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,oJIØtI¡'tJ.í/i:Wé'; WANTED, A Middle a^ed, steady <M AN, as a Footman, in a Gentleman's Family; one with a knowledge of gardening would he preferred. Ap- ply at the North Wales Gazette Office. Bangor, June 16, 1813. E. TITLEY, DRUGGIST, CHESTER, INFORMS the public, that he has just re ceived from the Proprietor, a quantity of the RMAL CHELTENH AM SVLTS, the proper- ties of which are too well known to those of a nervous or bilious habit, to require any enco- KUUlIlS. CARNARVONSHIRE. SOLT) BY AUCTTON, Q/i the Premises at berkin, in the p risb of Llan- ystindwy, in t!ie sa^d countp, on Saturday, the 26ih day of June instant, the sale tobegm at 10 o clock. ,k Y ALL the Crop of H AY and CORN growing on the said Farm, together with capital Diaught Horses-, and other Cattle. N B. The purchaser will be at liberty either to take the crop away or consume it on the faun. St. Asaph Chapter, AND WIDOWS AND ORPHANS CHARITY. riPHE N N UA L MEETINGS of the MEM- 1 HERS of the CH PTER, and the TRUS- TEES of the CHARITY, will he held in the Chapter House, within the Cathedral Church, on the last Wednesday in July next, EDWIN WYATT, Chapter Clerk and Treasurer. IS Ih June, 1813. St. Asaph Association, FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE GAME. Notice is hereby Given, TH AT the Annual Meetm* of ihe M*MTI hers of this Association, will he held a t li,- White I io]) Inn, St. Asaph, on WON DA Y the 26th of JUL Y next, at 12 o'clock. EDWiN W YATT, Secretary. 18th June, 1813. N. B. Subscribers in arrear are requested to send their arrears, and fresh subscriptions in case ofnon-attendance. Bangor Fair, J u tie 23. ririHR Carnarvonshire Agricultural Society JR offer the following Premiums at the above Fair, viz. To the Tenant who will shew the Team of Horses triot less than three) best adapted for agriculture—5 Guineas. To the person who will shew the best Bull, (not exceeding three years old)—-b Guineas. To the person who will shew the best Ram- S Guineas. To the person who will shew the best Moun- tain Ram-3 Guineas. To the person who will shew the best Boar- 3 Guineas, NORTH WALES.—TO FARMERS, TO BE LET, IN ONE OR TWO FARMS, AN ALLOTMENT of 400 Acres, in Malt- traeth Salt Marsh, in the county of An^ plesey, lately embanked and inclosed from the sea. The land is of excellent quality, and can he brought into cultivation at a very trifling ex pence. It is wiihin three miles of the town and sea-port of Carnarvon, ahd there is abundance of lime in the vicinity. ALSO TO BE LET, Another ALLOTMENT, of 180 Acres of lighter quality, bordering on the above. The Landlord will make very liberal allowances towards building and fencing, so as to render these lands a most desirahte object of speculation to a spirited farmer, possessing sltill and capital For further particulars apply to Messrs. Poole, al Carnarvon or at their Office at Peucraig, in Anglesey. Richardson, Goolluck Co. I FP ESPECTFULLY inform the Public thai they have contracted with Government for the N Cw- STATE LOTTERY of 12,COO Pickets, to be drawn in Two Days In this Lonery the Low- est Prize is £ 20, and the first 1,000 Blanks will be entitled to X20 each. SCHEME. 2 of £ 20,000 arc = £ 40,(500 2 10,100 20,000 5 1,000 5,000 6 500. 3,000 T 200 1,400 20 100 2,000 5'2 1,500 100 2a gi50() 1,230 oi <!t) 24 600 1,000 i "j? drawn Blks 20 Each, so,000 12,000 Tickets. = £ 120,000 The first Ticket drawn a Prize above £ 20 on the Fns' Day, will receive an additional Prize of £ 10.000.. The first Ticket drawn a Prize ahove £ 20 on the Second Day, will also receive an additional Pl"ize Of TO BE DRAWN 17th OF SEPTEMBER, And 28th of September, 1813. Tickets and Shares are selling at HAVERFORDWEST,- by J- GRIFFITHS. For RICHADSON, GOODLUCK & Co. CONTR ACTORS, I/O N DON, JVlto sold, in the last and Present Fear, the fol- lowing Capital Priies, in Shares 1 of = £ 20,000 12 of = £ 10,000 1 5,000 3 3,00' 1 2,000; 3 1,000 &e. &c. &c,. :¡ .w .L ¡[ I This Day is Published, price 4s. 6d. bound in Sheep, rflRE TIMBER DEALER'S GUIDE, in JL measuring and valuing TREES of any Di- mensions