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-o-+- Valuable Coal in Anglesey TO 13 II LET ON LEASE, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY. "fH ES b, Mines are mos; advantageously si & tuated for exporting Coals to many parts of the coast of England, and of North and South Wales, antI many parts of the Coast of Ireland, as well as for supplying an extensive inland dis- trict, now furnished with coals imported from distant places. Three seams of the coals have already been opened, ailli i,ii Act of Parliament has been ob- tained for making a raIlway for the conveyance of the coals to an adjoining, sea-port. For furlher in ormation apply to Messrs J. and W. LOWK, of the Temple, London; Messrs. POOLE, ar Carnarvon, or t:'cir 0ffice at Pen- craig» Anglesey; OSEs, Esq. Bryntirion,iiear. Bangor ^Ar- *■ J- 'ionsox, of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire; M|. W W BAILEY, Engineer, of t olesworth, uear Taruworth, War.. wiclisilire. DAY &-MARTIN, BEG leave to acquaint the Public, that by attending to the following particulars they will avoid being taken in by the vile Composi- tions that are offered as the genuine BLACKING prepared by them at 97, fI IGu-HoLBon N, Lon- don. After the word BLACKING in the first line of the Labels the Counterfeits have a small (as)-some have the same before the word MADE in the next line, and others put a small (nr) im- mediate ly before the Number 97. Purchasers should observe that the whole Address is clear and distinct. SOLD DY J. RASBROOK, Bangor. H. STODDART, Sf; Asaph. E. THOMAS. Llanerchyinedd. "WILLIAMS, and ) „ ROBT. TIIOM AS) C'irnarvon' Price Is. 6d. a Bottle. PROSPECTUS OF A WORK PUBLISHING BY SUBSCRIPTION, Entitled, CAMBRIA DEPICTA, Or a Picture of A orth Wales. BY AN ARTIST, A NATIVE OF DENBIGHSHIRE. CiOMPHEHENDING. a deseriplive survey ) of the picturesque healltics and romantic scenery in that pan of the British Empire, wheie Nature in her magnificent varieties, is said To look at CLAUDE with eye benign and mild, Or stare at ROSA like a Maniac wild." BEAUMARIS BAY. with historical remarks on peculiar customs and jitaiiiiers anecdotes of the inhabitants, commer- cial pursuits, topography, antiquities, and local history of that interesting country, which sinGe the first introduerion of its seener) to general no- tice, by the late inimitable WI LSON, the CLAUDE of his coiiniry, has been the admiration and at- traction of the artist and the traveller. This work will be embellished with about eighty colon red prints, forty of which will represent rile iii,)st eiiiiii(,iit fcai tire, of bot(i laiidsc,,tl)e in each county. The remainder will exhibit rare curi- osities, consisting of portraits from the life, an-I monuments o'f-ejs traordinary characters sources ■■of navigable rivers, relicks of Drnidisiri, modern retreats, accidents, cottage &c none of which have ever appeared before the public; and the whole to be finished in the first style of elegance. CONDITIONS. 1st. The work will make one large volume de- my, 4'o. elegantly printed on fine wove paper. 2d. The names of subscribers will be prefixed to the work, and a deposit or X-3. required on | subscribing, which will secure to early subscrib- | ers, proof copies. 1 3d. The price to be Eive Guineas, but to non- | subscribers, if will be considerably advanced. S 4fh. As the work, now in a London Press, is in | great, forwardness, the subscriptions will close | on the 1 st. of July,'1 813. 1 Subscriptions will be received by Mr. I Piu>:h, Riithin, Denbighshire: and at Mr Tav- and at Alr Tztv- lur's, Music Warehouse, Bridge-street, Chester, where a list ofHhe (dates, and a in the style of the landscape, may he seen.—Those la- dies aii.'I gt ntleuien who may honor the publica- tiott wiili names, are respectfully informed, that the ariist can furnish them Wini oriinal drawings, for any additional embellishment of the ioiiitne they may wish ffir, oil moderate terms, known by enquiries of Mr. Taylor. f 1^ H E following Letters from the Society for Jl. promoting Christian Knowledge, having been received by the Bangor Diocesan Commit- tee, it is judged to he of great importance to the interests of the Established Church of England, vtun they should be made known to the Public, 'hrough the medium of Ihe North Wales Gazette. P. S. If any Persons should be desirous of faking in these Weekly Numbers, they will please to give notice of their wishes to the Secretary of ihe Diocesan Committee, at