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WAN TED TO PURCHASE, On any fart of the Sea Coast of Carnarvon- shirt; or Merionethshire, A BATHING LODGE, with 30 or 40 acres of Laud adjoining to it; also an Estate of two or three It U N 1) fttI) POUNDS per annum to tiie Lodge, or within a short dis- U"C€ Of it. kl)Plir,ation to be made to the Printer of this l Her. Notice of Sale. R. BROSTER, respectfully informs the "■'X Public, that the very extensive LITNT ARY, J4'NTINCS, PRINTS, ISTJSTS, STATUES,and PHI- >SOPHICAL APPARATUS, id' the late Rev. J AS. ^FIELD, Will be SOLI) BY AUCTION, in e course. of the Next Month, of which previous will be given in this paper, and Catalogues 'Ji be ready for delivery before the sale, J e KNOWN TASTE and CLASSICAL KNOW- VEl)cr, of ;hat much respected Clergyman, rcn- ,er* it unnecessary to expatiate upon this col- cction. CA UNA R FOX SHIR E. lUlOSIJIRWAUN INCLOSURE. I the undersigned, the Commissioner ap by an Act of Parliament passed m "'e 42j year of the reign of his present Majesty, j-ititbid, »« un ,\ct l'or dividing, allotting a;:d a tract of commom and waste lands, ()l ecl Rhosbirwaun, situate in the several parishes, Aber;laron, Llanfaclrhys, and Bryncroes, iu j lc County of Carnarvon." Do hereby give Notice, ^>at the next public meeting for putting the said itit0 execution, will tie held at the house of t C ,Davi» R]cr» known by the name oi* the ..r°Wn and Anchor inn, in the town of Pwllheli 'he said county of Carnarvon, on Wednesday e 25th da/ of April next, when and where all c" Person and persons as have already purchase:' "U Part of the. said common and waste lands, and ose contracts have no t bean forfaited and declared and void, are requested to corns prepared to QiI their respective purchase money. And it being provided by the said Act, that the Pences of obtaining and passing the same and other incidental charges and expences whaf- t)jyVe.r' for or by reason of, or preparatory to the 'Klino; and inclosing of tiie said common and dste lands, and of carrying the said Act into execution, shall he paid by sale of any fclliT "le ,aru's s<> to ,Hi iuclosed the following UlUonal portions of the naid co j-^oo, WILL bl SOLD BY AUCnO, house of tW said Mr. DAVID R^CE, on thp k Sc'a-y t'le ^t!l (!a^ next, at Clav our of 2 o'clock in the afternoon oft he same flUri su,)ject <0 such conditions as shall be then produced: A. R. P. t I. A portion of the said common containing. 8 3 i() 2. ditto ..12 3 3 3. ditto 23 0 25 4. ditto 26 I 25 5- ditto 14 1 16 ditto 18 3 II ".ditto 1-7 3 I S. ditto with 6 incroacliments.. 4'8 4 30 first, seven lots commence at Pant Fali hyti lias Gate, and extend in a dircct line till itSouth side alonL the intended new road, 11 joins the road leading from Brvucroes to erdaron. }g L°* ei ght is situate on the cast side of the road j j0- 'f» f''om Bryncroes to Aberdaron, and ad- ^.J"s the properties of Sir Robert Williams aughan, bart. and Richard Edwards, Esq. A. R. P. 9. A portion of the said common containing 4 0 20 I0-ditto 8 2 3 a.bse lats adjoin Tockyn Morgrig, on the south s'de of the road, leading from Bryncroes to jie and on the easterly side the intended fro load from Meillionydd, to join the -said road 01 Bryncroes to Aberdaron. I A. R. P. 1I. A portion of the said com- mon, with one iucroach- 12 ment, containing. 12 2 J3 do. with 4 do. do. 13 1 15 do. with 1 do. do. 13 0 2 do. with 2 do. do. ]() 2 6 do. with 4 do. do. f? 3 6 «. d0> g (J0< (J0> rj~ Q '> dd. with I do. do. 14 3 0 {°- do. with 2 do. do. 69 3 38 **• do. with i do. do. 5 3 37 do, with 2 do. do. 17 0 18 do. with 1 do. do. 10 0 S5 do. with I do. do. 12 0 39 z}j* do. with 2 do. do. 42 3 30 I do. with 4 do. do. 29 0 16 do do. 24 2 19 Tt 1 to"lle last mentioned lots are bounded on the ^tl» West l»y Br>'n hynog» 'he property of R. 0Wraa.rcis, Esq. on the westerly side by Tair th's' lhe property of the said R. Edwards-, ^Jr< p Northerly side by Caera, the 'property of the'n 's Roberts, and on the easterly side, by \Vjj,.