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Llyn and Evionydd Association} FOR THE PROSECUTION OF FELONS. FT1HE President requests the attendance of SL the Members at lie I? e(I Lion- Inn,in Pwll- fceli, on Friday, the 4th ot June next, Dinner on the table at hair after two o'clock J. JON KS, President. Brynhir, May 24, 1813. TO BE LET, And Entered ulion at ill-sainis next, AMO 'T eligible FARM in the county of Anglesey, with a'good HOUSE, BARN, "STABLES, COW-HOUSES, and other conve- nient Buildings, with about 185 acres -A)f -hie, nleailow, and pasture land, in good condition, "wish exeWTtent fences and well watered. The iairl House. Out-houses, &c. and from 50 to 60 acres of the Land will be set, and may be entered (JIJOII immediately. A-good substanilal Tenant may be treated with; none other need apply. Ptrticuiars may he had from Thomas Jones, of Brvntirion, Esq. at the Office of Mr. Ro- berts, Attorney and Notary Public, Bangor, whete a map of -fie premises may hi- seen and of the of lie North Wales Gazeite. IUERIO N ErHSHIRE. A Capital Slate Quarry. TO BE LET, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, Fur the let-a of ten or fourteen years, and may be entered upon immediately, At the Goat inn, in the ID it of Carnarvon, on Saturday, the 3d day of July, liJ, between the hours of 3 and a o'clock in she alivioo >n, subject to such conditions as shall lie then pro- duced, unless let or dispused of III the mean time hy private contract, of which due nonce will be given: rg ItiAT tiLUli SLATE QUA RRY, well JL known hy I lie name of iVi A 'N OO QU A RR Y, in the county of iviei lone li, witimi aiiou. his miles of the Quay near iVIaentwrog, (hat 'Messrs. L Turner and Co. ship-tneir slates at, up^u winch the Proprietors 01 itit, nave an unlimiied right to ship stales, and (t; which Quarry a new road was lately marle. This Quarry is open (I upon an expensive com- mon, and is as large a tiody ot Sine Blue Slates as liath been hitherto found in any part of the prill- cipality; the tneial resembles the Festiniog Slates, sold hy Messrs. Turner and Co. but up n strict examination, will be found a lilfle harder, j, and a shade or two nearer to the blue of the Car. iiarvoushire slates The rock is solid near the suriace, and splits remarkably fine and thin, and is above a most convenient hollow to discharge rubbish, at a small cxpence. Any person or company wishing to embark upon an extensive scale in the slate trade, cinnpt, have a belter situation than this Quarry, A large Farm, within one mite of the Quarry, which is very convenient for the residence of an u-eht, will he let with it. Mr. Griffith Thomas, of Maentwrog Lodge, will direct a person to shew the Quarry, and for further Pilnieulars, apply to Mr. RoBtiiiT Wil- j liams, Solicitor, Carnarvon. CARNARVONSHIRE TO BE OLD BY AUCTION, At the G-oat Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in the county of Carnarvon, on Saturday, ihe 1th day of i uly, i 8 1H, be ween the hours of 3 and a o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, uiuess di posed of t'it the mean time by private contract, oj which due notice will be given. fjFTHAT capital and compact FREEHOLD JL ESTATE, consisting of the following eli- gible Farms, viz. Treflan, Tai-issa, Gwastadfaes, Graiglwyd, and Cae Steel, »,tuat>' lying and be- ing in the township of in the parish of in the county of Carnarvon, contain- ing about six hundred acres, of good meadow and pasture'land,'exclusive of a valuable uimx iosed pasture and sheep-walk thereto adjoining, of about seven-hundred acres, now in the occupa- tion of tenants at will. This is a most desirable Estate, it lies within a ring fence, at the distance of about four miles find a half from the market town of Carnarvon. dose to the public road leading from the town to Beddgelart—the situation is universally ad Hiifed by travellers-the land is of superior qua- lity, and in a very improved state It is a most convenient and pleasant situation fora gentleman eesirous of having a residence in Ihe county of Carnarvon—there is a delightful spot to build a Mansion-house, with upwards of two hundred of 11:10,t,low and pasture groulld in wsU worth. 40s. per acre, most part of T.b,\Cn "ft f<>r considerably more: ihe j ontid boiiiod the inteii^d house is well wooded: i 1 £ w«<Jary at the butt.J of the level ground.