUMMARY. NORTHERN- WAH.—We have a supply of French papers of Ihe 21st uit. ihe Ji/oniteur, among others, which stales an official account from lhe French army of the 14ih inst. The enemy's troops, according to, this document, continued their movements for the occupation of cantoninenfs as prescribed by the armis- tice. Camp'; were also formed, and the con- struct ion of barracks undertaken, and every pleasure, laking tlie authority of the French papers, ill progress, lo preserve the conditions of the armistice unviohUed. 11 seems,however, from what ihey sfafe,.that, the suspension of armshas uotexlended to every part of Germany occupied by hostile bodies. Tiley speak of Pit,i*liz:ti,,s ;ti Ilieii- rear" which pay no obe dience lolheslipulalioDs-that act on "their own account," in the manner of SelliIi, but against which several columns are iiiovill- t'his kind of warfare perhaps may exceed the importance the trench Papers attribute to it. We know that a body of Russian troops are yet on fhe Elbe, part of which obtained so memorable an advantage over one of the ene- my's strong convoys; and it is to be/doubt- ed whelhei Russia will abandon those brave fellows to their destiny, by witnessing, un moved, the march of several columns against them. The Emperor of Austria, according to an article from Bohemia, has arrived at Brauuau, but whether this be Braunau, on the river Inn, or Braunau in Bohemia, about 25 miles s. S. W. of Schweidnifz, is more than we can ascertain. It is most probably the latter, and if it be, it instructs us to correct fhe transla- tions from former French papers, which state, that an interview was to take place al Gilseheu bel ween the Emperor Napoleon and 'he Emperor of Russia. Braunau is but about forty miles from Gitscben and, therefore, if the Bohemian article he accurate, it would seem most likely that the Emperor of. Russia has been mistated for the Emperor of Austria, Perhaps both are spoken of erroneously, bur the French papers state the circumstances as we do. Denmark has published an article in vindi- cation of her policy, and the Monitenr of the 201 h, another for her, The object of both, to which we now can advert but slightly, is to place Denmark upon advantageous ground in her negotiations with the Allies, and fo stig- matize the principles upon which those were proceeding, as unjust and immoral. PENIKSULA.—No dispatches have yet been received from Marquis Wellington, although hourly expected. The Moniteur of fhe 21st June contains a very long detailed account respecting the different rencounters which General Clauselhas had with Espoz and Mina, whom he was sent in pursuit of. After slat ing various pclfy affairs between the litit Aprii and 10th May, it says that Milia, being convinced of the entry of Roncal being forced, now only thought of giving battle, for which purpose on the night between the 12fh and 13lh May, he collected all his troops near Ysaba, on the road from Roncal to Oenagavia, where he was attacked on the 131 h by Gen Ahov, and driven from three positions, with the loss of 1000 men upon which he dispers ed his troops by companies, and was himself nearly taken at Villareal. He was successively pursued into Arragon. It further adds, that She insurrectional Junta had fled to Castile hat Minu's escort had been three (lIues come up with, and that it had been reduced to 10 or 12 men, with whom he was flying from the pursuit of the cavalry., It also states that the confidence of the inhabitants in him had been greally lessened, and he himself much dis- gusted, hy his sudden reverse of fortune.