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TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, UU ■iday, the L2d day of July next, at the Mitre Inn, in this city, -iday, the 2d day of July next, at the Mitre Inn, in this city, I T' found Jsb ,ircI> rhyn Hi SLOOP Lady Penrhyn, burthen about 50 tons weit in every respect, mainsail en- f new, aud now lading at ren- coun. Port. i JO —— tile, St. Asaph Association, )R THE PRESERVATI ON OF THE GAME. the s ——— ecuti Notice is hereby Given, Pa HAT the Annual Meeting of 'he S hers of this Association, will he 1lu f < Vhite Lion Inn, St. Asaph, on MOMMi. 61h of JflLY next, at 12 o'clock. EDWIN vvyATT, Secretary. D th June, 1813. —— B. Subscribers in arrear are requested to their arrears, and fresh subscriptions in case n-altetuiance. UNION TO FIRE AND LIFE INSTITUTIONS. LKJ theseestablish meals A LL T H E S A VlNGS }i' kRi,, RETURN it) TO THE INSURED, iniequence of this plan, the Members ot the A t. Insurance Department, whose period or re- So nenf has arrived, ltave received back fifty per of the Premiums they deposited, S1 ie rates of the Life Insti ution are tell di lent lover than those of other Establishments, I ti its Insurers have the additional advantage of w eliti* a; entitled to periodical bonuj f S irther particulars may he had, gratis, of Mrs JL ) W EN, of Bala or of any of the Agents in are appointed in the principal towns in this mil icipaliiy. Tin — the -i, lapcl CUr; Turnpike Road. rig I rOd 'I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, mo 111 AT the next Meeting of the Trustees of hat this Road, will he held on Thursday, the cip day of Jnly next, at Cape! Curig Inn, at 12 Sla lIck at noon; at which Meeting the lolls str in? at the Gates ereeled on the said Road, an: be Let by Auction, to the highest bidder or nas |ers—which Tolls produced the last year, the sut owing sums, viz. 's Din a s Gale .263 U 0 rU' Tyn y Ion Gate L<;8:.i 0 0 Bettws Gate.. 300 0 0 ,i Hendreissa Gate.220 0 0 it and above the expenses of collecting the wh if, and will tie put up at the respective sums ag ivementioned. Whoever happens to he the h t bidder or bidders, must at flit, slitic lillie iduce sufficient sureties for the payment of the its agreed for, .and at such times as the said ustees shall direct. BP.NJ. WYATT, Clerk to the said Trustees. iigo?, J tine 21st, lr. Ab.rdaron,$$c. Tnclosiire. Al The Undersigned Commissioner, appoint- g ed in and by an Act of Parliament, made j-Hsed in th<; fifty first year of the reign of his :sent Majesty, entitled, An Act for Inclos- Lands in the parish of Aberdaron, and othes ill tile cotiiily ol' Ciii-ijai-voti." f DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, at for the purpose of defraying the expences B carryiag the said Act into execution, 1 shall B ise several Lots or Portions of the said Com- C m, called vl or fa Mawr, in the several parishes of Denio and 1)(>lIrhos, to be Sold hy Auel ion, on In dnesday, the Twenty-first day of July next, ut the Crown and Anchor, in the town of Pwll- oi li, between the hours of 3 and 5 in the after- ol on, subject to conditions of sale. a Particulars of the several Lots may be had of fii the said Commissioner, or at the office of w r. Robert Griffith, Solicitor, Pwllheli. kND I DO HEREBY GIVE FURTHER NOTICE, b, ia,t I stiall on ilie sanie -.IN, 0, (1, 12 o'cloclc. it on, submit the plans of an intended Embank- ;nt, over and across Pwllheli River, at or near in order that the same may taken into consideration, each and every Pro- s ietor are requested to attend precisely at the H jie appointed. t RICHARD ELLIS, Commissioner. e wllheli, 19th June, 1813. s — r DENBIGHSHIRE Auxiliary Bible Society. ( iMT E, the Undersigned, having this day ( ¥ y met, pursuant