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LO YDOiV -)i,ll?KBTS. CORN EXCHANGE, MARCH 5. Being a small supply of English Wheat this morning, it experienced a quick sale, a- au ad- vance or about three shi'lings per ouarie: l ine I'oreigi) Wheat equally supposed s price— «-'me Barley was ab.at two shillper quarter dea.er [ •;iaK ,s 0a .;V av^ sa'e Ticlc a, -is are rather dearer—Bomi.g na«e -u-e very dull i„ sale— r tnere were but few fresh Oats a: M,A :{. -h (-.fl were taken off at an- advance -ot ,i, I)ey .• ■—Other ''rsiia vit-li anon Rapeseed and Linseed maintamej ihtT toraier prices. General Currency as under. Wheat. s 78s 104s Gre_» ."ease .40s 46s OA '^iue « «Gs l-l8s Sma;! Beyns.32s .d RYE —s 48X 50S j Ticks. s s _(j Sawey ~S-oS 4JS ()a,R ?4s 30s (>d VVK-V"B"5!C Poh,nds 27•> 36s 0d nhite teas—s 64s 68 s Ra/^e Seed.. 143s 52s 0«J !!I- AVERAGE 'ínCE OF CORN., By the Quarter of Eiglit W i,,Icilestel, Wheat I IIyc• H a,,{ell s. d. s■ (I., ci. |. s. rf A ii.-lese-y, I j 4S 0 I -2 Cartiarvotish. 94 8 ———— 6 0 24 ( Denbigbsl-iire 10? 1 F, t g y, f Flintshire, 107 2 — 57 7 J. Merionethsh. 100 0- 50 8' 2S X Montgomery, 105 7 55 § v7$ Chester, | 93 6 56 2 y —1■ PRICE OF LEATHER AT LFADENIIALL Butts, 50 to 561b. each 10 x: Ditto 56 to 661b 11 r(> H Merchants Backs 0, Dressing Hides.. o Finec^ichHides.]! yo sr Crop Hides, lor cutting, 35 to 40.. 18 to Flat Ordinary, 45 to 50 17 10 ¡' Calf Skins, 30 to 401b. per dozVn.V 27 to Ditto, 50 to 651b. per dozen. ,S6 to '2H Ditto. 3() to 901b 32 fo 'fr Small Seals, (Greenland).6 fl, 3" Large ditto, per Tanned Horse Hides, per lb 20 to 23


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