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Franchise of Rhuddlan. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of Mr. George frynne, White Lion inn, St Asaph* on Saturday, the 8th day »f U'"J 1813, between the hours of three'ami six o'clock in the afternoon, on such conditions as shall then and there be produced, a Valuable close ot FREEHOLD LAND, A called COl"lie'r Postol, containing' 4a.2r.7p. statute measure, more or tess,situated near the V ¡ r: ra¡;,fi ,Ill R hyddlan aforesaid. Possession init-i at Michaelmas next. (\1 r. J. Poaf.sKR, of Rh yddlan Abbey; or JOHN PARRY, of Hyla, will shew the said laud. ANGLESEY. TO BE SOLD B"'Y AUCTION, At the Bull's Head inn, in the Town of Beauma- ris, on Saturday the Ibtti day of fflag, 1613, between the hours of three and five o'clock, in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then p roductd, [unless disposed oj in the mean time by Private Contract, oj which due notice Kill be given,) in the following Luis LOT X. TipHAT Messuage Tenement and Lands, si- JL tuate lying and being in 'he parish ol Llail- goeJ, in the county oi Anglesey, called Iros-y- gorseand the Lands thereto adjoining called Nant heilui now in the possession of Mr. Johu Liuyd. LOT 11. That Messuage Tenement and Lands, situate lying and being in the said parish of Llangoed, called lkyucoch, now in the occupation of Ellin Huberts. LOT III. All that Messuage Tenements and Lands, situ- ate lying and being in the said IJarish of Llangoed, called and known by the name ltf Cde-coed-co w, yitd, now in the occupation of Robert Roberts. LOT IV. All that Dwelling-house, Blacksmith's-shop, Garden and Field, siluate lying" and being in the parish of Llangoed, now in the occupation of Hugh Thomas, Blacksmith. LOT V. That Messuage Tenement and Lands, situate lying: and being in the parish of Tregwalchinai, in the said couiily, called Strydangoch, now in the occupation of Richard Williams. LOT VI. The, undivided Moiety or equal half-part of that Messuage, Tenement and Lands, situate lying- and being ill the parish of Llangristiolus, ill the said county, railed Peinhosissa, now in the occupation of Hugh Roberts. LOT VII. And all those Fields, situate lying and being in the parish of A her, in the county of Carnarvon, called Caeapenrallt, now in the occupation oi William Roberts. All the before-mentioned premises are conve- IIjentlysituélfed for the carriage of lime and sand as manure, and arc within a proper distance of good Market Towns, the Lands are in a high s ate of cultivation, and the Buildings thereto are in good repair. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOliN EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. 1813. TO COVER THIS SEASON, -41 oneguinea and a half cach Mare, the money io be paid at Midsummer next, CASTANOS, RISING EIGHT YEARS OLD, Late the property of Sir T. Stanley, and now oi G. Underbill, horse-dealer, Shrewsbury. AST AN OS is allowed to he the handsomest J Blood Horse in Shropshire. He is a dark brown horse, stands fifteen hands two inches high; lie was got by Sir Harry, his dam by ^otSos Sir Harry was got by Karl Derby's Sir Teazle, and was a true good racer, beating the best horses of his year, Bellisima, Admiral Nelson, Lady Bull, and many others—Sir Harry won the Derby Stakes at Epsom, the Claret Stakes at Newmarket, of 200As each. Castanos ■>vas (rained in 1808, and run as under at Orms- kirk he won 50gs. beating Mr. Hamoud's bay colt, 3Mr. Benson's Monarch, and another; at New- castle, Staffordshire, he won 501. beating Mr. Turner s Maid of Durham, by Chanter, giving her I-Illb. for the year, and Mr. Richardson's Honest Bob; at Warwick he won a Sweepstakes ol lOgs. each, with 20gs. added, beating Mr llolfyoake s roan mare, and Lord Darlington's Whifenose, which horse was sold for 800gs.; at the same place, the following day, four mile heats, he won 501. beating Romeo, Sbucabar, Sunflower, and Mr. Hollyoake's roan mare; llomeo has since received forfeit from Lord Ox ford's Poulton; Castanos then went to Litch- field, ,>i"ï! run a severe race with Victoria, betting seven,Ko four on Castanos after which he fell amiss, and was taken out of training. Castanos proved himself last year the best foal-getter in North Wales, his stock remarkably strong, bony, aud handsome. ALSO TO COVER THIS SEASON, -4t