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.J"; TO BE LET, I And entered upon immediately, A Neat HOUSE, called TYNEWYDI), near Pentir, in the parish of Bangor, together vitl,i fifteen acres of good lanl.-Apply to SAM. "WoaTHlNGToN, Llwynon, Esq. WANTED, In an Attorney's Office, as Copying Clerk, A YOUNG MAN, who w rites a good hand he ■will be boarded ami lodged in the house. Apply to Mr. JONES, Solicitor, Llanrwst, Denbighshire. N. B. The age not to exceed twenty* _n_- "LEAD MINES, CJ RNARNQNS tllRE, NORTH WALES, TO HE LET. rflHB valuable I.EM) MINES on the Estate fl of Gw»<l-r. in the county of Carnarvon,lor -such terin of years as may he agreed m>on. The leases of these Mines having lately expir- ed the Proprietor is disposed to zi-aiit new lease, on liheal ter ns, and the variety and extent 0: the veins (which hav," hitherto been only pa tially explored) are smdi as to render them object worthy the attention of Mmeis of cap. tal and enterprise. For particulars apply to JAMES ADAM, <-sq Pitkelony, by Dunblane, North Britain, or Ie Captain RICHARD MARTIN, Miner, Llanrwst. TO BE LET, And Entered upon at AU-naints next. A MOST eligible "FA KM in the county of. Anglesey, with a good HOUSE, BARN. STABl.ES, COW-HOUSES, and other conve Dient Buildings, with about (85 acres ° 'iI.^ e meadow, and pasture land, <ii good condition, with excellent fences and well watered. The said House, Out-houses, &c. and from 50 to 60 acres of the Land will be set, and may he en ered upon immediately. A good substantial Tenant may he treated with; none other need apply. Particulars may he had from Thomas Jones, Of Brvntirion, Esq. at the Office of Nlr. Ro. herts, Attorney and Notary Public, Bangor, wheie a map of the premises may be seen and of the Editor of the North Wales Gazetto. The Design vnd Plan of (his Work have been IrÓmt ted to theinspeHionof his Roy rl. Highness til- 11, ime Regent, who is graciously .pleated to authorize its being dedicatd, 1)1) special ^per mission, to the Princess C harlotte of Wales. The British Constitution, Recommended to the. Sttiily of the Rising Generation, BELL'S i,, D i riON OF Bl.ACkfs'FOJNIi'S COM vi KiV I'AIll tiS ON The Laws of England, n An elegant Pocket Edition, to be Published hi twenty-six Weekly Numbers ThisEjition will contain the pure text of Blackstone, as primed from his last Edi'ion, revised b) himself; hit,, I JIL, subsequent Statutes, as far as they vary 'he propositions in the text, uili he lull) given in tile Notes, and all other judicial deteniiinaiions, which alter or qualify the 4,u hor's original sentiments wi if ;)e cori-ect ly pointed out, and referred to so thai this EIH- TION will at once remain what ifte Author irt- tended, a liooKof ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES, and yet exhibiting the actual shape and body of the Law, as brought down to and existing at the present day. To SEMINARIES of EDUCATION and HEADS of Llis.rlie true interest, a ID the moral and intellectual improvement of the RISING GE- NERATION, might be most effectually promoted by adopting this Work as a CLAlq, or LECTURE UOoK, in Pulic Seminaries and ill the course of Domestic Education. By reading the Numbers Weekly as they come out,andas ofcnaflerwards as conveuienee ilia) suit, as a COURSE of LEe- TURES on the BRITISH CONSTITUTION — a part of knowledge so essentially requisite to every subject in the reatai, the minds of youth will he gradually, and without labour, imbued in the Principles of legal and moralrectiludr, in as much as it is lite (-.harae,eriitic ex(-elience offilis Work, that. it at once expounds, in a most clear and pleasant manner, the LAWS of the LAND, and the tnoral and practical principles on which they are founded. BELL'S Edition of BLACKSTOJJE'S COMMEN- TARIES is particularly addressed to the Rising feneration, though its utility must he apparent to every class of Readers. As the presumptive