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Llangefni Fair. THE Public are respectfully informed, A that as the next FA I R at the above piaee falls on Easter Eve, it will he holdeu there on next Ti ASTER MONDAY, the 19th of APRIL, 1813. UNION FIRE AND LIFE INSTITUTIONS. IN these establishments ALLTHKSAVINGS ARK RETURNED TO HI-, 1 MSURED, in consequence of this plan, the Members of the Fire Insurance Department, whose period of re- payment has ari-iverl, huve received back fifty per Cent, of the Premiums tluy deposited. The rate: of the Life Institution are nearly ten per Cent. loicer thart those of other RtlabHslnnents, and ^usurers have thead Huoua) advantage of toeing (.(> 4t led to periodical bonus. Further particulars may be lia(l, gratiq, of Nlr. ONVEN, of Bala; or of any of the Aden's, who iire appointed iR the priucipal towns in thb Prineipality. Gapt I Cltrig Road. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, AT a MEETING »f Ihe TRUSTEES of A this Road will be held at the Penrhyn Arms lt.otd wi',1 be liell, tak into consideration the stale of fhe said Road, and to adopt some better mode of the Repairs; also to exa-mine a;id pass the Treasurer's Accounts, and to settle what Dividend shall he paid to the Subscribers. As ihere are letters of complaint to lay before the Meeting-, the attend- ance of Gentlemeuiiiparticularly requested BENJ. W if ATT, CLEttX AND T ft EA, SU R E R Lime. Grove, March 23d, 1813. Pwllheli, Sse. Inelosure. I THE undersigned COM MISSIONER, ap- poitifed by ;m Act of Parliament made on1 passed in the 5yd year of the teign of his present (\i<ijesty, entitled,41 an 'A(-t for iiiclt)siiig and embanking lands iu the parish of De- Dio, and other parishes in the county of Car- narvon." Do hereby give Notice,, Tfeat 1 have received plans and estimates for J Greeting and building an Embankment across;! Penrhos River, at or near a ceruiiu place called Penrhyd lynniog, in (he said pantih of Den.a.: and that such plans and estimates N,ill ",I)C pro- duced at the CrowlI and Anchor, in the town of Pwllheli, on Wednesday the 21st day of April; next, between the hours of eleven and one in the foreno«».i, for the inspection of all persons iiWe- ,rested In tl)e said incloKurc, and also to take into consideration the mode of forming aud making said erabaukinetit. It. ELLIS, Commissioner. i-Pwllheli, 23d March, 1813. Aberdaron, 4r. I nclvsure. I the Undersigned, Commissioner appoint ed in and by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 5lst, year of the reign of his .present Majesty, intituled, -1 An Act for Inclosing Com- ..raojis. and Waste Lands, in the parish of Abcrda- r,olJ\, and other parishes in the county of Car- narvon." < Do hereby give Notice, That for the purpose of defraying the expences of carrying the said act into execution, I shall cause several Lots or portions of the said Com- ,.inpn,i called Abereirch March and Rhiw mountain to.be Sold by Public Auction, at the Crown aii,i .^Anehor, in the Town of Pwllheli, on Wednesday the 28th day of Vpril next, between the hours of:3 and 5 in the afternoon,subject to Conditions "of Sale, Pirtigulars of the said Lots may he had of me the said Commissioner, or at the Office of Mr. F-ILOBERT GRIFFITH, Solicitor, Pwllheli. A person will he appointed at each place tp> shew the Lois. RICHARD ELLIS, Commissioner. MORE PRlZrø THAN BLANKS IN THE STATE LOTTERY WHICH BLGINS DRAWING fj6i.ii MAY, AND ON TH AT DAY EVERX TICKET DRAWN WILL BE A PRIZE. SCHEME. 3 of. ,.>, £ 20,000 are £ 60,000 ;¡ J 0,000 30,000 4 2,000.8,000 !»000 6,000 8. 