to advertisement, tofaci- | tate the formation of a Sociery for the connty f Denbigh, in aid of the Ili-itisli atiti Foreign Society, be leave to inform the Nobility, ) entry. Clergy, Freeholders and other inhabi- ints of 'he county, that a MEETING will be eld in the SHIRE HALL, in RUTHIN, on the rst day of the next Denbighshire Assizes, pre- iscly at pieven o'clock in the forenoon, to form n Insti'j.t'ion for the connty at large, confonna- le to wit", principles of, and auxiliary to, the British aid Foreign Bible Society, when Sir Vatkin Williams Wynn, Bart. M. P. Lord Lieu- enant, and Custos Rotulorum of the county, will ake the Chair. will Ruthin, 24M May, 1813. Richard Miles Wynne, Eyarfh, Joseph Peers, Plasncwydd, John Roberts, Ruthin, John Jones, Clerk of the Peace, Goodman Itobei-ts, Aldermen. I Thomas Jones, > Gabriel Hughes, Llanrhydd. Thomas Hughes, Ruthin. I John Williams, RhydycilgwJn» Robert Humphreys Jones, Ruti?:. Richard Newcome, Warden of Kutinn. John Kyffin, Rector of Derwen. Richard Jones, Vicar of Llanynys. Richard Jones, Rector of Llanychan. William Chamhres, Llanrhydd. John Jones, Curate of Llanfwrog. John Parry, Curate of Clocaenog. John Davies, Curate of Llanelidan. Robert Philips, Curate of Llangermw. UUliLLEK & UliLt uxouunuaii Notice is hereby Given* HAT certain ALLOTMENTS being parts Iw." and parcels of the Commons and Waste ply. Is, in the several parishes of Dofgelley and [j gelynin, commonly called Celynin, in the —— tyof Merioneth, will he SOLD by AUC- N,at the Golden Lion Inn, m Dolgelley, oil the 20th day of July next, in order to ly the charges aud expellees of carrying the j of Parliament lately passed, for inclosing co sme Commons aud Waste Lands into ex- 0j on. in uticular^, describing the said Allotments, be be had at the Office of Messrs. Jones and tll iauis, Solicitors, Dolgelley. 111 HUGH JONES, rg Clerk to the Commissioners. J[_ olgelley, 26th May, 1813. gH" G;;I iuff MERIONETHSHIRE. Li a ,A Capital Slate Quarry. pas abo BE LET, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, tioi 'or the term of ten or fourteen years, and may he entered upon immediately, a ri the Goat Inn, in the to MI of Carnarvon, on and iiturday, the 3d day of July, II: hClweell clo. IC hoursof 3 and 5 o'clock in the airemoon, 10 ibject to such condifions as shall be then pro- j"1' need, unless let or disposed of in the mean "> me by private contract, of which due notice COil ill he given aes -'HIAT BLUE SLATE QUARRY, well Ci I 1 'léi known by the name of MA NOD QUARRY,, the county of Merioneth, within about six ft .01 es of the Quay near Maentwrog, that Messrs. ■uer and Co. ship their slates at, upon which Proprietors of this Quarry have au unlimited it to ship slates, and to which Quarry a new ,)01 d was lately made. xii i'his Quarry is opened upon an extensive com- SQl n, ami is as large a body of line Blue Slates as ex h been hitherto found in any tile pnn- of ality; -the metal resembles the Festiniog |)(>( ,ies, sold by Messrs. Turner and Co. but upon s{a ict exaoiinatiou, will he found a little hatder, ttH a shade or two nearer to the blue ot !heC:'r" set •vonshire slates The rock is solid near the trf iace, and splits remarkably tine and thin, and above a most convenient hollow to discharge t'l bbish, at a small exi)ciice. Any person or company wishing to embalm. IS on an extensive scate in the slate trade, cinnoi sh ve a better situation than this Quarry. [jr A large Farm, within one mile of the Quarry, I tu lieh is very convenient for the residence of an ent, will be let with it. di Mr. Griffith Thomas, of Maentwrog Lodge, II direct a person to shew the Quarry, and for th i ther particulars, apply to Mr. ROBERT WIL- sa LVIIS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. C( FREEHOLD