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Return of Ordnance and Stores…




FHOM TIlE LONDON GAZETTE, June 20. Admiral Lord Keith has transinitteuto John Wilson Croker, -a letler from "tbe Hon. Capt. Bouverie, of his Majesty's ship Mt^'tisa, lo 'Capt. Sir George Halph Collief, Nf the Sur- veil'iante, giving an account oi the destruction .(if Ihe Frcnch natiollal s!ore ship La Doralle, of fourteen gllns and eighty-six men, on the 5lh iust. in the harbour of Arcason, by the boats of Ihe Medusa, under the directions of Lietlt. Josia'h Tho!nlJ'Siin. Notwithstanding the enemy Were prepared for tii3 attack, and the boats were hailed before they were within musket sllol, lhe ship was carried, after a desperate struggle, in which the whole of the crew, excepting twenty-three taken, were either killed or compelled to jump overboard; the commander of the vessel, (a Lieutenant de Vaisseau) was amollsltlJe latter, severely wounded. At day-light Ihe ship was got un- der weigh, bill alter proceeding a lear uedown Ihe harbour she-grounded and the tide then running out with great violence, she was set I 'fire to, alter the wounded bad-been taken out, and some time a^Uer blew up. The Dorade had been watching an opportunity to escape from Arcason-, since the month of April, 18 11. Capt. Bouverie highlv commends the conduct oi Lieut. Thompson and the other officers and men employed on this occasion. fVhilehaU, June 20.111s Royal Uigluvtss the Prince Regent has been pleased in the nameand on the behalfof his Majesty, lo order a conge d'elire to pass the Great Seal ot the Coiled -Kingdom of Great- Britain an3 Ireland, ::> "empolveTmgthe Dean and Chapter of the Ca- thedral Church of Chester 16 elect a Blshopol thai See, the same being void by tefe transla- tion of the Right Reverend Fatifrer in God Edward, late lilsliol) to Ihe See of Ely and his Royal Highness has also been pleased, by his royal sign manuel, to recom- mend to the said Dean and Chapter, the Rev. George Henry Law, Docltir in DI v il it y, to he by them cilcled Bishop to the said See of Chester.


Names 'of Officers killed…


.....-:--WAR DEPAHTMi;"NT.