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LEAD MINES, CARNAllNON'SHIRE, NORTH IVALES, TO BE LET. f flTTE valuable LEAD MINESon the Estate of Gwydir, in the county of Carnarvon, for such term of years as may be agreed upon. The leases of these Mines having lately expir- ed, the Proprietor is disposed to at-atit new leases on liberal terms, and the variety and extent of the veins (which have hitherto been only par- tially explored) are sneh as 10 render them an object worthy the attention of Miners of capi- tal and ent/viirize. For ifcu ulars apply to JAMES ADAM, Esq. PilkelonyV'iy Dunblane, North Britain, or to Captain RICHARB MARTI V, Miner, Llanrwst. CARNARVON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Noyal Oak Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, on Saturday, the i5 ih day of May, i between the hours of'H a,.d .1 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, unt.ess di pose<t of in the mean time by private contract, oj which due notice will be given. A LL thai modern-built allfl well-finished A MESSUAGE or DUELLING HOUSE, alii extensive Premises thereunto belonging si- tuate in Castle street, in the town of Carnarvon aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Ro- berts Mr. Edward Griffith Roberts, as te- nants at will. This House is roomy and extensive, and from its situation ( being in one of the principal streets in Carnarvon) is well adapted either for the re- sidence of a genteel family, a lodging house, or .a shop. For further particulars, apply at Mr. GLYNNE eGJtlFFITH'S Office, in Carnarvon. .Allglese;1J Leaschuld Lstate. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Ty-matcr. itij/ie Town of Amlwch, on Tuesday the i 1 th of Hay, 1813, between the hours of two and four in the afternoon, subject to conditions then to be produced, in the following or such other Lots, as shall be declared at the day -J Sale, the following. Estates, all sitnate in the 2'oivn and Neighbourhood of Amlwch, LOT I. THREE DWELLING-HOUSES, and a Ji piece of Land, called King John's Estate, held under a Lease for I liree lives, at a nominal rent, and fit the occupation of Thus. Jones, Mary Prichard and Elizabeth Williams, as Tenants from year Jo jear. LOT ll. A Dwelling House near (he Port of Ainlwch, held ulld-er a Lease for one life, now ill the occu- pation of Mr. Samuel Howson. LOT III. A Capital well buiii House, with an exccllen1 Garden adjoining, held under a Lease for three Lives and 21 concurrent years, and now in the holding of Mr. Joseph Jones. LOT IY. A capital well built House with two Stables, a Cow-house, and an excellent walled Garden attached, toge'her with a piece of excellent Lalld containing 12A. 3R. and 20 p. or thereabouts, BE the same more or less, held under two several Leases for three lives and 21 concurrent years, at smail ground rents, and now subdivided and let out to eight several substantial Tenants, from year to year. I,OT V. Three Houses and Gardens and a Coal yard, held under a Lease for three Lives and 21 con- current years, at a small annual ground rent, and now let out to three substantial Tenants, front year to year. I.OT VI. Eight Houses, Garden, Shop and Warehouse, held mirier two leases for 3 lives and 21 concur- rent years, at. siiiall annua) gtound rents, and now let out to four substantial tenants from year to year. I.OT VII. A Piece of Ground, part of Tyddyn ty hir, on the west side of the road lead irlg from Mill Bank to Amlwch, Oil which are built three Dwelling- Houses, called the Factory, together,with a Piece of Land, aho part of Tyddyn ty hir, situate op- posite the front of the said Dwelling-Houses, and oil the east side of the said high road-held under a lease for 75 lives at a small annual ground lent, and now let out to three substantial tenants from year 10 year. N. B. These Premises are advantageously si- tuate for a Malt-House, &c. ° LOT VIII. A House and Garden in Trerdath, and the Front Walls of another House adjoining, which could he roofed and made habitable at a small ex pence held under a lease for S lives at a small annual ground rent, and now let out to a sub- stantial tenant from year lo year. LOT iX. i A Dv, tig-House near Amlwch Port, called the \It;lJ, in the holding of Humphrey as tenant from year to year. I.OT x. A Dwelling-House, formerly a Shop, adjoining 9, in the holding of Moses Jones; also an an- nual ground rent of Ss. reserved in an under-lease of it Warehouse granted to Mr. Jonathan Roose N. B. The Buildings and Premises comprized 111 Lots 9 and 10, being in length 52 feet, and in breadth 60, are in 'good repair, and particularly 'well situated, for any mercantile purposes being not more than 50 yards distant from the Port of Amlwch.