Heiress of the British Throne belongs to that sex, by the equal admission of which to the rights of Royal inheritance, the splendour of the reigns of Elizabeth and A line have justiiied the liberal wisdom of our ancestors, it is worthy of observation, that both sexes have an interest in this Work,—of which the purpose is to imparl all the KYOVTLEDGE, and therein the LOVE, of that happy and GLORIOUS CONSTITUTION, un- der which, by the peculiar ;■blessing of Provi- dence, this Country has become what it is. MANSER OF PUBLICATION, &c" I. This Work will he published in Weekly Numbers, of an elegant Pocket size, printed on a beautifully woven Paper, of an entire new fabric, with a new and clear Type, and hot pressed 11. Each Number will contain Four Sheets of Letter-press, or Sixty-four Pages. Each Number will be charged the moderate price of Eighteen- Pence. III. The whole Work will he comprised in twenty six N ilmbers.-The first Number wilic-on- tain a fine portrait of Blackstone, and the Life of the Author. IV. This Work will commence on Saturday, the 29th of May, 1813, and a Number will be published every Saturday from that time till the whole is completed. London printed for John Bell, Proprietor of the Weekly Messenger, Southampton-street, Strand and also the original Primer and Pub. lisha of Bell's Edition of the Poets of Great Britain, Bell's Shakespeare, Pantheon, 4 British Theatre Sold also by all Booksellers iu the Suited Kiujdora. ■- t* il an— t—H 11 T Mill 1: -»0" Neviti, S(-. Indusurc. WE, the Undersigned Commissioners, ap- pointed by an Aei passed ill the 52d year of his present Majesty's reign, entitled, An Act lor Inclosing Lauds in the parish of Nevm, and other parishes and places thereiu mentioned, in [he county of Carnarvon." Do hereby Keenest The several proprietors of lauds interested in the commons and waste 'aiids,in the several parishes of Nevin, Pis'ill, C<i'ngiwcf*, Llanaelhaiarn, Clynnog,and Llanlly fi.i, by die sait, Ad diteq ed t to be divided,alio;led,<>iid inclosed, torthwitn to deliver to us the said C ommissiotiers, or leave (he I;attje at (lie ().Iices )r Mr. Evans, in Carnarvon, Plans or Surveys ot tlve respective lauds and tenements, in respect of which they claim right of upon the said was elands respectively, to enable us the said Commissioners to make a valval ion ol such lands iwreniott, to the said commons being divided and allotted. And such proprietors as have no such i,laik, or stirvt,ys,, are ieqtjeste(i to lii%e file sd-iiie lone immediately, or give us tire said Commis- sioners directions so to do. Given under our uaods ihe 5th day of May, LSI3. It. ELLIS. i C R. i i,, I, t A;vfs,i Coinalissionei-s. X ER ION ETH bil I It E. A Capital Slate Quarry. TO B E L E T,TO T11 E H IGH EST BIDDR R, For the teirn ()f le a or fourteen years, and may t)e. e,tiereti u,oti ii)zii?editileIN, At the Goat lun, in the to > n of Carnarvon, oil Saturday, ihe 3d day of Jul), 1813, bet ween the hours of S and 5 o'clock in the altcrnoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then pro- duced, unless let or disposed ol in the mean lime by private contract, of which due notice will be given FGLKAT TILIJE SLATE QUARRY, well: IL kikohn hy the name of M A > OD QU ARR V, in the coumy ol iViei lone h, within abuui six miles of the Quay near .Uaeniwrog, that viessis. rurner and C.