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MOtfEY, HpO be laid nut at interest OR gfond Seni- riiies, the several Sums of £900. £400. **05). ^3'00. £ W$. s £ j.Tii."and's £ lO0. « ^ot" particulars to Mr. R. PRICHRRD, plantation timber. TOBBSOLD BY AUCTION, it Pantglai, rieir V'spytty, m the county of Carnarvon, on Wednesday the 30th of this Mouth, at I'en iu <he fa enoon :— SEVER AL Lot* of Plantation Timber, con. nisting of different kinds of Fir, Oak, Elm, &e. &c. some of the Trees are wed adapt- Tor Cottage Building,as P(ir!ines,Raiters, &c. Also several Lot* of Ash Poles of good di- lllellsinus. very suitable for various articles used Wfiusbaiidiy. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. At the Sportsman Fnn, in the Town of Carnar- »on,on Saturday the 14th day of July 18HL between the hours of three and five o'clock in thf H ■o'rri,~n>is ■ • i>sioh conditions a-. *ha'i fjc pri.:iuti-,i, i.nJeas disposed of ii .urn? Oy p/ii.-i'e fact, ofwhtch %t "<m11 be Riven I K foHowsii: F H Mi i :he Parish PS ol .4. AWr and »tr the couuty o-t Carnarvun. ^triihes. Tenements. Tenants*- Acreage.. A. R. P. Abt>r, PenraHV, H. Roberts,. 16 0 3 t Unfair- Lys-y-gwynt' W. David, 52 2 16 lechan, Pylla G-oykon. R.Prichard.. 13 1 11 The above farms lie near the turnpike road e?<3ill(T from Bangor-Ferry to Conway, within fi ?''es of the market town of Bangor, and 4 l ei*umaris. Uys-v-gwynf, ?s delightfully sitn3fe for ;» "iting-bo*, the country around abounds with it is within about haif-a-iuile of the sea, & ^uiauds an extensive view of the island of An- -r^y, Beaumaris, and Conway bays, Priest- island, Ormesliead, and that much admired ^stupendous rock, Peniuaemnawr. *f<ere is an unlimited right of. common, for *e farms upon the adjoioiurj hills. further particulars may l>e had by applying Hfr. EVAWS, Attorney, Carnarvon, who has a .1 ôtndrenrroll of the cSlalC", 1 To THR High Sheriff, OF Til E COUNTY OF CARNARVON. WJT IIETt-EAS'"Measure# are now carrying j n* y on in Parliament, to enable the parlies .■r^iti interested to erect a Bridge over the 'iu of Mc-'iai- E, the undersigned, conceiving that such Insures may inferrript and injure the navigation;! >j 'be said straits, request that you will call a luting of the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and "ehoI(Iers of the c,lilitly of to con- i .ier of the most effectual method oi' opuosisig • same. Carnarvon, 2\st May, 1810. j Robert William*, If. Jones, Richard Garnons, Rice Thomas, uin, W ill. Ot^ni>e Griffith, Thos. Lewis, P, C. Offica, J.Hastam, Z. Jones, Edw. Griffith Robertst Robt. j Owen Williams, John Lloyd, Richard Nanney, J»b<>-Hughes, plireys, Thos. Jones, — Robt. Roberts. the Nobility, Centry. Clergy, avU Freehold- ers, of the County of ( arnarvon. v''n pursuance of (he ;ihove Re(|uisition, T do Jj.^by appoint a Meeting; to be held at. the Shire jJdl, in the town of Carnarvon, on Monday., the ^'b day of May instant, at 12 o'clock at noon, the favor of your attendance is requested. HUMP. ROWLANDS JONES, So^tirnllyn, SliEKif F. 1S10. CARNARVONSHIRE. ^'ANBDEXIOLEN,, IN THE MANOR OF DINORWIC ENCLOSURE. J Tii-e unaersignctl, the Commissioner ap- j|:S pointed by virtue of an Act: of Parliament J^s»ed in the 46th je'arofthe rei^n of his pre- Majesty, intituled, Aw Act for inclosing ^"fls, ia the parish of Llauddenioleu, iu the ttoty of Carnarvon," Do