— I ';¡e whole of this extensive property lies in a j south aspecr,wilich may be irrigated at a small ^pence, and kra luxuriant place for the growth atl manner of trees, a great nu mher having frpet) lately planted, and are in a very thriving tate; it is in a good sporting part of the country, the stwep-walk is well stocked with grouse, and several large lakes abundantly supplied with tiont, are at a small distance. This property is entitled to nearly one half of the adjoining common, calied VVa-en-fawr, which ¡.; to be divided under an lnclosure Act There is a targe body of state rock upon the sheep walk, and the adjoining common, that the proprietors of this Estate are entitled to by vir- tile of a Grant from the Crown, for a term of ars, which if desirable to a purchaser, will be deposed of with the Estate. Take this Estate in every ppint of view, it is -ihc most desirable 'hat is likely to be offered to sale in this neighbourhood for many years to come. further particulars may be had, by applying to Mr. j. Evans, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who is authorized to treat with any person desirous of piiri'hasiiiif by private contract, at whose Office a Map and Survey of the premises may be seen. I BRITISH WINES, OF VERY SUPElllOR QUILITY. SUN RAISIN M AL\GA SMYRNA FRONTD lAC ORANGE RASPBERRY COWSLIP I ELDER TENT SHERRY CALCAVELLA RED CURRANT WHITE CURRANT I GOOSEBERRY London Bottled Porter, IN GREAT PERFECTION, For SALE, apply at EDWARDS'S VAULTS CHESTER. CJ R JVji R FONSFJ IRE Regiment of Local Militia. Notice is hereby Given, THAT by virtue of an order of a General A Meeting of the Lieutenancy of the county of Carnarvon, held at the Grand Jury Room, in the town of Carnarvon, on Monday, the seven- teenth day of M.iy, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, founded upon an order from his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty. The said Re* giment of Local Militia, are to assemhle in the town of Carnarvon aforesaid, on MONDAY, the SEVENTH day of J'UNE, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, at the hour of twelve al noon, for the purpose of being (rained and exer- cise.) for the space of fourteen entire days, ex- clusive of days of arriving at, and departure from, an t marchiug to and from the said place of ex- ercise. By order of the Lieutenancy, O. A. POOLE, Clerk of the General Meeiings. CHESHIRE ES,TATES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. PENSON, At the Bull's Head Inn, in Tarvin, in thee unty of Chester, an Monduy, the >6(thday of June HI S', at three o'clock in the afternoon, in the follow- ing lots, or such others as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale, and wbject to condtlion. to be then produced; rilHE MANOR of MOULDSWORTfl, in JL the/coun'y of Chester, together with seve- ral most desirable Estates, situate in the several townships of Mou'dsworth, Tarvin, and Barrpw. in the said county, the principal part whereof adj ins and surrounds the town of Tarvin, which is distant 5 miles from Chester, 15 from Wrex- ham, 6 from Frodsham, 19 from Knutsford, 13 from Middte. vich, 12 from Northwich, and 15 from Nantwirh. The great road from Chester to Manchester, runs along the Estate for upwards of a mile. Coal, lime, and manuie are at a con- venient distance, and may hl procured in the greatest plenty, and upon the most reasonable terms. Lois. Townships. Tenants'' names. Quantity. A. n. P. 1 Tarvin Thomas Dod 0 I 0 2 Ditto Ditto. 2 3 2 3 Ditto.. Ditto 8 I 0 4 Ditto Ditto 12 3 0 5 Ditto Ditto 4 3 30 G nitto. Tllo,nasDavies. 0 2 15 7 Ditto Thomas Dod 800 8 Ditto Thomas Davies 2 2 0 9 ¡)ivo. Ditto. 2 3 8 10 Ditto. Ditto 31 117 II Ditto James Davies 74 0 21 12 Ditto Ditto. 55$3 13 Ditto. Ditto. 79 J 35 14 Ditto. 5/;iK:'S)Y"VTh0-^T2 2 34 Dod,and J Davies, 5 15 Mouldsworth 5?' } ttn' ^yal"f q gg ( burton, and others > 16 Ditto.. William Warburtori. 31 8 17 Ditto j R; P;1.rr'JA" f! £ 9 3 27 ({Ooadiah 4ufrobus$ Hj Ditto James Hill 7 2 22 19 Barrow Samuel Cheers 30 0 4 20 Ditto Ditto. 1 t 24 21 Ditto. Ditto. 3 2 8 22 Ditto Ditto. ] g 13 2 Ditto. Ditto 28 3 8 24 Ditto. Ditto. 0 2 10 25 Ditto Ditto.. 