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For the North IVales Gazette.

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To the Editor of the-Horth ivales Gazette. ON THE IRISH APPLE POTATOE. (From the Irish Farmer's Journal, Feb. 6, IS 13.) «' In the year 1810, Ending (hat my neigh- bonr, Major Taj lor had plowed a field which had laid many yeals in pasture, and that he had gathered the sods and burnt them and to I:> my agreeable surprise, found that his inten- tion was to take a crop of potatoes therefrom, I applied to hio L) traffic a few perches, pro- posing to give him as much of my chosen seed as would plant three drills of about 26 perches in lenglh, fer the like number of drills to which he very obligingly consented. 1 had 2 cwt. put in the 78 perches; the 2 produce was 26 cwt. The following season I had these planted on an old ley, in the ridge method the weather proving wet at the get- ting up, lcolIl not well ascertain the quan- tity but experienced the good effeet arising from the preceding year's change of ground. Last year 1 had the same ground replanted, and the produte was immense. I had also lOcwt. planted oa 121 perches of ridge, six feet wide, with a farrow of three feet, on remarkable good old lay, and pleutv of stable dung, the I r, produce was 1121 cwt. which is equal to 347 cwt. pedrish acre a quantify, that 1 believe has never been siirliasscd and as to the qua- lily, they are every thing that I could wish: in fact, ilicy are superior to any 1 have ever seen. Now, Mr. Editor, in ordei lo afford an opportunity, that all, or certainly a great many persons have an opportunity of obtain- ing the like practical advantage. I purpose having a stone weight (I4lbs.) packed up in.a basket, which may be conveyed in the canal packet, mail coach, or otherwise, and send samples of them to Messrs. Simpson, College Green; Messrs. Too), Westntoriaod street; Mr. Greenwood, Charlmont street and Mr. Carrol, Capel street, where they may be had, in order that their propagation may be more general. When I consider the immense sums of lIIoney that are annually sent to foreign countries for corn aad flour, I estimate this potatoe the more; and hope the practice I have recommended wiil be attended to with care. To gentlemen of enlightened minds tiiere is little necessity to urethc importance of amelioraling the condition of the poor cot- 11 I tager, and is always a governing principle of Farming Societies." Thedirection forcutting thesetls is Ihesame as is practiced in our districts, always cutting away the end eye at the bottom of the pota- toe as useless. If planted in ridges, keep the sets I or 10 inches asunder. If In drills for seed, but 5 inches asunder, otherwise they would be too large, the middle eye being the best for culling. If you will communicate the above to the notice of your readers, you will oblige, Clwjid, Feb. 1813. LL D.


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