ESTATE, the I'arisk of Bangor, County of Carnarvon. pi a TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, the nitre Inn, in the city of Bangor, on Friday thetM of July next, between the hours of four and six o'clock in the a fternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then ami there pro- 1 disced, unless previously disposed of by private J contract, of which due notice will be given 1< 11 i 1E L ANDS of G LAS! N FRYN, pleasantly h i. situate within two miles of the city of Ti augor, eight of Carnarvon, two and a half of angor-ferry, and fourteen and a hall of Capel- A urig and consisting of rilXTY I1 IVE ACRES a rich, dcep, loamy soil, suited to the most [j crative rotation of crops. Forty-one acres are uler superior management., and in a higli state f c,,Ittii-c the residue is in a progressive state r i improvement, and may be rendered arahle at J ii light expence. These Lands are divided into C olds of from fonr and a half to six acres each, ith water in every field, anrl the fences are in C jod order. A Parish Comnion which adjoins and ( ouuds part of this Estate, will be found or great ( ccasional convenience. ( There is a newly elected MANSION on the pre- C lises, 43 feet in front by SO feet wide, on three oors, anrl divided into eleven apartments, be- ( ides cellar and dairy underground. Threeapart- I lents are in an unfinished state, but tho whole J lay be rendered commodious aud comfortable for I he reception of a genteel family, at a very trifling I xpence. This House fronts (he east, and is .greeably situate in a well wooded meadow,com- nandmg a pie asing prospect of the surrounding ceuery, which is seldom to be equalled for jeauty and variety. There are likewise a newly-built Stable and < How-house, at a convenient distance, and an jver-shot Gorse Mill. All these buildings as ;hey were intended for the use of the Proprietor, ire of the most substantial materials and best workmanship, and the timherof superior quality, ;>eing Dantzic pine. There are also some old Buildings on the property, valuable for the quan- tity of oak timber contained in them. The river Cegin forms the eastern boundary, and extends above half a mile, including a well, wooded and romantic dingle, with a large power of water capable of supplying at all seasons an extensive machinery. The water may be taken to a level 30 feet above the bed of the river.— There is no situation in the parish of Bangor so well adapted to a considerable undertaking, with an equal power of water. The Timber on this Estate consists chiefly 01 oak, alder, and ash a proportion of the oak timber is of great age, and suitable to the pur- poses of the ship-builder and wheelwright. There are some young plantations of thriving timber from 12 to 15 years old. This property includes in its local situation and quality of soil, advantages that are rarely to be met. with, and will form an eligible and desir able residence for a Gentleman, or Gentleman farmer. A purchaser may have immediate possession, as the Lands and Buildings are exclusively m the holding of the proprietor. It is requested that none but principals wil apply, (if by letter, post-paid) and further par ticuiars may be known on application to e prietor, MR. WHITE, Glasin fryn, FR" narvonshire or to J. ROBERTS, Esq. deputy Registrar, Bangor, Carnarvonshire. | H Ail I JLU \J ) Middle aged, sleaU) AN,as a Foolniais. in a Gentleman's Family; otic vledge ol gardening would he inferred. Ap | at ihe North Wales Gazette Office. • angor, June 16, 1S!3. CARNARVONSHIRE on I TO BE SOLD BY AUCTiON, he Goat Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in till 180 unty of CaT/larvon. on Saturday, the 17 th day uty, HI :>,be-ween the horns of a a;,d5 o'clock the afternoon, sub,) cct to sIlch conditions as Shilli then and there produced, unless di poseu oj in C. e mean time by private contract., oj which due dice will, be given. IriAi ap.tal and compact FREEHOLD jf K8 TATE, consisting of Hie following eti JL e Forms,- viz. Tredan, t'ai-issa, Gwas.'a il'aes slid igtwyd, and Cae Steel, sttuate lyi'>.g and be- f in the township of Trelian, in the parish ot ed, atieglig, m the county of Carnarvon, rontiiHi- ,)1) about six hundred acres, ol good meadow and the lure lalld, exclusive of a valuable unine!