hereby give Notice, J'at at the eighth Public Sitting to carry the *ers contained in the said act, and in another ^■passed in the 48th year of the reign of Ins i,eSent Majesty, intituled, An Act to alter, «t^eud,at;d explain, an Act of his present, Ma- CI JeSi y, for itKdoaing lands iu the parish of LJan- Ideaioleil, iu the county of CaTuarvon," into Coiw/ 'he fo1!owi,>^ aliotmentuvof the lands and "toons to be inclosed by virtue of the said act,' WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, n puriuancc of the power comtainet rtherein, ->e purpose of paying and defrayin £ the ex- an4Ces °b'a'n'nS and passing (fee said acts, <J,ber incidental expences and cliarfjes}, at por .rnai) lilt], in tiie town of Cartiarv(yfi, it, ht county of Cartarvon, on Tuesday the 10ih .1 fiay of July, i810, between the hours of two a-nd o'clock m the afternoon, subject to such cor>- .nns as shall be then produced; a» marked mapped. lot I. A. R. ?, A portion of a certain common) fc\ ^0S"5-('rw^a» adjoining the' g 0 37 called W«rn, in the occupa-f" ,0U of W illiam Parry, containing, } LOT IT. A portion of a certain other Com-^ ^°n» called Waunbaw^wyiSda,at the I of the ri5ht s'dc of road ,B n n ■th 'S 'ov''ar'il< Rbiwias, adjoining' j. e Farm of Tyddyn-canol,coriUiu- about .Given nnder my hand this 3d of May., 1810. WALTER. JOWES. Robert Mwvd, of Brvnadda, will shew the ^Maries of eann Jqt. al)r)ly at Ntr, I,' j ceo )itllcA otalent, btea, I1 • 1!!I order of the Honorable Commissioners of liis Majesty' Custtbvis. OEi Saturday the 26th May, 18'!0, at H c o ia the WILL BE SOLD BY PUBLlC AUCTION, AT THE SZUSTOM-HOUSE IN BEAUMARIS* Tbirty-three Hundred weight of Tobacco Ashes. WANTED TO PURCHASE, On any part of the Sea Coast of Cao-naevon- shii,e or vfierionethskire, A BATHING LODGE, with 30 or 40 ncres- of Land asljoinins: to it also an Estateof two or three HUND'RL) POUNDS pet:.K!|nI two or three HUND'RL) POUNDS per.1!II!un! conliguoug to the Lodge, or wititin a short iii's- tanceoftt. Application to be made to the Printer of this • paper.. i^r ANfiLLsli REC ill NT OF Local Militia. •BY OTTDBR OF THE IOR0 -I.JEOTSN ANT. I. T, PERSONS swore and enrolled to ■CsL serve in the Rt>ya! Aitglesea Local Militia, are required (o appear at. Beaumaris, On Monday "ie 4ih'day of June next, at IS o'clock at noon, to be trained and exercised for twenty (lays,, ex- clusive of the d-vys of arivins: at.-and (l«;iarting frotnthe Head Quarters of the Re^iiii • u; <nd tire whole of the strje&n's .corporals, .and uruiu- oier's. are to be assembled -a< Bt-anni fi* c i 'r.e preceding Monday, the 28th day of Maj j for seven extra (Jays exercise. JoilN to ttle Mona. Lodge; J¡¡gÜ;<y, P'aluahle f-reehold Estate ia FUtiL&hir.e. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The latter end of May, or the beginning of June next: I N LOTS. A Very Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE,; containing upwards of. twelve hundred and fifty acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, ¡tivII'cd_lhto scrcr¡¡/ CiI¡¡¡p:wL far!l¡, venieut'ltuildinksj-'let to respectable t« > • •capable of great improve;tent; undei v .i „i the lots, there are Heaiiiscf coal, one i! tiow working to great ad vantage. •Also one. third of the royalty of lead ore and cojil, under several thousand acres' 'of laiid, within "'Ttie said parish of Molt!, in which'a re included