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LONDON, MONDAY EVENING, MAY 24. SECOND EDITION. Courier Office half-past two o'clock. WE understand that (uiveromeiil have re- ceived dispalclies fro MI Lord Cat heart and Sir Charles Stuart, daled Dresden, 7th iust. whicb came by the way of Gotlenbur^b and they contain accounts similar to those published iu the German Papers, as to the sujicri liSy ol the allies in the great bailie of the 2d, near Lulzen. The circumstance of the allies re- niaiuing masters of the field of bit! tie after the 1 engagement is completely confirmed It ap- I pears, however, that they subseque <tiy Idired | to the Elbe. The Emperor was at Dresden on I Ihe 7ih, and the heavy baggage had crossed the Elbe. It also appears that on the 2d. the allies uuder Bulow beat, the French severely at Halle, and that from the 2d to the7th there were merely affairs posts and rear giiard. Mails from Heligoland and.Golteubiirgh ar 1,.ils f, .11 1,04;illd rived 1-41) n'nr&t. The accounts from Berlin are of the ruh, and from Saxony of the 8th of course .not so late as the French accounts, ■which are of the 9ih. An article from Berlin of the lllh mentions a report, is just now spread, that a battle has taken place near Zwenkau, which terminated in favour of the allies and in consequence of which Count Wittgenstein is said to have received the Order b of St. Andrew." An Hamburgh article of the 14ih, stales tins fresh action to have taken place on the Sib, and adds, thai the French were repuls- j ed, and obliged to leave 24 pieces of cannon | behind them." We should be happy to be tibie to say that this account is correct but if the last French Papers give an accurate ac- count of the positions of the enemy, no battle could have been fought at Zwenkau on the 8th, for on that day the allies had retired across the Elbe. Bonaparte was at Dresden, and Lauriston at Meissen. There was no force cither French or allied at Zwenkau. Tile ac- tion rumoured at Berlin i-niiy have been one of those fought after the bailie of Lulzen; the action at Waidsheim on the 6lh, near Weis- (lot-foi) the 71,li, or t)ii the Stit before Beati harnois entered Dresden, or Launslon Meis- sen. The Monileur of the 15th, states thai, independcntly of the great bridge of Dres- den, which the enemy had restored, they had thrown three bridges over the Elbe. The Viceroy having caused some troops to march towards them, the enemy immediately set fire to them. The teles-de-point which covered them were carried. On the siiiie (iie sit), Lauriston arrived at Meissen- Hie there found three redoubts, with block houses constructed hythe PruQsians: they hadburuedthebndge." It. seemSj therefore, that iieauiiaruois and Lau- rislon had each on the 8th an action with the allies, but they were partial ones. The Saxon accounts of the Sih slate, that the headquar- ters of the King of Prussia were at Koiuugs- hi ■ugh, and Wittgenstein at Wil- gcnstcin was at Meissen, but he iêft it cady on the 8th, and crossed to the oilier side of the Elbe. The Crown Prince of Sweden, with the Duke of Sudennania, left Gottenburgh on the 5th, and arrived the sameday at Helsiuborg, iviiicii he quilled on the 6th for Landscrona, When shall we be able to announce his arrival in Germany? This is the day, according to an article front Hamburgh of tin; 14th, on which Austria is to declare against France in case fhe laller re- fuses to accede to the proposed conditions." P RICE OF STOCKS. 3 per Cent Consols 5SI711 lleduced. — 5s|f 4 per Cent 5 per Cent 87 £ £ -1I!¿ur.'ftiIIIU

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