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ARMISTICE B E PW i COMBINED AN D FRENCH ARM! LS. Some further French Papers to the 13th inst. were received in town. A suspension of hostili- ties was agreed upon on the 1st inst. and an ar- ..reis.'ice dually ratitied and ioncluded on the 4'h. The Armistice is to continue on all points till the 21) ti July, and bos iliries arenot to re-commence iilltil glx Iity-, notice. rhe line of dcmarcatioll" for t!i,- allie(i'ar,riy, extenfls fro,i) the frontier (,t BoI1enÜa,thro' Dlttershaeh, Pt'aff;It!orlf, ,Land. shut, &c. to the O ier. That of the French from Bohemia to Lahn, and from thence along the coirsa of the Katzbach to the Oder the inter- me liate space, including the city of Breslaw, •which was occupied by the Franch on the 1st, to be neutral. The whole of Prussia, with the ex- ISp<ion of the country above designated, and the Prussian territories in Saxony, which are to be lIe'l:ral, IS to "c ocmI>lel hy rhe allies; dod It\(> wÜ)¡e of Saxony lJot\ :11> Rhellih Confederacy by the French. The fortresses blockaded by rhe allies are to be victualled every five days, and the estentof a French league from their walls to he •considered as neutral ground. Removed from the im ocmate scene of'he operations of the.grand armies, the Elbe to its mouth, is to be the line of demarcation between the Belligerents but the F enoh are to rnnain in possession of the isles, all,1 all that rhcir troops occupied in the 3211 ■military division at midnight,oil the 8'h of June the line of the advanced posts at 'hat hour to form for the$■?. I military division (which includes what are called by :he French the departments of the Elbe) 'he line of demarcation of No me-l'ion is Biatle of Sweden in the armistice, I nil" of any DIner Powers than the contracting .Parties. In a mili'ary point of view the armis- tice is not to he considered as unfavourable to he Allies but the political consequences of it, we are afraid, will he in favor of France. The French Papers confien the accounts of the resignation of Count Wittgenstein, and that he has been succeeded in 'he command of the Rus- sian army by Barclay de Tolly. Bonaparte intends, during the continuance of the Armistice to remain at Dresden, with the exception of some time spent at Glogau. Maret had gone to Dresden, to receive a Minister from Denmark.

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