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Poliiiciil Summaryt .'-I ,r.,


Poliiiciil Summaryt '-I r., OSR reatlcrs will learn vrtth imtciv ssfisfac* (ion.. tb:H from \ir. PeTCe\ al disdüsuöú of the Budget on VVediutstiaj, %ve arc not this year to have any new taxes A ioaji «.f twelve; tniliioiis was cose hided on terms very- ndvtiti- tagefHi's to the jx'jbiic, vn J to provide-for tlic A out, receipts is (Krethed suflitKit. ii all jjl ..were watilin^ to siteiice 'the clamours of the 'I disifSecled, to allay the ferment excited in" Use public mi-ntS, by the-iiiachinuti-ous of an infuriate Junta of pve»t!Wrj*|rio«s and design- u>g. men, and caH forth the voicc of loyalty .iii --counter-declaratiotis to tiieir petitions, this animating pictnre of our re- sources, must, we conceive, have the wished for effect. Our trade and imumfaelures ap- pear fo have increas'-d with the progress of the war, a; our iuiporis and exports-have exceeded yeirs, in despite' of-the edicts and prohibitions-of our enemies. Every eye is nyty directed towards Portu- gal, with the trsosl. inlense auxie!y> as from the relalive situation of the hoHtile armies on tlie-frontiers of that counlry, with a space, of little morethaa thirty miles between them, It general action,in all ¡WIn:1 probability has taken place. The Frencb were encainpcil in Cuulad Hodrigo, and the British at a short disburc from Almeida; this situation of the respective forces appears not lo be the result it du-ectly sought,, each parly having advanced to meet the other. Fixed and determined in his.hosiiliW against I Turkey, Buouhp'-irte is reporled'to have caus- I ed the seizure a.n<l confiscation, of all Jiie-X)i- toman vessels m Trieste, tiie,,iik we .are au\lrcd, from recent dispatches from i/iir Minister at Constfintin.'oplc, that the Grand Seignior has given tlie. most positive assurance oi all in violate adherence to hij treaty with this country. We arq much pleased to find, that !hetar- render of Fort Matagorda, at Cadiz, aniioiinc- ed iti our irt!;i-T than was at first believed and it isstili the opinion oi we! informed persons, that .the town contiirdes •imprei'auble fo. all-Jhe.force I'ntt it is iu Lae power of the enemy to bring against it. I The duties of Government reqtiiriug t'lf en- ,tire aitenlion of Castanos, General Blake I has succeeded hiui as Commander in Chief, at Cadiz; I he garrison- of w>hich has beijn heat do\) i a the French, in. their actions [, tvifh General O'DoiiueJ, are reported to have lost 12,000 meii. Je Leon, however, they I h i; c been more successful; having, taken A-s- |-torga, tlie central town, of that province, which they had some linie 'besieged, after "I lhree days hard fighting. From Astorga, they were expecicd to proceed imihe'diately to Corunna and Ferroi.—From other parts of Spain, tha intelligence a generally favour-, able.

WEDNESDAY.—-Four o'Clock.'

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