or Qualities. BY A. CROCKER, Land and Timber Surveyor of Frome, Author of the Elements of Land Surveying, &c &c. Printed for Longman Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-Row. THIS DA Y ARE PU B LISII K D, In 7 Vols. Svo. with an Atlas in 4to. price £ 6. Gs. in Boards, (the Third Edition, corrected and enlarged, with a Life of the Author.) F B MI A VKLS to Discover the SOURCE of the NILE in the Years 1T68, 1760, 1770, 1771, 1772, and 1773. By JAM ES BRUCE, of Kinnaird, Esq. F. R. S. Printed for Longman, Hnrst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-Row, London; A. Constable and Co. and Manners and Miller, Edinburgh. THIS DAY ARE PUBLISHED, In 2 Vols. Svo. price ,et. 4s. Boards. "p&yiTKMOlRS of Ihe Private and Public if J. L fe o f W 11, LIA M P E N N. By THOMAS CLARKSON, M. A. London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-Row, and at the British Gallery, 54, New Bond-street. Of whom may be had, by the same Author, 1. The HISTORY of the ABOLITION of the SLAve I'RADR, 2 Vols. Svo. £1. 4s. boards. 2. A PORTRAITURE of QUAKERISM, 3 Vols. 8vo. -01 7s. boards. Nevin, c. Iriclosure. Fi, flic WE Ihe Undersigned Commissioners ap- pointed by an Act passed in the 52d year of III-s present Majecry's reign, infilled an Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of Nevin, and other parishes and places therein mentioned, in the county of Carnarvon." DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, That we shall hold our next meeting for the purposes of the said Act, at the house of Griffith Roberts, in the village of Clynnog, on Friday the second day of July next, in order to execute the conveyances to the purchasers of the several lots of Common, by us sol(1111 'he month of April last, for the purpose of defraying, in part, the expences of the said Act, and of carrying the same into execution, when and where the pur- chasers are requested to a; rend, to take up the deeds and pay the purchase-money. A V/J I-VE DO BUfUHER GIVE NOTICE, That in case the proprietors of Lands interested in tlic cotii,ziol,s Itld Waste Lands, by the said Act directed 10 be divided, allotted and inclosed, shall neglect or refuse to deliver to us the plans and slIrvey, of the respective lands and tenements in respect to which they claim right of Common, oil, or before the said second day of July next. we the said Commissioners will direct such plans and surveys, to be made at the expence of such Proprietor or Proprietors, who sliill not, deliver I to us such surveys at the time aforesaid. Given under our funds the 12th day of June, 1813. R. ILL IS, ) n li. WILLI VMS,$0om:"i3S|oners. CARNARVONSHlílE TO BE qOLD BY AUCTION", At the Goat Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in the county of Carowrvon, on Saturday, the 17 i h day of uty, ISIbetween the houis of3 and5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then ani there produced, unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract, oj which due notice will be given. rjOHAT capital <111,1 com part FREEHOLD A ESTATE, consisting- of the following cli- gible Farms, viz. Treflan, Tai-issa, Gwastadfaes, Uraiglwyd, and Cae Steel, situate lying and be- ing in the township of Treflan, in the parish of Llanbeglig, in the county of Carnarvon, eontuiu- ing about six hundred acres, of good meadow and pasture land, exclusive of a valuable nninclosed pasture and sheep-walk thereto adjoining, of about seven hundred acres, now in r he occupa- tion of tenants at will. Itns is a most desirable Estate, it. lies within a ring fence, at the distance of abont four miles and a hail from the market town of Carnarvon, close to the public road leading from the town to lieddgelart—-the situation is universally ad- mired by travellers—the land is of superior qua- lity, and in a very improved state It is a most convenient and pleasant situati on fora gentleman desirous of having a residence in the county of Carnarvon—there is a delightful spot to build a with upwards of two hundred acres of good meadow and pasture ground in front, well worth 40s. per acre, most part of which has been set for considerably more; the ground behind the intended house is well wooded; there is a large river, well supplied with trout,as a boundary al the bottom of the level ground.