«seit tial ture and siieep-walk tiieteto adjoining, ot obj. ut seveii hundred acres, now in the occupa- tat l of tetiaiii. ,i wili. ) 'his is a most desirable Estate, it lies within Pit ng teiice, at the distance of about four miles Cal a half from the market town ot Carnarvon. — ie to the public road leading from the lovui BeddgeJart-lhe situation is universally ad- ed by'travellers—the land is of superior qua- and in a'very improved state It is a most ven lent and pleasant situation for a gentleman irous of having a residence in the county of 01 narvon—there is a delightful spot to build a loj" nsion-house, with upwards of two hundred es of good meadow and pasture ground in tile well worth 40s. per acre, most part or ich has been set for considerably more; the r und behind the intended house is well wooded pilI re is a large river, well 'supplied with trout,as a Ro mdary ar the bottum of the hvel ground.— t!l e whole of this extensive property lies in a the ith aspect, which may be irrigated at a small lot pence, and is a luxuriant place for the growth las all manner of trees, a great number having ex -it lately planted, and are in a very thriving sai ,te it is in a good sporting part of the country, eh sheep-walk is well stocked with grouse, and de rcnd large lakes abundantly supplied with A 1111, are at a smaH distance. Tnis property is entitled to nearly one half of i> adjoining common, called Waen-fawr, which m to be divided under an fnclosure Act There is a large body of slate rock upon the stl eep walk, and the adjoining common, that the oprictors of this Estate are entitled to by vir- In e of a (irant from the Crown, for a terra of ol ars, which if desirable to a purchaser, will be WI sposed of with he Estate. p Take this Estate in every paint of view, it is e most desirable I ha' is likely to be offered to ( ,1 e in this neighbourhood for many years to ul one. Further particulars maybe had, by applying Mr. J. EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon,"who is Uhoi-ized to treat with any person desirous of I irehasiug by private contract, at whose Ofltce Map and Survey of the premises may be seen. ARMY CONTRACTS. A Commissary in Chief* Office, Great George-slrcet, London, June 14, 1813. yOTICS ISH E H E BY GIVEN, to )I. I II Persons desirous of contracting to supplj 'llESil BEEE and MUTTON to his Majesty's •ind Forces it) Call Bar- I uuder-meiitioned Counties and slands — .U.i;r. ;r led 1,\ ,et ks, t including the L? Town of iitingerford), t.i Serwick, Li irecon, M lucks, \i a in b r i d ge (i iicl u d i n g t h e \] Tovvn of iNewinarket.)|.M lardigan, X Carmarthen, N Carnarvon, X :hes!et, N lorn wall, ('including O Seilly) jumberland, R )enbigh, R )crbv, S: Jevon, S( .)orset, Durham (including Holy S: island) 4 Rssex, S FI int, Glamorgan, V Sloster (including the V City of Bristol,) V Hants, 1 Hereford, Hertford, A Hunts, } Isle of Man, That the deliveries are etlf, messier, ,'icester, iieoiu, erioneth, iddlesex, n¡¡\lHJlll!1, Ol1fgol1icry, j or folk, orthampfon, orthumberland, ottingham, xford, J e m broke, adnor, utland, i lop, ) merset, laiTord, nffcdk, in rev, ussex, Warwick, t'estfuareland, V i I I Worcester, rork, knd in the several coun- ties in North Britain. to commence on and for ..