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.. f Political Summary.!


Political Summary. j'u; Debate on Mr. Lethbridge's resolu- h hulls respecting the Letter of Sir Frauds Bur- Uctt, was on Thursday resumed ill the House Co in itt o it s. It had excited so much interest that the galleries were filled at an early hour, (lid all fhe lobbies and avenues of the House \\f:re crowded to excess. In the course of the debate Lord Foikstone spoke in opposition to in- vle resolutions, and concluded with moving j that the HIHlse do proceed to the orders of diy after a long and animated discussion thi. motion was negatived. The resolutions ttie 11 adopted; when Sir Hohert Salus- bury nioved, That Sir Francis Burdelt be to the Tower." Upon which mo- ¡¡OJ. Mr. Sheridan moved, That the House dC) (lOW adjourn;" bllt on a division the mo- for commitment to the Tower wascar- ritd; the numbers being 190 to 152-majo- 38. Notwithstanding our improvements in agri- et, Bonaparte receives a revenue so great, A) if Ul;|t ll:e amowit may he judged of ftom the importation of corn iulo the port of London 'lout: for six nioiiti. s. are as- t'olivii' ,8(fe Qrs. V/heat -Qrs. Oats. | 11 August 3,0] 0 13,100 Sep?ember.. 5,10.9 (j,! nG 0ctober 19,000 12,900 November .48,900 24,000 0 0 5,400 102,610 59,500 J8l0 In Jan. 145,000 86,700 v 247,610 06, >0 VaT«e of 247,610 Qrs. Wiieai atlOOs 98,200 —— Oals, at 36s.144,30;) f: !k;2H3() hich Slim of 1,882,3501. has heen paid to the t"Y of otir country, chiefly in specie, be- llies yielding a revenue to BoiiEparU; as fol- l«Ws "fy payable on exportation, 247,000 Qis Wheat at' 12s = £ 148,566 n* pa-l'e on exportation, 9C»,'i00 "rs« Oats, at 12s. 57,200 £ 205,76fi r°"i the above account we see fhat Bona- l'rlehas, in the space of six mouths, recciv- cd '"to his dominions out of the city -of Lon- 0,1 alone, a quantity of gold coin, amount- l,,§ to l,3g2 3501 sterling; and (hal he has by of revenue, put into his cotters opt ot suiii no less thau. 205,7661. Brilishster- "8 I Alld thns have we been enriching our le,«ies with that valuable circulating medi- blil, the want of which has enhanced Uie Pr'ce of every necessary of life 1 Jlie French papers continue lilted with-dc~ tails of lhe preparal ions for the appr():\chin; Carriage. Napoleon, wishing fo lIlark this tl)vch by, acts af indulgence and benevolence, y ,as pasned a Decree, by which 6000 dowries >■ Itre to he g i v en to ô()O¡Jyoung' women,who *r*_t<> fee n);ink(j :o 8009 reilrqi' 'so'ldicfii, in tiour of the I mpetial nuptials; a bra,Hcd to deserters from the army and i n — člnd all persons irnppsoned for slight oihiues O'ld wlio -are (fetaiiie(i too- fine-; aii(i "S. be discharged. The Emperor of J? >>, i as sent a congratulatory letter to Bo-noparle Ii his marriage—with what degree of since- rit. j J> after the complete dow ui ai of ail his J°l>es and promises in regard to Austria, may conceived. —W-.HWWM "UU—n»»c»n»ii»iinii„ii iBimi«in inmn HHnimi umiiHH Mil minim —


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