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E■vidence for the Prisoner.



FASHIONS ron LAHiiiS AND GENTLE- SI liN. Plaie 25,—A Group of Female figures in Evening or Up-er-a Dresses, The erect figure represents a female in a robe â III llusse, of spring green velvet, nith appiiqued stomacher and slashed long sleeve of while satin, ornamented with pearl. A mirza turban of frosled satin, with large pearl crescenl in front. Whiie satin mantte, trim- med with gossamer down, and confined in front of Ihe throat with a diamond broach. Diamond necklace and earings. While fntiil slippers, laced and hound with silver. White kid gloves, and fan of carved ivory. SITTING ngun E. A while salin slip 4 Vantique trimmed with golhiclace; long sleeve, full at the lop, with cuffs to correspond with theslyie of the dress. Laced stomacher front, peaked both behind and before at the bollom of the waist. Hair in lie eastern, confined with a comb orna- mented with pink lopaz, and flowing in loose irregular curis over the bauds in front. Far- rings and necklace of pink topaz. Fink salin slippers, with silver gothie cta<m«. While crape fan, wrought in silver jessamine. FIGURE IN T!Oè SHAnE. A Grecian frock of aurora gause, worn over white satin, laced from lhc bosom Jo the feet with silver. A nun's veil of gossamer net lace, thrown over a head-dress, consisting of a si!ver bandeau, conbniug the hair, which appears benealh in dishevelled curls. PLATE 26. FASHION FOR GF.NTLEVfEM Full Dress.—Superfinecorbeau colour coal, with covered bullous; while marcella waist- coal, single breasted; light sage green or creamcoloured kerseymere breeches. also those of black florenline silk are very fashion- able and consistent in this style of dress. Dark blue coats, wilh plain gill bullous, are like- wise considered fashionable. The cravat is still worn high and lull. MORNINS DRESS, consists chiefly of dark-coloured mixed coals, with long waists, and narrow I a p pels and col- jars; the coat cut very high in the neck. Double-breasledstriped waistcoats, formed of various materials, such as nurceUas, hi kerseymere, &c, Ribbed kerseymere breetln with hightop boots; also plain stocking pa taloons, wilh half-boots. Fearl buttous a a fashionable appendage to this style of flH costume. 6EXER.VI OBSEHVATAIONS. There can be no doubt that the femi dress of the present day is in much better tat1 than than that of any former period. A ■ sliionable assembly, from the variety il pI sents to the eye, seems like a masquera collection of the costume of Ihe different n tions of the world. 'I'llis is ks it sliot:ld I' la a country whose very existence depen upon commerce, and She object whose spec la! ions is to draw together Ihe productions every quarter of the globe, it seems qu consistent, that the dress of its inhabits!- should bear some analogy to Hit spirit of, pursuits; and surely, as far as taste is cc cerned, thismede isfar preferable to Ihat du monotonous, unvaried system, in which ev« member of a party, like the shrubs of Ti.iu villa, is the counterpart of her comp tiion. u Grove nrnU «-rove, each, rt,11 < v has aim '*♦ forin i- the ol- It is of importance, however, that prep" should in some -measure regulate the vagal of and thai Hie dress of everv actor is gay and varied scene, besides behtg harmony with Ihe character of the wr:lrl should be consistent with itself. 1 would il have the sentiment of religion and fesi:V rnillgledin the sallie person, nor the wai garments of Ihe sur e-ad inhabitants of t north, -.united to the light and gossamer-li drapery -of the eastern nations. A tippet will ill accord wilh a Circassian I •: dress, a Spanish hat. with a cottage cloak, the cockle slouch of the bare-footed piigs i wilh robes lhat indicate gaieiv and '1" (( sure.

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