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E■vidence for the Prisoner.


JrliscclUineo us.


JrliscclUineo us. Lord Erskine has gratified Ihe public w?> he satisfied his own feelings, by an anthoriz declaration in the House of Commons, that a tiol, ev present at the discussion of the odious lIlt sure, to exclude Gentlemen who report I Dehates from their right to be cilied io t. Bar. We are informed (here is no fratSj in Ihe r port of l.he gamekeeper at Chirk Castle havi, been shot at and killed. tfirewsburtf.—The commission for ho!å.;¡ the Assize, for this county was opened on S, tni-day last, before Mr. Baron Wood whoa tended divine service it St. Chad's church* Sunday morning, where a very a j-. p i<j;i'i"' sermon was preached by the Rev. G. N. J Lloyd, the brother of the High Sheriff, fro Psnim aii. 1. Yesterday came on, before a very inlel ■gent and respectable jury, in the Sheritl v'o-.irl, a cause in which Mr. Grant, of th town, -was Plaintiff, and John Wynne, !;> of Garll-uneilio, e, c i't'; I fl. I I The demoiM^yvas fa?-' lodgings sutd ueet-ssai' 10 Mrs. Wyinv t'he deienda-nl's brdjifSSw-hoiri her husham nuder envious!ances of aggravalion into yvliii the learned counsel did not on (his occasi'! think it necessary to enler minutciv, had n fused to admit into his house. Ko defenf was allempted, and the jury without hesiM lion found-a verdict lor 1451. 16s. lid. I;eif' sei for the Plaiutift, Mr. f)auncey and M Eylon, Solicitor, Mr. Paniir, \V„ Humphreys. John Hnmjjbrcys, an James Roberts, I'em(l'cd, by ilabca;; corpc from DolgeIley, charged wilh assanihng an obstruclingtwo excise officers in Iheexecntio of their duty, were found guilty sentence t be passed by the Court of King's Bench. it these assizes Robert Monk, of Pressed' in the parish of Slotfesdon, shepherd and ba, liff to Mr. 'HInek, of Kinlet, received fro- the Grand Jury oi the County the sum of fiv guineas, as proposed by their foreman, lb Hon. Thomas Ken yon, for She greal atle-i lion he had paid to his master's properly, an for his skill and dilligence in discerning theft, whereby he sd he guud example of < good and faithful servant. A bill of Indictment was to th- Grand Jury, and by them found a true Bill against Eiizabelii li idfey, for a misdemeanor in having neglected arid refused to provide he late servant, Jane Williams, with snriicieii and necessary provisions, and also for bavins exposed her person to ihe inclemency of th< weather. An extraordinary circumslance happened at Hereford, on the night or Tuesday, the tioili IIISt. As Mr. Bevan, of the Oak public house, at Ross, (who had a horse stolen some weeks agoj and another person, were conveying the supposed offender to Hereford, when the pri' soner had reached the 3d. arch of the bridge, sliver the river Wye, he took the desperate re- solution of leaping into She river, on the up- per side. Be was caught by Ihe skid (If IhL coat, which instantly tearing off, he plunged into ihe stream, and has not since been seCII. fhe nvrr wa9 dragged Ihe following morn- i- :.t vain j as.J ■' "■* supposeu he was d»-yvrH» c i Singular Sport.—On Thursday aftersioooii,- a singular-anmsemenl took place in Ihe neigh- of A labourer having caught a rat about a fortnight before, and which was fed ever since op. young kitl-nsand milk, proposed that the nil should light oil the above day, as many cats as it could, at balf-a-evown each, and that (he person whos« cat. !ílied the rat should he entitled (ooot: guinea. At four o'clock a full grown cat put into the rat, in a vat, where the rat had. been previously fed, which, instantly jumped out of {i!e v;1t? and would not face the rati and singular ii is to remark, fifteen cats were placed to combat this animal, seven of whit-'1 say dead in the vat, and eigiit ran off; but the 16th being something of ihe tiger breed* was. alter a severe round, enabled to kill thfl- rat. If instead of this-sport, the well fed rat had been turned back to its own haunts, pit would have become a famous rat-cather.—f°e( this we have been told is Ihe best tueaus0* ridding premises oi venume.

A W ISH. \


House of Ccmmoss.