—They are held by Lease at a small ground Rent, for the remainder of a term of 99 years, if the persons therein named, or the sur- vivor of them should so long live, of whom one person now is 52 years of age and in good health, ogether with a further term of thirty years in remainder, and tocommence from the day of the decease of such survivor. The respective Tenants will shew the Premi- ses, and further particulars may be had in the fhlir lA?rU by APPL«CATION to Messrs. POOLE, at th» JoHnTvV11. Carnarvon» or at Pencraig, in th. county of Anglesey, or of Mr, PRICHARD, ?r,«sey Es*ob» iQ *he said c0,,nfy of ALL PRIZES-=NO BLAINKS. On Thursday, 6tii, IN THE STATE LOTTERY. r 20,000 Tickets, numbered from No. i to No. 20,000. TO S[i; DRdWN IV FOUR SEP,lRdTE DIYS. ¡ SCHEME. 3.of .^20,000 are = £ 60,000 3. 10,000 30,000 4. 2,000 .8,000 6 1,000 6,000 8 500 .4,000 10. 300 3,000 15 200. 3,000 20 100,2,001) 40 &c 50. 40 2,000 10,000. 20, &c. &c 80,000 I, 10,159 Prizes. X- 2 0 0 0 The first drawn 1,000 Blanks. = £ 20 each The second drawn 1,000 .Blanks..= £ 10 each T. B ISH, the Contractor, respectfully ad- vises an immediate Purchase, as from the popu- larity of the Scheme, and the increasing demand in Town and Country, the Tickets and Shares will certainly rise in price. Persons in the Country who find any dif- ficulty in getting supplied are requested to send their Orders to the Contractor's fortunate offices 4, Cornhill, or 9. Charing Cross, London, Or to his following Ageiits:- T. K4YI!, Bookseller, Liverpool. It. PARKER, Bookseller, Whitchurch. J. SANDFORD, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. R. TAYLOR, Music-warehouse, Bridge- street, Chester. I I fcf IN THIs STATE LOTTERY MORE THAN H A LF OF THE TICKETS ARE I SURE TO BE PRIZES. DENBIGHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Eagles Inn, in the Town of Llanrwst, in the county of Denbigh, on Wednesday 12th day of May, 1813, bdweell the hours of three and five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such con- ditilons as shall be then produced, (unless dispos- ed of by Private Contract, of nihich due Notice will be given ) f B ^HE following Dwelling-houses, Build- A ings, Gardeus, Orchard and Fields, situate lying and being in and near to the village o! Eglwys-bach, in the said county of Denbigh, in such Lots as shall be mentioned and agreed upon, on the day of Sale. That modern built Dweiiiiig-liotise, and other buildings, Garden and Field, now in the occupation of Owen Jones, victualler. Those two Dwelling-houses, Barn,Stable, Gar- den and Field, called Cne Scybor, now in the possession of the said Owen Jones, ana his under- tenants. Those two fields called Erw Efal and Caey- gerddi, now in the possession of the said Owen Jones. Owen J,ones is infilled to the possession of all these premises, by virtue of a Lease that expires in the mouth of May, 1814 That Dwelling-house and Garden with the Field thereto adJoining, called GrollwolI. And thai i) celling-house, Workshop, Garden, Orchard and Field, ,now in the occupation of Robert Roberts, Labourer The before mentioned Fields are in a high state of cultivation, and are as \re!1 as the Gar- dens very conveniently situated to build upon; Dwelling-houses in and near the village of Eg- Iwysbiich are much wanted, and would set at high rents ° Further particulars may be had of Mr. Txios. JONES, Auctioneer, Eagles Inn, Llanrwst, who will direct a proper person to shew the Premises,, oi to Mr. EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. CARNARVONSHIRE TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in the