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POLITICAL SUMMARY. NORTHERN WAR. — ITappears by the French papers rect-ived since our last, that no action of importance has taken place between the contending armies since the sanguinary conflicts of Bautzen and Wurtz- cheu. These papers, however, contain a copy of the Armistice entered into between Bonaparte and the Allies. Hostilities ceased on the 1st instant, and the Armistice wassign ed and ratified on the4lh, By the terms ofit the line of demarkaliou for both Armies, lakes I its departure from the frontiers of Bohemia— the Allies passing through Landshut to the Bohr, a,si! following that river to Kuderstndt, turn short off towards Boikenhaim, proceed to Striegau, and pursuing the course of Ihe Stri eganwesser to Catilh, turn to the right, and ge! to the 0 ier through Oifascliiu and Althoff. The line for the French Army as soon as it quits the BohemIa" frontiers, proceeds to Alt Kamnitz, and from thence to Ihe Bohr, which il occupies as far as ihe town of Lahn, from Hienet i! traverses the lerritosy between the Bohr andthe Katzbaek,whose course it follows to the Oder Of course Bresiuu is between the two Armies, and is to be neutral it is not j to be occupied by any troops, not. even the Lnudstrum. This is the line of demarkaliou j between Ihe two main armies. But it. is conti t nued from ihe moulh of Ihe Katzbaek along I trie Oder to the frontiers of Saxony ami Prus j sia, and joins the iilhe, whose course il follows ¡ to iis mouth. However, !be French Army is. of course, Jo occupy Hamburgh, one of the articles staling, ihai ii is Io remain in pos session of the Isles in Ihe Kibe, and every thins; on the Slh of June, at midnight." The be sieged .and blockaded fortresses are 'to he re victualled every five days. By the JOlh article it is stipulated, that on the 12!h inst. all Ihe i)r Ihe Elbe, or in Saxony, are to relurn iulo Prussia. Of course Bulow's corps will retire I Ollt of Saxony. and 1eltt':lho¡¡¡ .;lId Ihe Hus I '.•i-ans thai, were beyotsd ihe Kibe will proceed I into I in: Prussian territories. lIence BlIOlla parte is left undisputed master of lue mouths of the Elbe and Ihe Weser. In this arrange- ment we iiisd uoiioiice taken of the Swedish troops. It is, however, highly probable, that in the approaching conferences hotb Sweden aud this country will be inviled to become parties. The cessation of hosi ililies is (o con- tinue to the 20til of next -month six days' notice being given by either party of their re-commencement. PENINSULA.— The intelligence we commu- nicated last week of the entrance of our troops iato Salamanca, is confirmed by the dispatches from Lord Wellington, given in Tliesday's ,'azelle. A that" there has been a gallant affair between the 101 h Hussars, supported by part of I he 18lh, and a brigade of French cavalry, under Genera! Dijon, on ihe 2d, at a village near Toro, Lieutenant Collon was killed and Cap!. LloJd made prisoner. The lOih and 13th took 207 prisoners, and but for ihe French havin«- much artillery Hie whole Brigade would have been destroyed. Genera! Dijon r;iI1 away at the first onset. The Life Guards are wilil the Light Brigade." AMERICA.—The Jubilee, which has arrived at Glasgow, brought Halifax papers, which slate that. General Dearborn, with 5000 troops had taken the British fort of Little York, in Upper Canada, alter a hard contes!. Our troops retired in good order. About 200 ol ihe enemy, including General Pike, were destroyed by i,tt explosion of a magazine. ..cZ"9.£aI'Tr.Z,A_


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