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r- _do! TO BE SOLD, A Good CANE SOCIABLE, roomy and light, and fit for immediate use, the lining, Ac- being in very good condition. There is a top to it, resnoveable at pleasure, which will lie dispos- ed of with the body, if agreeable to the purchas- er.-A stout six oared üà vr, (Lancaster built) 24 feet 4 inches length, by 7 feet 2 inches beam; she is a very good sea boat, used in the summei time as a pleasure boat, and in the winter to as sist vessels in distress; there is a windlass to fJu: occasionally in the ini(iships, with a we I I I (o liea laige anchors with.—She will be sold with <>r without her materials.— Apply to Mi. WILLIAM PRICE, Hoe, St. Asaph, for particulars, (if by letter, post-paid.) (ONE PROPERTY.) TO THE ".Officers, Non-commissioned Offi- cers, and Frivates, My Of THE ROYAL ANGLESEY LOCAL MILITIA. WE, the Bailiffs, Burgesses, and other Inhabitants of the Borough of Beau- maris, having seen with much gratification, the soldierly behaviour, the correct demeanour, and the uniformly steady conduct of the Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Privates of the Royal Anglesey Local Militia, during the last fourteen days of their training and exercise, beg leave to return them our most sincere thanks for the same, and also to express, iiotonly our satis- faction, but our surprise, at the very extraor- dinary progress in military discipline, which flu corps appear tc have made during the short pe- riod of its having beea embodied. Signed, at the request of a meeting held at the Guildhall of the Borough-of Beaumaris, the 10th day of June, 1813, It. WILLIAMS, > B .,iff '• THOS. BOGG1E.S Beaumaris, June 10th, 1813. GENTLEMEN, I have had the honor of receiving and commu- nicating to the Officers of the Royal Anglesey the address of the Bailiffs, Bur- gesses, and other Inhabitants of the Borough 01 peaumaris, of this day's date. In the name of the Regimen?, I beg leave to assure you of the pleasure it affords us, that our conduct has on thigoccasion,been such as to meei with the approharion of the Bailiffs, Burgesses. and Inhabitants of the Borough of Bcallmari and to return you our most, grateful thanks for the handsome manner in which you have testi- fied it- We most sincerely hope that our future con- duct will be such, as to merit a cootinuaBce of your kindness. I have the honor to be, Your obedient liiintile Fervaiit, J. B. SPARROW, Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant. CARNARVONSHIRE TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. At the Goat Inn, in the tolviz of CarnarIJon, in the county of Carnarvon, on Saturday, the ilth day ofuly, i 81be ween the honrs of H a id 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shrIll he then and there produced, unless diposeil of in the mean time by private contract, oj which due notice will be given* PSpHAT capital and compact FREEHOLD JSL ESTATE, consisting of ilv- roilowilig eii-. gible Farms, viz. Trdlan, Tai-issa, Gwastadfaes, Graiglwyd, and Cae Steel, situate, lying and be- ing in the township of in it-ic parish of Llanbeglit, in the county of Carnarvon, contain- ing- about six hundred acres. of good meadow and pasture land, exclusive of a valuable unineiosed pasture and sheep-walk thereto adjoining, of cioout seven hundred acres, how in the occupa- tion of tenants at will. This is a most desirable Estate, it lies within a ring fence, at the distance of about four miles and a Iwlf from the market town of Carnarvon, close to the public road leading from the town to Bclcl, lie situation is universally ad- mired by travel let-§,-the land is of superior qua- lity, and in a very improved stale It is a most convenient and pleasant siluati on for a gentleman desirous of having a residence in the county of Carnarvon—there is a delightful spot to build a Mansion-house, with upwards of two hundred acres of good meadow and pasture ground in front, Weil worth 40s. per acre, meet part of which has been set for considerably more the .ground behind the intended bouse is well wooded • there is a large river, well supplied with trout as a boundnry *r the bottom of the level ground.