county of Canwrvon, on Saturday, the 22d day of May, 813, between the hours of :> and 5 o'clock in the a subject to sitch condi- tions as shall be then produced, the following ca- pital and eligible ESTATE, situate lying and being in the parish of Llanrug, in the said county, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon on the day of sale. Lot. 1. f B^HAT modern-built M A N S 1 O N- .1 HOUSE and LANDS, called TY- GWYN, with the LANDS thereto adjoining, called Tyddyngwag, containing about twenty acres, now in the occupation of James Fitzmau- rice, Esq. Lot i, That MESSUAGE, TEN EM ENT, and LANDS, called MaesypwlJ, now in the occupa- tion of Richard Owen Lot 3. That MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, called Buartha, now in the occupation of Richard Owen. Lot 4. That I) W E LL T N G-H O U S E and QU 1 LLETS, called Cwmyglo, now in the occu- pation of Griffith Owen. And the COTTAGES, GARDENS, & QUIL- LETS, called Bryn-y-fownog, viX. Lot 5. Cottage, Garden, & Quillet, R. Prichard. Lot 6. Ditto, ditto, ditto, C. Elias. Lot 7. Ditto, ditto, ditto, K. Williams Lot 8. Ditto, J. David. The Mansion House of Ty-gwvn is most plea- santly situated near a good rOild, within about two miles of the market town of Carnarvon, and two miles of the romantic Vale of Llanberris it commands a beautiful view of Carnarvon Castle, and of that fertile part of the country to the Hills called Rivals, the Island of Anglesey, and Carnarvon Bay, and is II most eligihle resi- dence for a genteel Family The House consists of two good parlours, a large kitchen, pantry, a brew-house; four bed-rooms, and a dressing- room, with spacious garrets; out-buildings, a three stalled stable, coach-house, and cow-heuse, with a large walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees. A more desirable property has not been offered foi sale for some time past in the neighbourhood of Carnarvon. The country around abounds with game, and there are several extensive lakes, and a large river within a short distance, in which are abun- dance of fine flavoured trout a turnpike-road is about to be opened from Carnarvon through the Vale of Llanbcrris, to join the Capel Curig road, which will go a long the boundary wall of Tygwvn. Carnarvon market is always well supplied with prime butcher's meat, and fine fish. Immediate possession may be had of Lot 1, the other Lots are held under a tenure from year to year. For further particulars, apply to the Rev. Mr. O. G. WILLIAMS, at Croesfryn, Anglesey, or to Mr. EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who will di- rect a proper Person to shew the premises. TO BE LET, And Entered upon at Jll-saints next, A MOST eligible FARM in the connty of Anglesey, with a good HOLSE, BARN. STABLES, COW-HOUSES, and other conve- nient Buildings, with about 185 acres of arable. meadow, and pasture land, in good condition, with excellent fences and well watered. The said House, Out-houses, <&. and from 50 to 60 acres of the Land will be set, and may be entered upon immediately. A good substantial Tenant may liC treated with none other need apply. Particulars llIay he had from Thomas Jones, of Bryntirion, Esq. at the Office of Mr. Ro- herts: Attorney and Notary Public, Bangor, %vi,,eie t iiiii) or the ti)ay i)(- see,, aii(i of the Editor of the North Wales Gazette. 2 of JC30,000 2 of X- 15,000 22 of £20,000- 37 of £ 10,000 49 of £ 5,000 61 of XL-1,000 S I of £ 1,000 104 of = £ 500 HORNSBY & Co. have Shared and Sold the above, and paid'the same on demand. They beg leave to acquaint the Public, that (he Sta e Lotlery begins drawing the 6'11 of Next Month, and solicit their Favour oil the present occasion. The Scheme contains .Three of £ 20,000 Three of £ 10,000, four of £ 2,000, ike., ami more Prizes than Blanks TickeH; and Shares are Selling at the lowest Prices, and in great, va- riety of Numbers, hy HORNSBY and Co. Stock- Brokers, at their old-established State Lottery Office, Cornhill. N. B. Orders by Post or Carrier, executed with fidelity and dispatch. A Iso at their Agcnt's, Mr. T. Poole, Bookseller, CHESTER. ISIS. TO COVER THIS SEASON, *41 one guinea and a half each Mare, the money