79 228 N. 1). The House and Buildings upon this lot arc quire new, and substantially built. There is also a well-accustomed Corn Mill, plentifully supplied with water, &c. al! seasons of the year. Also, a very desirable Estate, situate in (he township of Mauley, in the parish of Frodsham, in the said county of Chester, consisting of a good Farm-house and Offices, with suitable Out- buildings, &c. and about 114a. Or. II p of good arable, rneadow and pasture laud, now held by Vir. W. WarourtolJ and others. Thc- prospects. from nous parts of this property are truly beautiful, and therefore desirable for building upon. There is a fine Plantation most judiciously pla ed, and in a very thriving state. There is also a fine ro;k of freestone upon the Estate, of very supe- rior quality. The Tytlie of Hay, in respect of the lands in the township of Manley, and also of a consider- able part of the Estate in the parish cf Tarvin, is covered by a small modus. All the above Estates abound in excellent marl, adjoin good roads, and are in the midst of as good markets as any in the kingdom, Preston Brook heingdislant about 8 miles, and Frodsham 5, from whence there is a regular communication by water with Manchester, Liverpool, VY'a'rrine- ton, gfc. & Particulars may be had at the Auction Mart, London; Royal Hotel, Chester; the King's arms, in Liverpool the Bridgewater Arms, in Manchester; The George Inn, in Knutsford the Crown, Nanfwicb the Eagles Inn, Wrexham; of Mr. JONES, of Common Wood, near Wrex- ham; of Mesqrs. LEEKE and POTTS, in Chester; and of Mr. PENSON, Auctioneer, Wrexham. 4 DAY& MARTIN, BEG leave to acquaint tne Public. Hiat 1» attending to the following particulars they will avoid being taken in by the vile Composi- tions that are offered as the genuine BLACKING prepared by them at 97, HIGH RIFLTBORR, Lon- don. After the word BLACKING in the litst title of the Labels the Counterf, its have a small (as) some have the same before the word MADE in the next line, and others put a small (nr) im- mediately before the Number 97. Purchasers should observe that the whole Address is clear and distinct. SOLD DY J. RASBROOK, Bangor. H *S'rOI)OA(tT, St. Aal)h. E. THOMAS. Llanerchyuiedti. WILLIAMS, and > n ROBT. THOMASJ Calnarvoq* Price Is. 6d. a Bottle. L MERIONETHSHIRE Regiment of Local xMilitia. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, TO allpersolls enrolled in the said Militia, .8L that they are to appear at the Town Hall, in Bala, in the county of Merionett), on Monday the fourteenth day of June next, at six o'clock in the afternoon, to be trained and exercised for fourteen day;, exclusive of the days of arrival at, departure from, and marching to and from Bala, being the time and place appointed at a General MeetingoftheLieutenancy of the said county [ (and that every person, not labouring under any infirmity, incapacitating himself,) who shall not appear at the said time and place, is deemed a deserter, and if not taken until after the time of such exercise, (orfeits the sum of twenty pounds, which if not immediately paid, he will be com- mitted to the Common Gaol, there to remain without bail or mainprise for a.fy time not ex- ceeding six months, nor less than fourteen days, or until he shall have paid the said penalty, and that every such defaulter will be proceeded against with rigour. WALTER JONES, Clerk of the General Meetings. Cefu Rug, 29th May, 1813. CARNARVONSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATES. TO GE-SOI.n BY AUCTION. At the Crown and Anchor Inn, in the town of itt tlt,, county of Carnarvon, on Wed- nesday the ninth day o f June next, between the houi-s, oj.* tlti-ee antiJlue o'clock in the afternoon, unless the same shall 111 the mean time be disposed of b,lj private contract, of which due. notice ivillbe groin, subject to conditions, in the following or such other lots as shall. be agreed ttjivn at the time of sale Lor 1. rItlE Moiety of so much of that A Messuage and Premises, called Brynbras, situate in the parish of Nevin, as lie contiguous to the House,consisting of Ten Fields, or Parcels of Land, now in the holding of John I Thomas, containing about seven acres. LOT 2. The Moiety of the Residue of the aid Tenement, called Brynbras,'consisting of Caed. elyn, Llaniliir, and part of iialli, in the holding of the said John Thomas, and containing about 2a. 2r. 4p. LOT 3. The Moiety of all that Cottage, Gar- den, and