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On Sale, SHROPSHIRE MALT, {. LONDON PORTER, '■ I I YN P ARLEY, j .OAK HOR DLES, j fIR H'MCKS AND BF.APF.RS, 1) Al. PLANKS AND LATHS, HCST CANAL AN 1) KENNILL COAL. Appy at the Post Office, Bangor, or at J. Jones's, BOOOR QUAY. I I W* A cnal' ;rtn'i>y of the Porh-f Is ware- housed at CÀ H A ¡r-VON, fflr which applica. tion May be made 10 Mr. R. Jones, Architect. I — "'m..I I'—■ OV SALE, 4t J-. Jane* ?. Wipe emi Spirit Vaulds nr,\ A i? vflw. 1 LONDON DOUBLE & SINGLE t ^FTOWN STOUT PORTER I In Butts, Casks, and Bottles I: AND ALSO ^BOTTLED C Y 1) 1 It A N 1) PL It R Y. N aTI eEl S HLrREBY. GIVEN, AT a M ding of the Trustees jo (he Anglesey Turnpike Road, will be at. Llanjefni, on TU KS>D A Ythe 15 th ^a> of May ne.vt., for t he purpose of passing tire 'casurer's account*, At which meeting Ri. hard Tryga^a Griffith, 'q- will be ciectcd a Trustee. W.P. POOLE, 'Â J>eJtcrai'?, Clerk and Treasurer. Ml 19, 1810. 'w.- Valuable reehvId Estate in Flintshire. TO RE SOLf) BY AUCTION, '1'he latter end of May, or the beginning of June licxf: I LOTS. A Very Valuable r REEHOLD ESTATE, c•.JIIIM'* upwards of twelve hundred and ^'fucia nt arable, meadow, a nd .pasture Jam!, fcfiie, i. ■,Retinas, lei to respectable tenants, and 'llilble of* I-at sevei-,jl (,I' t!¡ I(lts, 'flt'lea!"c st'm", or cUld, ouc ef which iê "^Working '0 gr^at<.t!e. c one of :u<- n .ya- <>f. IMd P"* '*T>$ r?9', u.ider sever-il 'bousaw! acres of ian.ii said parish of Mold, :n which are included the th said parish of Mold, :n which are included the ^uable m:ues of Liynypaudu and Peny fron,and e Wajj> Mawr coal work. > The estate is situate irrthe parish and vale of cr°^> W('hin 'he d;stance of 12 miles of the city Chester, and the town of Wrexham, 9 miles the town of Ruthin, and 6 from the port of 't and 'he whole of the property lies cou- V(-'Iliea't for linie. Particulars will be ready for delivery in the Course of the month and in the mean time, any urt'leT information may be obtained at Mr. j VNNE'S office io Mold. M Veld. I V*rch H, |?510. J Anglesey. TO BE LET READY FURNISHED, And Entered upon immediately. APART of the capital MANSION HOUSE, called TREGAUAN, in (he county of An- ?fESE>, Ut-e in the possession of Wsi. MEYRICK, f sSi-deceased, consisting iu front, of au hall 17 et by LJi feet—a good dining parlour and a ^wing-room, each being 17 feet by 14 feet—a ^cious aud convenient kitchen, .pautry, cellars, c—au exceUent breakfast-room over the dioiug ^arlour, and two «-ood bed-rooms over tire hall drawing-rooms and another hed-trooini.front- • lIg into the garden, with a ffarret bed-room over 11 a » and also live other gart-ew for store-rooms ^servant,' use. Mso a three stall-stable and a ■ coach-house; ^"excellent garden,aud orchard, both.containing;j j youn^ and dioice fruit trees pleasure ground' 'front of the house well planted with shrubs; i^flowers^ also a fine and dry gravel walk Ming; up to TREGAUAN ClIUUCH, and a»ted at the sides with good fruit and forest lee,. t¡l'bE' above premises are-well worth the atten- I °n of a Family (hat wish for a comfortable place j**sidence and admit of a most beautiful pros- of the C ARNA RVONSII £ Rt HILLS and e situate within imiles of the village of Liati- through which the MAIL and other i^ACHKS daily run to and from Holyhead to „|)dont and within 4 miles of the market town 1 Mauerchyjaedd. ALSO TO BE LET, AND ENTERED VTOS IMMEDIATBI.Y. The otber part of the above MANSION- r.pUSE of TREGAUAN, consisting of a good f Itchen, two