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ST. DAVID'S DAY. Monday se'nnight being the Auniversary of St. David, Titular Saint of Wales, the Most Noble the Marquis of Downsliire, President, the Vice- Prcsidents, and Stewards, of the most honorable and loyal Society of Ancient Britons, assembled at the Welsh School House, in Gray's Inn Road, where they breakfasted, and afterwards went in procession to St. George's Church, Hanover- square, in the following oi-der.-a band of music, the Treasurers, witti pikitiies of featiiersin(I silvei, leeks in their hats, followed by the girls, willi silver leeks in their breasts, and the boys with the same in their hats, dressed in new ciorhes, who from their healthy and neat appearance, presented a strikingly interesting sight, to the numerous spectators; the City Marshall led the procession of carriages, which were very nume- rous, passing Russell-square, they hailed, and saluted at Samuel Humphrav, Esq. In Uanover square, the children halted at Downshire 11, use, where the Marchioness with her lovely family, condescendcd to appear at the windows, and ac- cept. the expressions of gratitude testified in the most respectful manner by the curtsies of 'he girls, and huzzas of the boys. The pra) ers I were read in the ancient British Language, with all the purity of native accent, by the Re'v. H. Jones, of Lewisharu, and an excellent sermon in English, by the Rev. D. Middieion, Archdeacon of Huntingdon, from Acts, 24ih chap. 17th verse. From church they proceeded through Pait Mall, St. James's square, where the children saluted at the mansions of Sir C. Sir \V. W. Wynne, and the Duke of Norfolk at Carlton House the children, drawn up in a line, in reite- rated loud acclaim, testified their strong seuseof gratitude to their Royal Patron, by whose muni- licence the Charity tins flourished. At the Free- mason's Tavern they were joined by a large party of Noblemen and Gentlemen, and partook of an excellent dinner, after which Non Nobis was sung. The King, Queen, Priuce of Wales, and several loyal and appropriate toasts and songs were given and sung during Ihe evening.- The children, attended by the Treasurers, the ^Cvv £ m]s 0f fjie clay, paraded the room, whose \t'd thy appearance, and exfrenie neatness,called forth repeated bursts ol applause from the coni- pany, after which the children sang an Ode to harity, in a peculiarly sweet manner, which was lnos t tiip-lily The health of the Noble President, Sir W. W. Wyune, Lord Bul- keley, Lord Kenyon, Dr. Middleton, and several distinguished characters present were drank, who returned appropriate acknowledgements after which a collection was made for the bcnefit of the Charity, and the Treasurer announced the amount of subscriptions to be as follow X- s. D. Flis R. II, the Prince of Wales, annual 105 0 0 'The Marquis of Downshire, President 105 0 Oj Rt. Hon. Earl Percy (Presidt. Elect) 50 0 o| Lady Williams Wynne, annual 20 0 0 Sir W. W. Wynne, M. P. 52 10 0 C. W. W. Wynne, M. P. annuat. 10 10 0 Henry Williams Wynae, M. P. annual 10 10 0 Miss Williams Wynne, annual 5 0 0 Sir Charles Morgan rHo M. P. annual 52 10 0 Charles Morgan, Esq M. P. annual 52 10 0 Rt. Jlon. Eari of Uxbridge, annual 26 5 0 lit. Hon. Lord Bulkeley, annual. 26 5 0 lit. Hon. Lord Kenyon, annual 26 5 0 Sir Tlios. Mostyn, Bt. M. P. annual 25 0 0 Benjamin llall, Esq. M. P. allililil 25 0 0 Walter Wat kins, Esq. M, P. annual 25 0 0 Rt.IIon.P It. D. Burrell,M. P. annual 25 0 0 Colonel Wood, M. P. annual 21 0 0 I Samuel Homfrey, Esq. annual. 21 0 0 Panlon Corbett; Esq. Vice President 21 0 0 I II T. Grant, Esq. Vice-Presidcnt. 21 0 0 T. Cholmondeley, E»q Vice-Prest.. 21 0 0 11. Davies, Esq.jun. M. P. Viee-Pt. 10 0 0 Captain Rice Jones, Vice-President. 21 0 0 Rt. Rev. the Lord liishop of Bangor 21 0 0 Mr. Archdeacon Davies 10 0 0 William Davison, Esq Jo 10 0 J. Humphreys, Esq. Vice-President. 10 0 01 W. Bosanquei, 5 0 j) Samuel Gist. Esq. annually 5 5 ti John Willocke, Esq. annually 5 5 0 Collected at the Church 47 13 I) Collected at the l'ables ut the Tavern. 57 13 0 1196 5 6 A Her (he President had left the chair, Sir W. Lewis was called to fill it, and several popular- toasts were -drank, and the remainder of the evening spent with the utmost \iarmony and oon- viviaitfy.




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