>. ship then slaies at, up-Mi which the Proprietors oi this Quarry have an unlimited righ. to ship slaves, and to which Quarry a new va, lately iiiatte. This Quarry is open d upon an extensive coni moil, ami is as large a body ol tine Blue Slates as ham ttteu hitnerto found in any pari ot the prin- cipaiity; the n-ietal resembles the Festiinog Slates, so! i by Messrs. Turner all" Co. but up -it strict ex:nn natioff, will be l'oiiiiti a lit le harder, and a shade or two nearer to the blue of the Car narvonshire slates. The rock is solid near the surface, and splits remarkably line and thin, ami is above a must convenient hollow to discharge rubbish, at a small ex pence-. A;iy pei sou or eouijiany wishing to embark upon an extensive scale HI the slate trade, cannot have a better situation than this Quarry. A large Farm, within one mile of the Quarry, which is very convenient for the residence uf au agent, will he let witli it. Mr. Griffith Thomas, of Macntwrog Lodge, will il-ivect a person to shew t-he Quarry, ami lor further particulars, apply to Mr. ROBSSRT Wil- Itatns, Solicitor, Carnarvon. CARNARVONSHIRE TO BE «OLD BY AUCTION, At the Goat Inn, in ihe tOlcn of Carnarvon, in the county, of Carnarvon, on Saturday, the A ill day of, Zlly, ween the hows oj .i andb o'clock in lhe aflernoon, subject to such conditions as ■shall be then and there pro duced, uit,es, at io,e.r oj in the mean time by privute contract, oj lv/i h d., notice tuill be given. rsniiA r capital and compacl FH EE/IOLL JL ESTATE, consisting of the following eii gible Farms, vi*. Trcllaii, I'ai-issa, Gwastadfaes> Giaiglwyd, and Cae ,Steel, ,ilit;jte iiii(i be- ing In the township of Treilan, HI the parish o. Llanbeglig, m the coniry of Carnarvon, contain- ing atiout six hundred acres, ot good meadow and pasture land, exclusive ot a valuable uninciosc. pasture and sheep-walk thereto adjoining, <1 about seven hundred acres, now in the occupa- tion of tenants at will. This is a most desirable Estate, it lies withil, a rirlg fence, at the distance or ahout four miles and a half from the market town of Carnarvon close to the public road leading from the IOWII I to Heddgelart-Ihe situation is tjiiive. sally ad mired by Iravellers-the land is of superior qua- lity, and in a very improved state It is a nio- I convenient and pleasant sifuati on for a gentleman desirous of having a residence in the county of I Carnarvon—there is a delightful spot to buiiil a Mansiou-house, with upwards of two hun.tre. acres of good meadow and pasture ground n front, well worth 40s. per acre, most part of which has been set for considerably mote; fit. ground behind the intended house is well wooded; there is a large river, well supplied with trout.as boundary at the bottom of the hvel ground.— The whole of this extensive property lie iii. south aspect, which may be irrigated at a smal expence, and is a luxuriant place for the growtti of all manner of trees, a great number havins been lately planted, and are in a very Ifiriviiii, state; it is in a good sporting part of the country, the shcep-waik is well stocked with grouse, all; several large lakes abundantly supplied with trout, are at a small distance. This property is entitled to nearly one half ol the adjoining common, called Waen-fawr, which is to be div ided under an Inclosure Act. There is a large body of slate rock upon the sheep walk, allei the adjoining common, that t, proprietors of this Estate are entitled to by vir- tue of a Grant from the Crown, (or a term IIf years, which if desirable to a purchaser, will be disposed of with he Estate. Take this Estate in every point of view, it is the most desirable that is likely to be offered tI' Isale in this neighbourhood for many years to eoOle, Further particulars may be had, by applyin to Mr. J. EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who i* authorized to treat with any person desirous oi purchasing by private contract, at whose Offi' e a Map and Survey of the premises oiay be seeo- I ,:> NURTil WALES. TO FARMERS. TO BE LET, IN ONE OR TWO FARMS, AN ALf.O I'M ENT ol 400 Acres, in Mali trae!hSali Marsh, in the county of An glesey, lately embanked and inclosed from the I sea. The land is or excellent quality, and can he brought into cult ivation at a very trifling ex pence. It is within three miles of the town and sea-port 01 Carnarvon, ahd there is abundance of Hille hi the vicinity. ALSO TO BE I.ET, Another ALLOTMENT, of ISO Acres of lighter quality, bordering on the