«- the twenty-fifth day of September next that Proposals in writing, sra led up and marked, Tender for Army Supplies, will be receivedat this Office on or before Wednesday the twenty-fifth day of August, but none will be received after twelve o'clock on that day) and, if sent by post, the postage must be paid. Proposal must he made separately for each County and Island, except for the counties com- prising North and South WaJe, aII of which nlUst lie included in One Tender, as also must thc se- veral counties in North Britain and each Pro- posal must have the letter which is annexed to the Tender properly filled up, by two persons ot known property eng.aging to become bound with the party tendering in the amount stated In the printed particulars, for the due performance of the contraci and no proposal will benoticed un- less made on a printed Tender, and the puces expressed in words at length and should it so happen that during the continuance of file cn- tract, no troops should be stationed or supp^ in the county, the expence of the .contrac ai bond, paid in the first instance by the c°!)trac =' to be refunded to him by the ComnnSScl J Ctiief. Particulars of the contracts may be had upon application at this Office, between the hour eleven and five and at the Office of Depu J Commissary Geoeral ifiodesay, Edmburg I. UL. rioajMi V, 1"11 M. 7 AND WIDOWS AND ORPHANS CHARITY. i i E >- N UA L M iiE i 1N GS oi the M EM s, BERS oi ioe CHAPTER, and the TRUS- ES of he (ïIAlary, will he heldinlh" ipter House, wnliin the Cathedral Church, p he last Wednesday in July next, 0 EDWIN WV ATT, R Chapter Clerk and Treasurer. Cl LEAD MINES, For 4RNA tlNONSlllR K, NORTll IVALES, TO BE LET. E ^H E valuable LE !) jyJ IN ES on the Estate ofGwvdii in the county ol Carnarvon, lor i term of years as may be agreed upon. M- he leases of these Mines having lately expir- PI" iht! Proprietor is disposed to grant new leases Pro liberal terms, and the variety and extehtot t) fli veins (which have hitherto been only pa of I ly explored) are such as to rentier thent an and ect worthy the attention of Miners of capi- 1 and enterpri/e. ye, i\>r particulars apply to JAMES ADAM, Esq. upo kelony, by Dunblane, North Britain, or to I ltill or 1 _———— sen Nevin, Sic. wi i, of Vii, I he Undersigned Coniniissioneis ap- f pointed by an Act passed in the 52d year voii his [iresent Majcciy's reign, intitled an Act 1 roi inclnsiug Lands in the parish of Nevin, and er parishes and places therein mentioned, in — county of Carnarvon." DO II t: RE BY GIVE N 0 TIC C, rhat we shail hold our nexl meeting for the ■poses of the said Act, at the house of Griffith berts, in the village of Clynnog, on Friday second day of July next, in order to execute conveyances to the purchasers of the several s of Common, by us sold in the month of April t, for the purpose of defraying, in part, the pences of the said Act, Hnd of carrying the ne into execution, when aud where the pur- asers are requested to attend, to take up the cds and pay the purchase-money. NO IV iC DO F(JRt HER GIVE NOTICE, 'ani That ill case the proprietors of Lands interested a,, the Commons and Waste Lands, by the said b,i t directcd 10 be divIded, alotted and IiIclosed, gaf- all neglect or refuse to delivei- to us the plans p( Iti sill-veyli of ttit, telicitietits respect to which they claim right of Common, i, or before the said second day of July next, ,f e'tfie said Commissioners will direct such plans en] l surveys to be made at the expence of such roprietor or Proprietors, who shall not deliver im us such surveys at the time aforesaid. Given IIl luer our hands the 12th day of June, 1813. Cr R ELLIS, ) r. "• t commissioners. R. W 