-L The wnole of this extensive property lie in •> south aspect, nhicb may be irrigated at a small pence, and is a luxuriant place for the erowrf of all manner of trees, a great number havi, been l^VitV planted, and are in a very thrivin" state; V.J in a good sporting part of thecountry", the sheep-walk is well stocked with grouse, and' several large lakes abundantly supj)ije(j Wj(|} trout, -are at a small distance. This property is entitled to nearly one half of the adjoining common, called Waen-fawr, which is to be divided unrier an loclosure Act. There is a large body of slate rock upon the sheep walk, and the adjoining common, that the proprietors of this Estate are entitled to by vir ttie of a Grant from the Crown, for a term of years, which if desirable to a purchaser, will be disposed of with the Estate. Take this Estate in every point of view, it is the most desirable that is likely to be offered t.. sale in this neighbourhood for many years to come. Further particulars may be had, by applyin to Mr. J. EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who s authorized to treat with any person desirous of purchasing by private contract, at whose Office a Map and Survey of the premises may be seen. ti In the Press, and early in June will be published, in One Volume, Quarto. A NARRATIVE uf lhe late CAMPAIGN in RITSSI A, containing Information drawi> from official Sources, and from intercepted Freni-h Documents hitherto unknown to the British Public. By SIR ROBERT KERR PORTER. Illustrated with Plans, &c. of the general Movements of both Armies during their Advance iiul Re'reat—and a Portrait of the late General Ku'usoff Printed 'or Longman, Hurst, (tees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster Row and the BRiTISH GALLERY, 54, NEW BONO STREET. LEAD MINKS, CARNJRNONSHIRE, NORTlI WALES, TO BE LET. THE valuable LEAD MINES on the Estate <L of G'wvdir, in the county of Carnarvon,for such term of years as may be agreed upon. The leases of these Mines having lately expit- ed, the Proprietor is disposed to arrant new leases on liberal terms, and the variety and extent of the veins (which have hitherto been only par- tially explored) are such as to rehder them an object worthy the attention of Miners of capi- tal andenterprize. For particulars apply to JAMES A DAii, Esq. Pilkelotiy, by Dunblane, North Britain, or to Captain RICHARP MARTIN, Miner, Llanrwst. MRS. OPIE'S NEW WORK. This Month will be published, in Three Volumes 12mo. Tales of Real Life, BY MRS. OP IE. Printed for Longmaf! Hurst, Itees-, Ornie iind Brown, Paternoster Row; and at the lhitish Gallery, 54, New Bond Street Of whom may he had, by the same Mifhor 1. TEMPER; or DOMESTIC SCENES, S Vols. 121110. price Xi. Is. 2 SIMPLE TALES, 4 Vols. 12mo. price -Xl. I- Boards. 3. FAfHElt and DAUGHTER, 12ittft.4s.6d. ditto. 4 ADELINE MOWBRAY, 3 Vols. 12010. 13s. 6d. ditto. 5. POEMS, Foolscap 8vo. 6s ditto. 6. W ARRIOR'S RETURN, ditto 6s. ditto. This Day are published, in Oue Volume, octavo., price 7s. Boards, HISTOHICALSKgTCHES of POLITICS and PUBLIC MEN, for the Year 1812. tTt' he continued annually.) CHAPTER I.- General View of the Charac- ter of the different Parties. I The Ministerial Party. 2. The Opposition. 3. The Popular PHity.-If. Ministerial and Party changes dur- ing the Year.—III. The Foreign Policy of Great Britain -1 V. Buotiaparte and the French Em- pire.-v. The Campaign in the Peninsula.- VI. Russian Politics and Campaign in the North. Vil America and the Orders in Council.— Vlfl. Ireland and the Catholic Question. IX. The East India Conpany.-X. The Ques- tion of Peace. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Recs, Orme and 'Jrown, Paternoster Row, and at the BRITISH GALLERY-, 54, New Bond-street. OF WHOM MAY rif; H AO, In Royal 18mo. the 2d Edition, price 5. sewed. A BIOGRAPHICAL LIST of the HOUSE of COMMONS, elected in October, 1812. SMEATON'S EDYSTOX-E LIGHTHOUSE. This Day is published, in 1;itperial Folio, price £6. -Itaif bound, a New Edition of A NARRATIVE of the BUILDING and a DESCRIPTION of (be CONSTRUC- TION of the EHYSTONELIGHTHOUSE with STONE to which is subjoined., an Appendix, giving some Account of the Lighthouse on the Spurn Point, built upon a Sand. By JOHN 8M EATON, CI V I L ENGINEER, F. R. S. Printed for Longman, Hurd I Recs, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-Row and at the BRITISH GALLERY, 54, NEW BOND STREET, Of whom may be had, lately published, Mr. SME ATOVS REPORTS, ESTI M ATES, and TREATISES, embracing the several Sub- jects of Canals, Navigable Rivers, Harbours, Piers, Bridges, Drawing, Emfeanking, Light- houses, Machinery of various Deceptions in- cluding; Fire Engines, Mills, &c. ef, with other .