above. The Landlord will make very lilwral allowances towards building and fencing', so as to render tuese lands a most desirable object of speculation to a spirited tanner, possessing skill and capital For further particulars apply to Messrs. ilo at Carnarvon or at their Office at Peiiera g. in Anglesey. CARNARVù,\SUJflE. TO BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, At the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, on Suturda i, the 2d day of ilia),, IS 13, between th= hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the aftemo n, subject to such conditions as slivit be then p,.o. duced, unless disposed of in tile ntean time by private eoidract, of which due riolue feill be given, 11HAT eligible TEN KM EXT itui LANDS, with the COTTAGES and BUILDINGS situilie avil ill I'lle parish of L<!anilwrog,iti the couoly f Carnarvon, called ami known by the name of tlafod y coed, containing about 38 acres, now in tie occupation of Elizabeth Evans and orhers^as tmauts al will, at the yearly rent of £ A1 5s That TEN EiVtKNT and LNND-, sittiitelying and being in ihe said parish of Llaixiwrog, called and known by the name of Gihtirn, containing abou; 24 acres, now in the occujmion of Ann Hughes, widow, aged 64 years* ly virtue of a ICase for her life. That TI.N anti sittiate tying and being in the said parish ol Llaidwroir,called a » i known by the name of llaoodemn, otherwise Peiii-hos now in the ocuupution of John Evans, as tenant at will. And that TEN EM ENT and LANDS, withthe CO i' CAGES thereto belonging, situate lying and being in the said parish of LlamUrog, called and kllllWII hy flw nallle or l'en'rallt, now in lite oc- cupalion of John Evans 111111 others, as tenants at will. Hafod y coed is within about four miles of the town of Carnarvon, a pleasant plaeetorn person desirous of having a sitaation to build a house for a near a good market town, it ad- joins the roaJ Icadinto fhe villae of Uallll) f- in. the land is arable, and capable of great im- provement, at a small expence. .Gilwern iii wiiiiiii less than a quarter of a mile y coed, it com mail Is an extensive vie" of Carnarvon Bar and the islanttoof Anglesey; it is it very fertile place for the growth of Trees, i í adjoins the well wooded Demesne of John (iri !!ii li, of Try fan, Esq. fha occupiers of these Farms have an unlimit ed right of eomnlollllponlhc valuable Sheepwaik called Cilgwyn Common. For further partioulats, apply to Mr. JotiN EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who will direct a proper person to shew the premises. DENBIGHSHIRE. The Estate of Statist# Ti/the of Corn, ami liny, in Slansty and She Jyi/te Hay of Hroughlou. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, IIY MR. EDWARDS, At the Red Lion Inll, ill the Town of Wrexham, in the Comity of Denbigh, on Thursday, the (unless dispose of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given) in IT, or such other lots as shall he agreed up- on, and subject to the conditions to oe then produced. capital MESSUAGE, FARMS, and iL LANDS called Staiisty issa and SlanSI) ucha, with the veins of Coal, and other Minerals ■mder the same, containing by admeasurement, j 269a. and I r. or thereabouts. Also, the Tythes of Corn, Grain, and Hay, arising and Tytheable within the Township of Stansty. An I the Tythe of Hay, arising and tytheable witilit, tile 'I'o%vii.;hip of' lir(itigl)toii. With a 11 acres, I rood, and 20 perches of Laud, adjoining Stansty issa afore- said. The last mentioned Tenement is situate in the township of Stansty the Farms of SIan sly neha, and Stansly isa. in the Township of Slanr) allll -ers)[11, in the par shes or %Vrextia!ii ajiti Gres- f>r:4, in the said county of Denbigh, ami wllh the Tythes, are in the occupation of William Edwards, and Mr. Thomas Edwards, or their u dc -tenants. rhe buildings on the last mentioned farms are p neipally new; the Lands of a superior quality