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Thursday, June lu

Family Notices

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Fair.—Wrexham, Wednesday, 16th June. The Commissioners of the Board of Excise have decided, that a duty of one shilling in the pound is payable upon the letting of Tithes, in the manner practised in this and the adjoin- ing county, and that such letting must be by a licensed auctioneer. The West Denbigh Local Militia, assembled for 14 days permanent duly at Denbigh on Monday last ,t hell h; the Merionethshire to heat the, 14[li .it Wrex- ham, Oil the 16th; and the Flintshire, at Ho, | Iy well, on the 15th. instant. On the South side of St. John's Church- yard, in Chester, are deposited Ihe remains of eight persons, of oije family, whose united ages make up the aggregate of 637 years, viz.—Ann Sharp, 86 —Esther 83—Mary 66 — Elizabeth 85—JVlary 80 -Joliti 86 — Elizabeth 78 — Matthew 78 -instances of longevity to be equalled in few families in the empire. artte (erlific" tes.-Iiy a late act, the cer- tificates for killing game will be liablelo ad- ditional duties; all of one guinea are increas- ed t!» ,11 5s.; and all of three to 31. 13s, 6d.— There is also an addition to the duties on dogs; greyhounds will now be 20s. annua|ly~i spaniels, pointers, &c. 2s. 6d in addition to the former duly, and <.iher (jo^ Is. additional; 40s. are also adtled to the lax on hotnuh, where compounded for. Til & Gazette of Saturday offers his Majesty's pardon, and a reward 01 SODl. for the dtscoi very and bringing to justice of any person or persons concerned in the murder of Mr and Mrs. Bouar, of Chislehurst, except to the per- son who actually committed, the said murder. .Wholsou continues to get better4.-but up to tour o'clock on Monday he had made 110 confession. Indeed very few questions had been put to him, nor had he said more than ask for any refreshment he wanted. —Every c tre is taken to prevent his disturbing the wound on his neck. A regular watches es- tablished, which is relieved every four hours, and a Surgeon is constantly in attendance. By a Correspondent.—We see by the London Papers, that his lioval Highness the Prince Recent honored our beloved Member, Lord Kirkwall, with his company on the 29;h nil. In the list of those who dined with his Lord ship on the occasion, we rejoice to see the names of some of the most distinguished champions of the Protestant Cause, and we have every reason to believe that his Lord ship's politics, which are so completely III unison with the sentiments of his constituents, aie no less gratilying to his illustrious guest. A Caulim lo Fanners.—It is the pniclice of souse of the first-rate igriculturists, to steep r, Ir then- seed corn in a solution of corrosive sub- limate, instead of brine. — A farmer, a fewl sniles from Chester, having used a kettle for the purpose, cleaned and applied it afterwards tor making a caudle for his calves, the con sequence was, seven of them died immedi- ately. Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant. Royal Denbigh Militia, William lioites, Gent. to he Second Lieutenant. Eastern Regiment of Denbigh Local Militia, Lieuteriant-Colonel J. Peers, from the fate Western Regiment of Local Militia, to be su- pernumerary Lieu tenant-Colonel. F.J. Hughes, Esq- 10 he Captain. If. Hughes, Gent. and Quarter-Master, Thomas Jones, to he IJeuts. It. Parry, F Griffiths, J. Hughes, S. Evans, and J. Nicholls, to, be Second Lieutenants. Quarter-Master-Thomas Jonps, from the late Western Regiment, to be Quarter-Master. Western (late Centre) Regiment, '.Captain J: Roberts from the late Centre Regiment, to be Captain. S. Holden, from ditto, to be Su- pernumerary Adjutant. Surgeon T. Hughes. from ditto, to be Supernumerary Surgeon. .Ii



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