■Miscellaneous Papers; drawn up iii the Course of his Employment as a Civil Engineer. In 3 vols. Quarto, price X-7. 78 boards, illustrated 1 with 74 plates. General Post Office, May 20, 1813. FIFTY POUNDS REWARD. WHEREAS the B GSof LETTERS from V LLANRWST for CHESTER, SHREWSBURY and OSWESTRY, of the twenty-seventh of April. were LOST on the road between Bettws y Coed ami Corwen. Whoever has found them, and will bring them to any Pvst Office, with their contents safe, will receive a REWARD of FIFTY POUNDS. The Detaining the Bags is a Misdemeanor, and 'he parties so detaining them will be prosecuted. If the Bags have been opened, and the contents embezzled, any accompliec who will surrender himself, and make discovery, whereby one or more persons shall be apprehended and con- victed, will be admitted an evidence for the Crown, and receive the above reward. By Command of the Post Master General, FRANCIS FREELING, Secretary, iniuwanimaB—MM—— CARNARVONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the Premises at iberkin, in the purish of Llan- ystyndwy, in the said county, on Saturday, the 26th dey oj June instant, the sale to begin at 10 o clock. ALL the Crop of HA"? and CORN growing on the said Farm, together with capital Draught Horses, and other Cattle. N B. The purchaser will he at liberty either to take the crop away or consume it on the farm. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, In elephant price 31. 3s 4to. boards, and in royal folio, price 61. 6s. boards, Part 1. of The CIVIL ARCHITECTURE of vi TRUVlUS; comprising those Books of the Author which relate to the publicandprivate Edifices of the Ancients, translated By WILLIAM WILKINS, M. A. F. A. S. Late Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge Author of the Antiquities of Mag- iiii Grtecia Illustrated by numerous Engrav- ings, with ail Introduction, containing an Histo- rical View of the Rise and progress of Architec- ture amongst the Greeks Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rces, Orme and Brown, Paternoster How and at t'he BRITISH GALLERY, 54, New Bond Street. Of whom also may be had, by the same Author, The ANTIQUITIES of MAGNA GRiECIA, in I Vol. Imperial Folio, illmtrated by 85 En- gravings, price i £ T0.10s. boards, W. THOMAS, SURGEON, APOTHECARY, AND MAN- MIDWIFE, 13 fiSPECTFULLY informs his Friends and ff,ltu the Inhabitants of Carnarvon and its vici- nity, that he has entered upon the Shop late in the possession of his Father-, and hopes by an un- remitting attention to the duties of his profession, to merit their esteem and favors. He flatters himself that having serred a regu- lar Apprenticeship %ith a Gentleman of high Medical Eminence, and afterwards Pupil to Sir Charles Blicke, at. St. Bartho-'emew's Hospital, London, where he attended the different Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Physic, Surgery, arad Midwifery, together with the auxiliary bran- ches of Chemistry an«.l Anatomy he will be found sufficiently qualified to follow his Profession with credit. W. T. begs leave to inform the late Patients of his Father, that he is in possession of all his -NIS. Prescriptions, &c. and can prepare them ac- cordingly. Carnarvon, May 23, IS 13. TKrs DAY IS PUBLISHED, In 121110. price 6s. Hoards, with a Map of Palestine, A CONCISE HISTORY of the JRWS, from the Titne of their Re-establishment, by Ezra and Nehemiah, after the Habyionish Captivity to the Destruction of Jerusalem, by the Romans forming a Connection between the History of the Old and New Testaments. by the Rev. JOHN HEWLETT, B. D. Printed for Longman, Hurst, flees, Orme. and Co.; F. C. and J. Rivington Lackington, Allen, and Co.: J. Mawman Sherwood, Nee!y, and Jones; and Wilson and SOliS, York. of whom may be had, by the saiwe Auihor, THE HOLY BIBLE, containing the OLD and N E W TESTAMENTS, and the A pocry- pha, with Critical, Philological, and Explana- tory Notes; 120 Engravings, from Pictures of the great Masters, in 3-very large Volumes demy 4to. price 1. 