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----." . ON COFFEE.


ON COFFEE. Ti zealous dervise in Arabia is said fo have discovered the enlivening powers of Coffee. The story is quoted from Banesius, in Dou- od"; A certain person who looked after Camels complained lo the religious ot a neighbouring tl)rlce a iveeli, i not only kept awake all (he night long, but spent il in 1 risking ami dancing in an unusual manner. The Prior, led by his curiosity to weigh this matter seriously, concluded this must happen from whfitt--e.se creatures fed upon marking therefore diligently that very I night, in company wish one of-hls Monks,, the place where Ihe camels and pastured when they danced, he found these certain scrubs or bushes, on I lie fruit, or rather ber- ries of which they fed. He resolved io (ry ihe .virtues of these berries himself, and ac- cordingly boiimg thrm in water, and drinking Uie liquor, he found by experience that it Kent him awake all night. Ever afterwards he enjoined the daily use of it 10 Ins Monks, which by keeping them from sleep, made f hem more readily and surely attend the devotions that they were obliged io perform in Ihe night lime. Tbe longer they lontlllued to use II, Use more they experienced iis wholesome ef- fects. aijd how much inevery way it conduced to keel) tlielll Ili perfect health and by this means it came to be in request throughout (hat whole kingdom, and in process of (ime, other nations and provinces of the East fell into tile use of it.-It cures a spasmodic asthma. The amount of milk sold in the metropolis is calculated to be 1,250,000/. annually, or 60,000,000 of quarts annually, this, suppos- ing 000,000 of inhabitants, allows slXly quarts So each individual. Supposing the pro (life(- of a C()kv, fett Nvilli --i-aliis, &t-. to be ten quarts per day, tor three hundred and twenty days, or 3200 quarts, it would require 81,750 cows to aiford the quantity of milk sold, a strong proof of the adulteration which takes place, as-there is not near that number kept. Better would it be to feed cows, intend- ed to "uve milk, on food dressed by steam, especially hay. The cost of feeding on steamed hav would be nearly as follows One and a half ton of hay,- a t. 61, per ton. XO 1 0 One stone dry ditto, 141b. to the stone.. 0 0 8 i Steaming, laboui, &c 004 per day 0 2 0 The produce of each milch cow is twelve quarts per day. j -To ascertain the cause of {lur late Mr. Porsen's death, his head was opened when, to the confusion of all Craniolvyist's, a (1 the consolation of all Block heads, he was found to have the thickest skull of any profes- sor ever examined in Europe. Captain C >rnall, of Keusiugion, has begun to cultivate the Cssnrian kale, a valuable and excellent vegetable, likely to rank high in es- teem, though at present unknownm the Unit- ed Kingdom. During Ihe winter, particularly in severe frost and deep snows, when other green fodder for cattle cannot be had, this phi)}, from its e!eva(ion, (growing lo 4 or 5 feel,) and its natural hardiness, will "yield abundant and successive supplies. Early in Ihe Soring il produces vast numbers of large delicious sprouts for the (able, equal in sweel- ness to asparagus; and il is asserted, that cows fed on Ihis plant give a greater quantity of milk, wilh butter of a richer flavour, than when fed oil any other vegetable. A few as some fishermen belonging to Rrlndslairs were fishing for mackarel at the back of the Goodwin Sands, they discovered a large fish entangled in tlt-ir nets, which they were obliged to cut from their boat io prevent the danger thai threat- ened them. Some hours-after they fell in with their nets again,with the ifsh cc<l .fletely rolled up III them, and it appeared nearly ex- hausted. On their approaching tiie fish, it- proved (o fie of an enormous size alld WIUl the assistance