one guinea each Mare, the money to be paid at Midsummer next. YOUNG BLAZE, RISING SIX YEARS OLD, The property of G. Underhill,liorse-dealer, Shrewsbury, HE is a dark.brown Waggon Horse, stands 1 fifteen hands three inches high, and as compact and good a drawer as any in the three •ngdoins, and has proved himself a sure foal- getter. SJ?" Barren Mares covered next Year at half f'tce. pil' J8' attend at Carnarvon, Bangor, and Ho,M £ LJanSefni> Llanerchymedd, AmJwch, regularly el a"d return aSain the same road, »<.feuurjy every nme days. CARNARVONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Sportsman Jnn, in the town'of Carnarvon, on Saturd/i Ilk 22d dft1) of May, 11)13._bt«tcen thj /tours of 3 and 5 o'clock in (he afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then pro- duced, unless disposed of in the mean time bi) private contract, of which due notice *oill be given, "Ml AT eligible TE\EME\ T and LANHS, JL wiih the COTTAGESand BUILDINGS thereto belonging, situate lying and being in the parish of Lland wrog,in 'he unity of Carnarvon, called and known by the name of Hafod y coed, containing ab »ut 38 acres, HOW in 'he occupation I of Elizabeth EYanSalldofhers, as tenants at will, at the yearly reti' oi £ 17 5s That I'EN EMENT and L N OS, situate lying I and being in the said parish of Uandwroi-, called and known t»y the na ie of Gihvern, containing about 94 acres, now III t e occupation of-Ann Hughes, widow, aged 64 years,, by virtue of a lease for her life That TENT.VlENT and LAND- sPua'c ly ug and being in the said parish of Llaudwrog,calle and known (ty (he n une of Havodevan, otherwise j Pmi, hos ciolta, now in the occupation of John I Evans, as tenant at will. An 1 tba' TEN EMENT and I.ASDS, with the ■COTTAGES Hiereto belonging, situate lyingarid I being in the said parish of Llandwrog, ca'ledan;! known by the name of PefrraHt, now in ihe oc- cupation of John Evans aud others., as tenants at I will. Hafod y coed is within about four miles of the I tOWIJ of Carnarvon, a pleasant place tor a person desirous of having a sitaation to build a house for a residence near :1 good -narrket to vn, it ad joins the road leading to the village of Uanllyf- nl. the land is aiable, and capable of great iiii. provement, at a small expence. Gihvern is within less ;han a quarter of a mile of Hafod y coed. t conunands all extensive view of Carnarvon Bar and the Island of Anglesey it is a ve> v fertile place for the growth of Trees, if adjoins the well wooded Demesne of John Griffith, of Try tan, Esq. The occupiers of rheseFarms have an unlimit- ed rig-he of common upon tltl- valuable Sheepwalk called Cilgwyn Common. For further particulars, apply to Mr. JOHn EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who will direct a proper person to shew the premises. Flintshire Estates TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY 511t. TLIOS. JONES, By order of the slssignees of Ge.ot ge Gregory, the. Elder, a Hankrupt, At the Black Lion Inn, in Mold, in thecouuty of Flint, on Tuesday the th day of April, 181.3, at three o'clock in the evening precisely, sub- ject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, and in the following lots LOT I. AN elegant and eiuent DWELLING HOUMi, culled I ruddy n Lodge, with the Oil! buildings thereunto belonging, situate ilea; the village of fryddyn, in Wie county of Flint, together with the several Fields, and parcels ol laud, and Planfatiolls fherewith held, now ill (he occupation of Mr. Robert Uavies, containing* by admeasurement, seventy acres, statute measure. Tryddyu Lodge is a newly-erected dwelling- house, contains in front lotirteen yards, has <J stone portico entrance, two parlours to the front, with .kitchens and .suitable offices, three lieu rooms on the first tloor, and four bed-rooms oi!. the second tloor, aud is, in every respect,adapi- ed for ine residence of a genteel family.