and admirably situated, in point of convenience, to lime, coal, and markets, being within a »ery short distance of lime and coal, not more than ten miles from Chester; and part of th Estate is within one mile of the Town of Wrexham, the turnpike-road from which town to Mold passes through it. Pined particulars, with Map* descriptive of the lots, and denoting the Boundaries of the Lands, iu the townships of Stausty and Biougli ton, will soon be ready, and nay he had at the Red Lion, Wrexham; Royal Hotel, Chestei Kin: Arms, Liverpool; Bla. k Lion, Moll; •v hire Horse, Holy well; Cross Keys, Oswestry White Lion, Ruthin; aT the office of Messrs Woodcock, Bateman, and Jones Lincoln's Inn, ondon; at Mr. Thomas's Llanfv llm; or of M i,iaill'.k I I, it; M -i leho nam, at Ty is^a, near St. \saph n » Auctioneer's ill Denbigh; and at the office of Messrs Hutchinson & Foulkes, Wrexham, who will appoint a person to shew the Estate, to wh, in or to the saidMesars. Woodcock. Bateman, an" tones, Mr, Th tins, or Mr. Sidebothaoi, applj for further particular*. CARN A RVON BHIRFI. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 4t the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Car arr on, in the county of i arnaivon on Saturday, 'he d day of May, 1813, b tu-een the hours of and u'clock in the afterno n, szifjert to such condi tions as shall, be thenproducedt thejollowing ca- pital and eligible ESTATE, situate lying and being in the parish of LlanTxtg, in the said county, in the f Mowing ar such other Lots as shall be agreed upon on the day of sale. Lot. 1. f III A'I' modern-built M A N S 1 0 N- I HOUSE and LANDS, w.th imme- diate pxsessina, called Ty-ow v N, with the LANDS thereto adj lining, ("¡¡¡It,d Tyddyngwag, containing about twenty acies, now in the occu- pation of James Fuzmaurice, Esq. Lot 2, That MESSUAGE, T EN EM ENT. and L AN DS, called Maesy pwll, now in ihe occupa- tion of Richard Owen Lot 3. That MESSUAGE, TENEMENT,and LA NDS, called Buariha, now in the occupation of Richard (Iweii. Lot 4. That D W E L L I N G-H O U S E and QUILLETS, called Cwmyglo, now in ihe occu pation of Griffith Owen. Alld the C OCT A G K S, G A RI) E N S, & Q U1L- LETS. called liry n-y-fownog, viz. Lot 5. Cottage, Garden,&Q iillet,ii. Prichard. Lot 6. Ditto, ditto, ditto, ('. Eh¡.¡s. Lot 7. Ditto, ditto, ditto, E. Williams Lot8 Ditto, J.David. The Mansion House of Ty-gwyn is most plea- santly situated near a good road, within about two miles of #lie market town of Carnarvon, and two miles of the romantic Vale of Hanheros; it commands a beautiful view of Carnarvon Castle, and of that fertile part of the conn try to the Hills called Rivals, the Island of Anglesey, and Carnarvon Ra v. and is a most eligible resi- lienee for a genteel Family The House consists of two good parlours, a large kitchen, pantry, a brew-house; four bed-rooms, and a dressing- room, with sp;"ious garrets; out-buildings, a three stalled stai)le, coacti-lit)ti,;e, aii(i cow-house. with a large walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees. A more desirable property has not been offered lot sale for some time past in the neighbourhood.of Carnarvon. The country around abounds with game, and there are several expensive lakes, and a large river within a short distance, in which are ahnll- dance of fine flavoured trout a turnpike-road is about to be opene-l from Carnarvon through the Vale of Llauberris, to join the Capel Curig road, which will go along the boundary of the property- Carnarvon market is always well supplied with prime htltehcr's meat. IIIHI fine ti-oh. A II the Lots except LOll, are held uucler a te- nure from year to year. For further particulars, apply to the Rev. Mr. O. G. WILLI* MS, at Croesfryn, Anglesey, or to M fivvNs, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who will di- rect a proper Person to shew the premises. I


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