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To the Editor ,)f the North…

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ON NM O \K. Ye eherish'd ()a»s for ages mav vour shade Teaeli each succeeding race (if haply mine, Or if a race unknown protect your reign) The lessons of content ve oft shall see, The flecticg generations, like your (eaves, Decay and vanish at the touch of time I Shew them how vain the transitory hours, That. s!¡!al our lives with downy pace away Ati leave its notion^ we can call our own, (Slit one poorshiotid, and one pacific grave. Teach ihem to look to that celestial fount, Whence sprang the living soni, and ilJ his work, Revere the fostering Lord of nature, Mho In love created all the !\arl11onic Glitze I Of worlds, reflection of the Eternal miad. Ye Britis/i swains, let not the jac.ron faff II Unnoticed, nor to chance, mar ,¡¡g-1I1( birds, Ilore provident than tiiee, transfer the care Of ftitur.e forests and successive Sleets. Save from the wandering swine, or nimble jjrasp Of squirrel, or wood pig¡>()1j'5'¡:;lancirq' eye, Some precious seeds hiqh o'er (heir winter be ). liaise the trenched, earth,which from the prowl. ing mouse Shall hide till Spring the sylvan treasury. Or, if the stein indigenous and root, Entire shall please thee more, within the clean And mouldering furrow cast ihy country's hope (jut ne'er abandon, tilt the hardy stem, Braves the concurrent weeds, and nibbling hare. Soon the superfluous growth shall overpay Thy pious care the root, the watt let! pen, Protect the shepherd, and preserve the flock While cheerful faggots h'.aze; whose summer vest Astringent shall contract the supple hide— Lonj; ciaj The rcmn{ltI!, Itrita¡n, of: hy forest scenes Inspire the meditating Baid, or till The painter's eye with natures bold design. Note.—" There are many instances, in warm countries, where streams have failed, and di- Irjershave bcen rendered barren, by the destruc- tion of woods, which, when they crowned the lulls, contr.biiied to collect the moisture and protect the springs." ■ ■ -sagSgetwfe-qa——


----." . ON COFFEE.