- TIlt land lies in a ring fence, grodually descending t< a beautiful dingle, with plantations, &c. TIlt village of fryddyt) is sltuaieli four utiles fion. Mold, seven miles I'rom Wrexham, and twelve miles from Chester, lies near to several Gentle- men's seats, and in the midst of a spurting conn try, abounding with all kinds of fish and game — This estate is held hy the present tenant under a ieiise for seven yeii-s from Alay last. LOT II. All that MESSL.V.E or 'DWELLING HOUSE, with the Outbuildings thereto belong- ing, and the Land therewith held, coafainiiit tiity-two acres, statute measure, called I'rank' Farm. This estate lies wi.liin a ring tence, neai (he village of Tryddyu, am. is now in the oecu pation of John Kelford, as tenant from year tt year LOT III RHYDATALOG INN, with the S'ables an- other Outbuildings thereunto belonging, an about twenty-nine statute acres of lathi therewith held, no A in the occupation of illiam Jones, as tenant from year to year This estate, which s also within a ring fence, adjoins lot 2, and the house, which is new, is peculiarly well situate^ for an Jnn, as it lies at the point where the two great roads leading from Mold and Llananuou to Wrexham unite. The situation of these estates (all of which are freehold) is most desirable. Coal has been dis- covered under Trydd) n Loflge estate, and both coal and lime, of superior quality, and in the greatest abundance, lie within two miles of the centre of them. The roads in the neighbourhood are good, and the country alfords excellent mate- rials for their repair, and abounds with stone for building, of the first quality. The respective tenants will shew the estates. An Elevation and Plan of Tryddyn Lodge and- Maps of the Estates may be seen, and further information had, oil application at the Office of Mr. FINCHETT, Solicitor, Abbey Square, in Chester. AND ALSO TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the White Lion Inn, in the city of Chester, on Wednesday the 28th day of April, IHI3, at six o'clock in the evening precisely, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, The Freehold and Inheritance ot and in all that DWELLING-HOUSE, with the WAIlE- HOUSES behind the same, situate in Crane- street, in the said city of Chester, and late in the occupation of the said George Gregory, the elder. Mr. FINCHETT will direct a person to shew the premises, and further information piay be had on appltcation at his Office. IJ an,s ef'ni Fair. rrVJE Public *re r,'s-e.fuUy informed, 1 that as the next FAIR at the above ptare falls on Eas'tu Eve, it will be Su>l<>t»n (here on neH Jri\TI.<H .MODAy,íhe¡g¡hofAPHJL, 1813. CddNj UVONbHlHE. TO IIF, SOI,D BY AUC'rt()V, At ihe Hotel, in the town of ran,i, v^n on the fy'h dan of May, 1813, nt 4 o'clock in the nite,»»on, uiii-ss disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which notice will be give it. LOT!. 4 DWELLING HOUSE in P''ndit< h, in the town of Carnarvon, with the Ground or Cel- far underneath, now occupied by William Ellis. LOT II. A DWELLING-HOUSE adjoining the above, with the Ground or Cellar underneath, now in the possession of Margaret Colefax. I LOT III. I Another DWELLING HOUSE,adjoining the above, with the Ground or CeLar uuJerneaih, in the occupation of John Griffith. LOT IV. The PUBLIC HOUSE. called the Carlisle Arms,- in the said town of Caruarvpn, with the Outbuildings, and Yard, containing in front of Kind's Head stieet, 17 yards or thereabouts, and extending backwards 26 yards, or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Mr. William Francis. LOT v. All those DWELLiNG. HOUSES, situate jn Hole, in-the, Wall street, in the said mvn oTCar narvon, now in Ihe occupations of ) van Jones, labourer, Ellen Jones, widow, Richard Jones, nariner, Mary Ellis, widow, David Williams, rope maker, Evan Rober's, bel!-r,injer. Catha- rine Williams, widow, uud John Morgan, gentle- lIIan, for one lite, now in being, aed from 70 to 80 years, and subject to a covenant forleaving the premises in good repair. LOT VI. All those two DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in Pepper jane, in the said town of Carnarvon, now i.i the occupation of William Roberts and Mary Prichard.. LOT VII. v » All that FIELD, called Can Strijd TJi/n, in Carnarvon aforesaid, lying between Pool street and Love lane, in building or other lots, as de- scribed in the Map or Plan thereof, or agreed upon on the day of sale. LOT VIII. PORTH YR AER, in thc aid town of Car- narvon, with the Tower and Buildings, Yard and Garden, containing about S2 yards in front of the street, with extensive Premises at the back, is well atlipled either for building two excellent Houses, or for building two rows of Cottatvs, or for a Warehouse and Merchant's Yaid for timber, coals, &e. having a laree Cellar, for the use of a wine, ale, or spirit merchant.