dairies, cheese-roooi, a parlour, 4r bed-rooms, and other couveniencies lit for a f1 arer-a good barn, stable, cart-house, cow- ^Uses,, &c.. toether with about ii acres of hay Or grass 1, 4 oi the best quality. Also about 23 of land under com -j and at A ll-Saints next 'enant may be accommodated with about 82 l4ffS Srass 'aD< niaking in the whole about "acres of most excellent^ wcM feH(.e(j jn 5,1 very conveniently laid Qklt fHr a Farmer. AND TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 1 Tregauan aforesaid, on Tuesday'tile lbtl, day c of May, 1810. C^everal HORSES, COWS, SREE'P, PIGS IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY' SOWING U'f FNSl I.S, and some JlOUSE I U) FURNITURE—the sale to begio at SI clock. T\ °r further parficfllars, et(c;uire of Mr. R. V, Attorney, Wwydiarth Esgob, An- ,"scj'. 0 WANTED, A careful active MARINER, as Master of the Hrigantine,Mary, of 121 tons, now r< pairing at Beaisyiaris, and will be ready for sea,, iri a month, None need apply but such as will become a.' part-owner. A pplication to be made to Mr. JAMES HARRIS, Bull's Head, Beaumaris. May 1, I S 10. .{ •••TO JSIV 1 ■ And Kntcred upon the 12th pf Mnp next) A TENEMENT and LANDS, called C>e!!i- rhyn, siiuale near Pont-ubergJasglyn, in the parish of Bcddgelcrt; containing about 57 acres of arable, and tuvadftw luiitl there is an embankment lately made, which keeps the river and tides from off the meadow.—For further ticulars ttiquhe of Air, DAVID PKICUARJ), Beddgelert. fitddgclert, April, 7, 5810. WANTED TO PUnCHASE, On any part of the -Sen Coast of Carnarvon- shire or J/erionethshire, A BATHING LODGE, with 30 or 40 acres of Land adjoining to if also an 'Esta.te.of' two or three HONORS) POUNDS per annum contiguous to the Lodge, or within a short dis- tance of it. Application to be made to the PriuturOf this paper. 2 of .€30,000 19.or £ 20,06(3 3. .0L.10,000 47.of. ,.5,000 5-i of.§,000 76 of.. 1,000 99 of 500- HORNSBY and CO. Slock-Brokers, shar- ed and sold the above Capital l'ri/es, & paid the:¡;:wlc nndl,)lHand. On J U N :i t]ve Sth, rtie STATE LOTTERY will begin and lijiigli.— Four Extra Chances are given, by which the Holder of only a Sixteenth Share can obtain SIX THOUSAND GUINEAS. Tickets, Halves, Quarters, and Eighths, their several proportions. Orders by Post or Carrier executed on the same terms as if presellt, at their Old Established State Corihiii, itstl St. Mar- garet's Hili, at thcirAglIt Mr. THOS. POOLE, Chester. LEAD MIS IS J D MIXERJLS, IN CARDIGANSHIRE. TO HE SEP^RATKLY^ < BY WRLTTIIA' TES'lJEltS#' &&' WISE, I At the Talbot Inn, tn the town of Aberystwyth, in the said county, on Mcfnday the 2lst day of May next, for such-term of years, aud upon such conditions, as shall be then and there agreed upon:— rruiOSE well known profitable Lead Mines, X called BWLCH.GVV'YN, YstYMTIEN FAWR, Ystymtien fach, Llwybr Llwynog, and a Black Jack Work called Gwaith coch. A',l or which works are situate within about 10 miles of the sea-port of Aberystwyth. Liberal encouragement will be given by the Proprietor for the proper working of these Mines to respectable persons, aud none others will be treated with. Edward Williams of Ty-poetK, hi Gwmrheidol, will shew the different works—and for further particulars, apply to Mr. MAHSfiRN, at Llanfair near Lampeter; or to Mr. 11. IIVGIIYS, at Aber- ystwyth aforesaid. March 24, 1810. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Sportsman Inn, in the Town of Carnar- von, on Saturday the 19th day of May, 1810, between the hours of 3 and 5 in the afternoon, subject to Sudl,conditiolls as will he then pro- duced, aud in such LOlli as shall be agreed upon at the time of the sale ALL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, at,d LANDS, willed TYDDYN PENG WERN, otherwise TY YN Y RHOS, situate in the pa- rish of Llanwnda, in the said county of Carnar- von, and now in the teuure of William MORRIS, as tenailt at will. Also all that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT and LANDS, c-Ued GLANRA VON, otherwise TY IYDY-N nA CR, liituate in the parish of Llao- dwrog, in the said county of Carnarvon, and now in the tenure of R. WILLLIAMS, as teuant at will. Also all that MESSUAGE, or DWELLING- HOUSE, called Tjrn y 16n, built upon a pari of GLANRAVON, likewise in the occupation oC the said Robert WILLIAMS. C:3- There is a valuable allotment of MORFA DJNLLAEN annexed to these Lots. The teuauts will shew the preiiiises,.&.Pid fiirthei particulars may be had at the Office of Mr. H. R. WILLI Ails, Solicitor, Carnarvon. NEW STATE LOTTERY, To he Jlrawn in June. MESSRS. HAZARD, BURNR, and Co. Stock-Brokers, London, respectfully in- roriii the Public, that Tickets artd Scares for the present State Lottery are 011 sale at their Office, No. 93, Royal Exchange. The Scheme is on the same Improved Plan as the last, as to JluinbcTOf Tickets, mode of Draw- iug, &c. and presents in addition to the £ 200,000 of Prizes, FOUR EXTRA BENEFITS, Of 100 Whole Tickets each, Which are to be given to the FOllr Tickets of the First Number drawn a Prize above zE 15. Letters, post paid, duly answered, and Schemes gratis. Bank, India. and South Sea Stocks, with their several Annuities, India Bonds, Exchequer Brtls, aud evefy description of Government Securities, bought and sold by Commissiwii* c:t N ERIONoErTaIl -I R MilIiMtiEaN.T Or TRAINING AND LXCERCISING. N. OTIClf. it hereby given, to all persons 1 enrolled m the said Regiment, that they are to appear at the town of Bala, in the county of MerirtAeth, on Friday, the twenty-fifth day of May, 1810. at 12 <J'cl«ck at noon, in order to be trained and exercised for 20 days exclusive of the days of arrival at, and return from Bala I: lieing the time and 1)[aft appointed by the Lord Lieutenant, or General Meeting of Lieutenancy,, .for the said oounty. And that every persou who shall not appear at the said time and place, will be deemed a deserter. WALTER JONES, Clerk of the General Meetings. C, efx R ug, 2d May, 1810. l r; Denbighshire Western Regiment of LOCAL MILITIA. BY ORIIKR OF THE T,oTtY) LIEUTENANT, Police is hereby (liven, ro all Persons sworn and enrolled to serve it. in the Wesferii Regiment of Local Mili- tia, for the comity of Denbigh, that they are to appear iu the Market-place, in the town of Ruthin, at li o'clock at noon, on Tuesday, the 29th day of May next, to he trained for 10 stiece,ive (tays, exclusive of the day s of arrivill at and depart- injr from, and marching to and from the Head- quarters of the Regiment; and that the whole of the serjeafifs, corpoi-iiii, and drnmniers, belong- ing to the said Regiment, are to he assembled at Ruthiu on the preceding Tuesday, the 22d of the same month, at 12 o'clock at noun* l»y\seven ex- tw- ttayx of e.vcr^isc, ta 4tut astalul* of the temainrler of the corps. i ilclId quarters, Rut hin., April £ 5, 1810. TO BE SOLI) BY fKIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that CAPITAL FARM, situate, lyina, -T'SL and being in the Parish of Liaullechid, in the county of Carnarvon, called by the name of Talyllynogwan, contaillillaDout 