500 4,000 300 3,000 If. 200 3,000 -iO. '100.. 2,000 .n™ 50. .2,000 10>nj0 40, «0, &c 82,000 The first drawn ljOOO Blanks. £ 20 each The second drawn 1^000 Blanks.. £ 10 each 17irst drawn Prize above £20, SECOND DAY, = £ -2o,,ooo. First drav!«i Prize above £ 40, THLRD DAY, -x It), on_o. 10,159 Prizes, and OIlJ)" 20,000 Tickets The above Scheme is adapted to every Class of Adventurers, as more than One Half of all the Tickets and Shares bought (on an average) WILL BE PRIZES, besides their Chance for ALL the CAPITALS. Tickets and Shares are Selling bf f. DISH, the Contractor, at his Fortunate Ofli- es, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing Cross, London, bY the- following Agents, K\YE, Bookseller, Liverpool. PARKER, Bookseller, Whitchurch. -J SANDFORD, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. R. TAYLOR, Music-warehouse, Bridge- street, Chester. Persons in the Country who find any dif- y ,n Setting supplied with Tickets, Shares, the n^68'- °r "ie Agents, are desired to send ,r Uf(le|,s direct to tfee Cy»iractor as a^ove. LRAO MINKS, carnarnoj* stri.it i<:t north wales. ■TO BE LET, ripHK *■ afitahl*- LEA n MiNRS on (hp Estate .A of fiWvdir, in the county of Carnarvon, for such term of years as may be ag'Ced upon. The least's of these Mines having lately expir- ed, the Proprietor is disposed to.ratit new teases aid lihe..ill and the variety and extern of the veins (which ha\ hitherto Ir" only pa tsajljr explored) are such as *0 render them an ofje(-t worlhv the-attention of Miners of capi- tdl dndenterlif'l/e-. F<t particulars apply to JAMISS ADAM-, Esq-s P ikelony, by Dtinblane, North Britain, or to Cap-am t! leu A R ft Martin-, Miner, LlanrWsf. Daibighmiirc Oak Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of .Ifi Oldtielif, in Caericy^, on Thur- day t'¡e"22d day of April. IS 1.1, at three if clock in the: tift-rnaon. subject to conditions then to h{ produced, in the following lotsy Lot 1— jfflWO HUNDRED and FORTY. X T' W () n K rlt E E S. 2.j„Two hundred and thirty-five ditto. 3 — two hundred and iffty-eight ditto. 3 -eight (litio. 4.—Ninety -ifve ditto* 5.—One bun Ire.l and eighteen ditto, )tie ti,i,i(ire(i a:i(i two ditto a;ti i)iiiety.,)iie ditto. 8.— N.nefy nine ditto. 9,-Two hundred and thirty-one ditto. i 10 _One hUllllrel1 anti thIrteen diU(t. 11.— mety diffo. (litto B.-One hundred and fifty three ditto. 14.-Oite liiiii,ii-e(l aiid eigitly-lotir ditto. The above valuable Timber, growing on Maes, mynati Demesne, is cif-ati, ittid of I!trL,,e dimensions, and 'he greatest part of it suitable for keels, beams, planks and bends, and justly merits the attention of Ship-builders, Coopers, and Wheelwrifftww .Maesinyoan adjoins a good turnpike road, and within a few mites of the port of Rhyddlan, The rrct's arc serihe marked and numbered., 'each lot commencing with No i. Jos DAVIES, of Maestnynan will shew the different lots, and for funhcr particulars apply to Mr. CHAMBERS, of Borlfarry. TAXES. rff^HF4 RECEIVER GBMERAL will at tend at the places and on the days following, (between the hours of ten and three o\ lock,) for the purpose of receiving the last Moiety of Land and Assessed Taxes, for the year Isl2, and all otits'anding arrears of Property, Land, and As- St',¡"d Taxes, for the years 1811. and 1812. — No Notes whatever, but Bank of England. will be tii keii. Counties. ) Llanerchymedd, Monday (lncl Tues- Anglese-y. day, 26ih ati I 27th April. j Llangefni, Wednesday, 28;I) do rConwav, Thursday, 29Mi do. Carnarvon. )P;he'i' j 2?d May. (Carnarvon, Monday, 24th do. r M01 hdref, Fritlay, 30t.h A pril. Abergele, Saturday, 1st May. Denbigh, Monday-, '^1 do. Ruthin, Tuesday-, 4th do. Denbigh. Wrexham, Saturday and Sunday, | Sih. aud 10th do. I Oswestry, Wednesday, J2t'h do. j Lial»golleii, Thursday, 13thdo. I. Dwyrid, Friday, 14CIi do. (St. Asaph, Wednesday, 5'h May,, P, j Holy well, Thursday, 6th do. n r* VIold, 'Friday, 7<h do. (t>verfot», Tuesday, lltli do. 1 Bala. SalunJay, 15th do. Merioneth J1)o,splle>> Monday, l7ih do. ttierionem.