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LONDON, MONDAY EVENING, MAY 10. SECOND EDITION1. Courier Office, Three o'Clock. WAR DEPARTMENT, MAY lQ. A LETTER has been received from Brigadier General Lygon, dated Hamburgh, May 4, of which the following is an extract General Sebas!iani has marched with his corps from Lnueberg on Saliwodel. In con sequence of this movement, Lieut.-General Count Walmoden left Hamburgh last night, and crossed the Elbe with a body of troops at Domitz." Paris Papers to the 7th instant reached town last night, bringing the first operations of the campaign in Germany. Bonaparte's head- quarters were on the 29th at Naumbourg.— Ney had passed the Saale, after an action be- tween Souham's division and a part of the al- lied troops, near Weissenfels; in which vic- tory is said to have declared for the French, but frti{.1Ihe account given of it, the advan- tage (if any) seems to have been of a trifling nature. Bertrand occupied Jena, and on the 29th, had his head-quarters at Dornbourg, on the Saale. Beauharnois had debouched by lIalle and Merseburg, at which latter place, we are told M' Donald defeated some Prussian troops commanded by D'Yorck. Viclor was at Bernebourg, Oudinot at Saatfetdt. and Se- bastiana at Vilzen, where he is stated to have overthrown a corps commanded by the Rus- sian Gen. Czernicheff. Laurislon had march- ed to Stettin, and afterwards advanced oppo- site Halle, where lie is mentioned to have de- feated a Prussian corps. Murmont was at Keesen upon the Saale. Davoust had estab- lished his head-quarters at Bremen. From this sketch of the positions of the French, it will be seen that the junction of their armies is effected, and that they are in force on the left hank of the Saale. The actions which they fought appear, from their own notices of them, to have been but trifling affairs, and the presumption is, that the allies retreated, ra ther than that they were unable to prevent the advance of the French main army, or injunc- tion with the force on the Elbe. A Mail from Heligoland arrived this morn- ing with Hamburgh Letters and Papers of the 4th. They are most encouraging and import- ant. The ("orrespondent of I he 4th states, that the French have been forced back from Halle and have recrossed the Saale. We trust this will be confirmed. News froia liallo cotild 1 reach Hamburgh in less than two days, of course later than that by the French Papers by three days. Twelve thousand Swedes have arrived at. Wismar, and are proceeding by forced marches to Schwerin. The Emperor of Austria is confidently expected to join the Allies, who propose to hold a congress and restore the dignity of Emperor of Germany to the House of Austria. The King of Saxony is gone in all haste to Prague. The Grand Duke of Wurtzburgh, the Emperor of Ails- tria's brother, was preparing to follow him, but was arrested by Ney. There has been an insurrection at Dantzic, and Rapp, whose palace was attacked, escaped with difficult v. The garrison consists but of 6000 effective men. The suburbs of WiUenburgh have been taken. BATTLE IN SPAIN. The Jiloniteur of the 5th of May, contains a long letter from the Dllke of Albufera to the Minister of War, dated San F riiiiie, 17th April, stating that he had ordered Count Ha- rispe to attack, on the 11th April, Elio's corps, consisting of 6000 men, at Yecla, who, after a lively resistance, succeeded in taking 900 prisoners and killing nearly 300 of.tire enemv, who were driven from position to position That Generals Murray and Elio, at the head of 1000 English or Sicilian cavalry, having attempted to arrest him, were forced to retire on Bear alld Sax, and tbat the English from Beat saw the Spanish defile out of Vellena as prisoners of war, without attempting to re. lieve them; that afterwards an attack, was made on the English line, in which the 1st French light infantry suffered considerably, but carried the line, supported by the 14th and five battalions. That the English were totally defeated, with the loss of two pieces of artillery, and driven under the redoubts of Castella, when lie determined on return ing to his position on the Xucar. —That, however, the following day, the enemy oc cupying an immense mountain, on which Castella leans, he determined 10 complete a reconnoisance so gloriously began, for which purpose 600 voltigeurs were ordered to ad- duce, whilst four battalions made a false at ack for this purpose. That the impetuosity of Ihe troops, encouraged by the success of the preceding day, turned what was only in- > tended for a feint into a real attack, and that after having four times gained the heights, they were obliged to retrogade that in the days of the lllh, 12th, and 13th of April, he had taken 2700 prisoners, two pair of colours, two pieces of artillery, and killed upwards of 900 men, and that his loss consisted of 800 men put hors du combat„■ Cadiz, April 12.—A vessel arrived this day from Gibraltar, bringing Valencian Papers of a very latedate. Theycontain it) iiiiseffect The French Squadron of 18 sail of the line, from Toulon, having on board 5,000 troops has escaped. Sir Edward Pellew, with 14 of the British line, has sailed in pursuit of the enemy, who, it is supposed, are gone to Ame- rica.'

Thurnday, JVlay 13,

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