- The whole, of this extensive property lies in a south aspect, whlctl may be irrigated at a sUlatl expence, and is a luxuriant place for the growth of ail mallner of trees, a great number having been lately planted, and are in a very thriving state; it is in a good sporting part of the country, the sheep-walk is well stocked with grouse, and several large lakes abundantly supplied with trout,are at a small distance. This property is entitled to nearly one haif of the adjoining; common, called Wnen-fawr, which is to be divided under all Inclosure Act. There is a large body of slate rock upon the sheep walk, and the adjoining common, that the proprietors of this Estate arc entitled to by vir- tue of a Grant from the Crown, for a term of years, which if desirable to a purchaser, will be disposed of jvith he Estate. Take this Estate in every point of view, it is the most desirable that is likely to be offered to sale in this neighbourhood for many years to come. Further particulars may he had, by applying- to Mr. J. EVANS, Solicitor. Carnarvon, who is authorized to treat with any person desirous of purchasing by private contract, at whose Office a Map and Survey of the premises may be seen. JiI!r LEAD MINUS, CARNARVONSHIRE, NORTH WALES, I TO BE LET. rw^HE valuable LEAD TVIIN ES on the Estate of Gwydir, in the county of Carnarvon, for such term of years as may be agreed upon. The leases of these Mines having lately expir- ed, the Proprietor is disposed to grant new leases on liberal terms, and the variety and extent of the veins (which have hitherto been only par- tially explored) are such as to render them an object worthy the attention of Miners of capi- al and enterprise. For particulars apply ta JAMES ADAM, Esq. Pilkelony, by Dunblane, North Britain, or to Captain RICHARD MARTIN, Miner, Llanrwst. General Post Office, May 20, 1813. e* 9 FIFTf" POUNDS REWARD. WH EREAS the B AGSof LETTERSfrom LLANRWST for CHESTER, SHREWSBURY and OSWRSTRY, of the twenty-seventh of April, were LOST on the road between Bettws y Coed and Corwen. Whoever has found them, and will bring them to any Post Office, with their contents ,safe, will receive a RE.WARD of FiFTY I POUN DS. The Detaining the Bags is a Misdemeanor, and I the parties so detaining them will be prosecuted. If the Bags have been opened, and the contents embezzled, any accompliec who will surrender himself, and make discovery, whereby one or more persons shall be apprehended and con- victed, will he admitted an evidence for the Crown, and receive the above reward. By Command of the -Post Master General, FRANCIS FREELING, Secretary. CHESHIRE ESTATES. TO HE S O L D BY AUCTION, JY MH. PENSON, I At the Bull's Head Inn, in Tarvin, in Ihec.mnty of Chester, on Monday, the 28th day of June ISIS, at three 0 clock in the afternoon, in the jollow- ing lots, of such others as shall be agreed upun at the time of sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced; HE MANOR of MOULDSWORTH, in JBL the county of Chester, together with seve- ral most desirable Estates, situate in ihe several townships of Moulds worth, Tarvin, and Barrow, in the said county, ttic principal part whereof adjoins and surrounds the town of Tarvin, which is distant 5 miles from Chester, 15 from Wrex- ham, 6 from Frodsham, 19 from Knutsford, 13 from .Middlewijjh, 12 from Nor.'hwich, and i;) from Nantwich. The great road from Chester to Manchester, runs along the Estate for upwards of a mile. Coal, lime, and maouie are at a con- venient distance, and may be procured in the greatest plenty, and upon the most reasonable terms. Lots. Townships. Tenants' names. Quantity. A. R. p 1 Tarvin Thomas Dod 0 1 0 2 Ditto Ditto 23 2 3 Ditto Ditto 8 1 0 4 Ditto Ditto hi 3 0 5 Ditto Ditto. 4 3 30 (i Ditto Thomas Davies 0 2 i;> 7 Ditto Thomas Dod T y 0 0 8 Ditto Thomas Davies 2 2 0 9 Ditto Ditto. 2 3 S 10 Ditto Ditto. -Jl 1 17 11 Ditto James Davies 71 0 21 12 Ditto Ditto 55 3 3 13 Ditto Ditto 79 I 35 U Ditto .