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London, Monthly Evening, June 21. ADVICES are said to have been received from the Ílead q iiarlers of the Allied Army of the greatest importance. Our readers know that the Armistice was to (onlltluc frot\! Ihe 4lh oj ■June to Ihe 20th July, and that it has been riitlii,i by Bij,)iial),irte-bLl it is staled thai the Emperor of Russia refused to ralifv iI except for iffteen days, and that on the con dition of Hamburgh being evacuated bv Ihe Freiicti-that, in concert with the EllJpêror of •.Auslri t,,ie signified to!la,,ar,e> ,hat d(jr ing that period of fifteen days^Vlatter mus, declare whether he would consent to hold a Congress at Prague or at Brlslau, tohefoulid 11 () iiiid ed on a cerlain scheme/or basis laid down by Austria, which has for its object the dissolu lion of the Confederation of the Rhine alld ille restoration of the Tyrol, Trieste, Fiume, and the fdlioraleUy Austria—that in the event of an answer being returned in the äffilïnalive, a Congress shall be held for aeneral peace; but that in case the answer is in the negative, Austria will immediately join the Allies with 105,000 men, under Prince Sch wartzenbur« h who is to debouch upon the Blbetn two points; 150,000 men, under the Archduke Charles, are also to act in Italy. It is reported that Buonaparte having replied to the joint pro- posals of Russia and Austria in the negative, Austria was to put her force iu motion before the 12th June. In addition to the above, it is reported, that reinforcements have nearly doubled the amount of the Russian army; and that the Allies have actually sent 20,000 men under Bulow to join the Crown Prince, and act under his orders. Two messengers arrived on Friday night from the Continent the one bearing dispatch- es from Brigadier-General Lyon, the British military agent with General Tettenborn, at Boitzenhiirgh, dated on the 5lh instant; the other Irolll Sir Charles Stewart, acting in a similar character at the head quarters of the Allies in Silesia, dated on the 2d inst. Gen. Lyon s dispatch was puhlishod i,i a Supple- ment to Saturday night's Gazette, inserted in another part of our impression, containing- the ropy of an official Report from General C zernicheiT, acting in cooperation with Count Woronzow, on the banks of the gIbe, dated on the 31st nIt. at Bernburgh. It is a splendid exploit, and cuuld only have been performed by men of that persevering and heoric valour which this officer and his brave followers have repeatedly evinced in the course of the present war. Our readers will remember the surprising march which this officer made in the early part of last winter, when he was dispatched by Admiral Tchichagoff, to coin- iiiunicate with General Wittgenstein, and on his route had the good fortuue to re-capture Count Winzmgerode. The same rapidity ot movement has characterised his present operation. This is the second instance of a French General and his whole division bein^ cut off to a man by the Russian troops on the left bank of the Elbe. Morand's was (lie first.

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