Quillet, called Pantr'orsedd, situate in the parish of Nevin, in the holding of and containing Oit. 2r, 4p. The above Premises will he sold, subject to the life interest therein of Anne Williams, widow, now aged eighty-two years, and of Saml. Griffith, now agdsjxty eight jears, and in the event of Samuel Griffith's dying in the life time of Anne Williams, the purchase* will be entitled to a yearly rent of 3t. during the life of Aune Wil- liams. LOT 4. All that well accustomed Pnlllic House, called Brandy bach, with the out-kitchen and other conveniences thereto belonging, situate in the town of Pwllheli, in the holding of Henry Roberts. LOT 5. All that new erected Dwelling-House, and Premises, situate in the Weslean Chapel- street, in the said town of Pwllheli, in the hold- ing of Catherine Jones, and others. LOT 6. Those two Messuages, or Dwelling- Houses, with the Gardens thereto belonging, situate at Refailnewydd, in the parish of 1 JannoV, in the holding of Jane James, and J. Griffith. LOT 7 All those three Messuages or Dwelling Houses, with the Gardens and Lands thereto be- longing, situate at Refailnewydd aforesaid, in the holding of William Roberts, Wm. Thomas, and William Roberts. Lot I, is a compact farm, in a good state of cultivation, and the buildings thereon are in good repair; and lot 2 consists of land of excellent quality, and is adesirabfcsiHuttion to build upon they command a view of the much admired bay of Porihdinllaen, and the harbour from whence, and the Nevin harbour, they are but a short (I is- tance, where lime and sea-manure may be had, and the ex pence of carriage very small —Lot 3, adjoins the turnpike road from Tremadoc to Porthdinllaen the cottage thereon is in good repair, and the situation well adapted for build- ing more houses.— Lots 4 and 5 are also in very good repair, and lot 4 commands a constant and lull custom, and is well situate for business.— Lots 6 and 7 are modern buildings and in good repair, and lot 7 adjoins the high road to pwll. heli, from whence the premises are distant about 11- miles. The tenants will shew the respective lots ill their holding, and further particulars maybe had by applying at Mr. Ellis's Office, in Pwllheli, where a MAP of the three first lots may be seen. pwllheli, 15ih May, 1813. LEAD MINIMS, CARNARNOISSHIRK, NORTH WALES, TO BE LET. r ^H F. valuable LE A D M INES on the Estate JL of Gwydir, in the county of Carnarvon, for such term of years as may he agreed upon. The leases of these Mines having lately expir- ed, the Proprietor is disposed to grant new leases on liberal terms, and the variety and extent of the veins (which have hitherto been only par- tially explored) are such as to render them au ^object worihy the attention of Miners of capi- tal aud enterprize. For particulars apply to JAmrs AnAwt, Esq. Pilkelooy, hy Dunblane, North Britain, or to Captain RICHARD MARTIN, Miner, Llanrwst. NQRTll WALES.—TO FARMERS. TO bE LET, IN ONE OR TWO FARMS, AN ALLOTMENT of 400 Acres, in Mali- traeili Salt Marsh, in the county of An- glesey, lately embanked and inclosed from the sea. The land is of excellent qualitv, and can be brought into cultivation at a very trifling expence. It is within three miles of the town and sea-port of Carnarvon, ahd there is abundance of lime in the vicinity. ALSO TO BE LET, Another ALLOTMENT, of 180 Acres of lighter quality, bordering on the above. The Landlord will wilke very liberal allowances towards bllilding and fencing, so as to render these lands a most desirable object of speculation to a spirited farmer, possessing skill and capital For further particulars apply to Messrs. Poole, at Carnarvon or at their Olfice at Pencraig, in Anglesey, Valuable Coal Mines in Anglesey TO BE LET ON LEASE, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY. THESE Mines are tnosl advantageously si- tuafed for exporting Coals to many parts of the coast of England, and of North and South Wales, and many parts of the coast of Ireland, as well as for supplying an extensive inland dis- trict, now furnished with coals imported from distant, places. Three seamsof the coals have already been opened, and an Act of Parliament has been ob- tained for making a rail way for the conveyance of the coals to an adjoining sea-port. For further information, apply to Messrs J. and W. LoWE, of