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Thitrtidiiy, June 3

Family Notices

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TO THE EDITOR. S, a -1 find in all the provincial papers of last week, excepting the NORTH WALEsGAXETTE, "Thoughts on the revival of Sacred Music, by the chi! ;ren t,f tite Blind Asylum, ai St. Georges' chuieh, Liverpool. Liherry of opinion in religi- ous worship, is a sacred right, I therefore differ with this author on his approbation of chaunting prayers and respon,es-no' forgetting the Amen* —singing the Psalms of David may be well-but the SOLEMN .DEVOTION of PRAYER—pure and earnest prayer, offering the heart and soul Of ners at the foot of the Throne of Grace !-ill'ac- cords with rhe. haektesof the mechanical move- ments offlats and harps. Bangor. A LAY MAN- The Irish denominate, from tins circum- stance, the service at S, Patrick's Cathedral- Paddy's Opera I" a slur deserving, but lament- aMe. Toolh-ache.-The following application for the cure of the tooth-ache lias been repeatedly tried, and there are few instances in which It has not jiven relief. A plaster of Burgundy pitch, spread upon leather, or thick cloth, and applied to the cheek just over the part where the pain is. Il should he put on in the evening, and maybe taken off in the morning when the patient gets up it should he.spread about the size of the top of a laro-e tea-cup If it is suffered to lie upon the cheek for only ten or twelve hours, although it will abate and even remove the pain, it will seldom leave any mark upon the cheek. In some cases it might be proper to put the plaster on every evening for two or three evenings to gether, and take it oIFin the.morning. A late Indian traveller gives the following anecdote, which may not be mal- apropos in Oil" fashlOnahld nalls: All Indian of res peel ability neverconsents to his wifeor daugh- ter dancing in public nor can they reconcile the English country-dances to their ideas of female delicacy. I remember an amiable Hindoo at Bombay being (ak'Mi to a veranda overlooking the assembly room, where a num- ber of Ladies and Gentlemen were going down a country-dance: on his conductor askin how he liked the amusement, the nukl Indian re- plled-" Master, 1 tiqt quite understand this business; but in our cast we say, if we place butter too near the fire, butter will soon melt." If these are the people we arc to convert, we could wish they would send gome .Missionaries to this country, and return the compliment. "Vemay form some idea of the deiestaole arts to which the French Government have had recourse to excite the people against the Knglish, from the style of the dramas which were suffered on their Theatres :-We extract the following passage from the Gazelle de France of the 15!h inst. In speaking of a new Tragedy. entitled Tippoo Saib, which has been represented with success, the Editor says, 14 With the same skill and the same truth the author has painted the British nation in the character of Lord Weimour. An ambition without bounds, to which all means are good, provided they lead tojsuccess. Punic perfidy, recommended by the most imposing exterior; such is Weimour—such is the Knglish Govern- ment, which, much more respectable by their armies or navies, has the talent to make all it-iii es or ii;ivies, Europe supportl he weight of it war, of which it alone derives the profit. The true npe in the fable, it cracks the nuts which the cat snatches from the fire while it burns its paws —hut it cracks the nuts only in the absence of its master. Horrible Assassination. — It is with grief and horror we announce the following dreadful calaslrouhc to oncClr the lIIost amiable of men; as well as the most eminent of our merchants, and to his Lady- Tholnas Bonar, Esq. the great Russia Merchant, and Bank Director, at I his seat at Chislehurst. When the servant went as lIsual to call his Master on Monday morning, he found the door open, and his master and mist ress with their throats cut.- Mrs. Bonar was qtiile dead Mr. Bonar was yet sensible and alive, but was not ex per ted to survive. An express was immediately dis- patched to lo.'n for Mr. Ashley Cooper, the Surgeon, and to Bow-street for an officer to trate the perpetrators of this horrible act.- orcpürl has yet been received from Mr. Cooper. Two Bow-street, officers inslanlly set otf. Wc have heard that suspicion rests upon a particular person, whose name we purposely avoid mentioning for the present. .,I Bi-ilish file exaiiiitiatioti I)ef,)i- a Court Martial, of the surviving ofricei-S i)l his Majesty's lat-e ship Java,. Jones Humble, boatswain, deposed as follows: AI)oitl an hour after the action had commenced, 1 was wounded 1 went down, and slopped near an hour: and when 1 got mv arm put a little lo rights, by a tournaquet being put on it, no thing else, (my hand was carried «way, ami my arm wounded about the elbow) I put my arm into the bosom of my shirt, and went ir again, when 1 saw the enemy 'a-head of us, re i pairing his damages.. i had my orders 1'1"0" Lieutenant Chrlds, hefore the action began, to cheer up the boarders with iny pipe, that the^ | might make a, clean spring in hoarding — Tins is a (ine and truly characteristic speci men of the British seaman; his hand carried away, his arm torn and shattered, he appears totally unconcerned, and is anxious oiity to gain the deck, that with his pipe he may cheer and animate the A trait of hao isrnlltil interior to those recorded of Roman warriors, and equally worthy of being transmilled to posterity, Sunday, between twelve and one o'clock, as Richard White Ve!!all(l, Hi¡Jmg" OHiccr at Deal, was on the look-out between that place and VYaJmer Castle, he perceived at some dts tauce from the shore, a large boat, which he suspected 10 be a smuggler. He immedia!elv repaired to the spot, and fearful the boat should be driven to a greater distance from the land, immedIately callie to the resollltion of dashing into the sea, and obtain possession of the prize at the risk of his life On getting on board, the cargo was found to consist of 194 casks of gin and brandy, which he caused saiely to be lodged iu his Majesty's Customs at that Port. Poteer Overpowered.— Power, the pugilist, has been at. length over-matched—Death, tlut sturdy Champion, encountered him on .Thursday last; when Power became powerless, and sunk in the at- tack. He was, in the 23d year of his age; and stood fair to have attained the summit of his am- bition-tlw envied station of Champion of Eng- land. Nature had cast, him in tier handsomest mould but the effects of his profession had de- formed his visage, and doubtless paved the way fo his dissolution, ere he had completely reached maturity. D. Drummond, aged 14 years, son of William Drummond, a farmer in Gienbadnick, near Com- rie, when driving home his cows during a thunder storm, on triday se'nnight, was killed by the t lightning. Three of the cows were also ktlle I.— The same day, between five, and six o'clock, while some of the family Dalbelh, near Glas- gow, were sitting round the table after dinner, the lightning broke upon Ihe chimney head, mak- ing an explosion like rhe noise of a cannon, md came down the chimney, bringing along with it i quantity of'stc)ties atkti s')I)t it Ihen r0Sl, to the roof, went rouiiii f-fie anci darted thro' one of the npper pans ollass, which i a ie I to some distance. The room, was immedia ely filied with a thick black .smoke and sulphurous smell, the hearth eg was singed, and lie fire- irons discoloured, but luckily none of the family were hurt. About nve feet or the chimney head was injured.

Fairs in the ensiling Week,