< ra,.y.n>.M) Tuesday, LSih do. ( Vlaentwrog, Wednesday, lftth do. Trescirncdd, Ma, 2.'i, 1813. J ANGLESEY. Turnpike Tolls to be Let. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES, >']OHAT the Tolls ansniji at the several Toil JL Gates, within the county of Anglesey,'■»ill be LET li Y AUCTION, to the highest buicler, at the dwelling house 01 Mr William GnOrth., known by the or sign of ihe Bull's Head, in Llangefni, in the said county, on Friday-, the 2Sd day of April next, between the hours of ele- ven o'clock ill the forenoon, and four o'clock III the afternoon, to commeiwc from the -12tli day or May, then next ensuing, at the iiiiie ratesas they are at present let for, and as are particularly specified on the hoards affixed to the Several Toll Houses, which Tolls last year produced the followiug sums, viz. Braint Gate £ 225 Llangefni Gate 285 Lianynghenedl Gate..225 Holyhead Gafe 230 Exclusive of all incumbrances and expences what. soever, at which sums they will be respectively put up. Whoever happens to he the highest hidder, must at the same time eive security, with suffici- ent sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for the payment of the rent agreed for. a! surh times, and in such proporttonsas they shall direct. W. P. POOLE, Pencraig, Feb. 15,1813. Clerk and Treasurer, j At which Meeting it will be proposed, tlwt the different pafts of the road will be let undtr con- tracts. to be kept in repair for such length of j time as shall be fixed at the Meeting. And it will also be proposed at the above Meeting, to Erect a Turnpike Gate at or near the top of Llangefni Hill, instead of the present one in the town of Llangefni, and that a Side Bar he erected in the said town, on the road commonly called or known by the name of tbe klan^ristis- lys Road. lys Road. "17'\1- T'II T TO HE SOLD. AT CAUVUlVOY, 7 rhe very fast >• ailing Schooner i"(,li,,ui-e MARIA STELL\, Belonging to WM. GAVEN, Rsq. till .ill hti masts, spars-, st^jjJidft. runfiitiir rigging coin letes main sail, foresail, and.1 jibs'; 2 anchors, 2 cables, ,1 boat, 2 oars, a pump'with half-deck, and lockers compjete,—with a stove, 2 sweeps, is copper f istened, and in every res- c(irnl)lett- atirl ready for sailing.— For parti- culars apply to Mr. William Williams, Bangor- street, Carnarvon. ft. it\. Length of Keel. 20 6 Breadth 011 the Beam 8 3 Depth in the Hold 4 0 Admeasures about tons. TO BE let, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, At the Bull's H-ud Inn, ill I.l-twrchymedd, in the county of Anglesey, oil fVf.iinetd/iy, the 14th day of April next, at thrtt o'clock in the afternoon, rHE Principal Part of a FARM, called BL Cofdana, in the parish of Coe.lana, hi the county of Anglesey, its the foi-Iowitig parcels- More 01' Irss. A. R. P. I Field, called Cae P.,tnt, 18 1 10 I Ditto, Cil(- IC 3 22 1 i Ditto, Porth y Sals. \2 3 28 I I Ditto, Caebryncoch 12 0 6 I nitto, Cae Fari 19 0 ii 2 Ditto, I 2 2-1 2 Ditto, Cae Muwr f} 0 i Ditto, RhosGyfiMa. 