—This M is subject to a quit rent of Olle shilling per annum. LOT IX. A!f that FARM called Cae iifawr, in the parish If Llanheblig, ill 'he county of Carnarvon, in tin occupation of Griffith Jones, containing ahout 47 acres of good well watered Lands, situate on the left, and near to the road from Carnarvon to Pwllheli, on a rising ground about a mile and ä half from Carnarvon. This lot forms a most de- sirable spot for a (ien'lensaii's House, command., a most beautiful ami extensive view of the Car- narvonshire hills, from Penmaeumawr to (lie Rivals at the back, and of the town and castle oi Carnarvon, with the river Meitai, Carnarvon Bay, and Anglesey, to the front, and is equal in poin< i of situation to any spot of ground in that neigh- bourhood. There are three detached pieces ol Ground belonging to this Farm, which will he ;I}JI1 either with it or separate, as may he agreec upon at the sale. LOT X. All that FARM called 'I'l'ddiin Tien, in the pi- rish of Llauddeniolen, in f he said comity cnntatii- iiiir -7 acres, or thereahdnls, in the occupation Jolies, widow, situate within about two 'miles and a half of Carnarvon, on both sides of the road front Carnarvon to Pentir, and on Uoili sides of the road from Crfig to Llaurug. LOT XI. All that FARM, called Cremfin. in the parish of A her, in the said county, containing 50 acres. >r thereabouts, with a right of common on part of the adjoining hills, now in the occupation o! John Thomas, situate about four miles from Ran gor, above and near the Turnpike-road to Con- •vav, wi h a fine v i,:1V of Beaumaris, Baron Hill, anl Beaumaris BIIY. This Farm has a good stream of water running along paat of the boun- dary. LOT XII. All that FARM, called Tan y Geulan, in the par *h of Llanfairferhan, in the said county, in the occupation of the widow of the late Robert LI .yd, bu cher, containing about 16 acres, lying near Bryn y neuadd, and within a qtartel, of a mile of tiie Turnpike road, with right of common, and a good stream of water passing through the lanJ. LOT XIII. All that part of PEN Y RRYN. (above rhe Turnpike-road^ in the narish of Dwyeyfy'chi, in he,aiff county, now in the 'Wiiia'i»n 01 RI- chard Davies, containing about ihirt v-'breeacres, or thereabouts, with a right of "oaiinon —I here is supposed to he a mine of !.(."I Ore "It 1111.. Farm. some Lead having been discovered there. LOT XIV All that FARM, called T^arnedch near the 'J'lIrnpikt'-g:ate.ln the ;'¡(1 parish of • in he occupation of Jane Roberts, (,On about 17 acres and I rood, with aright of com- mon, and adjoining 'he sea shore near Penmaen bach Sands, being a very convenient spot for sea ba'hinsr.. The respective tenants will silew. tile premises, and for further oar'ieul; r..apply at office of, Megqrq. POO Lr,Carnarv, or of Mr. ROBERTS Attorney and Notary Public, Bangor, where NaIl of the respective premises may be seen. 'ILL BLANKS Un 6tti 'V;" IN THE STATE LOTTERY. 20,000 Tickets, numbered from No. I to No. 20,000. ir T') HE DlUfVN i V Furjn SEPARATE DAYS. SCHEME. 3 of j £ tO.OOO.are j £ 60,ti0c 3. f 0,0(/1/ ,30.r1\/O 4. 2,000 8,00!) 6 1,000 6,000 8 500 4,000 lo 300 S.ft''() 15 200 3,000 20 100 2,0011 40 5( 2,t" 0 50 40 2,000 10>°W> 20, &c. &c 80,000 10,159 Prizes. ^200.000 The first drawn 1,000 Blanks £ 20 earh The second drawn 1,000 Blanks.. £ 10 each T. R IbH, the Contractor, respectfully ad- vises an immediate Purchase, as from the popu- larity of the Scheme, ami the increasing demand in I'mvn and Country, the Tickets and Shares will certainty rise in price. Persons in the Country who find an) dif- ficulty in setting supplied are requesieri to send their Orders to the Contractor's for unate oflices 4, rornhill, or 9. Charing, Cross, London, Or to his following \gents: — T. KAYE, P>ookseller, Liverpool. R. PARKER, Bookseller, Whitchurch. J. SANOFORf), Bookseller, Shrewsbury. R. TA YLOR, Mnsic-warehouse, Bi-idg" street, Chester. ( £ T IN Tills STATE LOTTER Y MORE THAX H ALF OF THE TICKETS ARE SllRE 1'0 BE PRIZES. I ANGLESEY. Turnpike T »11 s to be Let. N OT ICR IS HEREBY GIVEN, tiie severil Tt)j'l .1. Gates, within the county of Anglesey, will be LET BY AUCTION, to the highest bidder, at the dwelling- house of Mr. William Griffith, known hy the name or sign of the Bull's Head, .in