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POLITICAL SUMMARY. NORTHERS WAR.-——THE French papers make a sort of oflicial estimate of the forces in advance towards the Elbe and give Nev 60,000 men at Erfurt, and Marmont and llcl- Irnnd the same number, respectively, at Gotha and Colburg. Those statements have a fight to be considered according to the general standard of French accuracy; or, for example sake, adopting a particular instance, by the representation made of Beauharnois force at Magdeburg. The present sixty thousands are, we .should imagine, in proportion to his one hittidi ed ihoiistind. Bonaparte arrivcd at Frankfort on tht: 25lh 1111. and proceeded to liiiiati. He was accom- panied by Berthier, Caulincourt, and Duroc, the Marshall of the Palace. The Hamburgh accounts preserve their usu- al spirit and tcnor-exhihiting the North of Europe as hecoming more sensible every day of the slavery which it has been made to en- dure, and more desirous to shake off oppres- sion, and put on the proud character of inde- pendence. To demonstrate this auspicious stale of the public mind, we are informed, that the Saxon force under Thielman, which lay in Torgau, has united with the banners of Russia aud Prussia; and that some divisions of the troops of Gotha, Saxe-Weimar, and Helburgbausen, had capitulated at Eisinach, and immediately afterwards incorporated themselves with the corps to which they had surrendered. These are particular circum- stances but the manifestations of public spi- rit and patriotism which cannot beso distinct- ly pointed out, extend throughout a consider- able territory, embracing almost the whole country from the shores of the Baltic lo the Austrian frontier and taking what rumour advances with some confidence, as circum- stances deserving of our belief, the noble emancipations of freedom have been evinced with elfect in the Tyrol, and in Croatia and Carinthia, which countries are stated to be in open revolt. Thorn has surrendered, according lo official i authority j and Modlin and Zamosc, on the credit of private statements. These conquests make such a reduction of the French fortified positions in the rear of the Confederate Ar- mies, as will restore a large share of the secu- rity, which, according to some of the corn mentators on the war, they had risqued by having left there in the enemy's hands, wheu the war was pushed so vigorously, and, as- they would have it. thoughtlessly into Ger. many. The operations against the other for- tresses in the enemy's possession were pressed unremittingly—Stettin was assaitedtby disease* to aggravate its endurances, and Wittenberg was attacked by a fresh force, that which had lain before it having been moved forward to the Elbe. The capture of Bantzic has received no confirmation. The consequences of the fast campaign, as they are described in the German Papers, have been dreadfnl beyond whatever had been, imagined. In the Goverements of Moscow, Witepsk, and Mohilow, 253,000 bodies, of the enemy's army had been burieil, and in the district of Wilna, 53,000., making a total of 306,000