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"~r > iii««iiiiiii>ii u- 1-' zn Anglesey Auxiliary Bible Socty. AT a numerous and respectable held at Llanerchymedd, on Thursd'y Sdth day of February, 1818, (convened bypublic ise advertisement) for the Institution of a jllBLE SOCIETY, within the said County, as Aoxitiai-y to the British and Foreign Bible Society MR. OWEN ROBERTS, in the Chair. IT WAS RESOLVED, 1. That this Meeting do highly approve of the Objects, constitution, and proceedings of the Bri- tish and Foreign Bible Society, in London. 2. That a Society be formed in Anglesey, for the purpose of aiding and co-operating with the British and Foreign Bible Society, in dissemi- nation of the Holy Bible, both at home & abroad. 3. That 0, designation of this Society shall be Anglesey Auxiliary Bible Society." 4. That the Society shall consist of all who are disposed to promote the object in view, with- out respect to any difference of religious sen- timents. a. That each Subscriber of ten shillings and sixpence, and upwards, annually,shall bea Mem- her of this Society, and each Subscriber of five guineas at one time, shall be a Member for ji re. and ail executors paying bequests of twenty pounds, or upwards, shall be a Member of this Society.— Donations and Subscriptions to any amount shall also be thankfully received. 6. That the only copies of the Scriptures to be circulated by this Society, shall be the author- ized Versions, without note or comment. 7. That the business of this Society shall he conducted hya President, Vice-Presidellls, Trea- surer, Secretaries, and a Committee of twenty- four Laymen,to be elected annually by the So- ciety, at their General Meeting half of them shall he members of the Church of England, and the other half members of other denominations f Christians; any five of whom to be deemed competent ro transact the business 8. That such of the Clergy, Dissenting Minis- )jssetititir, ters, and Methodist Preachers as are Subscribers, be considered as Members of the Committee, and be at liberty to attend and vote at their Meetings. 9. That the Committee meet every two months or oftener, if necessary, at the time and place appointed by them. 10. That the Committee divide the county into districts, and that Bible Associations be formed in every district, to co-operate with this Society, and that a Committee be appointed by these Associations, to enquire what families or individuals residing in theirdstricts, are in want of Bibles or Testaments, and unable to procure them, that they may furnish them therewith at reduced prices, or gratis, according to their cir- cumstances II. That the Committee of those Bible Asso- ciations, be entitled to all the privileges of the general Bible Society. 12. That a General Meeting be held anunally, at such places as shall hereafter be appointed by public advertisements, when one of the Secre- taries shall read the report of the transactions of the Committee for the preceding year, and different Officers of the Institution shall be filled up by vote. 13. That Bibles are to be sold not above three shillings and sixpence, nor under one shilling and Testaments not above fourteenpence, nor un- der fourpence. 14. That the whole of the Subscriptions and Donations received by this Society, shall be an- nually remitted, after deducting incidental ex- pences, to the Parent Institution, and the Society shall he entitled to receive a supply of Bibles and Testaments, estimated at the prime cost, to the amount of half the entire sum remitted by them to the Parent Society, within the year, (if necessities require it). 15. That a book be now opened for the receipt of Donations and Subscriptions, from the persons present at this Meeting, and that the Treasurer and Secretaries be requested to receive them from such persons as may be disposed to contribute. 