4s. in Boards, and on Royal Paper, £ 14. Ss.; or demy without, plates, XS, NORTH WALES.—TO FARMERS. TO BE LET, I OKE OR TWO R A RMS, 4N ALLOT M ENT of 409 Acrcs, in Ma 11 traeth Salt Marsh, in the county of An- glesey, lately cuihankedlHld inclosed from the sea. The Lind is of excellent quality, and can he brought, into cnltivation at a. very trifling expenee. It is within three miles of the town and sea-port of Carnarvon, and there is abundance of lime in the vicinity. ALSO TO BE U1" Another ALLOTMENT, of TS0 Acres of lighter quality, bordering 011 the above. The Landlord will make very libera) allowances towards building and fencing, sons to render these lands a most, desirable ohject of speculation to a spirited farmer, possessing skill and capital For further I)articiiiars a i)-)Iy (() Messrs. Poole, at, Carnarvon or at their Office at Peiicraig, in Anglesey. East Denbigh fpcal Militia. vYolice is hereby Given, To all persons sworn and enrolled to serve in the EASTERN REGIMENT of LOCAL MILITIA, for the county of Denbigh, that they are to appear at the Town Hall, in Wrexham, on WEDNESDAY, the SIXTEENTH day of JUNE next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, to he trained and exercised for fourteelulays, ex- clusive of the day of arriving at, departing from, and marching to and from Wrexham. AH defaulters will be liable to be apprehended and punished as deserters, and subject to a hneoi 201, or imprisonment. By order of his Majesty's Lieutenant, for the county of Denbigh, RICE JONES, jun. Clerk of the General MeetJvgs. New-Ball, May 29, 1813. i)OLGELLEY & CELYN1N INCLOSURE JVolice is hereby Given, ''jriHAT certain ALLOTM KNTS beifi £ parts JL and parcels of the Commons and Waste Lands, in the several parishes of Dolgelley and Llangelynin, commonly called CelJnin, in the county of Merioneth, will be SOLD by AUC- TION, at the Golden Lion Inn, in Dolgelley, on Tuesday the 20'h day of July next, in order to defray the charges and expenccs of carrying the Act of Parliament lately passed, for inclosing the same Commons and Waste Lands into ex- ecution. iliti-tictilar,, describing the said Allotments, may be had at the Office of Messrs. Jones and Williams, Solicitors, Dolgelley. HUGH JONES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Dolgelley, 2Glh May, 1813. MERIONETHSHIRE. A Capital Slate Quarry. TO BE LET, TO TIJE HIGHEST BIDDER, For lite telm of tell or fourteen years, andmay be entered upon immediately, At the Goat Inn, in the to > n of Carnarvon, on Saturday, the 3d day of July, 1813, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then pro- duced, utfiess let or disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given rjnHAT BLUE SLATE QUARRY, well JL known by the name of MANOD QUARRY, in the county of Mcriorreth, within abou. six miles of the Quay near Maentwrog, that Messrs. Turner and Co. ship their spates at, up"n which the Proprietors of this Quarry have an unlimited right to ship slates, and to which Quarry a new road was lately made. This Quarry is opened upon an extensive com- mon, and is as large a body of tifte Blue Slates as hath been hitherto found in any part of the prin- cipality; the metal resembles the Festiniog Slates, sold by Messrs. Turner and Co. but upon strict examination, wi;! be found a little harder, and a shade or two nearer to the blue of the Car- narvonshire slates. The rock is solid near the surface, and splits remarkably fine and thin, and is above a most convenient hollow to discharge rubbish, at a small expenee. Any person or company wishing to embark upon an extensive scale in the slate trade, cannot have a better situation than this Quarry. A large Farm, within one mile of the, Quarry, which is very convenient for the residence of an agent, will be let with it. Mr. Griffith Thomas, of Maentwrog Lodge, will direct a person to shew the Quarry, and for further particulars, apply to Mr. ROBERT WIL- liams, Solicitor, Carnarvon. FREEHOLD ESTATE, In the Parish of Bangor, County of Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At