1461 acres, with one half of Og-wan Pool, which is well supplied with the best Trout ill North Wales, now in the occupation of Morris Jones, and Jane Howell, as tenants at will. And all that valuable farm situate lying and being, in the said parish of Liaullechid, called by the name of Talywaun, containing about 652 acres, now in the occupation of Owen Evans, »s tenant at will. The above Farms lie contiguous to the new post road, leading from Holyhead to Shrews- bury, and within a few miles of the new inn, at Capel Cerrig, about twelve miles from the market town of Bangor, and nine miles of Llanrwst. The laud is capable of great, improvement at. a small expence j owing to the great travelling upon the new road, land near Capel Cerrig is verv nnich increased in value; these farms are well worth the attention of persons who are inclined to spe- culate in real property a new inn may be con- veniently built upon one of them: an additional inn near Capel Cerrig will answer well. Further particulars may be had, by applying to Mr. J. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. The LLEIVENV ESTATE.—North Wales. BY AUCTION, BY WINSTANLEY AND SON, At the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, London, on Tuesday and Wednesday the 29th and 80th May, in 48 Lots, unless disposed of fey Private Contract, previous to the 15th of May::— THE very extensive and valuable FREE- HOLD ESTATE, comprizing the noble Mansion of Lleweny Hall, which contains ample acconiniodabion for a family of the lirst distinc- tion i also a convenient residence called Cotton Hall, together with new erected and very cofli- modious bleach works, water corn mill, and iron forge (all Well supplied with water) a public house and several iniproveable Farms, contain- ing in the whole near FOUR THOUSAND ACRES of extraordinary rich meadow, pasture and arabic land in a high state of cultivation, and lying nearly in a ring-fence. The annual value, whereof is upwards of ^7S0ft.-—-fhe estate is in- tersected by the river Clwpi, most heautifully situate in the well known and fertile Vale of Clwyd in the counties of Weubigh and Flint,: North Wales, 3 miles from Denbigh, G from 3t. Asaph, 8 from Ruthin, 10 from Mold, 12 from Abergele, and 4 from Chester-to be viewed hy applying to Mr. Huxford, at Lleweny Hall- Printed particulars with plans annexed may be had of Messrs. Mauley, and J. and W. Lowc, Solicitors, Temple, London; of Mr. S. Lowe, Solicitor, Whitchurch, Shropshire; of Mr. Cal- veley^ Surveyor, Stapleford, near Chester i Mr. Thomas Winstanley, Liverpool; of Messrs. Kay and Renshaw, and Messrs. Duckworth and Ctiip- peudale, Manchester; of Mr. Wynne, Solicitor, Mold; of Mr. John Jones, Ruthin; of Mr. Hughes, Denbigh; of Messrs. Pemberton and Coupland, Shrewsbury; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster Row; also at the principal Inns at Denbigh, St. Asaph, Aberconway, Car- narvon, Ruthin, Wrexham, Oswestry, Shrews- bury, Birmingham, Flitits Ilulywcll, aud Chester. CARNARVON, TO BE LET, AND ENtfcfcED UPON IMMEDIATELY, rff^WO commodious modern-built DWELT- JL ING-HOUSES,, situate in High-Street and Church-Street, in the town of Carnarvon. 