Llangefni, iu the said county, oil Friday, the 23d day of April next, between the hours of ele- ven o'clock in the forenoon, and four o'clock in the afternoon, to commence from the 12th day of May, then next ensuing, at the same rates as they are at present let Cot-, an(i as are particularly specified on the hoards affixed to the several Toll Houses, which Tolls last year produced the following sums, viz. Braint Gate £ 225 Llangefni Gate 265 Gate.. 225 Holyhead Gate 230 Exclusive of all illcumhrances and expences what- soever, at which sums they will be respectively put up. Whoever happens to he the highest bidder, must at the same time dve security, with suffici- ent sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustee*, for the pay men' of the rent agreed for, ai such times, and in such proportions as they shall direct. W. P. POOLE, Pencraig, Feb. 15,1813. Clerk and Treasurer. At which Meeting it will be proposed, that the different pails of the road will be let under con- to he kept in repair for such teogthot i)e tixe(i at itic And it will also be proposed at the Meeting, to Erect a Turnpike Gate at or nt-artlie op of Llangefni Hill, instead of ihe present one in the town of Llangefni, and that a Side Bar be -recieti :,ii the (,it (lie road commonly "ailed or known by the name of the Llangnstis y Hoad. Particular.s. OF sundry Lois, part of he Common and Waste Lands, situate in tiie several parish- es of Netin, Pjtjll, Carngiwch, Llanaelhaiarii, Olynrtog, and Llanllyfni, in the county of Car narvtMi, allotted and stt out for sale, on the days and at the places hereafter specified, by the Commissioners appointed by an Act. passed in the 5id year'of the reign of his present Majesty, in- ■itu'ed, An Act for inclosing Lauds in the pa- i,1¡ of Nefin, and other parishes apd places, herein mentioned, in the county of Carnarvon." In order to defray the expence of obtaining the -aid Act, and of carry ing t he same into execution, At the Crown and Anchor, in the town of PwiI htlj, in the said county of Carnarvon, on Wed- nesday,the Sflsi day of April next, hetween tlw hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, sub- ject to conditions. In the Patish of A^evitt. Lot t. A Portion of NeFii) Mountain, bounded ou Hie tior,ii by the property of the Right Hon. Lord Newbornugh, on 'he west hy the property o'' Richard Edwarcis, Esq. on the sonlh hy three encroachments, and on the east hy the common, containing Sa. Sr. 34p. Lot 2. A Portion of ditto,hounded on thenorth by the common, on the south by the road leading over the mountain to Rh 's c.ommins, on the east by lot S, flnrJ on the west by an encroachment, containing 7a. Or 3"p. Lot 3. A Portion of ditto, bounded on the east by lot 2, and on the south by the said road, con- taining 6a. 2r, 5p. In the Parish of Pislill. Lot 4. A Portion of Rhos comniins, adjoining .the road froiti ;icrc, towards Penprys, aid extends to the Mountain wall, and joins the road leading to the properly of William Jones, containing 8a 2r. SSp. Lot 5 A Portion of the Hivah, bounderl on the north, south and west by the property of Wm. Harvey. Esq. called Bwlch. and on the east, by the road to Nantgwytheryn, and also the proper- ty of-Mr. John Roberts, containing 51a. Cr. Op. In the Parish of Carngiweh. Lot 6. A Portion of Carngiwch mountain, bounded n the nor'h and south by the properly of he Right Hon. Lord Vewborough, in the h of Griffith Humphrey, containing 7a. yr, SOp. Lot 7. A Portion of ditto, adjoining lot fi, and Lord Newborough's property, and also by 'he old garden, in the holding of the said Griffith Humphrey, containing 7a. Or. 8p. At the house of Giiffirh Roberts, in the village of Ciynnog, in the said comity, on Friday, the 23d day of April next, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to con- ditions. In the I'arish of Llanaelhaiarn, Lot 8 A Portion of the Rials, bounded on the nofth byh ilJiam Jones's property, and above •he encroachment made by William Jones, and joihS the cncroachiiient made by Jane Ellis, and on the west by ihe common,containing8a.?r.ls?p. Lot 9. A Portion of Bwlchmawr, bounded on the north an l east by the eowmon, nil the west by an encroachment, partly made by John Ro- berts, and the property of Griffith Owen, of Glasfryn, and on the sou'h by the road leading to a Turbary, containing 