$,l'h0- i)a,V'm ih0' £ 34 I Dod,and J Davies, ( 11. Parr, W. War- i nrn n IaMoulds-.vorl.il <, (i,•* 0 2o I burton, and otnet s j 1G Ditto William Warburtou. 3 18 IT IV), < II. Parr, J. Hill, & £ „ „ 17 ,)lU0 Jobadiah AutrobusS 9 3 2' IS Ditto James Hill 7 2 22 19 Barrow Samuel Cheers 30 0 4 20 Ditto I): I to j l 24 21 Ditto Ditto 2 8 22 Ditto Ditto. I 2 1:3 23 Ditto Ditto ..28 3 8 24 Ditto Ditto 0 2 10 25 I)( I to I)ittO 19 223 N. B. The House and Buildings up?n this lot. are quite uew, awl fillbstantiatly bllilt. There is also a well-accustomed Com Mill, plentifully supplied with water, &e. all seasons of the year. Also, a very desirable Estate, situate in the township of Manley, in ihe parish of Frodsham, in the said county of Chester, consisting of a good Farm-house and Ofiices, with suitable Out- &e. and about 114a. Or. 11 p of good arable, meadow and pasture land, now held by Mr. W. Warburtou and others. The prospects from rious parts of this property are truly beautiful, arid therefore desirable for building upon. There is a fine Plantation most judiciously placed, and in a very thriving state. There is also a fine rock of free stone upon the Estate, of very supe- rior quality. The Tythe of in respect of the lands in the township of Manley, and also of a consider- able part of the Estate in the parish cf Tarvin, is covered by a small modus. Ail the above Estates ahotllJd in excellent marl, adjoin good roads, and are in the midst of as good markets as any in the kingdom, Preston Brook being distant about 8 miles, and Frodsham 5, from whence there is a regular communication by water with Manchester, Liverpool, Warring- ton, Sfc. Particulars may be had at the Auction Mart, London; Royal Hotel, Chesier; the Kings arms, in Liverpool; the Bridgewater Arms, n Manchester The George Inn, in Knutsford the Crown. Nantwicb the Eagles Inll, W rexham of Mr. JONES, of Common Wood, near Wrex ham; of Messrs. LEEKE and POTTS, in Chester; and of Mr. PERSON, Auctioneer, Wrexham* DOLGELLEY & CELYNIN INCLOSURE Notice is hereby Given, fJPIHAT certain ALLOTMENTS being parts > and parcels of the Commons and r, Waste Lands, in the several parishes of Dolgelley and Llangelynin, commonly called Celynin, in the county of Merioneth, will be SOLD by AUC- TION, at the Golden Lion Inn, in Dolgelley, on Tuesday the 20ih day of July next, in order to defray the charges and expences of carrying the Act of Parliament lately passed, for inclosing the same Commons and Waste Lands into ex- ecution. Particulars, descrihing the said Allotments, may be had at the Office of Messrs. Jones and Williams, Solicitors, Dolgellej. HUGH JONES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Dolgelley, 2Gth May, 1813. MERIONETHSHIRE. .4 Capital Slate Quarry. TO BE LET, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, For the term of ten or fourteen years, and mat/ lie At the Goat Inn, in (he to .MI of Carnarvon, on Saturday, the 3d day of July, 1813, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, sllbject to slIch couditions as shall he then pro- duced, unless let or disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given rWlBAT BLUE SLATE QUARRY, well JL known by the name of MA MOD QUARRY, in the county of within about six of the Quay near Maentwrog, that Messrs. Turner and Co. ship their slates at, upon which the Proprietors of this Quarry have an unlimited right, to ship slates, and to which Quarry a new road was lately made. road was lately made. This Quarry is opened upon an extensive com- mon, and is as large a body of tine Blue Slates as hath been hitherto found in any part of the prin- cipality; the metal resembles the Festiniog Slates, sold by Messrs. Turner and Co. but upon strict examination, will be found a little harder, and a shade or two nearer to the blue of the Car- narvonôhire slates. The rock is solid near the surface, and splits remarkably fine and thin, and is above it most convenient hollow to discharge rubbish, at a small expence. Any person or company wishing to embark upon an extensive scale in the slate trade, cannot have a better situation