'l The House in High-Street pdnsists of a capital entrance, a dining»parlour, and drawing-room.: ni*arljr 20 feet hy 17 a breaftfasf-parlour It feth,t i'by 16, a bed-rcmin of the same size, withadress- ing-room attached, and two other bed-rooms on the first floor; five other bed-rooffis in the attic story,, withsuitablegarre's t anexcellent kitchen, a housekeeper's room, and other suitable offices. The House in Cliureft-Strelet tobtaiins a large breakfast-parlour, dining-parlour, and tea-room, (with a recess) also two lodging-rooms on the same story with the tea-room, four excellent bed-, rooms in the attic story, capital garrets, and a commodious kitchen. There are uncommon good vaults under each of the Dwelling-houses, and each of the Tenants rr-ay be accommodated with three acres of capital Land, contiguous to the tOWII of Carnarvon. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. H. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor Carnarvon. (ONE PROPERTY.) ■; IVAR-OFFiCE, 2Mh March, 1810. T f!H E Secretary at War having established JL (,(,,rtiiik i,crulatioiis foi-etiiii-iiig ilie proijil)t payment. of sums due to the relatives of Soldiers killed or dying in his Majesty's service, subse- (itiently-,to the 24th December last Notice is hereby given, that all applications on the above account are to be made according to the following rules: viz The person wishing to make the enquiry, is to prove, to the satisfaction of a Magistrate, or of the Minister or Churchwardens of the parish rn which he or she resides, that he or she is related to (fie Soldier supposed to he dead, in one of the degrees undermentioned, viz. W.I IT, CHILD, FATHER, MOTHER, I BROTHER, SISTER, UXCLE or AUNT, NEPHEW or NIECE. or.that he or she is otherwise materially interest- ed in respect of the proposed application. Every such application is to be made in the followin form, and is to he addressed to the Se- cretary at War, in the manner pointed out as under*. Ri^ht Honourable The Seerclai-4, at j fVar-Ojfice, "\< London. Enquiry relative ) io a Soldier. ) Regiment in which; Nim. !ieis ^Whenhefirstenlist-'when he was las. The decree of Itela- The*!™t1X"1 Pi?,Ce w °K ° 7 ,e„ Uhpr nf' «'•8,111 i«to*hat heard from, and tio,,ship> orcaust olRe*denceof he supposed to be dead, and the number of R nL | Person mak.ngthe the Battalion, il ° J enquiry. known. known. ') f • ■ .1 ?r-" '■ lt' '•>3 ;"v~ f i J ■■ i "'s "i I hereby Certify, that after f makin due Enquiry 'have reason to believe that is (here state the degree of Relationship) of the above-named supposed to be dead. 5Magistrate, Minister, or Churchwardens ) as the Case may ( be. Notice is also hereby given, that the Sums re- mitted from Regiments as the produce of the Effects of Officer* killed or dying; in fh > Service, will upon application, be immediatelv ordered to ¡ be paid over to their legal Representatives. By order of the Secretariat War, J W. MERRY, j 3 THE distinguished Features of the present JL, Lottery are presented to the Pablie in the following Scheme, which contains Four Prizes of Tickets" Besides RWO,0001 Divided in the following MONEY PRIZES. 4Priftesof^ £ 20,0W>re.J £ 80,0<Se»-' •i 4 9\0Q» 12 *>000 13,000 500 10,000 1 20 100 2,000 > 44 50 2,200 36 85 900 4,860 15 72,900 The Four extra Prizes of Tickets will be detetv mined in the following mannerTo the first drawn Prize above X15, (not falling to either of the under-mentioned Numbers) will be eivea in additioa the following 'GRAND BENEFIT PRIZES,- f the forlunate Number is of the Letter A, 100Tickets comprised in No. 1,951 to 1,975 B, 100 ditto comprised m S.001 to C, 100 ditto comprised in 4,751 to 4-,775' D, 100 ditto comprised in 2,501 to 2A25 With all the Prizes that may be severally drawa against them; by which means One Ticket may gain ÆIOO..OOO TICKETS AND SHARES Are selling at all the Lottery Offices. in tbi1 County. LLANELIDAN