16. That every order on the Treasurer for the payment of money he signed by the Chairman and two other Members of the Committee, in pur- suance of Resolutions to be made by the Com- mittee, or the major part of them at their meet- ings. Ill. That these resolutions be published once in the North Wales Gazette, and Chester Chroni- cle,an(I that a copy of them signed by the Chair- "'an he transmitted to the President of the Bri- tish and Foreign Bible Society. On the motion of Mr. Robert Prichard, se fueled by Mr. Theophilus Jones, and unani- tl?Usly agreed upon, that the grateful thanks of £ jls Meeting be presented to the Rev. Thomas 4|ar'eS for his zealous exertions in forming "'Y Wiety, moved llairnian having left the chair, it was thank, unl unauimously agreed upon, that the this meeting be presented to Mr. Owen The Offl"r l,is aI)le con(,ucr 'he chair, mincers for the ensuing year are— PRESIDENT. (not yet appointed,) VICE-PRESIDE STS. Sir John Thomas Stanley, Bart. Paul Panion, Esq, Holland Griffith, Esq.' John M. SkiJiner, Esq. William D. Felioiues, Esq. ].L\ J.U. Goddard, Esq. Pierce Thomas, Esq. R. L. Davies, Esq. TREASURER. Mr. Owen Jones, of Llygwy. SECRETARIES. Mr. Robert Prichard. ) Mr. Hugh Evans. COMMITTEE. t Mr. John Paynter, Amlwch Mr. R. Roberts, Mr. Griffith Edwards, Bodafon; Mr. Ichard Jones, Trewyun; Mr. James Richards, anerchymedd, Mr. Owen Roberts, Bwlan; Mr. Wiiiiam Jones, Nant y Fran; Mr. John owlands, Ty-fry; Mr. Robert Jones, Wrach- anu Mr. John Jones, Llangwyfan M. Thos. Lewis, Tan y Ian; Mr. Rowland Edwards, Bod- nciibior; Mr John Roberts, Ceidio; Mr. John Williatiis, l,ledwigaii Mr David Roberts, Llan- erchymedd; Mr. William Hughes, Madyn; Mr. Richard Parry, Llanerchymedd; Mr. William Owen, Chwaeu-weuj Mr. Edmund Roberts, Ho- r¡; lyhead; Mr. John Hughes, Rallt; Mr. Griffith Edwards, Clafrdy Mr. John Prichard, Amlwch Port Mr. Richard Price, Cafnan Lieutenant Pritehard, Elianus Point. N. B. The Sum of CIOOO, hath already been remitted to the Treasurer of the Parent Society in London, on account of the above Society. ROBERT PRICHARD, Secretary. March 29, 1813. CARNARVONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Hotel, in the town of Carnarvon, on the 6th day of May, 1813, at 4 o'cloelcin the afternoon, unless disposed of in the mean time by private v contract, of which notice will be given LOT I. A DWELLING HOUSE in Pcndilch, in the town of Carnarvon, with the Ground or Cel- lar underneath, now occupied by William Ellis. lor II. A DWELLING-HOUSE adjoining the above, with the Ground or Cellar underneath, now in the possession of Margaret Colefax. LOT III. Another DWELLING-HOUSE, adjoining the abo,e, with the Ground or Cellar underneath, in the occupation of John Griffith. LOT IV. The PUBLIC HOUSE, called the Carlisle Arms, in the said town of Carnarvon, with the Outbuildings, and Yard, containing in front of King's Head-street, 17 yards or thereabouts, and extending backwards 26 yards, or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Mr. William Francis. i.OT v. All those DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in Hole-in-the. Wall street, in the said town of Car- narvon, now in the occupations of Evan Jones, labourer, Ellen Jones, widow, Richard Jones, mariner, Mary Ellis, widow, David Williams, rope-maker, Evan Roberts, bell-ringer, Catha- rine Williams, widow, and John Morgan, gentle- man, for one life, now in being, aged from 70 to 80 years, and subject to a covenant for leaving fhe premises iu good repair. LOT V I. All those two DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in Pepper lane, in the said town of Carnarvon, now in the occupation of William Roberts and Mary Prichard. LOT VII. All that FIELD, called Cae Stryd Llyn, in Carnarvon aforesaid, lying between Pool street, and Love lane, in building or other lots, as de- scribed in the Map or Plan thereof, or agreed upon on the day of sale. LOT VIII. PORTH YR AER, in the said town of Car- narvon, with the Tower and Buildings, Yard and Garden, containing about 22 yards in front of the street, with extensive Premises at the back, is well adapted either for building two excellent Houses, or for building two rows of Cottages, or for a Warehouse and Merchant's Yard for timber, coals, &c. having a large Cellar, for the use of a wine, ale, or spirit merchant.