1 LL1 AM>, ) list published,at H. ACKEUM A NN'S, IOI Strand, London, and to be !iad of all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom, a THIRD EDITION of t TOUR IN SEAiTCHolthe PHl UíiFSQUB U By the REV. DR. SYNTAX. I 4 POEM printed with a new type; and NEW IM.ATRS, by ROWI.AXOSC-N on large oyal octavo vellum paper, hot-pressed. Price, ■'ith thirty-one coloured engravings, 21s. or iihout the engravings, 10s 6d. Also a SECOND EDITION of the l'oem of BLAIR's GRAVE. V Illustrated by thirteen beautiful engravings by he bite Mr. L. SCTMAVON ETTI, after the designs if Mr. Blake lo which is prefixed the Lives of 'iiair, Se.hiavonet I i, aud Cromek Printed on arge ciepliaiit quarto. Priced/. 12s. 6d. extia \1 loanh. A few copies on qmiiio atlas, price A•. 13s. 6d. boards. o On the 1st of July ,!C pnhli-hed, HXOFTHE MOST INTERESTING VIEWS V OF In colours size 10j by "i inches. Price Oileu "oiiuea. To be had at Cheltenham, of Mi s. Jones, il r. Fa San a, and Mr. Salmoni; and also at the ihops of the two latler at Bath ;md of ail the Book and Print-sellers in the United Kingdom. Just published, as above, COSSACK LOVE SONG. PaicESs.Cd. 11 An 0 R 1 C: I A L R U S S I ANN A T ION A T, AIR, v translated into ]5nglisli, with an Accomjianiuuxit or engraving ol a Don Cossackj alter a drawing by Orlowsk'y. Also after the above Artist, TWO POR v TR A ITS of PL ATOF F'S BRAVE COSSACKS, s the tej,rt)i- ai)(I Llestriietioll Of Iiotial),irte's Army; (l printed on iarge imperial paper, and coloured, s price lOs. 6.1. each. 2 Likewise TWO PORTRA ITS, after Russian e Originals, of GENERAL KU TUhOU- and GENERAL WITTGENSTEIN, price 3s. Gd. s fcCUA PORTR A I T of A LEXAN D ER LE" NUTIN, the Don Cossack, who was lately in London, price 5s. in colours. () RUSTIC FIGURES, Drawn and engraved, in imitation of Chalk, | by W. H. PYNE. Tile Figures are selected with r a view to point out to the Students those cha- n racteristic traits which mark the riistic, and to j- lead tliem to make similar sketches li om natuie. j, CONDITIONS. ( I. There are to be Six Numbers, with Six t Plates in each, on large columbier octavo draw ( ilJ;- paper. ) II No. 1. was delivered on the 1st of April, and to be continued on the I st of every succeed- [ in"- month, until completed. Price 6s. each Number. j RUDIMENTS OF LANDSCAPE, In progressive Studies, drawn and etched, in imi-' < tation of Chalk, by SAMUEL PROUT. < CONDITIONS 1. The work to be printed on quarto imperial vellum paper, in Twelve Numbers. t II. The first Numoer was published on the 1st of March, 1SJ.3, and will be continued monthly until completed. Each of the first Eight Nurn bers to contain Six Plates the succeeding Four to contain each Four COLOURED Plates. Price t 6s. each Number. i OF FURY SUPERIOR Ql! LI TY. UN RAISIN |i ELI)EIl A LAG A II TI, \1 Y R N A S11 ROSTI\lAC CA R A N G E R E USP BERRY VYl OWSi.IP GO London Bottled i ERRY LC WELL A :)) CURRANT IT i'. CUfUtANT I OS EBERRY Porter, IN GREAT PERFECTION, S ALE, a p ply ai KOWARD^S VAULTS CII ESTER. P., I k'I:S- F I P, OFFiCE. WR the 1 nsnrance ol Buildititis, Furniture, Merchandize, Ships, Vessels, aud ail other l>erty, against Loss or DauiairC by EIRE.—- pusals may be hall srraiis ai the principal ces tn ihe Strand and Corn/till, LONDON, or he Company's Agents in the different Cities I'c)wiis in t,rila ii nsiiranees for short JJCrlorl;i, or for several its together, may be effected at this Odice, II the most equitable i'erais. 'o I i (- ie s will not. tie charged for sums of £::JOO. ipwards, nor !o Persons increasing their pre- t lllsurances, 'he whole STOCK of a FARf will be insured liout specification, at the reduced Premium s, per Cent. 