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To the Editor of ihe North iVales Gazette. SIR, In some of my former communications, I reconi- mended to iv.i v CamHrian friends the cultivation of the Plane free, bo'hfor its beautiful foilacre find extensive impenetrable shade for cattle, if you witi insert the following- you will much mudloblige, 31071!1, 1813. A DRUli). NEAR Cat';ea, in Crete, Savary describes a vast forest of Plane trees, few of which are less than seventy feet high. Every free has vines planted round it* whose shoots foni I inches in diameter, rise like the ropes which -j secure the masts of a ship. JII this rich :1(1(1 productive soii, they shoot with all asiou.gh- j ing vigour, and growing to the height of the Planes bv which they are supported, crown them with their fruil. Each tree thus deco- j rated, forms an haihoor impenetrable io the j rays of Hie sun. healed under this mauificen! j canopy, (he traveller sees dusters of grapes pendant over his head, many of which are kv") f'Ct,i two feel in length. They are of various spe I cies and by ihe side'of a yellow cluster, we frequently admire the purple, the violet, the rose, and Ihe muscadine, of a deeper or iighier hue. Close to the edge of this wood, flows the river of Piaiina. The foliage of the Plane j trees, and (he clusters with which !hev are hung round, are reflected in this mirror. | iS lit St to,ile SIT!) pIe descriptioll. Au island Ues near ihis spot, and opposite to I his island, Die i'iatimi talis inio the sea, it is so called from Hie great number of Plane trees which grow about il they are very high and make a m.is! beautiful grove; vines are planled a! (he bottom o! ihem, which twine ahouMhe trees, and are to raost JIll. Twmzs POEMS.



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