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Thitrtidiiy, June 3

Family Notices

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We who have been strenuous against the Catholic Bili. in course feel gratified in its --killit-c-bitt refrain from further exultation, inder an impression that any observation ending to excite irritaLion would be cowardly and impolitic. Upon comparing the prices of the necessaries of lite in Bangor with those of Carnarvon, Conway, Beaumaris, Holyhead, and indeed I' every oilier market, in thenoghbourhood,we find that each article bears a price nearly in some instances one third dearer here than any where else-bulter, whilst ten-pence a pound in other places, sells in Bangor at sixteen pe!lce-bulcher's meat, and that very bad, at a similar proportion—can it be accounted for ? or cannot it be remedied ? Beaumaris now wears.an appearance of pa- triotic g-randeur, as well as unusual gaiety — the Local Militia are assembled, aud exhibit a pleaMtig proof of the vigour and streii-I I)- of tile Isle of Mona, in as fine a body of militarv as ever were gathered together. They are to be inspected the 9th inst.—all is animation, and every evening their patriotic duly and energy is cheered, hv the mentul exertions of ,i tli(, a theatrical corps, worthy of their encourage- ment and support. It having been represented to the Right Hon. Lord Bulkeley, thalnuuibers of thesick. poor from the town and immediate neighbour- hood of if, apply for medical relief at the Dispensary and that those persons expe- rience distressing difficulty in procuring re- coiniiiendatory letters; ins Lordship, with the hnmanit) so fharaclerislicof him, has direct- ed that Mr. Williams, of the Ion, Llangefni, be permitted for the present to recommend Patients to the Dispensary in his Lordship's name. In announcing this laudable interference— out of respect to the Surgeons and Apotbeca- ries who reside amongst us, and whose Intents l are so beneficial and necessary to those who can well aftord to employ them—we think it necessary to urge, that a strict attention he paid to the recommendations of such objects only, whose poverty entitle them to relief— as it is a certain fact that numbers have taken a shameful advantage of this most laudable establishment certainly support of the pro- fessional men is absolutely necessary for the safety of the lives and ensuring the comforts of, we hope, the inajority of the population. There are now upwards of 1100 houses un- occupied in the town of Manchester, including a rental of considerably more than 13,0001. The total premises unoccupied of every de- j scription, in the town, form* a realal, of up. wards of 27,0001. We learn from authority, that on the 5th of July, the Mail Coach from Chester to Ho- lyhead will be allowed to carry four outside passengers. It will be gratifying to the public to be in- formed, that a Society, called the Carnarvon- shire and Anglesey Medical Academy Society, is just established. Admission indeed is limit- ed for the present, to the Practitioners of Car narvon, Beaumaris, and Bangor but the advantages of the Society will be extended at the close of the year, to the Practitioners of all the remoter parts of the two counties. The only question of great importance like- ly to occupy the attention of Parliament the present Session, is that relating to the East India Company's Charter it is therefore ex i)-,ctegi that a prorogation will take place about the end of June. The Main of Cocks at Chester, Oil Monday and Tuesday se'nnight, between the gentlemen ot Cheshire and Denbighshire, was won by the former, although the bets, previous to fight- ing, and oil Monday, were in favour of the latter. It consisted of 18 battles, and 6 byes, -Cheshire, 11 mains, 4 byes; Denbighshire, 7 mains, 2 byes. Addresses on the occasion of the late con- stitutional victory obtained iu Parliament, are expected to be generally voted throughout the country. At the Common Council on Tuesday, Air. Saunders gave notice of the I following, motion for the next Court day That the thanks of this Court be given to the 251 Members of the Honourable House of Commons, who by their vote on the 24th May, 113.. so nobly supported the constitution of (his country in Church and State, as estab- lished at the glorious Revolution in 1688." At a General Meeting of the Roman Catho- lic Prelates of Ireland, held this day, -27th May, 1813, Most Rev. Richd. O'Reilly, D.D. President: — Resolved unanimously-That having serious- ly examined the Copy of a Bill now in progress through Parliament, purporting to provide for the removal of the Civil and Military disqualifi- cations under which his Majesty's Roman Catho- lic subjects labour we feel ourselves bound to declare, that the Ecclesiastical Clauses or Secu- rities therein contained are utterly incompatible with the discipline of the Roman Catholic Church, and with the free exercise of our Rdigion." The Select Committee of the House of Com- mons, appointed to inquire into the Corn Trade of the United Kingdom, has made its Report. It states, as a fair (iractical inference to be drawn from their inquiry into the means which Great Britain and Ireland possess of growing an additional quantity, thai they are able to produce as much more torn, in addition to that which they already grow, as would re- lieve ilicii) from the necessity of continuing, in any degree, dependent for a supply on fo- reign countries. In the last five years, the value of the whole of the corn imported into Great Gritain, was ^18,935,359, of which more than one third was Irish Corn. j II appears from a periodical work published j by the Missionaries at Calcutta, that in the months of May and June 181"2, 70 widows, I leaving 184 orphans, perished on the funeral pile on both ssdcs of Calcutta, from Cossini- buzar, to the mouth of the i-laogly." By a letter from an English Oiiicer with the aihe.d army, we learn various interesting par- ticulars relating to the great battle ot Gross Gorsclien, and its immediate results. In the battle, Sir 11. Wilson, assisted by Capt. Daw- son, Colonel Campbell, and his ivvo Aides-de- Camp, acted a very distinguished part. Sir Robert, in person, rallied a Prussian detach- ment, and carried the village of Gross Gors- clien, of which hekept possession for several hours, until the evening, when the enemy re- newed the attack wiih three columns, and drove the allied troops almost entirely from this position. At this period Sir Robert re- ceived the commands of the Emperor Alexan- del' to put himself at the head of the Prussian reserve, which having done, and uniting him self willi he Russians, who were still disput- ing the. skirts of the village with the enemy, iie drove the French hack to Lutzen, and at the close of the combat remained master o. the contested spot. Inquest.— On Friday an Inquest was held at Hamford, byMr. Quarles (llIe Coroner of the Duchy of Lancaster) on the bodies of Dinah Maxey, aged 50, and Stiiiii), aged 22, (daughter of the. above i)Y I former husband.) After a minute examination of witnesses, and the bodies being opened by an eminent surgeon of Norwich, the Juror's verdict was—" Killed by poison, administered by a person or persons unknown. It appears, (baton Thursday morn- ing, these unhappy victims breakfasted at their usual hour, and made their lea from the water of a kettle which it was their custom to fill the preceding evening, and piace in a closet, and into which arsenic, or bther corrosive poison, had beeu infused; the young woman ohservcd the water being white as it was poured our-, hut took no further notice; she was soon jitter taken sud- denly iiI, the; mother was attacked in the same manner, and a few hours terminated their exis- tence. No cine has yet been given to discover the author of this horrid catastrophe.



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