23 2 37 1 Ditto, Tu a lj .iuinjj g I Coedana House ) I Ditto, Cae Sarah 16 3 6 These Premises are in a high state of cultiva- tion, and will be respectively let as i'arhsor Pad- docks for grazing, under the conditions to be ro- dueerljat the timeff place ofletiing. The takers to give security for the payment of the tent, and to (lay tenant's property tax, all other taxes to be borne hy the owner. The Servant, resi(finz a-t Flouse, will shew the Premises, and for further particulars apply to Mr. ROBE firs, Attoney at Law, Ran gor, where a Alap (If the Premises may he seen. Botanical Lottery* R I C ff A R DSO N" COnøLUCH, & CO. RESPECTFULLY acquaint The Public that Government ha" fixed the Drawing of die no fAN ICA L LOTVKR Y I' the 6 h of MAY NEXT. In (his Lottery there are 20,000 rickets, one hall" .it' whi(,Ii tire fli,izf-s of valued according to the undermentioned Scale, extracted from the Schedule ol the Act of Pilr- liament i — Prizes. I Valued at £ 5,0$i f£ b,0$(> 109 80. 200, 30- 6 t0 15 9,00; 2,000 7,000 3. 21,000. 10,000 Prizes. ,£r}I,f' 0 Tickets, price 21. 5s. each, arc selling at their at Haverfordwest, by J. Griffiths, For Richardson, Coodluck, & Co. -London. CAKN ARYONS51IHE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION", .It the Sportsman Inn, in the tonn of C¡¡nrarV01J, on Sutui dn.r fthe 22(i naif ,f ISIS, bettoei n lib hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the- afternoon subject h1 such conditions as slu,ll he then pro ducett, unless disposed of in the mean time 6,7 ,p contract, of which due notice, m'l be given, AltJ AT eligible TENliMENT and LANDS, iL with the thereto 'belonging, situa'e lying and being in tin parish 01 L!andwrog,irt the couuty o-f C«rnarvtin, called and known by the nlin.ln-f liafud !) cued, containing about 38 acres, tiuw iii the occupation of Elizabeth Evans and others, as tenants at will, at the y early rent of X+l 5s That PEVKMEVT and LANO-S, situate lying and being in fhe said parish of .Llandwros, called and known by the name of Gilnern, containing about 24 acres, now in the occupation of Attn Hughes, widow, aged ô4 JLar,, by Virtue of a lease for he 1 life That TENTM-ENT and LA NOS. siluatc lymg and being in the said parish 01 l.la:id«.vro £ ,Called and known hy the o-.tiie of llavodtvan, otherwise Pew-has cwUlt, now 10 the ocaupation of John Evans, as tenant at will. And that T EN EM ENT and LANDS, with the COTTAGES thereto belonging, situate lying aud bt:'¡III:' ilt the said JÎarisll (If I.l¡¿wl', r", called and known h) the lIallle of i'en".(Itlt, now in the on- clipatioll of John Evans and others, as tenants at will Hare(I y coed is within about four miles of the town of Carnan-oll, a pleasant jilaeefor a person desirous of having a situation to huild a house for a residence near a good marrket »o>*n, i' ad- joins the road h-a )')? to the village of Lianllyf- Eli. the land is arable, and capable of great it", provement, at a small ex pence. Gilwern is within less than a quarter of a mile of Hufod ) coed. it commands an extensive new of Carnarvon Bar and the island of Anglesey ? il is a very fertile place for 'he growth of frees, it, adjoins ttie well wooded Demesne of John I Griffith, of Tryfan, Esq. The occupiers of these Farms have an uuliinit- ed righ of common upon the valuable Sheepwalk called eilgwyu Common 1 For fu'ther partioulars. apply to Mr. Jons Evans, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who will direct a lHolur person to shew the I)ECutious. J BRITISH FlUE OFFICE. J7'.0U Hie .nsuran.eof Rvnjdiows, Furr,,|t.re, \3ereh;MHisZe, Ships, Vessels, and all other Property, ag.ii-usf Loss or