—This lot is subject to a quit rent of one shilling per annum. LOT I x. All that FAPiNl called Cae Mawr, in the parish of Llanbeblig, in the county of Carnarvon, in the occupation of Griflith Jones, containing about 47 acres of good well watered Lands, situate on the left, and near to the road from Carnarvon to Pwllheli, on a rising ground about a and a half from Carnarvon. Tliis lot forms a most de- sirable spot for a Gentleman's House, commands a most beautiful and extensive view of the Car- narvonshire hills, from Penmaenmawr to the Rivals at the back, and of the town and castle of Carnarvon, with the river Mcuai, Carnarvon Bay, and Anglesey, to the front, and is equal in point of situation to any spot of ground in that neigh- bourhood. There are three detached pieces of Ground belonging to this Farm, which will be sold either with it or separate, as may be agreed upon at the sale. i,oll X. All that FARM called Tyddyn lIeI1, in the pa- rish of Llanddeniolen, in the said county contain- ing 47 acres, or thereabouts, in the occupation of Jones, widow, situate within about two miles and a li-tic of Carnarvon, on both sides of the road from Carnarvon to Pentir, and on both sides of the road from Crug to Llanrug. LOT XI. All that FARM, called Cremlin, in the parish of Aller, in the said county, containing 50 acres, or thereabouts, with a right of common on part of the adjoining hills, now in the occupation of John Thomas, situate about four miles from Ban- gor, above and near the Turnpike-road to Con- way, with a fine view of Beaumaris, Baron Hill, and Beaumarrs B%y. This Farm has a good -stream of water running along paat of the boun- dary. LOT XII. All that FARM, called Tan y Gwlan, in the parish of Llaulairfechan, in the said county, in the occupation of the widow of the late Robert Lloyd, butcher, containing-about It) acres, lying near Bryn y neuadd, and within a quarter of a mileof the Turnpike-road, with right of common, and a good stream of water passing through the land. LOT XIII. All that part of PEN Y BRYN, (above the Turnpike-road) in the parish of DwygyfyJchi, in the said county, now in the occupation of Ri- chard Davies, containing about thirty-three acres, or thereabouts, with a right of cotnrnon.-There is supposed to be a mine of Lead Ore on this Farm, some Lead having been discovered there. EOT XIV. All that FARM, called Tregarnedd, near the Turnpike-gate,in the said parish of Dwygyfylchi, in the occupation of Jane Roberts, containing about 17 acres and 1 rood, with a right of com- mon, and adjoining the sea shore near Penmaen bach Sands, being a very convenient spot for sea bathing. The respective tenants will shew the premises, and for further particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. POOL F,'S, Carnarvon, or of Mr. RoBERTs Attorney and Notary Public, Bangor, where Maps of the respective premise. may be seen. BRITISH FIRE OFFICE. FOR the Insurance of Buildings, Furniture, Merchandize, Ships, Vessels, and all other Property, against Loss or Damage by FIRE.— Proposals may be had gratis, at the principal Offices in the Strand and Comltill, LONDON, or of the Company's Agents in the different Cities and Towns in Great Britain and Ireland, Insurances for short Periods, or for several Years together, may be effected at this Office, upon the most equitable Terms. Policies will not be charged for Sums of £300 or upwards, nor to Persons increasing their pre- sent Insurances. The whole STOCK of a FARM will be insur- ed without Specification, at the reduced Premium of 2s. per Cent. Policies payable at LADY-DAY will be void, unless renewed within fifteen days therefrom. This Day is published, A STATEMENT of the LAW OF TITHES, On the following Heads: AGISTMENT. REMARKS ON MR. BEARBLOCK'S PAMPHLET. TURNIPS, Sic. GARDENS. MODUSES, AS TO MILK, CALVES, AND FOALS, By T. N. PARKER, Esq. A. M. Sit cinque suum. rglHE principal Object of this Pamphlet is JL to prove, in direct Contradiction to the c Publications of Mr. Batcmanand Mr. Bearblock, the followiug important Positions as to the Law of Agistment Titlie which, in a Dairy Country reduce the Claims in respect of that Species of Tithe to almost nothing, namely No Cattle, &c. of any Denomination, are liable to the Tithe of Agistment whilst depastured upon After-eatage of any Kind. Tithe of Agitrnent is not due till Cattle, &c. are sold out of the Parish. Cattle, 8fc. becoming profitable to the Tithe- Owner, by the Plough, Pail, Lamb, Fleece, &ic Cattle, 8)c. slaughtered for the Family or Horses used merely for Pleasure, are thereby discharged from the Tithe of Agistment of all antecedent Pasturage whatever. Printed and sold by W. Price, Oswestry; sold also by Lackington, Allen, and Co. London and Eddowes, Slit-ewsbury. -Price One Shilling. Flintshire Estates, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. TIIOS. JONES, By order of the Assignees of George Gregory, the Elder, a Bankrupt, At