the'' valuable unues of Llyny pandu and Peny frcsi, and the Nan: Miiwr coal work. >, The estate is situatf ia (he parish and vale of Mold, wiihm the distaiyee of 12 miles o.f tii-e citv of Chester, and the town of 'v -.n the i,>>vn of Ruthin, and 6 from the pyrt of -Flint, and the whoie of the property tie;, con- venient for lime. | Particultirs will he ready, for delivery in '.the" course ol the tiionih and in the mean time, any further information ..may be obtained a" Mr, W. v n k E'srofSee iti Mold. Mold, f March Ii, 13-10.5 LLYiNN AND EVION YD'D ASSOCIATION, FOR THE Prosecution of Filons. Wr E wiiosa name are hereunto ssibscrHj- ed, hare legally associated ourselves for the protection of cach other's Property and do hereby offer the following Rewards, to person or persons, who shall inform of, so as to j bring to conviction, any persou-.guilty of the f0i. lowing crimt*s-i £ s, i). For Burglary. 5 5 0 For stealing any horse mare or gelding, 5 5 () Ditto cuW, calf, sheep, or other beast 3 3 0 Highway robbery, 5 5 0, Breaking into, or stealing out of, any I 2 Stealing any pigs or poultry g g q ally Stealing out of any garden or orchard, or damaging any plantation, or wood, or stealing bark froll) trees. g 2 0 Breaking or stealing gates, tocks, hinges and bolts thereon, fences, hedged, &c. 1 if) Stealing- corn or griiiii, otit of any barn,- ra!iheit or unthrashed. 2 8 0' Milking and stealing-milk from cows, 2 2 Q Stealing any corn or grain, hay grass growing or standing in cocks, or gorse or stealing any potatoes, turnips, &c. or damaging any carts, ploughs, or other implements in husbandry g 20 or felony 2 2 0 The above rewards wilt he immediately paid, ■upon the conviction of the offender, by au a^>- pjieatiou to the Treasurer. JO-HN ELt.TS, Treasurer, Richard Edwards, Natitioran, Pqq. Edward Owen, L'laniestyn, Clerk, Peter Williams Llanhedrog, D. D. Robt. Thos. Carreg, Carreg, Esqr, Thomas Roberts, Henllre, Clc:rl;, Riohd. Griffith Jones. P wllheli, Surgeon, David vans, Pwllheli, Cleric, WiUiam Hughes, ditto, Shopkeeper, Ilu £ h Giiffifh, ditto, Clerk, I)a*vid Eli is, Gwynfryn, Esqr« David Rice, Pwllheli, Innkeeper, Wtn Alex. Madocks, Tanralt., Esq. Thos. P. J. Parry, Esq. Madrjn. Robt. Jones, Rrohtiauiog, Clerk, Win. Jones, -Galde-cot, Esq. Thomas Rice, M-eil-lionydd, Farmer, Evan Jones, Getliwijj-, Esq. ^Vm. GriOsth, Bodcgroes, I^SQ. Griffith Owell, of Neigvil, Glerlt, Rowland .Tones, of Wcrglodd fawr, Esq. John Griffith, Brynodol, Esq. The Members of this Association are request- ed to rllcet the President at the Crown and An- chor, in Pwllheli, on Monday, the 4th dav of June nest. RICH. EDWARDS, President e:r Dinner on the table at 3 o'clock. I NanhereU) May 22, TO THE MEMBERS OF THE X-enai Pitt Clull. AT a time when the enemies of our estatv- lishuien'tM are endeavouring, with' indefati- gal)fe-zeiii, to propagate their pernicious-princi- ples throughout the 'kingdom,' and even to ex (end the influence of such principles over this happy, and once united country; it is earnestly hoped, that the Members of the above loyal, and most respectable Society will make a point of attend- ing on the 2Sfh inst. in .order to'shew their ab- Ihlrrcocc of sucii principles, and their deter- uiinatitm to support ojir most excellent Ccusti- tutiou. A MEMBER. Cam&na, May gist, 1810.

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