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THE Prince Regent's Declaration was re ceived at New York on the 27th February, and would reach Washington 011 the 1st of last mouth. The American official paper gives a decided opinion that the etrect of the Bill <> prevent the employment of foreign seamen, must be to produce Peace. The Belvidera Bnlish frigate has taken the Lottery from Baltimore, after some resistance, in which the American Captain was mortally wouutlecl. xtractsfi-orii the Allona Mercury. Berlin, ,)Iareh 6. -After I lie French army had commenced, during the night of the 3d to the 4th inst. to evacuate our capital and the places of Kopenik and Schoneberg, 3000 Cossacks with two batteries of horse li-fillei-y galloped into the town they overlook their rear-guard in Ihe streets, and at Templo, near the Halle Gate, and some hot skirmishing ensued. On the other side of Potsdam the French army took a position, the bridge being well forlified and defended by 2000 men.— Last night the Cossacks entered Potsdam, and have been since reinforced with infantry. The Russian troops under Prince Repnin, Generals Czernihcheff, Benkendorf, Kulusoff, the younger, and Diebitch, have made their entry here on the 4th, from nine o'clock in the morning lilltwo they consisted of about 14,000 Cossacks, dragoons, the fine regiment of hussars of Grodno, 4000 strong futir regi- ments or in fail try and some heavy artillery. Among theeavalry is a fine corps of regular Don Cossacks, two others of Monguls, one of Kalmucks, and another of Bashkirs, armed with bows and arrows, they bivouack day and night near the Palace, and under the Linden. On the4th, the Russian Generals appeared at the play, where the members of the Royal Family and Ladies of the first rank filled the boxes. The whole town was illuminated during the night. This evening entered 12000 grenadiers, four regiments of dragoons, and heavy artillery. The troops here make room for others, and march to the Elbe. On Mon- day we expect Gen. Tchilschakof with 40,000 troops of the line. A strong corps marches against Sleltin, and is encamped to-day in and near Stutgard. The march through our city, we understand, will continue yet 14 days.— The vanguard, under CzernitchofFalone, con- sists of 20,000 men, almost all cavalry. The King is expecled at Potsdam on the 16th. Many preparations are making here for the reception of an exalted personage. 11 On Tuesday, the 2d inst. the Russians entered Dresden. Yesterday and the day before the French burnt down the beautiful suburbs of Kusirin and Spandau. A Lisbon Mail arrived last night. A Dis- patch from Lord Wellington, dated the 3d, slates, that the enemy had made no move- ments in that part of the country since the 24th. A part of the French forces having marched in the direction of Valladolid, the 3d brigade of Sir It; Hill's division in conse- quenrcadvanced from Coria to Placentia. The departure of Soult for France is again posi- tively stated.

Thursday, April 8.

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