the Black Lion Inn, in Mold, in the county of Flint, on Tuesday the 27th day of April, 1813, at three o'clock in the evening precisely, sub- ject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, and in the following lots LOT I. AN cleatlt and convenient DWELLING HOUSE, called Tryddyn. Lodge, with the Outbuildings thereunto belonging, situate near the village of Tryddyn, in the county of Flint, together with the several Fields, and parcels of and Plantations therewith held, now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Davies, containing by admeasurement, seventy acres, statute measure. Tryddyn Lodge is a newly-erected dwelling- .11 house, contains in front fourteen yards, has a stone portico entrance, t\ro parlours to the front, with kitchens and suitable offices, three bed- rooms on the first floor, and four hed-rooins on the second floor, and is, in every respect, adapt- ed for tne residence of a The land lies in a ring fence, gradually descending to a beautiful dingle, with plantations, &e. The village of Tryddyn is situated four miles fiom Moid, seven miles from Wrexham, and twelve miles from Chester, lies near to several Gentle- men's seats, and in the midst of a sporting cotill- try, abounding with all kinds of fish and game.— This estate is held by the present tenant under a lease for seven years from May last. LOT I F. All that. MESS tAi- or DWELLING- HOUSE, with the Outbuildings thereto helong- iugj and the Land therewith held, containing fifty-two acres, statute measure, called Prallk's Farm. This estate lies within a ring fence, near the village of Tryddyn, and is now in the occu- pation of John Kelford, as tenant from year to year. LOT HI, RH YD ATALOG INN, with the Stables and other Outbuildings thereunto belonging, alltll about twenty-nine statute acres of laud therewith held, now in the occupation of William Jones, as tenant from year to year This estate, which is also within a ring fence, adjoins lot 2, and the house, which is new, is peculiarly well situated for an Inn, as it lies at the point where the two great reads leading from Mold and LlanarmolJ to Wrexham unite. The situation of these estates (all of which are freehold) is most desirable. Coal has been dis- covered under Tryddyn Lodge estate, and both coal and lime, of superior quality, and in the greatest abundance, lie within two miles of the centre of themT The roads in the neighbourhood arc good, and the country affords excellent mate- rials for their repair, and abounds with stone for building, of the first quality. The respective tenants will shew the estates. An Elevation and Plan of Tryddyn Lodge and Maps of the Estates may be seen, and further information had, on application at the Office of Mr. FINCIIETT, Solicitor, Abbey Square, in Chester. AND ALSO TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the White Lion Inn, in the city of Chester, on Wednesday the 28th day of April, 1813, at six o'c'ock in the evening precisely, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, The Freehold and Inheritance of and in all that DWELLING-HOUSE, with the WARE- HOUSES behind the same, situate in Crane- | street, in the said city of Chester, and late in the occupation of the said George Gregory, the elder., Mr. FINCHETT will direct a person to shew the premises, and further information may be bad on application at his Office. BRITISH WINES, OF VERY SUPERIOR QUALITY. SUN RAISIN 11 ELDER MALAGA TENT SMYRNA SHERRY FRONTINIAC CALCAVELLA ORANGE I RED CURRANT RASPBERRY WHITE CUR RANT COWSLIP GOOSEBERRY London Bottled Porter, IN GREAT PERFECTION, For SALE, apply at EDWARDS'S VAULTS CHESTER. _.w LEAD MINES, CARNARNONSIIIRE, NORTH WALES, TO BE LET. va'l,a')'e LE AD MINES on the Estate J§_ of Gwydir, in the county of Carnarvon, for such term of years as may be agreed upon. The leases of these Mines having lately expir- ed, the Proprietor is disposed to grant new leases on liberal terms, and the variety and extent of the veins (which have hitherto been only par- tially explored) are such as to render them an object worthy the attention of Miners of capi- tal and enterprise. For particulars apply to JAMES ADAf;, Esq. Pilkelony, by Dunblane, North Britain, or to Captain RICHARD MARTIN', Miner, Llanrwst. Nevin, SSI-. Inclosure. WE, the Undersigned, Commissioners ap- V V pointed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 