to be paid at Midsummer next, CASTANOS, RISING EIGHT YEARS OLD, Late the property of Sir T. Stanley, and now of G. Underbill, horse-dealer, Shrewsbury. || 1ASTANOS is allowed lo lie the ha nlsomesl j Blood Horse in Shropshire, lie is a dark brown horse, stands fifteen hands two inches high; he was got by Sir Marry, his dam hy PoiSos Sir Harry was got by Earl Derby's Sir Peter l'ea;de, and was a true good racer, beating the best horses of his year, BeMisima, Admiral Nelson, Lady Bull, and lJIilny others-Sir lIarr) won the Derby Stakes at Epsom,, the Clare: Stakes at Newmarket, of 200gs each. Casianos was trained in 1808, and run as under: at Ormsr kirk he won 50gs. beating Mr. Hamond's hay colt, I Mr. Benson's Monarch, and another; at New- castle, Staffordshire, he won 5;)1. beating Mr Turner's Maid of Durham, by Chanter, giving her 2Mb. for the ye:r, and Mr. Richardson's Honest Boh; at. Warwick he won it Sweepstakes of lOgs. each, with 20gs. added, beating Mr Hollyoake's roan mare, and Lord Darlington's Whitettose, which horse was sold for SOOgs. a, the same place, the following day, four mile heats, he won 501. beating Romeo, Shucabac) Sunflower, and Mr. Hollyoake's roan mare; Romeo has since received forfeit from Lord Ox ford's Potiltoii Castalios then went to Litch- field, and i-tin eisevere race with Victoria, betting seven to four on Castanos after which he fell amiss, and was taken out of training. Castanos proved himself last year the best foal-getter in North Wales, his stock remarkably strong, bony, j, aud handsome. ALSO TO COVER THIS SEASON, At one guinea each Mare, the money to be paid at Midsummer next. YOUNG BLAZE, RISING SIX YEARS OLD, The property of G. Underbill, horse-dealer, Shrewsbury, HE is a dark-brown Waggon Horse, stands fifteen hands three inches high, and as compact and good a drawer as any in the three Kingdoms, and has proved himself a sure foal- getter. (!:1r Barren Mares covered next Year at half price. N. B. They will attend at Carnarvon, Bangor, Beaumaris, Llangefni, Llanerchymedd, Amlwch, and Holyhead, and return again the same road, regularly every nine days. t ANGLESEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Bull's Head Inn, in the Towu of Beauma- ris, on Saturday the Ibth day of Mat/, 1813, between the hours 0" three ami five o,clock, in the aftei-itooia, subject to sticii conditiotis as shall be then produced, (unless disposed o f in the mean time by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given,) in the following Lats — LOT I. ^fflHAT Messuage Tenement and Lands, si- A tuate I) ing and bemg in the parish of Llan- goed, in the county of Anglesey, called Trosy- gorseand the Lands thereto adjoining called Nant- heilm now in the possession of Mr. John Lloyd. LOT II. That Messuage Tenement and Lands, situate lying and being in the said parish of Llangoed, called Bryncoch, now fn the occupation ot Ettiu llo berts, LOT III. All that Messuage Tenements and Lands, situ- ate lying and being in the said parish of Llangoed, called and known by the name of Cae-coed-cow- ydd, now in the occupation of Robert Roberts. LOT IV. All that T)welliii,-ti6iise, Bla(,Iist-.qitlis-shop, Garden and Field, situate tyins and being in the parish of Llangoed, now in the occupation of Hugh Thomas, Blacksmith. LOT V. That Messuage Tenement and Lands, situate lying and being in the parish of Tregwalchmai, in the said county, called Strydangoch, now in the occupation of Richard Williams. LOT VI. The undivided Moiety or equal half-part of that Messuage, Tenement and Lands, situate lying and being in the parish of Llangristiolus, in the said county, called Pcnrhosissa, now in the occupation of Hugh Roberts. LOT VII. And all those Fields, situate lying and being in the parish of Aber, in the county of Carnarvon, called Caeapenrallt, now in the occupation of William Roberts. All the before-mentioned premises are conve- niently situated for the carriage of lime and sand as manure, and are within a proper distance of good Market Towns, the Lands are in a high state of cultivation, aud the Buildings thereto are in good repair. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. On the 20th of April will be published, at R. ACKKRMANN'S, 101, Strand, London, And to be had of all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom, A THIRT) EDITION (IF A TOUR IN SEARCH OF THE PICTUR- ESQUE, NY THE BEV. OR. SYNTAX: A POEM printed -mill a new type; and NEW PLATHS, by ROWLANDSOK on large I royal octavo vellum paper, hot-pressed Price, with Thirty-one coloured Engravings, 21s. or Ii without the Engravings, 10s. 6d. Also a SECOXD EDITION of the Poem of ELAnrsGRAVE. I Illustrated with Thirteen beautiful Engravings, by the late Mr. L SCHIOVFNKTTI, after the de- signs of Mr. BLAKE; to which is prdixed the Lives of BLAIR, SCHIOvoNETTI, and CROMECK. Printed on large elephant quarto. Price 21. 12" 0:1. extra boards. A few copies on quarto atlas, 31. 13s. 6(1. boards. Just published, as above, COSSACK LOVE SONG, riticc 2s. 6d. AnORIGINAL RUSSI AN NATIONAL AIR, translated into English, with an Accompaniment, f9r the Piana-Fo/'ie or Harp, and it bCiJutiful Engraving of a Don Cossack, after a drawing by Oriowsky. Also, "after the above Artist, TWO PO¡- TltAJTS OF PLATOFF'S BRAVE COS- SACKS, the Terror and Destruction of Bona- parte and his Army; printe-d on large imperial paper, and coloured, price 1*0,1. 6,1. Likewise TWO Pu R TR A ITS, after Russian Originals, of GENERAL K UTUSOFFand GE NERAL WtTTQENSTEIN, price 3s. 6d. each. RUSTIC FIGURES, Drawn and engraved in Imitation of Chalk, by W. H. PN YE. Tiie Figures are selected widi a view to point out to the Students those cha- racteristic traits which mark the and to lead them to make similar sketches from nature. CONDITIO vs. I. There are to be Six Numbers, with Six Plates in each, on large columbier octavo draw- ing paper. II. No. 1. to be delivered on the 1st of April, and to be continued on the 1st of every succeed- ing month, uutil completed. Price 6s. each Number. RUDIMENTS OF LANDSCAPE. fn Progressive Studies, drawn and etched, in Imitation of Chalk, by SAMUEL PROUT. CONDITIONS. 1. The work to be printed on quarto impe rial vellum paper, in Twclve Numbers. II. The First Number will i)e published on the 1st, of March, 18i3, aud will be continue i monthly until completed. ,Each of the first EightNumbers to coma in Six Plates; the suc- ceeding Four to contain each Four COLOURED Plates. Price 6s. eacti Number. R. ACICERMANN'S SUPERIOR WATER COLOURS, (Approved, patronised, and recommended by the first-rate Artists in the United Kingdom, Being refiued and prepared under his immedi- ate inspection, they will be found, upon trial, to be tree from those imperceptible, destru it'ive particles, which occasion those frequent change, of the brilliant HUES of COLOURS They have asides a most peculiar convenience, each cak, being stamped with the name of the coi,)ijj.- They are sold in boxes of various sorts and si/es and in single cakes, large and small. Likewise DRAWING J'APERS & IVIATERIALS for DRAWING, also COLOURED FANCY PAPER:" &c. fife, wholesale and retail; aud o be had all tile mos; respectable Booksellers, Print- sellers, andSiationers in the United Kingdom. WA TED, In an A Horne t/s Office, as Copying Clerk, A YOUNG MAN, who wriics a good hand: lahe will be boarded and lodged in the house* Apply to Mr. JONES, Solicitor, Llanrwst, Denbighshire. N. B. The age not to exceed twenty. CARNARVONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Hotel, in the toivn of Carnarvon, on theQth day of May, 1813, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which notice wilt be given: LOT I. A DWELLING HOUSE in Penditrh, in the town of Carnarvon, with the Ground or Cel- lar underneath, now occupied by William Ellis. LO r II. A DWELLING-HOUSE adjoining the above, with the Ground or Cellar underneath, now in the possession of Margaret Colefax. LOT III. Another DWELLING-HOUSE, adjoining the above, with the Ground or Cellar underneath, in the occupation of John Griffith. LOT IV. The PUBLIC HOUSE, called the Carlisle Arms, in the said town of Carnarvon, with the Outbuildings, and Yard, containing in frollt of King's Head street, 17 yards or thereabouts, and extending backwards 2t! yards, or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Mr William