INCLOSURE. I THE undersigned, being.the sole Com- missioner appointed by an Act or Parlia- meat, passed in the 49th year of ihe reign of iii; present Majesty, inritled, "an Act for inclosin? lands in the townships of Llan, Trewyn Bodlow- ydd, and Bryncymme, in the manor of Llaneli- dan, in the parish of Llanelidan, in the county of Denbigh Do hereby glue Notice* that under the authority of the said Act, I will cause to be put up to sale by public auction, at the White Lion Inn, in Ruthin, on Monday the IStli (lay of June 1810, at 4 o'clock in the after- noon, subject to conditions to be then produced the following parcels of lands on the common called Cefa Du, situate in the said townships and manor. LOT 1. An Allotment containing.!ISr. 36;. bounda4 on the north by Lot 2, on the south by the turn- 'pike road leading from Bala to Wrexham, on the west by Lot 3, and on the east by part of the said cowaloll. LOT 2. An Allotment containing 12a. bounded on the north by part of the said common, on the south by Lot I and 3, on the west by a carriage road leading from Rhawlfelun to the turnpike road leading froi-a Bala to Wrexham, and on the eaat by other part of the said common. L'6T S. An Allotment containing 8a. 3r. 15p. bounded on the north by Lot 2, on the south by the said turnpike road leading from Bala to Wrexham on the west by Lot 4, and on the east by Lot 1. LOT 4. An Allotment containing 9a. 0. 2op bounded on the north and west by the said carriage road leading from Rhaol felno to the said turnpike road leading from Baia to Wrexham, on the south by the said turnpike road leading from Bala to Wrexham, aiictoii the east by Lot 3. I,OT 5. An Allotment containing 10a. Sr. !5p. bounded on the north by a carriage road leading from Gwyddelwera to Wrexham, on the south by the said turnpike road leading from Bala to Wrex- ham, on the west by Lot 7 and 8, and on the east by the said carriage road leading from Rhewi feimi to the said turnpike road leading from liala. to Wrexham. LOT 6. An Allotment containing Sa. Or. lOp. boiirdec on the north east by Lot 7, and on the north west hy the public road leading from Llansaintffraid to Llanelidan, and on the south by the said turnpike road leading from Baia to Wrexham. LOT 7. An Allotment containing 13a. bounded on ti.e north by Lot 8, on the south by Lot 6, and fn, said turnpike road leading- from Bala to Wrex, ham, on the west by the said public road leadint from Llansaintflraid to Llanelidan. and on th' east by Lot 5. LOT 8. An Allotment containing 9a. Sr. SOp. botmded on the norih by the said carriage load Icaoiii" from Gwyddelwern to WrexhanCoti the south by Lot 7, on the west by the said public road leadin. from Llansaintfiruid to Llaueiidaa, and oa t) « east by Lot 5. LOT An Allotment containing iOa. Or. 25p. on Ihe north west by the said public road ie,dtn~ from Liansainlllraid to Llanelidan, on the SG;H;° by part of the said common, and an ancient lt'~ closure on Maes y Trayiin, iu the holdbg (.f JONES, and Oil the east by Lot 10, ° LOT 10. An Allotment containing 123.. Or. 30p. bonnu- ed on the north by the said public road from Llansaintffraid to Llanelidan, on the souVh by the said ancient Indpsnre, on the west bv Lot 9, and on the east by pare of the Paid mosi. The foregoing A maikeu out, and plans may be seen at the Ollkc of Mr. JON r, solicitor, Rhds, Ruthin; at the house ALICE WILLIAMS, Innkeeper, at LI aforesaid; and Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, ber Wen, will shew the Lois. IU CHARD Chirl:, ? April,\S\d. >