52d year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, intituled, An Act for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Nevin and other parishes and places therein mentioned in the county of Carnarvon." Do hereby give Notice, That in order to defray in part the expences of obtaining the said Act, and carrying the same into execution, we shall sell by Public Auction, at the Crown and Anchor Inn, in the town of Pwllheli, in the said county of Carnarvon, on Wednesday, the 21st day of April next, several Lots, parcel of the Commons and Waste Lands, in the parishes of Nevin, Pistill, and Carngiwch. And that we shall sell by Public Auction, at the house of Griffith Roberts, situate in the Vil- lage of Clynnog, in the said county, on Friday, the 23d day or Aprilnext, several Lots, parcel of the Commons and Wasre Lands, in the parishes of Llanaelhaiarn and Clynnog. And also, that we shall sell by Public Auction, at the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, on Saturday the 24th day of April next, several Lots, parcel of the Commons and Waste Lands, in the parishes of Llanllyfnivand Clynnog, The sale to begin between the hours of 3 iiid5 o'clock in the afternoon of each day. Particulars, describing the situation, quality and quantity of eac h lot, will be distributed, and may be had on apylying to Us, the said Com- missioners, or at Mr. ELLIS'S Office, in Pwllheli, and at Mr. EVAS'S Office, in Carnarvon, where Maps of the lots may be seen. Proper persons will be appointed in each pa- rish to slww the lols. R. ELLIS, > f. nOBT. WILLIAMS, 5 Commisslo,,ers March 12 Hi, 1813. TO iJE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Vaynol Arms, in the city of Bangor, on Friday the 2d day of April, 1813, at H o'clock iti the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced ALL Mint J\1 ESSUAG F,, TENEMENT and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, in fht parish of Bangor, called Tynewydd, now or late in the occupation of Mrs. Waterson, containing by admeasurement 14a. Ir. 29p. or thereabouts. ,riiisiiotj.,e iast)eeii lately ve;,y iiiiieh ilnl)i-o%ed & beautified,it stands in a beautiful situation near Pentir, commands a most extensive view of the town of Beaumaris, Beaumaris Bay, and the Carnarvonshire Hills, and is a very desirable re- sidence for a small genteel family distant four miles from 8 Caman-oll; im- mediate possession maybe had. The DWELLING-HOUSE or COTTAGE, and Garden, with the Appurtenances adjoining the above lot, called Llannerch bach, ill the occu- pation of Lucy Thomas, as tenant from year to year. A DWELLING-HOUSE, situate at the mar- ket-place, at Bangor aforesaid, in (he occupation of John Humphreys, Gardener, with the Shed behind. A MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, in the market-place aforesaid, in the occupation of Robert Roberts, Labourer. These premises are held by lease under the Right Hon. Lady Penrhyn, dated the 16th day of November, 1807, for three lives, then of the respective ages of 4, 3, and 2 years, which lease containsa. covenant, that in case all or any of the lives should happen to die before the expiration' of ten years from the date thereof, that a new life or lives may be inserted without any fine. All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, (formerly a Chapel) with the Garden and two Cottages thereunto belonging and ad. joining, cal.ed Tyddyn yr Order, near Bangor aforesaid the said Chapel is now used as a Barn, and well adapted for erecting a Thrashing Ma- chine, for the use of the neighbouring farmers and tythetakeis. I Also the HOUSE adjoining the Mitre Inn, in the centre of the city of Bangor, now in the oc- cupation of Mr. Broster, consisting of two par- lours, two kitchens, cellars and pantry upon the ground flour four rooms upon the second floor; four excellent garrets large yard enclosed by convenient offices and a garden, together with the building now occupied as a Printing-Office; an possession may be had at May next, if re- quired. Also the HOUSE and YARD adjoining, on the we-st side, subject to the life of the present occupier, Mrs. Parry, aged 72 years. These Premises extend 88 feet in front, paral- lel with the street, and are vrell situate for any public business. Foi- furtlier Particulars apply at the Register II DAY & MARTIN, EEG leave lx> acquaint the Pu blic, that by