damage by FlUf;. Proposals may be had gratis, at the principal O^Tiees in she Strand and €t>mltill, LONOO\, or of the Company's Agems in the ditfereot Ciries aii(i 'I'owni in G,eTt Iiiit(ii?t iiiiii IF-elon(I Insurance* for short Periods, or for several Years together, may he 'effected at this Office, j upon the most equitable Terms. PII/icies will not be charged for Sums of X.3f)() or upwards, nor lo Persons increasing their -pre- sent Insurances. The whole STOCK of a FARM will be insur- ed without SpeeiSca:iofl, at the reduced Premium of 2s per Cetit. I)ilylblC a-t tvill lie voi,l, unless renewed within iffteen days therefrom. Llanbcdrog, I ado sure. IT II g undersigned COM MISSION ER, np- pointed ;n aud ijy an Act of Parliaiiient, tiiade and passed in tbe48ih year of the reign o. his present Majesty, ciiiiiit,(], "I ,)ii Act lor 111- closing lands m the parish of Llaniiedrog^ and I' uthcr paDsix") in the county of Carnarvon." I Do hereby give. A otice, That for the purpose of defraying the expences (it (,at,t)iiig the Act into execution, t shaH cause to he put wI" It) I S\LE, BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Crn and Anchor, in the town of Pwll- heli, in »h>' snitl county, on Wednesday, the 28th day of April next, between the hours of I till-ei- aiii li,e ill lertlooll., subject to con (HlOas of sale,- A FOR nON or the COMMON, called ydd tir Cfcmmtcd, bounded on the north by an al I lotment of Cailier-ine K+ans on the east by an allotiiien' of John t'richard on the south by an allotment of Gwilli.ii Lloyd Wardle, Esq. on <he | west by the road leading to Abersoch, contain- j icg 3a. or. 20p. j 1[. 3,1..)" 2ô¡l. For particulars apply to me, the said Co nmis- « sioner or at the OlTice of Mr. Robert rriffitli, Solicitor, Pwllheli, where a map of the lot may be R. ELLIS, Commissioner. l'ldlhcli, 181-It March, 1813. Flintshire Estates TO P,-Y, SO'l,l) IiY AUCTION, BY Mil, THUS. JON ES, By urtler of the /lssis;ni;e, of G^.o,gc Gregory, the ■Elder, a Hankritpt, At the fJlaclc I,ion Inn, in Moid, in the county of at three o'clock in the evening precise! t, sub- ject to such conditions as will be then and mere produced, and in the following lots-— t OT ,1,. AN elegant atu! couveinent DWELLING IK>-U.-ih. called J'ry sdyn Lodge, wiih (Ik* Mn.builditTgs thereuuio netonguig, siiiKite neai the village ofA rryddyu, in tbe county of -Flint, together withjbe several -Fiei is, and'parcels o, iau-.l, and Planiatii>ns ttie'ievvuh held, now in the occupation of 'Mr. ilob-s-ri Davies, coirtaitiing l>\ SCVClif) I ryddyu i.od^e is a newly-erected dwell ins- house, contains m (root lonrteeti yards, has a -)oriie-tt two tole witii liitenen* and suitaole offices, throe bed .rooms on (he first floor, and four'bed-rooms oi- the second tloor, ynd is, in every res pec, ailap eo lor toe rcidence of a gen'eel family. I h. iiittd lies iii a ring fence, g'oduaiiy desccuding I • .-i Oeaut' .-ni ilingle-, r/iih ;>!anta: ions, a. Tl:, 11, seven miles from Wrexham, and tweh. Iiiit's frolllChcslcr, lies I\(:ar to se\'elal (;dl:l. /j('II'S Sl'<I'S, a:¡;j ill ¡IH' midst of a spolTing COUll i y, abounding with ail kinds of fi<ii an.t game — fillS Ostttte is heuJ by the preseni tenant under i, ciise lor seven year* from i\?aj last. t-oT j i. All that ftlESSL i-E or DWI-X'LING- ;iOCSjv, with Ihe Outbuildings thereto belong .ng, Knd the Land thercwilh held, contauim; !i t)-Iwo s,iiiice iijei,stiri,, -!iil,cfi la-m. 1 his estate Lea wiihm it rmg fence, ueai uie viLage o-t irydiiy>i, ano is nox' m the occti pation ot John Kellord, as