than this Quarry. A large Farm, within one mile of the Quarry, which is very convenient for the residence of an agent, will be let with it. Mr. Griffith Thomas, of Maentwrog Lodge, will direct-a person to shew the Quarry, and for further particulars, apply to Mr. ROBERT WIL- iiauis, Solicitor, Carnarvon.. F It E E H OLD EST AT E, In the Parish of Bangor, County of Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Mitre. Inn, in the, city of Bangor, on Friday the. 23d of July next, between the hours of four and six o'clock ill the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be thez and there pro- duced, unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which cine notice will be given:- | jOHkLANDSof GLASIN b 11YN,pleasantly Jt situate within two miles of Ihe city of Bangor, eight of Carnarvon, tvro and a half of Bangor-lerry, and fourteen and a half of Capel Cting and consisting of aIXTY FIVE ACRES of a rich, deep, loamy soil, suited to the most lucrative rotation of crops. Forty-one acre are under superior management, and in a high stale of culture :(lie residue is in a progressive slate of at a lignt expence. These (Iivile(t into fcekls of irom four and a hall Jo six acres each, wil h water in every field, and the fences are in good order. A Parish Common which adjoins filid bounds part of this Kstaie, will be found of great occasional con ve nience. There is a v elected MANSION on the pre- mises, 43 feet in trout by 30 feet wide, on three floors, and divided ilito eleven apartments, be- sides cellar and dairy underground. Three apart- ments are in an unfinished slate, but the whole may be rendered commodious and comfortable for the reception ot a gen tee 1 lann ly, at a very trifling expence. This House fronts the east, and is agreeably situate in a well wooded meadow.com- manding a pleasing prospect of the surrounding scenery, which is seldom to be equalled for beauty and variety. There are likewise a newly-built Stable and Cow-house, at a convenient distance, and an over-shot Gorse Mill. Ail these buildings as they were intended for the use of the Proprietor, are of the most substantial materials and best workmanship, and the timberof superior quality, being Dantzic pine. There are also some old Buildings on the property, valuable for the quan- tity of oak timber contained in them. ,,in fol-ilis tile I The river Cegin forms the eastern boundary, and extends above half a mile, including a well wooded and romantic dingle, with a large power of water capable of supplying at all seasons an extensive machinery. The water may be taken to a level 30 feet above the bed of the river.— There is no situation in the parish of Bangor so well a dapted to a considerable undertaking, with an equal power of water. The Timber on this Estate consists chiefly of oak, alder, and ash a proportion of the oak timber is of great age, and suitable to the pur- poses of the ship-builder and wheelwright.— There are some young plantations of thriving timber from 12 to 15 years old. This property includes in its local situation and quality of soil, advantages that arc rarely <<• he met with, and will form an eligible and desir abie residence for a Gentleman, or Gentleniai farmer. A parchaser may have immediate possession, as the Laiicis and BuiIdings are exclusively in tie holding of the proprietor. It is requested that none but principals wi I apply, (if by letter, post-paid) and further par- ticulars may he known on application to the Pi. prietor, MR. WHITE, Glasin fryn, Bangor Car- narvonshire or to J. ROBERTS, EsqT Deputy ltegistrar, Batiror, Carnarvoiistiire. 'iiS1:ii\- This Day are published, in 4to, illustrat&d with ten Engravings, price = £ 2. 2s. boards, ELEMENTS .,f AGRICULTURAL CHE- MISTRY, in a C->ur'se of Lectures for the Board of Agriculture,— By Sir HUMPHREY DAVY, LL. D. F.R.S.L, and E. M. li. I. tyi i. I Printed for Longman, Hurs', Rees, Orme, and Bro"jn, Paternoster Row, Londoe and A. Con- stable and Co. Edinburgh. TillS DAY IS PUBLISHED, Handsomely printed, in Two Volume*, Oct«vo prices). 