Francis. LOT v. All those DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in flole-in-the. Wall street, in the said town of Car- narvon, now in the occupations of Evan Jones, labourer, Ellen Jones, widow, Richard Jones, mariner, Mary Ellis, widow, David Williams, rope-maker, Evan Roberts, deli-ringer. ( aiha- rille Williams, widow, and John Morgan, g-enlle- man, for one life, now fit being, aged from 70 to 80 years, and subject to a covenant for leaving the premises in good repair. LOT VI. All those two DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in Pepper lane, in the said town of Carnarvon, now in the occupation of William Roberts and Mary Prichard. LOT TII. All that FIELD, calied Cae Stryd Llyn, in Carnarvon aforesaid, lying between Pooi street and Love lane, in building or other lots, as de- scribed in the Map or Plan thereof, or agreed upon on.the day of sale. LOT VIII. FORTH YR AER, in the said town of Car- narvon, with the Tower and Buildings. Yard and Garden, containing about 22 yards in front of the street, with extensive Premises at the hack, is well adapted either for building two excellent Houses, or for building two rows of Cottages, or for a Warehouse and Merchant's Yard for timber, coals, &c. having a large Cellar, for the use of a wine, ale, or spirit merchant.— This lot is subject to a quit Tent of one shilling per annum. LOT IX. All that F ARM called t,ae Wetter, in the parish of Llanbeblig, in the county of Carnarvon, in the occupation of Griffith Jones, containing about 47 of good well Watered Lands, situate (),, file left, and near to the road from Carnarvon to Pwllheli, on a rising ground about a mile and a half from Carnarvon. This lot forms a most de- sirable spot for a Gentleman's House, commands a most beautiful and extensive view of the Car- narvonshire lulls, from Penmaenmawr to the Rivals at the back, and of the fown and castle of Carnarvon, with the river Menai, Carnarvon Bay, and Anglesey, to the front, and is equal in point of situation to any spot of ground in that neigh- bourhood. There are three detached pieces of Ground belonging to this Farm, which will be sold either ii,itli it or separate, as may be agreed upon at the sale. LOT X. All that FARM called Tyddyn Tien, in fhe pa- rish of Lland leniolen, in the said county contain- ing 47 acres, or thereabouts, in the occupation of ——— Jones, widow, situate within about two miles ancf a half of Carnarvon, (in both sides or the road from Carnarvon to Penl ir, and on both sides of ihe road from Crug to Llanrflg. LOT XI. All that FARM, called Cremlin in the parish of Aber, in the said county, containing 50 acres or thereabouts, with a right of common on part of the adjoining hills, now in the occupation of John Thomas, situate about four miles from Han. gor, above and near the Turnpike-road to Con- way, with a fine view of Beaumaris, Baron Hill, and Beaumaris Bay. This Farm has a good si ream of water running along paat ot the boun- dary. LOT XII. I All that FARM, called Van y Geulan, in the iiarish of Llanlairfechan, in the said county, in 'he occupation of the widow of the late Robert LtoyrL butcher, containing about 16 acres, lying near Bryn y neuarld, and -within a quarter of a -itfieof the Turnpike. road, with right of common, and a good stream of water passing through the Ijfld. LOT XIII. All that part of PEN Y BRYN, (above rhe "ump ke-roadl in the parish of Dwygyfylchi, ,n the ai" county, now in the occupation of Ri- chard Da vies, containing about thirty-three acres, or thereabouts, with a right of common —There s supposed to be a mine of Lead Ore on this ^arm, some Lead having been discovered there. LOT XIV. All that FARM, called Tregarnedd, near the Turnpike-gate,m the said parish of Dwygyfyf(.hi, in rhe occupation of Jane Roberts, containing about 17 acres and 1 rood, with a right of com- mon, and adjoining the sea shore near Penmaen bach Sands, being a very convenient spot for sea bathing. The respective tenants will shew the premises, and for further particulars < 0", "r Messrs. POOLE'S,Carnarvon, orof Mr. ROBERTS attorney and Notary Public. Bangor here Maps of the respective premises may be seen.