21a. Or. Op. Lo' li). A portion of ditto, situate ahoveCwm" coryfi Farm, and joins the said road on the north, on the east and Snurh by the common, and on the west by the sai l encroachment, and another en- r.r.,ach,iiciit made by William Roberts, coutaiuiug 17a. 2r. Op. In the Parish of Ciynnog. Lot 11. A Portion of Gyrn-och. bOllDrlert on the north by the Turnpike road to Carnarvon.on the east hy the Rev Harry Williams's properly on the south by two encroachments made by Ev Hughes and Catharine Owen, and on the west by the road leading to Pant) ffynnon Farm, contain iug 2a Or. lOp. Lot 12. A Portion of ditto, hounded partly on the north by an encroachment made by Griffith Jones, and partly by 'he said turnnike road at Pont yr afon hen, on the east by the properties of Dr. Hushes and Lord Newborough, called Tyddyn hen, and Cwmgwared, and on ihe west by the common, and an encroachment made by Owen Morris, containing 23a. L2r. Op. Lot 13. A Portion of. ditto, under Clogwyn- crwn, adjoining Pen'rallt, the property of Lord Newborough, containing I la. Or. 23p. Lot 14. A Portion of ditto, bounded on the north and west by Hafod y wern and Pen'rallt, on the cast by an encroachment, and on the south hy the common, containing 15a. I r. 32p. Lot 15. A Portion of R « lch derwin, bounded on tti, north by the common, on the east by Lord Newborougb's property, culled Talyfoel fawr, on lie north and west partly by an encroachment made Mr. Powell, and partly hy the property called Tanyfoel bach, containing 3a. Or. Op. At the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in the said comity, on Saturday, slit% 24th day of -N I)ri, next, between the hours 013 and Ó o'clock ;n the afternoon, subject to conditions. Lot 16. A Portion of Mynydd llwydn.awr, in the said parish of Ciynnog, bounded on Ihe east by the public road leading front Carnarvon to Peimvofa, on :he south by the common, on the wesC by Sir Robert W iiliam.s's property, called Hri ngro, and Oil the north hy road leading thereto containing 4a. lr. Op. Lot 17• A Portion of diffo, bounded on the mirth ny an encroachment made by Robert Ro. berts, ow the soulh and east hy the common, and on the west by the said public road, readine; froQ1 Carnarvon to Penmorfa, confaining 20a. Or. Op. In ihe Parish of L/aii/tyfni. Lot 18. A Portion of ditto, called Moptyrfa, bounded on the n >nh by an encroachment m !e by Richard Grifiih, on the smith by the com- mon, and an encroachment made by rfor" Hutn- pht e v s, on the east by 'he road lea(iiiig t,) (,,), 1 I ly ii, and on the west by the parish b undary, at Coriz y Stympian, containing 5a. Or. Op. Lot 19. N Portion of Clogwyn melyn, bounded on the north h) Joseph Hud dart, proper- ly, called Pen'rallt,on the south by the common on the east by an encroachment -lia(le by Tboo. Williams, and on the west by Mr \\m. Roberts of Llwyndu's property, containing 3a. Or. Op Lot 20. A Portiun of ditto, hounded on the west by an encroachment ma e by Wm. Owen Oil 'he east by the road leading from Pen y groes o,er the mountain '0 the slate quarries, and on the north and south by the comtn n, containing 6a. Or. Op. ° Lots 5, 15, and IS are good sheep walks, and flLIJ b" in proved at a small expence. Lots 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, an I 10, are capable of being cul- t lated. Lot 11 is a convenient spot for building, an l near he turnpike road. Lot 12 is a very de- sirahle and well sheltered place for a plantation, an-I upon thit part which adjoins lite uriii)ike. road, a malt house, or any other building, where a constant supply of waler is requisite, may be erected. LOIs ij 14, and 16, arc capable of cul- tiva ion. Lot 17 is very convenient for Bodych- a n and Caera fauns, the properties of D. E. Naiiuey and Rowland J Int'S. Esqrs. the whole of winch may he cultivated and iini)r ved at a tri- fling expence. Lots 19 and 20 are very desirable tipofs lor building, and the ground may be culti- vated at an easy expence. Maps o) the (liffereiii lots are left at the house of tirifBih Roberts, in the village of Clyiuiog: and may be also seen by applying to us the said Commissioners, or at the Offices ol Mr. ELLIS, in Pwllheli, and lr. Fv NL;'s, a' Cirliurvon, of whom, and the Commissioners, any further par- ticulars may he had. RICHARD ELLIS. ? „ ROBT. WILLIAMS,J LomauuoatM 17th Feb. 1813.