°Perties of the Hon. Mrs. Finch, Sir Robt. ^iviri13?103 ^aughan, hart, and others, and are hy the road leading from Bodgaea to i°Colmou. this 6th day of > j NQI*ch, Is 10. 5 j BEN. WYATT, Commissioner. t fUrthiSr Part'cu^ars respecting the sale, 1 r° t^>e Commissioner, at his residence at r\v,|fierVt'' ,!ear t'^ngor? at the Office of Mr. ^\ven j r'ffi(h, Solicitor, Carnarvon; to Mr. R. t at' Surveyor, Hanenghenedle, Anglesey; ^ttrenf of sale, where plans of the tt allotiueQts are left for incpecticn. YOUNG REVENGE, WILL COVER THIS SEASON, AT uRYsmn, At One Guina, and Five Shillings the Groom: HE is a dark CHESNUT HORSE 15 hands 3 inches high, got by Old Tat, his Dam'by old Revenge, out of Violet, who was got by Diamond he is high bred, perfocih sound, and free from blemish, five yearn ol;i- 4,1 for blood, ami bone, equal to any Horse in the kingdom. lie is to be let for the whole of the Season, if required. Bryiihir, Feb. 23, 1810. DIVIDEND. THE Commissioners in a Commission of M Bankrupt, awarded and issued forth against JA'.IES KNOWLES of Gwyndu, in 'he parish of Bodwrog, in the county of Anglesea, innkeeper, dealer, and chapman, intend to meet on the 7th lay of April next, at the hour of eleven iii,tle forenoon, at the house of GEORGE BET^ISS, called Ow Sportsman Inu, situate in the town of Carnarvon, in the comity of Carnarvon, to make 1 further dividend of the est.L!c, and effects of 'he said Bankrupt, when -»nd where the Creditors io have not already proved their debts, arc to some prepared to prove the same, or they will se excluded the benefit of the said Dividen-i. all cbims not then substantiated will be dis- novred. The dividend will not he paid Oil the 7th April nit on a future day, of which due uoticc will be ;iveu in this paper. H. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor under the Commission. Carnarvon, Slil ) M.trdi, 1810. ) N. B. All persons indebted to the said estate are required to pay the amount of their respec- tive debts without delay. DIVIDEND. ITF, Commissioners in n Commissioa of JL )t, awarded and issued for'h a;- ains Jake JONES of Dolvddbyrion, if the „f Carnarvon, tanner, deafer, and chapuan, intend to meet "iI the "fit day of Apr if Ilit- hour of eleven in the forenoon, at the hb so 'If IFOHGK BETTISS, c:alle,.i the Sportsman lrm, senate in the town of Carnarvon, in the coun'. of Carnarvon, to make a dividend of the estate and effects of 'he said Bankrupt, when !j'h\'q" 'he Creditors "ho have lIot already proved 'heir debit;, are tn come prcpareil to i)rove fli,- same, or they will be exclude.! the benefit of the said dividend. And ail claims iioi 4eia 1t;t,¡lItiald will be disallowed, The dividend wl1 not be pah: on the 7th Aliril j but on a future ay, of which due notice wili lie given in this paper. IT R. WILL I A MS, Solicitor uuder the Commission. Carnarvon, 5tk) March, 1S10. S N.E. Ai! petsons indebted to the raid es-at« are rcquiied to pay the amount, of their respec- tive debts without delay. TO BÊ SOLD BY PRIVkiF, CONTltiCT. ALL that CAPITAL FARM, sihiale, lyin^ and being in the Parish of L'a'd echi in the county of Carnarvon, called by :he name of Talyllynogwan, containing about 1461 ac es, now in the occupation of Morris Jones, and Jane Howell, as tenants at will. And all that valuable farm situate lying and bes'ng, 71, the said parish of Llanltechid, called by the name of Talywaun, containiTjg about 65, acres, now in the occupation cf Owen Evans, as tenant at The above Farms lie contiguous to the new post, road, leading from Holyhead to Shrews- bury, and within a few miles of 'he new inn, at Capel Cerrig, about elv; mi es from the market town of Bangor, and 'oitte miles of Llanrwst. The land is capable of great improvement at a snud! ex pence owing to the great travelling' upon the new road, land near Capel Cerrig is very much increased in value; these farms are well worth the attention of persons who are inclined to spe- culate in real property a new inn may he con- veniently built upou one of them: an additional inn near Capel Cerrig will answer well Further particulars may be had, by applying to Mr. J. