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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. Admiralty-Office, May 29. H. M. sToopfLyra, "ff Bermeo, May 13. SIR—In my letter of 'he 4th mst. 1 inform- ed you of my arrival off Castro, in company -with his Majesty's sloops Royalist and Spar row, and that the enemy having been twice repulsed hefore the wans of Castro, had again invested it the 25th April, with increased forces, and of the measures taken by the squa- dron to assist in its defence; I have now the honour to communicate to you oursubsequenf operations. On the 5th and 6th no material movement took place. The enemy were in such numbers in the surrounding villages, that the garrison did not make atiolher sortie after the 4th.— We perceived them making fascines in the woods. On Ihe 71h we discovered that they were throwing up a battery to the westward of the town. A 24-pounder was landed with gi<?st difficulty from the Sparrow,on a small Island wi:hin point blank shot of it, and a battery ere; ted, which IJY ;reat exertion was nearly ready tor its reception on the following morn i-ng, at which time theenemy commenced their fire from two 12 pounders against it, which was briskly returned by Ili castle, and about three in the afternoon by our 24-pounder, and with such effect, that t)lie of their embrassure* was rendered perfectly untenable before night, T'e enemy were discovered also constructing a targe battery to the sonth west of the town, viihio one hundred yards cf the will, (iiider cover f a large house, and against which the gLII, of the castle could not he brought to bear. A hvnir brass 12-pounder was mounted on the castle, by the assistance of our people, I)ijl it unfortunately burst after having been fired < few times. The v-hole of the 9th a heavy fire wask ptup on bolh sides, andevery exertion made to strengthen the defences.— The most determined spirit of resistance ani mated the Governor, Don P. P Alvarez, and every officer atiki soldier under his command. and the enemy had received signal proofs of their perseverance and courage in the two preceding attacks. We could see troops ap- proaching in every direction, and we received infelJigt-nce thaf besides the artillery they had received from Sanfonee before our arrival, they had also several guns embarked at Por tfigaltie. 1 therefore took every precaution to prevent their conveyance by sea, by sending at one time the Sparrow off that port, and at another the Royalist, and keeping a strict guard of boats by night. On the 10th the enemy commenced throwing shells from a battely they had constructed to the south-east j of the town, with great effect they were also busilv employed in erecting two other batte- ries, one to the snnihwMid of the town, and the other to flank our works on the islititl. They also sent a slrong body of men behind the rocks to annoy our people with musketry but they were soon dislodged hy the fire of a four-pounder on the island, and two compa nies of Spanish troops. A battery f< r another 24-pounder was begun by Captain Taylor 'or, the island, flanking the enemy's principal baffery, and the gun mounted and ready for firing at day light on the 11th. The enemy at the same moment opened a heavy fire from their south-west battery with such effect, thai notwithstanding the brisk manner in winch it was returned from our nder carronade, iro-unted on the castle, toe troops or. the walls, and our battery oir the island, they had made a breach large enough to admit twenty men abreast before noon. The euemy were now advancing towards the town in immense num- bers and as our posit,iou in the island was not tenable in the event of their storming, I i directed Captain Taylor, of the Sparrow, who 11ad unùert,1kell themallaement of it, to re embark the guns and men, and made the ne- cessary-ttrrangemeuts with the Governor to embark the garrison, after having destroyed the gllllS and blown up the castle. The enemy having destroyed the walls, turned their guns on the town and castle, throwing shells luces santly at the bridge connecting the castle with the landing place, endeavouring lo cut off the retreat of the garrison about nine p. m. at least three thousand men rushed at once into the town from every quarter, not only hy the breaches, but also by scaling. They were most gallantly resisted by the garrison, who disputed the town, house by house, until they were overwhelmed by numbers and obliged to retreat to the castle the ship's boats and launches were in readiness to receive them, and they were embarked hy companies, under a tremendous fire of musketry,and distributed to the three bris àlHLAlphea sehooner, extent I i,o companies which remained to defend the castle. until the tlIJS, &e. were destroyed. The enemy advanced to the castle, but were successfully resisted, until every gun was thrown into the sea but they unfortunately gained the inner wall before the train for hlowing up the rastle was set on fire, incon- sequence of which that part of "ny wlshe was frustrated. I have, however, the pleasure to say, ti,al every soldier was brought off, and many of the inhabitants. The town was set on fire in many places, and must, I think, have been entirely destroyed. As soon as everv tiling was the squadron weighed and proceeded to Bermeo, where the troops were landed yesterday morning Çaptain Bloye then speaks in the highest terifls of praise of the fatiguing but cheerful exertions of every officer and man employed. Of the Governor, Don P. P. Alvarez, and the garrison, which consisted of 1200 men, he makes honourable mention; a Iso of Captains Bremen, Taylor, and Lieutenant Kentish, ot the Royalist, who was slightly wounded in the leg, as was Mr. Sutton, Midshipman of the same ship, whilst embarking the garrison. The intrepidity and good conduct of this young officer is highly praised, but we are sorry to observe, that the amputation of his leg has been found necessary. Captain Bloye says, that he has reason to believe frum the intelligence lie has received, that the cnemv ban not les, than 13,000 men before Castro, which bad been collected from every post in the province. Their loss was very great, that of the garrison about 50 kil- led and as many wounded. The Royalis had only four wounded and the Sparrow six none killed- (Signed) R. BLOYE, Commander. List of the Refurns of Wounded onboard his Majesty's sloops Lyra, Royalist, ami Sparrow, herween the 1 h and 13th of May, 1813. Lyra None killed or wounded. Royalist.- l,ieutenant S. Kentish slightly; Mr C. J. Sutton, Midshipman, severely; Mr. Char- ters, carpenter and J. Lloyd, Captain of fore- top, slightly. Sparrow.—C. Weir, quarter-gunner, and T. Gay, marine, severely T. Collette, quarter- master, T. Sullivan and E. Roberts, seaman, and W. lvatson, marine, slightly. (Signed) ROBERT BLOYE, Captain.