attending to the following particulars they will avoid being taken ia by the vile Composi- tions that are offered as theelluille BLACKING prepared by them at 97, HIGH-HOLBOUX, Lon- don. After the word BLACKING in the first line of the Labels the Counterfeits have a small (as) some have the same before the word MADE in the next line, and others put a small (nr) im- mediately before the Number 97. Purchasers should observe that the whole Address is clear and distinct. SOLI) DY J. RASBROOK, Bangor. II. STODDART, St. Asaph. E.THOMAS. Llanerchymedd. WILLIAMS, and ) ROBT. THOMAS J Cainarvo|3- Price Is. 6d. a Bottle. VALUABLE COAL lVIINES" IN ANGLESEY. TO BE LET ON LEASE, 1 AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY. X THESE Mliiesii-c most advantageously si. JL tuated for exporting Coals to many parts of the coast of England, and of North and Soutii Wales, and many parts of the coast of Ireland, as well as for supplying an extensive inland dis- trict, now furnished with COiJIs imported from distant places. Three seams of the coals have already been opened, and an Act of Parliament has been ob- tained for making a railway for the conveyance of the coals to all adjoining sea-port. For further information apply to Messrs J. and W. LOWE, of the Temple, London; Messrs. POOLE, at Carnarvon, or their Office at Pen- craig, Anglesey; T.JONES, Esq. Bryntirion,near Bangor; Mr. C. J. HOOSON, of Burton upoa Trent, Staffordshire; or Mr. W. W. BAILEY, Engineer, of Polosworth, uear Tamworth, War- wickshire. CARNARVONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, rf 1HAT eligible TENEMENT and LANDS JL with the COTTAGES and BUILDINGS thereto belonging, situate lying and being iu the parish of l,lanclwrog,in the county of Carnarvon called and known by the name of Hafod y coedt containing about 38 acres, now in the occupation of Elizabeth Evans and others, as tenants at will at the yearly rent of £47 5s That TENEMENT and LANDS, situatelying and being in the said parish of Llandwrog, called and known by the name of Gilwern, containing about 24 acres, now in the occupation of Ann Hughes, widow, aged 64 years, by virtue of a lease for her life. And that T E N E M E N T and LANDS, withthe COTTAGES thereto belonging, situate lying and being in the said parish of Llandwrog, called and known by the name of Pen'rallt, now in the oc- cupation of John Evans and others, as tenants at will. Hafod y coed is within about four miles of the town of Carnarvon, a pleasant placc for a person desirous of having a sitaation to build a house fora residence near a good marrket town, if ad- joins the road leading to the village of Llanllyf- ni. the land is arable, and capable of great im- provement, at a small expence. Gilwern is within less than a quarter of a mile of Hafod y coed, it commands an extensive view of Carnarvon Bar and the Island of Anglesey • it is a very fertile place for the growth of Trees, it adjoms the well wooded Demesne of John Griffith, of Tryfan, Esq. The occupiers of these Farms have an unlimit- ed right of coniiuoii upon the valuable Sheepwalk called Cilgwyn Common. For further particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who will direct a proper person to shew the premises. Siilas FIRE AND LIFE &8BUvmtn(&omp8tttv OF LONDON. EECEIPTS for the renewal of Policies falling due on the 25th of March, and pay. able within fifteen days thereafter, are now ea- dy at the Office in Cheapside, and with theCn- pany's Agents in Edinborough, Dublin. Cork, G'asgow, and other principal Cities and Towns in the United Kingdom. Fire Assurances may be effected with this Com- pany on terms corresponding with their several fire 3 ent a^owec* on kufdiogs destroyed by The terms of Life Assurances are highly ad- vantageous to the assured, and no charge made for Policy, Stamp, or Admission Fee. HENRY DESBOROUGH, Jun. Cheapside, London, Secretary. Dec.. 18, 1812. AGENTS. Bangor, Mr. Rasbrook. Beaumaris,Mr. Jones. Carnarvon, Mr. Roberts. Farm near Abergele, Mr. Oldfield. Pwllheli Mr. Ellis. Llanrwst, Mr. Griffiths. Ruthin, Mr. Jones, Oswestry, Mr. Edwards. Bai,A Mr. Anwyl, Cefnfaesnear ManntwrogMr. Lloyd. Welshpool,Mr. Binger. The Directors are desirous of establishing Agents fo.r the Company in those Towns where appointments have not already been made. Ap- plications, accompanied with references, to the addressed to the Secretary.