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FRO-YITfl E LONDON GAZETTE. Dvteiling-street, June 15. A dispatch, .if which rhe following is an extract, lias heen ,-receive¡,! this morning by Earl Barh- • -ursf, rddressed to lus Lordship by the Marquis of Wellington, and dated Carvajaies, Slay I. The troops arrived "at Salamanca on file 2611) instant, and we found the enemy still in the town with one division of iufillltry and three squadrons ol cavalry, and some cannon, ot the army of the South, under the command of General Villalte. The cnemv evacuated the town on our approach, but they waited longer than th >y ought upon the high ground in the neighbourhood, and afforded an opportunity for the cavalry, under General Fane and General Victor Alten, f the former of t which crossed tlie Tormes at the Ford of Santa- Martha, and the latrer a' the bridge) to do them a good deal of inpiry in their retreat. Ilaiiv vere killed or wounded, and we took about two hun- dred prisoners, seven tumbrils of ammnitmn, some baggag?, provisions, &c. The enemy re- tired by (he road of Babila Fuento, and near j Huena were joined by a body of infanry and ca.alry on their marcfi from Alba. I then or- dered our r roops to discontinue their pursuit, our infuitry not being up. Mujor-General Long and Brigadier-Gen. Mo- ri I I or the S,)aiiisti division, iittack.*i ed Alba, from which place the enemy retired. In the course of the 17th and 2Sih. I estab- lished the troops which had marched from the Agueda and Uppc Estremadura, hetween the 'l'orn¡es and ])ol1ro, IInc!f1' the r,olOmand of Lient.- General Sir Rowland Hill and I set oiF myself en the 9.9 th to join the troops here, andarriverJ that, day at Miranda de Douro, an 1 here on the Sist. I found the troops on the Esla under the orders of Sir Thomas Graham, as I had intended, with Ih..¡r ler, at Tabara, and in communication wiiii the Gallician army, and their right at this plfce, arrangements made for passing the Esla. The grea'est. part passed that river this minting, rhe cavalry by fords, and the infantry by a bridge, whicli it was necessary to ihrow over the river, as it was so deep i.iitt some men, even of 'he cavalry, were lost in the passage. The English hussars, who crossed first, took an offi- cer and thirty men prisoners near Valdeperdices. The enemy have evacuated Zamora, and onr patndes have been in that town the troops which were there have fallen back upon Toro, where I understand they have one division of infantry -and a brigade of cavalry. It i,lia, the enemy have joined at la Nava (leI Ray, the 'roops which retired from Sa- latnanca, AviJa, &c. with those which were at .Arevalo and Medina del Campo; and I imagine that as this part of the army advances they will retire across the Douro. The enemy's troops were still at Madrid and on (he Tagus on the 22d, but I conclude that they will have evacuated that part of the country on hearing of our movements.


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