Bangor, undercover to the Lord Bishop of the Diocese. SIn, T beg leave to inform you, that within a few months will be published, ifi Weekfy Numbers, intended to form Two targe volumes in Quarto, a FAMILY BI ULE, arranged under the sanction of the Soci LOT Y ion PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, ami dedicated, by permission, to his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. I am directed by the Committee for Corres- pondence to solicit yourassistance, in announcing -isqistince, to the Public the Society's benevolent design to publish an Edilion of the Holy Bible, with Notes and Commentaries, selected from the Writings of the illost eminent, Divines of the United Church of England and Ireland, and to request your advice as to (he best method of circulating the Numbers of the New FAMILY BIBLE within your District. The favor of an early answer, will much oblige, j Sir, Your most obedient and humble servant, WILLIAM PARKER, Assistant Secretary. litirlletl's Buildings, June 18, 1813. P S. You will confer an obligation on the So- ciety,by transmitting lists of members, and other persons in your district, who may declare to yoU their intention of faking in the Weekly Numbers of the New Family Bible. S I j, The COMMITTEE for CORRESPONDENCE hav- ing received several reports of the very gt-eltt eir- culation of Tracts, throughout the COllutr), of a most pernicious tendency in every poiut of view, whether moral, political, or religious,beg leave to recommend a plan of counteraction, couimuni- catctl to tliem hy the Secretary of the District Committee for the Archdeaconry of Coventry. The practiceofthe Coventry Committee they understand to be this. The Seerctarv provides, previous to eyery (lay of meeting, one hundred copies at least of the octavo Summary Account, wiih the list of the Society's Tracfs. These divided among the Members present at the meet- ings. who afterwards distrihute them amQng the respectable Yeomanry and Tenantry of the country, arid other of the middle classes, in their respective parishes and neighbourhoods and, as it seldom happens but that many new Members attend ea; h successive meeting, the circulation hecomes by this means contlllually more aud more extended, and the Society's Tracts are made pub- lie in districts where they have been hitherto unknown. A new Edition of the octavo Summary Account, with the list of Tracts, is now in the press.— Copies may be had. in any required number, by application to Dr. Gaskin. I remain, Reverend Sir, Your most obedient and humble servant, WILLIAM PARKER, Assistant Secretary. Bartletfs Buildings, London, June Isi 1813. Capel Curig Turnpike Road. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the next Meeting of the Trustees of i this Road, will he held on Thursday, the 8th day of July next, at Capel Curig Inn, at 12 o'clock at noon; at which Meeting the Tolls arising at the Gates erected on the said Road, will he Let by Auction, to the highest bidder or bidders—which Tolls produced the last year, the following sums, viz. Dinas Gate .263 II 0 Tyn y Ion Gate 263 0 0 Bettws Gate 300 0 0 Hendreissa Gate.220 0 0 Over and above the expenees of collecting the same, and will be piji up at the respective sums aboveinenfioned. Whoever happens to be the best bidder or bidders, must at the same time produce sufficient sureties for the payment of the rents agreed for, and at such times as the said Trustees shall direct. BENJ. W YATT, Clerk to the said Trustees. Bangoj, June 21st, 1813. DENBIGHSHIRE Auxiliary Bible Society, WE, Ihe Undersigned, having 'his day met, pursuant to advert isei(;<l ..r, to faci- litate the formation of a Society for the county of Denbigh, in aid of the British and Foreign Bible Society, beg letive to inform ihe Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Freeholders and inhabi- tants of the county, that a M r. ETl NG will he held in the SHIRE HALL, in RU r dl N, on the first day of the next Denbighshire Assizes, pre- cisefy at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, to form an Institution for lie county at large, conforma- ble to the principles of, and auxiliary to. the British and I'oreign Bible Society, when Sir Wafktn Williams Wynn, Bart. M. P. Lord Lieu- tenant, and Custos Rotulorum of the county, will take, the ( hair. Ruthin, 24th May, 181S. Richard Yldes Wynne, Eyarth, Joseph Peers, P asnewydd, John Roberts, Ruthin, John Jones, Clerk of the Peace, Gt,odiii,in I?ot)erts, ki(lernien. Thomas