the Temple, London; Messrs. POOLE, at Carnarvon, or tneir" Office at Pen- craig, Anglesey; T.J ONES, Esq. Bryntirion, near Haiigor; Mr. C. J. HOOSON, of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire or Mr. W. W. BAII.ry, Engineer, of Polesworth, near Tamworth, War- wickshire. FREEHOLty ESTATE; In the Parish of Bangor, County of Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Mitre inn, in the city of Bangor, on Friday the. 23d of July next, bet/cecil the hours of foui- and six o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as ,5hall be then and there pro- duced, unless previously disposed of by privati contract, of which due notice will be giveTl:- rSRliE LANDSof'GLASlN FRYN,pleasantly M. .situate within two miles of the city of Bangor, eight of Carnarvon, two and a half of Bangor-fen > and fourteen and a half-of Capel- Curig; and consisting ofrtlXTY FINE ACRES of a rich, deep, loamy soil, suited to Ihe most lucrative rotation of crops. Forty-one acres are under superior management, and h)gh state of culture the residue is in a progressive state of improvement, and may be rendered arable at a light expence. These Lauds are divided into fields of from four and a half to six acres each, with water in every field, and the fences are in good order. A Parish Common which adjoins and bounds part of this Estate, will be found ofgreat occasional convenience. There is a newly elected IIIA-ISION on the pre- mises, 43 feet in front by 30 feet wide, on three floors, and divided into eleven apartments, be- sides cellar and dairy underground. Threeapart- ments are in an unfinished state, but the whole may be rendered commodious andcomfortable for the reception of a genteel family, at a very trilling expence. This House fronts the east, and is agreeably situate in a well wooded nieit(low,COIIA- manding a pleasing prospect of the surrounding scenery, which is seldom to be equalled for beauty and variety. There are likewise a newly-built Stable and Cow-house, at a convenient distance, and an over-shot Gor5(\ Mill. All these buildings as they were intended for the use of the Proprietor, are of the most substantial materials and best workmanship, and the timberof superior quality, being Dantzic pine. There are also some old Buildings on the property, valuable for the quan- tity of oak timber contained in them. The river Cegin forms the eastern boundary, and extends above half a mile,, including a well wooded and romantic dingle, with a large power of water capable of supplying at all seasons an w' extensive machinery. The water may be taken to a level 30 feet above the bed of the river.— There is no situation in the parish of Bangor so well adapted to a considerable undertaking, with au equal power of wafer. The Timber 011 this Estate consists chiefly of oak, alder, and ash a proportion of the oak timber is of great age, and suitable to the pur- poses of the ship-builder and wheelwright.-— There are some young plantations of thriving timber from 12 to 15 years old. Tins property includes in its local situation and quality of soil, advantages that are rarely to be met with, and will form an eligible and desir. able residence for a Gentleman, or Gentleman farmer. A purchaser may have immediate possession. as the Lands and Buildings are exclusively in the holding of the proprietor. It is requested that none but principals will apply, (if by letter, post-paid) and further par- ticulars may be known on application to the Pro, prietor, MR. WHITE, Glasin fryn, Bangor, Car- narvonshire or to J. ROBERTS, Esutj, Deputy Registrar, Bangor, Carnarvonshire. DOLGELLEY & CELY NIN INCLùSURE JSTolice is h -rt by liven, f 1HHAT certain A LLOTM L¡\ T; bein Ilar!s iL and parcels of the Commons and VV..»'e Lauds, in the several jwrishes of Dolgelley and Llangelynin, commonly called Celynin, in the county of Merioneth, will he SOLD hy AUC. TION, at the Golden Lion Inn. in Dolgelley, on Tuesday the 20th day of July next, in order to defray the charges and expences of carrying the Act of Parliament lately passed, for inclosing the same Commons and Waste Lands into ex- ecution. Particulars, describing the said Allotments, may be had at the Office of Messr- Joues and Willidals, Solicitors, Dolgelley. HUGH JON E. Clerk to the Commissioners. Dolgelley, 26th May, 1818. -L.