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PoliiMaf Siimmary. \

WEDNESDAY.—Four if Clock,

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The following are the regulations under which the several corps of Local Militia in Great Britain are to he assembled for training and exercise ill the year 1810:- Every corps to he assembled for 20 (Itys exclusive of the days of arriving at, and de- parture from, and marching to and from the place ofigseiiibly. The whole of the serjeants, corporals, and drummers, to be assembled at the head-quar- !ers of their respective corps for 7 extrt days being the seven days next preceding the | assembling of the rest of the corps for exor- cise. No corps to be permitted-to assemble before the 1st day of April, or subsequent to the 1st or Odoher. No officer, non-commissioned officer, drum- mer, or private niau, to have leave ol absence during the period of assembly, except in cases of the most, nrgent nccccssily. The number of Newspaper for Eii- gland, Scotland, and Wales, issued from Ihe Stamp Office, (the account made up for one year ending in IS09) amounted to upwards of twenly millions sud a hull"; when the adver- tisement duty is added to that of the slaiups, what a handsome sum, we maycouceive tlIse useful vehicles of knowledge and enlerlain- iiieil(, to tli,- I-evei'llie. The following is a return of the number of men in each regiment of regular Welsh Mili- tia, still requisite to complete (he number I equal lo -one-half of the original quota, di- J rected to be raised before the 10th ol October, 1810. V" t Anglesey .93 Cardigan 121 Carmarthen .173 Carnarvon .53 J I)eiil)i,h. 'I I Flint ..70 Glamorgan.94 Merioneth .54 Monmodth&Br'ecoti 171 Montgomery 102 Pembroke 100 Radtw- .53 Bills have been present- to the House of Commons for inclosing lands in the several parishes of Llanddewibrefi, Nautgwniie, Llan- ddewi, Aberarth, and Liausaintfraed, in the county of Canlian; and irt the parish of f)y- wierchion, in ihe county of Flint; and for repairing and-keeping iiMepair several roads leading to and from the town of Abergavenny. The lale Mr. Caleb Wjitlefdrd being at a City feast, the chairman, very soon after din- IIcr, gave a toast not very consistent with de- corum. Mr. Pitt oil tit's toas.1, dis played some symptoms of disgust, and asked if it Was common? Oh yes," said Mr. Whiteford, "very common among Chairmen { Pig Club.:—In Ihe parish of Whitchurch,} sear Cardiff, about forty persons have asso ciafed for the purchaseof pigs. They subscribe weekly.a shilling each, draw lots every Fri- day night, and on Saturday the fortunate member goes to market with his forty shil- lings and bu's his pig. This plan is pursued till each person has obtained one of those useful animals, which is effected by a weekly subscription so smait as scarcely to be felt in the poorest family.


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