of another boat, I hey tow ed it info (lie harbour. On examination, it appear- ed lo be a species oi the Basking Shark, of the largest male kind its length is 31 feet, and lis greatest girib, at the top of Hie bade, 17A feet; it is supposed to weigh about six tunl A private letter from Lord Wellington's army mentions, "that there was a gallant affair between She 1 Oth Hussars, supported by part of (he 18th, and a brigade of French ca- vaIrV, under General Dijon, on the 2d, at a- village near Toro. Lieutenant CoUOn was killed, and Capt. Lloyd made prisoner The I Of h and lSlh look 207 prisoners.and but for the French having much artillery, Ihe whole brigade would have been destroyed. General Dijon ran away at the first onset. The tlfe Guards are with the light brigade." Orange Lodges (dubs in opposition to the C lai IIVS of I he ( al holies) are said to be forming iu different parts of Ihe country. O .e is ad- vertised lo be established at Henwick near Worcester. Pedestrian I"etit.-W edtie,;il,,iy, Lieutenant W. an officer of the Wills Militia, al pit-sent quartered al for a able wa^er, to walk 80 miles in 24 hours,— When the match was origmally madi the idds were 10 to ] agau.st the performance, but before starting thi y came down to three to !wo, -,iiiii e,,eii He set out from his lodgings af three o'clock, a. m. and walked to file f,,ur ty)ile slotie of) the Reiifrew r(,ad fit- then returned I,) the three mile stone, and continued walking between the two till he had comple'ed I wenty nine miles and a half; he liien halted for halt an hour, and took a slight repast at (lie village This having put h in half'a mile out of his beat, when he again started lie went to (he second mile stone, and returned to the fourth he then crossed the (ietds to Ihe batiks of the Clyde, when he con- tinued walking a measured mile through the heal of Ihe day, and, afler having ifnished 53 miles,' returned fo the road and completed 60 iiiiies, wliieh brought (ime lo 10 minutes be- fore seven o'clock (even belling he did not perform this parI of his task by seven.) After stopping 50 minutes fo dine, having taken no olhei refreshment since breakfast than a glass of wine and biscuit, he again took the road, where he continued to walk, amidst a vast concourse of horse and foot, till he triumphed over lime having performed this arduous task two hours and a quarter within the time specified, aliI walking H e last 5 miles, in 55 minutes. A(fheenJot67 miles, betting, a shilling to a guinea off the pedestrian. The spectators appeared peculiarly interested for his SUCcess. hlil this did not prevent a great deal of helling, and upwards of 1,000/. were pending on the malch. Lieut. W IS a young man of about 19 years of *ge, square made, and not exceeding 5 feel 6 inches in heighl- he possesses all the plllck of the Barclay school, and in all probahility. by the IlIne he arrives at his prime, will be able, with a little of that Gentleman's training, fo cope with any of his presenl pllpils. His style of walking was (he admiration ot all beholders, and lie slipt over the ground v. it If ail apparent ease. TIDE TABLE FOR THE ENSUING WEEK s K „ 2 h) • LAVAN SANU3. r^j-j < a 5 « r J — a fe y o £ = 2 55 O «^u nlmJbe crossed 3 5 S S s «<* £ '««« "ft"' Mgh 5 g S o 5 b s ea 3 Kater, and conti- »ca ^o y a o nwe sfl/^ 4 hours* 7~~ I High j </< High tiifh High I High Holidam Da''s- j Water I Water j Water Water Water I Water tloiiaays. JON^ H. M. H. M. H. \r. I H. M. I H. «.|B. M. 1 Thursday.24 4 18 5 18 5 58 6 48 7 8 7 48 Friday 2> 5 6 6 6 6 46 | 7 36 7 56 8 36 Saturday 96 5 54 6 54 7 34' 8 24 i 8 44 9 24' Sunday 27 | 6 42 i 7 42: 8 24 | 9 12 9 32 10 12 2nd 5. af. Trio. I Monday' 28 7 SO 8 SO 9 10 10 0 10 20*11 0 I Tuesrlav. 29 8 IS 1 9 18 j 9 53 10 48 S1 8 11 48 | Wednesday. 30 [9 6 j 10 8 j 10 46 11 36 11 56 • 12 36