tcuant from year to year. LOT m Itf-I V I)ATAT.,Of" I N N, with the Stables and other Ou buildin^s thereunto belonging, and about twenty-nine statu e acres of land iherewith held, nov. in the occupation of \V ifliain J ones, as tenant Irom year to year This estate, which is also within a ling fence, adjoins lot 2, and thi house, which is-new, is jieculiarly well situateo for an Inn, as if ties at the point where the t»vo gitat Wrexham unit-e. The situation of litest est-ales (all of which are freehold) is most desirable. Coal has been dis- covered under Try ddy ii Lodge esiate, 111111 bOlh coal and Line, of superioi quality, and in the greatest abundance, Ire wuhio t wo miles of ttie -centre of then) I lie roads m (b<; neighbourhood are good-, and flit country affords excellent, nia'e- ria.ls for (heir repair, and abounds with sione for building, ol' the tirsi quality. The respective tenants will shew the estates. An Elevation and Flan of Trydclyn Lodge an i Maps of the Estates may he seen, and further iuformatiou bad, <m application at the Otlice 01 Mr FJNCHETT, Solicitor, Abbey Square, in Chester. AND ALSO TO BE SOLI) BY NUCTIONT, At the Whi'c Ei°u Inn, in the city of Chester, on Wednesday the il;t:1 day of April, HI, a. six d'e'oek ill evening precisely, subject 10 such conditions as shall be then produced. The Freehold and Inheritance ot and in all that UVVELi IN 'J-iluUSE, with the WARE- HOUSES behind 'he same, situaie ill C'l'ane- stree in the s.iid city ot Chester, and la e in ti-^ occupa'i"ii ol ttie said Guorge Gregoiy, (he elder. Vir. FINCHETT will direct it person TO shew (tie ii)l,oriuatlou ilia) bt; liad ou appltciition at his Office. !!L f FOR SALE, | The Bri^ tint an JVlorriston, ?4 I..I Now ly ing in the port of Swansea, burthen iter register 164 tons,of au easy draught of water,well calculat- ed ior thi1 Ralticor Coasting Trade* as site will stow a larce carao — J lately (nscharsed his M;. jest> Vhired set vice- well | lonnd m all description of stores. Apply lo Mr. WM. BRVAN, of Mortisfon,near sv;, it sea. C,J li s 4 R vo S HI n ft. TO RE SOLD BY AUCTIOV, At the Hotel, in the fotcn of ('a ~natvon on the^lh day of May, 1813, at 4 ,'(,I,irk ipt the aItefrwc", unL si disposed "I in the mean time by privalt contract, of which notice Kill be ziueu LOTt. .t OWEl.LING HOUSE in Peudili li. io the ..I-t. town ol Carnarvon, with the Ground or Cel- lar underneath, now occupied by William Ellis. I lo r 11. A DWELLING-ROUSE adjo nine; the above, I w-ith the Ground or Cellarunderneath,aow in the possession of Margaret Colelax. T.OT rrr. Anofhr DWELU. N G, IIOTISE, adjoining the above, with the Ground or Cellar underneath, in the occupation of John (riffilh. LOT IV. The PUBLIC HOUSE, called the Cartisto Arms in the said 'own of Carnarvon, with the Outbuildings, and Yard, (.ot"aijjijj,- in front of King'* Ilea I sticet, 17 yards or thereabouts, and extending backwards 26 yards, or thereabouts, now in the occupation or Mr. William Francis. LOT v. AM those DWELLING-HOUSES, situate ia Hole-iii-the Wall stree'. in 'he said town of Car- narvon, now in file occupations of Evan Jones labourer, i.tJen .1 ones, widow, Richard Jones, I mariner, Mary Ellis, widow, David Williams, rope maker, Evan Roberts, beii-ringer. Catba- rine Williams, widow, and John Alorffan, iren'le- itian, for one lite, now in being, a^'cd from 7 0 to 80 years, and subject to a covenant lor leaving Ihe prcmise-s ÙI good repair. T.OT VI. Alitliose two DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in Pepper lane, in the said town