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I am not about u> pay your readers Fj,,) -if an. ijia.uviit a-: -o s'i|ip<jse any observations of mine fiecc-ary t" fix their ateerifioti, on the con- (i u c. i; a k t e ce!,t o t* I'a r- liam-n-jn inves .-jatioa) for ieav ,ux on th. a;i But, »ir, n»y object is merely to iei,uew ihe in-.ei 'ion of Oi*c of ihe finest pa-ss-'iges of bullish ]>•.•• ry, which he* unnoticed in i'homson's for- r, i o f 3Iuj, Jyift. BCKRVOWS. g", these fell tools of crud power, it see.iis orders onadesnt isle to ieav* ate. There hopeless, helples, comfor'less, to prove The utmost gall and biUernes. of <1 a.h» That nishf—a dreary night, Cast Osi ihe wildest of the western isles,- "Where never human fuot had -mark'd the shore. These ruffiaLlfl left n»e.— \et believe me, Areas, Such is the rooted love we hear mankind, AH ruffians as they wen*, 1 never heard A soun I so dismal as (heir parting oars Then horrid silence \.d!owe,J, broke alone B', the iow murmurs of the restless deep) I sat-ere down, more heavity oppress'd, More desolate at. heart, (ban e'er I felt Before Till by degrees, ('cmposins sleepolJ wounded in lure shed A kind but shoi i relief. At early morn, 1Va""cI h) the wild-bird's scream, I looked around For usual ohjec's, objects found I noce !ii,: st etcli'd tlit! ii)aiii, And tiam-n rHck." ill savage 1Vmpr for a tnouient in atnaz'd confus-.o-n, >iy thoughts tura'd giddy round; when all at once, -To tnem'ry fIJH, my dire condition rushM :-=:

I c o U,


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