ilit Alitr(,' Inn, in ike city of Bangor, on Friday o,f,l til.,j next, between the hours of four and six 0' c[úek in the aftern(}{)jl. subject to such conditionv (If sale as shall be then and there pro- duced, unless previously disposed of by priuats contract, of which due T/oticelcill be given: —" r flHE LANDSofGLASIN FRYN,pleasantly ..1- situate within two miles of the city of Bangor-, eight of Carnarvon, two and a half of Bangor-ferty, and fourteen an a half of Capel- Cdrig and consisting ofMX.TV FINE ACRES of a rich, deep, loamy soil, suited 10 the most lucrative rotation of crops. Forty-one acres are under superior managetvjent, and in a high state of culture. the residue is jn a progressive state of improvement, and may be rendered arable at a light expenee. These Lands see divided into fields of froai four and a half to six actes each, with water in every field, and the fences are in good order. A Parish Common which adjoins and bounds part of this Estate, will be found of great occnsjolw! convenlcnce. There is a newly elected MANSION on the pre- mises, 43 feet in front by 30 feet wide, on three floors, and divided into eleven apartments, be- sides cellar and dairy underground. Thrceapart- ments are in an nulinished state, but whole may be rendered commodious and comfortable for reception of a genteel family, at a very trilling expenee. This Home fronts the east, and is agreeably situate in a well wooded meadow, corn- iftanding a pleasing prospect of the surrounding scenery, which is seldom to be equalled for beauty and variety. There are likewise a newly-built Stable and Cow-house, at a convenient distance, and an over-shot Gorse Mill. All these buildings as they were intended for the use of the Proprietor, are of the most substantial materials and best 1 workmanship, and the tirnhcrof superiorquality, being Dantzic pine. There are also some old Buildings on the property, valuable for the (itiat)- tity of oak timber contained in them. The river Cegin forms the eastern boundary, and extends above half a mile, including a well wooded and romantic dingle, with a large power of water capahle of supplying- at all seasons an extensive machinery. The water may be taken to a level 30 feet above the bed of the river.— There is no situation in the parish of Bangor so well adapted to a considerable undertaking, with an equal powerof water. The Timber on this Estate consists chiefly of oak, alder, and ash a proportion of the oak timber is of great age, and suitable to the pur- poses of the ship-builder and wheelwright.— There are some young plantations of thriving timber from 1'2 to 15 years old. This property includes in its local situation and quality of soil, advantages that are rarely to be met with, and will form an eligible and desir- able residence for a Gentleman, or Gentleman farmer. A purchaser may have immediate possession, as the Lands and Buildings are exclusively in the holding of the proprietor. It is requested that none but principals will apply, (if by letter, post-paid) and further par- nculars may be known on application to the Pro- prietor, MR. WHITE, Glasin fryn, Bangor, Car- larvonshire or to J. ROBERTS, Esq. Deputy Registrar, Bangor, Carnarvonshire. < W—■■BMMMaMlliaiMiililllHllllKQaatJIIIII—llllll I,4 NOTICE IS jJERBBI G-VEN, rn AT I, WALTER JO s ;S,of Cefn Rn., J)L in the county of Merioneth, Gentleman, the Commissioner appointed wnfier ;:n Ac; of Parliament passed in the forty-sixth year 01 the reign of uis present Majesty, intituled, 4i An Act for Inclasing Lands in me parish of Lian.tdeisi- olen, in the county of Carnarvon," will hold a Special General Meeting, at the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in the county of Car., narvon, on Tuesday, the 2Sd day of June, 181.9, at the hour of eleven in-the lorenoon, for ihe purpose of reading over and executing tin award of the division and alotments 01 t tie commons and waste lands in the said parish of Liaiuhienioleu, under and by virtue of the said Act, when and where the Proprietors of lands interested in the said inclosure, arc requested to attend, A Map of the allotments, and Draft of the award may be seen at Mr. E V A g' Office, Car- narvon, before the