4,. boards. A SERIES of POPULAn ESSAYS, illus* JTsL trative of Principles essentially connected with the. Improvement of the Understanding the Imagination, and tin- Heait. By ELIZABETH HAMILTON, Author of Letters on the Elementary Principles of Education, Cottagers of Glenbur-nie, &c. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, and Cadel and Davies, London and Maa- ners and Miller, Edinburgh. UNION FIRE AND LIPE INSTITUTIONS. IN these establishments ALL TH E SJ i'I NC S A. ARE RETURNED TO THE INSURED, in conlequence ot this plan, the Members of tlie Fire Insurance Department, whose period of re- payment has arrived, have received back fflv per Cent, of the Premiums they deposited, Ihe rates of ihe Life Institution are ne.arli, (en per Cent, lower than those of other Establishments, and its Insurers have the additional advantage of being entitled to periodical bonui Furrher particulars may be had, gratis, of Mr. H. OWEN, of Bala or of any of the Agents who are appointed in the principal towns in this Priucipalily. ArUIY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chiefs Office, Great George-street, London, June 14, ISIS. NOTICE IS HEHEBY GIVEN, 10 all Persons desirous of contracting to supply FRESH BEEF and MUTTON to his Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments, Quarters and Bar- racks, in the uiillei- iiieiitioiied Counties and Islands Anglesea, Isle of Wight, Bedford, Kent, Beiks, ( including the Lancaster, Town of Hungerford), Leicester, Berwick, Lincoln, Brecon, Merioneth, Rucks, Middlesex, Cambridge (including the Monmouth, Town of Newmarket.) Montgomery, Cardigan, Norfolk, Carmarthen, Northampton, Carnarvon, Northumberland, £ h-Sfe\ Nottingham, Cornwall, (including Oxford, I Scilly) Pembroke, Cumberland, Radnor, Denbigh, Rutland, Derby, Salop, DC" 011, Somerset, Dorset, Stafford, Durham (including Holy Suffolk, island) Surrey, Essex, Sussex, Flint, Warwick, Glamorgan, VVesi moreland, Gloster (including the Wilts, C ty of Bristol,) Worcester, Hants, York, if ereiord, Hertford, And in the several conn- BUllts, ties in North Britain. Isle of Man, That the deliveries are to commence on and for the Iwenty-filrh day of September next that Proposals in writing, sealed up and marked. lenderfvr Army Supplies, will be received at this Office on or before Wednesday the twenty-fifth day ol August, but none will be received after twelve o'clock on that day) and, if sent by post, the postage must be paid. Proposals must be made separately for each County and Island, except for the counties com- prising North and South Wales, all of which must be included in One Tendcr, as also must the se- veral counties in Norr II Britajn and each Pro- posal must have the letter which is annexed to the Tender property tilled up, by two persons of known property engaging to become bound with the Inrty tendering- in the amount stated in the printed particulars for the due performance of the contract and no proposal will be noticed un- less made on a printed Tender, and the prices expressed in words at length and should it happen that during the continuance of the con- tract, no troops should be stationed or supplied ,,) 1,,o I I ii) tije county, the expence of the contract and bond, paid in the first instance by the contractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the qontracts may be had upon application at this Office, between the hour- of eleven and five and at the Office of Deputy- Commissary General Lindesay, Edinburgh. = z COPPER ORE Sold at REDRUTH, on Thursday, June 3, Mines. Tons. Purchasers. At per Ton. Wheal Alfred 120 British Co. X6 11 o ditto 112 Mines Royal 10 5 0 ditto J02 English & Freeman 7 17 0 ditto 97 English and Rose 7 14 0 ditto 94 Cheadle W. and G. 3 II 0 ditto 87 Freeman & Cornish 6 3 6 ditto 84 Mines Royal 1(1 7 6 ditto 82 Crown Co. 9 3 0 ditto 79 Cheadle W.&G. 4 7 0 ditto 65 Mines Royal 10 7 6 1 Wheal Neptune 110 Union Co. 8 10 0 ditto 109 ditto 8 10 0 ditto 8'5 Daniell Co. 5 5 0 ditto 76 Cheadle W and G. 6 17 0 Wh. Friendship 66 Cornish Co. 5 17 6 ditto 64 Daniell Co. 7 8 6 (""j. Hilary) 5 W. Wirgin ditto 51 Daniell Co. 61 5 Wh. Prosper 43 Cornish Co. 6 y q Total 1594 tons.