'olicies payable at MIDSUMMER-DAY will ha il, unless renewed within fifteen days there- in ROBERT SKELTONs Sec. A1:' vC:\ f FIFTY POUNDS REWARD. VHRREASthe B AGSof LETTERSfrom LLA\RWST for CHESTER, SNUEWSBURY I f)svVEsTRY, of the t u en t)-seven (!i ol April* re LOST on the road between Betrws y Coed I Corwen. Whoever has found them, and will ng (hem to any Post Office, with their contents e, will receive a REWARD of Fit i Y ) u N Phe Detaining the Bags is a Misdemeanor, and • parties so detaining rhem will be prosecuted, the Bags have been opened, and the contents ibezviled, any accompliec who will surrender IIself, and make discovery, whereby one or ire persons shall be apprehended and con- jled, will he admitted an evidence for the own, and receive the above reward. By Coniiiiaiici of the Post Master General, FRANCIS FREE LING, Secretary. 0: COPPER ORE ftnhi nl R ranriTH. mi Thursrfnv. Jane 17. u" "I.,I. _J' Mines. Ton: Purchasers. At per Ton. nited Mines 109 Mines Royal Clt) T 0 L' C. ditto 91 Freeman Co 7 i) 0 ditto 86 English Co. S 6 0 duto 85 ditto 10 6 6 ditto 78 ditto S 10 6 ditto 77 ditto 9 12 0 ditto 75 Freeman Co. 6 II 6 ditto 6S Mines Royal 12 I 6 ditto 48 Union Co. 7 19 6 /heal Damsel 107 ( rown Co. 6 16 0 ditto 92 Union Co. 7 17 6 clirla 91 Birmineham Co. 6 10 6 ditto 84 Brass Wire Co. 6 19 0 r'h. Gorland 63 Birmingham Co. 6 7 6 ditto 57 ('beadle W. an I G. 4 19 6 r'h Virgn > 61 Roso C0i 5 110 (Gwennap ) reegbraws 5G Ch. W.&Gi&Union 5 9 6 ill. Jewell Co. CII 6 i'h. fortune ? 5, Uuj()n Co_ S 10 0 (Gwennap) > ruited Hills 44 Birmingham Co. 8 15 0 v'b. Spinster 20 Union Co. 6 2 6 Vlu Lushington 12 ditto 7 15 0 Total 1309 tons. -tl- "Tq,. T"> « I C1(5- /-» nt liaco I'l\m I ¡i' ,ll'('. \Ii" ,:¡ ";U.:><V" I'U"" o the following resolution on the subject of aceinalioti — Deeply impressed with the many fatal in- nstance.s cif the small-pox, Ili(.I) liave lately latipened, and which daily occur in Jiemeiropo- is, and in various towns in the kingdom con- iuced that-such events are in a great degree con- equences of the support and propagation ol that isease b\ inoculation; and lully satisfed of the afcry and security of vaccination,from a coiisc- uenf sense of duty to the community, do hereby ngasre ourselves to each other, and to the pub- ic, not to inoculate the small pox, unless for nine special reason, atler vaccination; hut to mrsue, and, to the utmost of our power, pro- mote the practice of vaccination. And further 'e do recommend to all tile membeis of ihe Col- ;ge, of correspondent opinions and sentiments of uty, to enter into similar engagements, ilous:' of Commons.—the Debate on the East ndia Charter was resumed, and Lord Castle- e.agh moved the 13th Resolution in favour of Missionaries going to liVlia—Sir H. Monlgome~ ■y said he had resided h ng in India, and never iiiew one instance of a H indoo being converted o ihe Christian Faith No credit was to be ;iven to Dr. Buchanan's hook. He considered he inhabitants not interior in point of morals o the nations of Europe and he knew that the ipprehensions of having Chris iamty introduced, lad caused the insurrection at Velore: bethought he attempt would be dangerous. M'\ H'ilber- o"'cc spoke in favour of Missionaries, hy whom nany converts bait been made. F was necessary o accede to tbeResolutions to satisfy the people if this country for, steady as the light of heaven, (,,Ouil,,I-y for, stet,ly, he sun and moon would s- O er cease to shine, han they to call to. the extension of the Chris- i.tn religion to the.r tellow subjects in India.- ill. I)IOOI,E iievei* knew a convert in his life, who did not turn oul to be a rogue—(a tough.) He was not fond of these converts, and therefore et no hi<rh value on the labour of Missioners — Several oiher members spoke, and the resoiutioa was carried by a majority of 53.