Jones, 5 Gabriel Hughes. Lhuirhydd. Thomas Hughes, Ruthiu. John Williams, Rhydycilgwyn. Robert "Humphreys Jones, Ruthin. Richard Newcome, Warden of Ruthin. John Kyffin, feclor of I)er.ven. Richard Jones, Vicar of LIall) nys. Ricnard Jones, Rector of Liaiiychan. William Chambres, Llanrhydd. John Jones, Curate of Llanfwrog. John Parry, Curate of John Davit's, Curate of Llanelidan. Robert Philips, Curate of Llangerniw. On the 1st of June was published, No LIP. Price 4s. completing the Ninth V¡¡lume of rnilP, REPOSITORY OF ARTS, LITE- JL RATURE,-COMMERCE, MANUFAC- TURES, FASHIONS, AND POLITIC Scon- taining about Fifty, mostly coloured Engravings. The character of this Work is so universally es- tablished, that any (let.ail of its peculiar advan- tages would be unnecessary. To such as may yet happen to be strangers to them, it may be suffi- cient to observe, that, as the most interesting, the most instructive, and (xmsulerins the ele- gance of its embellishments alld lie superiority of its general execution) the cheapest of all other periodical miscellanies: The commends itself alike to readers of either sex to the philosopher and the man of business; to the lovers of literature, the professors of the fine arts, and the gay followers of fashion. Tiii- firit Nine Volumes, containing upwards of Four Hun- dred beautifully coloured Engravings, may he had, half-bound in Russia, or any particular Number, at [Z. 101, Strand, Broster and Son. Chester North WTales Gazetie Office, Bangor or of any respectable Bookseller in the United Kingdom. No. LV to be published on the 1st. of July, will contain, amongst oilier interesting Engrav- ings, a Portrait of Alexander Zemlenutin, the Don Cossack, who was lately in London. On the 1 st of May was published, No. I. and to be contimted montltlN until completed, of A HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, &c. R. ACKERSUNN, of 101, Strand, London, res- pectfully informs the Public, tha' the Second Subscription to this work is rapidly filling:, and that the price is Sixteen Shilliugs each Number. The Drawings are executed with the utmost fidelity by Messrs. NASH, PUGIN, MACKENZIE, UWINS, PYNE, &c. and may be seen at Acker- matin's New Library, 101, Strand, where Sub- scribers' Names are received, as well ar, at all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom. This wor-k- vall. be comprised in Twenty Num- bers, similar to those descriptive of WESTMINS- TER ABBEY, and will form a companion to that publication. R. ACKERMANN rakes this opportunity of an- nouncing, that, in comprance with the wishes of many gentlemen of science, and lovers and en- couragers of the arts, he has formed an extensive Lt BRARY, consisting of many choice, rare, and splendid works, all -ral)[iie. ily illtisti-ate(l; a CATALOGUE of which maybe had on application. Just, published at R Ackermann's, and to be had of all the Book and Print-sillers in tiie United Kingdom, ANTIQUITIES OF YORK. Illustrated by Forty-om' Etchings of the most inreres11nir Buildings of aonQue city, by HENRY CAVE; with letter-press descriptions; printed on quarto elephant paper. Price 21.12s. lid, extra hoards-a few copies on India paper, price 31. 135. fill. hoards. vo Also just published at R. A-.ksrmann's, 10 Strand, RURAL SPORTS A POKiW. By WILLIAM SCMERV t LLE, Author of the CH ASE, to which this forms a Companion. With Fifteen beautiful Wood-Enjravings, de- signed by Ttiurston, and engraved by C. Nesbif. Price on English paper, 11. Is. in extra boards, and Il. lis. 6£1. on IndIa paper. TWELV E VIEWS OF DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE IMPERIAL CITY OF MOSCOW. From original Drawings in the possession of one of our Foreign Ambassadors, including vari- ous REPRESENT A TI ONS of the KR|. iV, LIN. It is presumed, that the sympathy which the af- fairs of the Russian Empire has created in rhe breast of every Englishman, will render this Series of View'S a most interesting publication. They are accompanied with a Historical Account and printed on large elephant quarto vellum paper, and hot-pressed. Price H lis. 6d. plain, 21. 2s. coloured. RUDIMENTS OF LANDSCAPE DRAWING, In a Series of easy Examples, by W. H. PYNF, comprised in Thirteen Plates, frotp the Outline to the finished Landscape, in colours with ample Instructions for Sketching, Shading, and Colouring and Observations on the Choice of Subiects. Price It. Is. half-bound- •

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