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E. TIT LEY, DRLIGGIST, CHESTER, fN FOR M> the public, that he has just re- ceived from the Proprietor, a quantity of the REAL CHELTENHAM SALTS, the proper- ties of which are too well known to those of a lervous or bilious habit, to require any enco- oiiums. By order of the Honorable Commissioners of his M(tjestfs Customs. On Saturday, the )9th June, 1813. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, WILL BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, AT THE CUSTOM HOUSE, BEAUMARIS, .4 fPHERR V, W\\ C A1. L R D THE BARBARA, fajPf/iE Bl,r'.f,en !->er 'ieijisrer, 14 tons, with e and Apparel. Also a Small BOAT. REECE'S DICTIONARY OF POPULAR MEDICINE. This day is published, in 8vr». a new Edition, with Additions, price IGs. hoards, of A PRACTICAL UK TION MY of POPU- LAR MEDICINE, comprehending the -afferent Branches ot ihe ilealing Art, so far as they relate to the Preservation of the Health of Man, residing in different Climates, and engaged in different Occupations, as well as the general Treatment t his Diseases and Accidents viz. \nato.tn),Physiology, Surgery, M olwifej>. Phar- macy, Diet, Cloathing. Exercise. &S' '&c. I; y HIe II A R D n I, b (I. M .11 Printed for Longman, Hurst, ltec, Brown, Paiernoster Row ? and at the British Gallery, 54, New Bond-Street. Of whom may be had, b) the same Author The MEDICAL GUIDE, for the Use of the Clergy. Heads of Families, Seminaries, and Young Practitioners in Physic, containing rhe. laiest Discoveries in Medicine. A new Edition (being the aitli) wiiti considerable Addition* price 10s. 6d. boards. BANGOR DIOC'ES iN COMMITTEE. names of tin- t .liowiug Gentlemen ia were omitted in Ihe lasl list of new Sub- scribers to the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. Mr. EUis Williams, Dolgelfev. William Williams, Estj. Meiniarfawr. John Edwards, r,.sq. D otserau. John Edwards, Esq. t'j'm. oed. Goodman Robo ts, Esq, Ru'hi >. btlf, William Williams, Pta-;hen, Esq. ,!ot>ii KIlis, Esq. Pwllheli. Evan Jones, Esq. Gelli%vig, Rev. T. Owen,,Master of Oolgelly School, — — Rob! Citrate ot' Rd. 11iighes. Rector of Dolgellcy. — Pa'*i > Hector of Lianaber. —— Thomas Jones, of Vlaesgarnmedd. — John Davies, Curate o! Llanelidan, Tohn Parry, Curate of Cloee.anog-. F. Owen, :-iecou! Masler of r:,ulh:n Schoof. —— Edw..tones, Head Master of ditto. Robert Roberts, Vicar of —— David Hughes,-Rector of t.l-mgyiibafel. —— J Jones, Vicar of l.lanfa-r- Ij ffry nllwyd. —— John Kyftn, Rector of Derwen. Robert Roberts, Rector of I tangaer. —- J P. Jones Parry, Curate of Ceidio. W-iliam Williams, Vicar of Denio. of WiMi.aii Williams, Rector of Llanaelhairn* Jolsti Evans, Curate of Tydwiliog. Neviri, 8$c Inclosure. WE the Undersign, d Commissioners ap- pointed b>an /Vet passed in the 52 year ol bis present .Vlajeety's reign, infilled'" mi Act for inelosing Lands in the parish of Nevin, and other :) fishes and pfaces therein mentioned, iu the county of Carnarvon." DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, That we shall hold our next meeting for the pur uses ol the said Act, at the house of Griffith Roberts, in the village of Cl)iinop-, on Friday the second day of July next, in order to execute the conveyances to the purchasers of the several lots of Common, hy us sold in the month of April fast, for the purpose of del raying, in part, the expences of the said Act, and of carrying the same into execution, when and where the pur- chasers arc requested to attend, to fake up the ■deeds and pay ilw purchase-money. AND WB DO FURTHER GIVE NOTICE, That in case the proprietors of Lands interested in the Commons and Waste- Lands, by the said Act directed to he divided, allotted and inclosed, shall neglect or refuse to deliver to us the fans and surveys of the respective lands aÙd ten m nl. it) respect to which they claim right of Com win, on, or before the said second day of July next* we the said Commissioners will direct such plans, and surveys to tie made at the ex-pence of sach Proprietor or Proprietors, who shall not deliver to its such surveys at the time aforesaid. Given under our hands the 12th day of June, 1813. R. ELLIS, } R. WILLIAMS,$Commissioners. Merioneth shire Timber. (The folio wing Catalogue of Timber should have been added to the advertisement in firsl pug, but came too late to be attended to.) TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION1, At the Golden Lion, in the town of DolgeUey, Ou "tPednesda-ffthe ¿3d day of June, '813.' 'fetween the hours of2 and 5 o'■ lock in the afternoon, suL- jeet to such conditions as shall be tilm.produced, Lot 1.— 69 OAK TRE; I.ot. 2.- 36 Ditto. Lot 3.- 46 Ditto. Lot 48 Ditto. Lot 5.— 5'2 Ditto. Lot 6.- 45 Ditto. Lot 7.-120 Ditto. Lot 8.—I4fl Ditto. I..or 9.-)6B Ditto. 85 Ditto. Lot II. —N2 Ditto. Lot 12.— T3 Ditto. Lot 13.- U1 Ditto. Lot 14.— 19 Ditto. ASH TIMBER, Lot I.—50 ASH TREES. Lot 2.-70 Ditto. Lot 3.54 Ditto. Lot 4.-41 Ditto. Lot 5.-51 Ditto. J Lot 6-24 Ditto. Several lots of Birch Timber-a large quantity of Birch Poles in Lots—a quantity of Oak Poles —a number of Lots of Cordwood, The Oak Bark to be solfl in seven lots; and Birch Bark, about 7 tons, in one lot,

"/'Hili'-IiiIII LONDON.