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of Elias cvans, at Banor Quay, on Saturday the 7th day of April next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such con- ditions as shall be then produced s ALL that MESSUAGE, STABLE YARD, •PASSAGE, and PREMISES, situate and being in the Town of Bangor, in the County of Carnarvon, adjoining a certain house called the Crown, ;now in the occupation of Mr. James Hutching and William Griffith, shoemaker, con- taining in front 18 feet, and running backwards 57 feet or thereabouts, Also all that GARDEN-PLOT, Piece or Parcel of Land, situate and being in Ld:i y popty, in the Town of Bangor aforesaid, containing in front and along Ldn y popty aforesaid, 2D feet or thereabouts, and running in depth backwards, 174 feet or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Thomas Griffith, joiner. And also a compact FARM, with a Dwelling- house and Outbuildings, called Tyn y tone, in the Parish of Lianlleched, in the said County of Carnarvon, most advantageously situate within three miles of the Town of Bangor, and adjoining the I urnpike-road in leading from Bangor to Conway, consisting of 17A. OR. OP. or there- abouts, of excellent arable, meadow, and pasture Land, now or late in the occupation of William Ellis and others. The respective Tenants will shew the Premi- I ses, and furtherparticlllars may be had on appli- cation to Mr. ROBERTS, Attorney uu d Notary Public, Bangor. TO BE LET, And. entered upon the 12th day of May, A DWELLING-HOUSE, in Bangor Street, in the Town of Carnarvon, commonly called and known by the name of Pen y dre, consisting of two kitchens, scullery, cellar, lumber room, and dairy, three parlours and pantry, a tea-room five bed-rooms and three good garrets, and a small garden. This House is situate in a pleasant part of I the town, several of tha rooms coumand an ex- tensive view of the river Mettai, ted the of Anglesey it is a convenient residence for a large family or lodging hotiic. For further particulars apply to Mr. Evans, Attorney, Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the House and Shop, late in the possession of Misses Susannah and Ann Price, in Greek Square, in the town of Carnarvon; on Friday the 16th day of March. rinilli Household furniture and shop goods JL of the said Susannah and Ann Price, con- sisting of beds-ends, feather beds, inahogany and other tables and chairs, chest of drawers, and several small articles iii .tie House, and ladies' muffs, tippets, gloves, parasols, stockings, mus- lins, lace, cottons, handkerchiefs, thread and other goods in the shop. The Sale to begin at 10 o'elock in the forenoon and to continue the following day. A Catalogue of the goods may be seen at Mr. Evan's Office, Carnarvon. Sale oj Farming Stock BY AUCTION. Mr. PENSON informs the Public, that he shall sell by Auction, at Erbistock Hall near Over- ton, in the county of DCllbigh, on Wednesday April 11th, 1810. ALL (he trtily valuable LIVE STOCK, implements in husbandry and dairy utensils, the property ot JotiN EVANS, Esq. of Erbistock Hail aforesa id. Which consists of between twenty and thirty heads of fine useful dairy cows, a number of calving heifers, a capital three year old high :cd bull, seven extremely handsome young draught horses and geering, two very good wag- on" one cart, one tumbrel, plows, barrows, &e. which will he- sold without the least reserve, as Mr EVANS has set the Farm. Catalogues, will be prepared ready for delivery j within fourteen flays of the and may be had iit lie Kilesmere; Cross Key", Oswetry; Bowling Green, Overton; and from Mr. Penson, Wrexham. tV rex ham, Feb. 25, HHO. CARNARVON. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON DDfEDIATELY, FFLYVO commodious modern-built DWELL- jt ING-110USES, situate in High-Street and Church-Street, ill the town of Carnarvon. The House in High-Street con sists of a capital entrance, a, dining-pariour, and drawing-room, nearly 20 feet, by IT a breakfast-parlour 17 feet, by iS, a bed-room of the salllc size, withadrcss- itig-room attached, and two other bed-rooms on the tirst floor five other bed-rooms in the attic story, with suitable garrets an excellent kitchen, a housekeeper's room, and other suitable offices. The House in Church-Street contains a large breakfast-parlour, dining-pariour, and tea-room, (with a recess) also two lodging-rooms on the same story with thefca-room,four excellent bed- rooms in the attic story, capital garrets, and a commodious kitchen. There,are uncommon good vaults under each of the Dwelling-houses, and each of the Tenants may be accommodated with three acres of capital Land, contiguous to the town of Carnarvon. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. II. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. (0;\)£ pnorrPTV.) TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, IN TWO LOTS, ( At Penybont in Yspytty in the county of Car- narvon, on Monday the 2oth day of March 1810, at four in the afternoon. LOT 1. 209 Oak Trees, 5 Cyphers. 28 Ash. 5 Elm, 1 Cypher. 5 Mountain Ash. Birch. Growing upon Bwlchymaen farm, in the parish of Penmachno in the said coiziity, iii the holding of JOIX, WILLIAMS. LOT 2. 113 Oak Trees, 1 Cypher. Growing upon Penrhyn Canal in the aid parish, in the holding of ROBEnT JONES, The atiove Lots arc scribe numbered, and arc j in general of large dimensions, well adapted for Ship-building, of great length, sound and clear, of scantling Mitiicienl for Vessels of large harden, as beams, planks, &e. and close to a good road. LOT I, is distant, from the port of Trcfria about seven miles, and LOT 2, about nine The respective tenants will shew the TJKBFR, and for particulars apply to DAYIU DAVIE?, Tynycocd, near Penaiachuo. BRITISH FIRE OFFICE. THE BRITISH FIRE OFFICE in the Strand, and Cornhill, LONDON, and by Agents iif. EDINBURGH, GLASGOW, DUBLIN. and other principal TOWNS, grant Insurance, against FIRE. Prefniums for Insurance renewable at Michael- against FIRE. Prefniums for Insurance renewable at Michael- mas, must be paid within Fifteen Days therefrom. The Terms and Conditions of Insurance as stated in the Policies, are defined with perspecu- ify, plainest and precision, so as to prevent the Misunderstandings and Disputes dependant upon ill-digested, unadvised, and ignorant Plans, equally baneful to the Proprietors and those In- suring. ANNUAL PREMIUMS. Common Insurance, 2s. per Cent, Hazardous, 3s. Double Hazardous, 5s. Insurance mi FARMING STOCK, at 2s.. 6d. per Cent, specifying the Sums to be insured on the different sorts of Grain-or Is. 6d. per Cent, only on the whole Stock of any one Farm, with Salvage Clause. ROBERT SKELTON, Sec. WESTMINSTER SOCIETY FOR Insurance on Lives and Survivorships and granting Annuities, STRAND AND CORNIIILL, LONDON; And by Agents in EDINBURGH, GLAS- GOW, DUBLIN, and other principal Towns. INSURANCE on Lives affords the opportu- I nity to provide for the Aged, the Widow, and the Fatherless, and to guard against the loss and disappointment of a dependaace on the casu- alty of life alty of life To provide fines for the renewal of Leases, held on Lives; To secure the purchase money for Annuities or any Life Interest; as, Church Preferment or other situation, by which they possess only Income for Life* To facilitate the arrangement of marriage settle- ments and other pecuniary transactions To assist creditor and debtor in accomplishing the settlement of affairs to prevent bankruptcy. GRANTING ANNUITIES Affords a resource against. Old Age, Sickness, bodily Infirmity, and other casualties of Life. Jl



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