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... "ELEGY,


ELEGY, Written before Flushing the Wight previous to the Bombardment. Slow from the bcnom of the silent deep The Moon, emerging, casts her liquid light f Stretch'd on the sward the weary solTiers sleep, Recruiting Nature 'gainst the morning's fight. Majestic, o'er the level of the main, Close to the fort, lirittannia's bulwarks rise Hush d are the clamours of the fearless train, Whose loud huzzas hut lately reut the skies. Cynthia, led hy thy silver beam, I trace The signs of warfare on the sylvan scene; I glie, in sf>F;"«w, on thy lucid face, And, darin^ask of Heav'n—why this has been ? Say, what is honour? Tell me! what is Fame? A g'itiering bubble, borne upon t-he flood gha!! Man, <o gain a transitory name," Sully the green turf with a brother's blood ? "Who wars for a name, no better cause Conjoin'd is driven by destructive pride Humanity denies him her applause, When Glory's ensign is with slaughter dy'di Coofe, 'twas thy Country bade thee lead thy hand, To suat.ehthis island from a tyrant's sway; Thy enemies confess a father's hand— And mercy well deserves the poet's lay. But ah tbtil Coote and Mercy give the word, Still ruthless war low'rii or, the affiighfed ball; Pity with tears, beholds the hostile sword, And mourns the victims who are doom4 to fall. Now all is still and peaceable around, carnage ceases till the night is o'er, "When -lie hoarse cannon with appalling sound, Shall bid the active warrior "sleep no more!" To morrow's sun shall view, in dread array, Numbers of Britain's children, gen'rous, brare, Who, ere it sinks beneath the western sea, Will end their hopes of glory in a grave Perhaps upon this spot may Virtue fall; True love may here resign, in pangs, its breath; The child's, the wife's, the parent's little all May sink for ever in the shades of death! And. hark! I hear the widow's plaintive cry, Wafted upon the night-breeze, fromafarj I see 'he tear drop trembling in her t'ye-- I view her anguish and 1 curse thee—War A FORE-MAST MAS. 77. ,11. S. [mpetneux, Cawsand Hay, Jarl, ISlO.

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To the "Edilorsof the North…

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