of Carnarvon now in the occupation of William Roberts aud Mary Prichard. LOT Vil. All that FIELD, called Cap. Sir yd Ui/Tl, in Carnarvon aforesaid, lying between Pool sireeC and Love lane, it. building or other lois, as de- scri'bed in the Map or Plan thereof, or agreed upon on the day of sale. LOT VIII. PORTlI YR A in tl»e said town of Car- narvon. wiih the Tower anti Buildings. Yardatid Garden, containing about 22 yi^rds in Trout of the street, with extensive Premises at the back, is well adapted either for building two excellent Houses, or for building two rows of Collages, >r for a Warehouse aud Merchant's Yaul f<>r ,iruher,eoaJ, <&c. having a large Cellar, for the IbC of a wine, ale, or spirit merchant.—This I t IS subject to a quit rent of one shilliug per annum* LOT IX. All that I"NRNI called ( ae Mawr, in the parish of Llanbcbiig, in The county of Carnarvon, in tlie occupation oi Griffith Jones, containing ahotlf41 .icies of good well watered Lauds, situate on the le t, and near to the road from Carnarvon to PwrlheH, "II u rislllg grÜlltHI ahul a IHile élnd a ;a I lioui Carnarvon. This lot Conns a mo,t <5e- -irable spot for a Gentleman's House, commands 1,1 ui isi beautiful and extensive view of Ihe Car— to (lie lti,a s if the hack, and ol the town and castle of Carnarvon, wiih the river Menai, Carnarvon Bay, ill i Anglesey, to the front, and is equal in point >1 situation to any spot of grout),! in that neigh- bourhood. There are three de'ached pieces of ".round belonging to this Fa-ui, which will be sold either with it or separate, as may be agreed j upon at ihe sale. LOT -S. All that I' ARM called J'yddyn Hen, in Ihe pa« rish 01 Llanddenioleu, in file said county contain- ing 47 iici-ei, (it- in ihe occupation of Jones, widow, situate within abou' two lIJiles and a half of Carnarvon, on both sides of (be road from to Peril ir, and on both sides of the road front Ciug to Llanrug. LOT Xt. All that FARM, called Gremlin, in the parish ■if Alver, in the said county, containing 50 acres, or thereabouts, with a right of common on part of file adjoin nj hills, now in the occupation of John Thomas, -iiuate about lour miles from Baa- -r, al)o%e iii I iieat- the Turnpike-road to wa>, wi h a ifne view of Beaumaris, liaiou HjU and iieauoiaris Bay. This Farm has a goad stream of water running along paat 01 the boun- dary. LOT XII. All that FARM, called Ian y Geulan, in the |>an.,h of Llaiilairfechan, in the said county, in H e occujjation of the widow of the late Robert LI -ytu butcher, containing about 16 acres, ly inr near ilrjn y neuadd, aud within a quarter or » mile ol the 1 urnpike- road, with right or common, ItuJ* ^0°'' sllt:'a'u w'ater passing through the LOT XIII. All that part of PhN Y BIlYN. (above rhe rurnp ke road) in the parish of Dwysy f} b lii, in 'he -ai i conn■ y, now ill file orcupation ol fti- chard Davies, containing about tliirtj-three acres, or thereabouts, with a pghi of common —There is >upposed to be a mine of Lead Ore on rliis Faun, some Leail havnit; been discovered there. LOT XIV. All that FARM, called Tregarnedd, near the T; rnpike-gate,.n the said par-sli of i)w\gy fy |< hi, in 'lie occupation of Jane Roberts, (On'aiiiing about 17 acres and I rood, with a right 01 com- mon, and a Ijo.niiig he sea sh re near Peninai n- bach Sands, being a very convenient spot for sea bat hin?. The respective tenants will shew the premises, a id for fii tli T par t(-u!rsappt\ at tli-. Office of Messrs. Poo ori)l Mr. Roberts AI. rnev ;in.f ",a g,-r, Maps of the respective premises uiaj be seen.