meeting. Mcrionetnshire Tunbc r. TO BE SOLD BY ALTCTIO-N-, At the Golden Lion, in the town of Dolgelley, qn Wednesday, the ¿3d day of June, iSi.'j. between the hours of 2 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, sub- ject to such conditions as shall be then produced, Sv; B A L lots of C apital Oak and Ash TIMBER, now lying upon the Demesne of Cefiriauddwr, and the three adjoining Farias, within about five miles of the shipping place called Maes y garnedd, to which Port there is a good carriage road. The Oak are of large dimensions, and calcu- lated for ship-building—they are well worth the attention of Contractors for timber for the navyn The fenanti will ,II'W the different lots upon their respective farms. And to be Sold by Private Contract. Upon the same Farms,about fifty tons of ex- cellent Bark, whiclJ will be properly chopped and dressed. For further particulars, apply to Mr. THOS. PAYNE, at Cefndauddwr, Merionethshire, and and Gvvynfryu, Carnarvonshire. CHESHIRE ESTATES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. P'SSi 1 At the Bull's Head Inn, in Tarvin, in the county of Chester, en Monduy, the bth day of June idlg, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in the follow- ing lots, or such others as shall be agreed upon at the time c sale, and subject to coHaitians ip he then produced i rpHE MANOR of MOULDSWQRTR, in JL the county of Chester, together with seve- ral most desirable Estates, situate in the several townships of Mouldsworth, Tarvin, and Barrow, in the said county, the principal part whereof adjoins and surrounds the town of Tarvin, which is distant 5 miles from Chester, 15 from Wrex- ham, 6 from Frodsham, 19 from Knutsford, 13 from Middlewich, 12 t'ro.n Northwich, all j 15 from Nantwich. The great road from Chester to Manchester, runs along the Estate for upwards of a mile. Coal, lime, and juanuie are at a con- venient distance, and may be procured in the greatest plenty, and upon the most reasonable terms. Lots. Townships. Tenants' names. Quantity. A R. P. 1 Tarvin Thomas Dod 0 I 0 2 Ditto Ditto. 2 3% 3 Ditto Ditto. 8 1 0 4 Ditto Ditto ]o 3 0 5 Ditto.Ditto. 4 3 30 6 Ditto Thomas Davies 0 2 15 7 Ditto. Thomas Dod. 8 0 0 8 Ditto. Thomas Davies. 2 2 0 9 Ditio Ditto. 2 3 g to Ditto. Ditto 31 1 IT 11 Ditto James Davies .74 0 21 12 Ditto Ditto 55 3 3 13 Ditto Ditto 79 1 35 »*«>'«•" *« lSMoitMswertb «« » 25 16 Ditto.. William Warburioi, 3 1 8 $K Parr, J. Q !l 0 | Obadiah Antrobus^ IS Ditto James Hill 7 2 22 19 Barrow. Samuel Cheers.30 0 4 20 Ditto Ditto 1 I 24 21 Ditto Ditto S 2 8 22 Ditto Ditto < 2 13 23 Ditto. Ditto 28 3 8 24 Ditto Ditto 0 2 10 25 Ditto. Ditto 79 2 23 N. B. The House and Buildings upon this lot are quite new, and substantially built. There is also a well-accustomed Com Mill, plentifully supplied with water, &c. all seasons of the year. Also, a very desirable Estate, situate in the township of Man ley, in the parish of Frodsham, in the said county of Chester, consisting of a good Farm-house and Offices, with suitable Out- buildings, &c. and aboui 1 14a. Or. 11 p of good arable, meadow and pasture land, now held by Mr. W. Warburton and others. The prospects from rious parts of this property are trul) beautiful, and therefore desirable for building upon. There is a fine Plantation itioit judicioiisly placed, and in a very thriving state. There is also a fine rock of free stone upon the Estate, of very supe-i rior quality. The Tythe of Hay, in respect of the lands iq the township of Manley, and also of a consider- able part of the Estate in the parish of Tarvin, is covered by a small modus. All the above Estates abound in excellent marl, adjoin ijood roads, and are in the imdsr of as good markets as any in the kingdom, Preston Brook being distant about 8 miles, and Frodsham 5, from whence there is a regular communica ion by water with Manchester, Liverpool, Warring- ton, fife. Particulars may be had at the Auction Mart, London; floyal Hotel, Chester; the Kiu^'j arms, in Liverpool; the Bri tgewater A Manchester; The George Inn, in Knutsford the Crown, Nanfwicb; 'he Eagles Inn, Wr xo of Mr. JoiNEs, of Common Wood, near \Yret.. haai; of Messrs. LEEKE and POTTS, in C :>srei.. and of Mr. PEN$ON, Auctioneer, Wreaham.