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SII -i 1, i-If

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SII -i 1, i-If PORT PRNRBTS, RANCOR.— Arrived. — Priseilla, W ebb, from Dun.tiii. New Gift., lluelit-S, Newry; Industry, Le is, f oni Dublin, ballast Willian. Si Fvttv. /or and Liverpool packer, PI i cOed, ouf -A tin, Joi es> Elizabeth, ii'tighes; Two Bro -hers,' JoK>s- Catherine and Fanny, Roberts; .Vermaid, .TM,••«? for Dublin; Ann & Fanny,, for. v.. fi .port; Concord, Hughes, for Wa'erford; .'> es- •sing, Roberts, for Drogheda.; Mdls, EJli", for Li v,erppo f, slates. C AR v 4 II voN-.—MUERF..Volunteer, Thomas; Chester Trader, Williams.; Cons'ant T;i(ier-' ,Jones, ,from Dub/iii, ba!lao.r: Lark, H ug-hc" .from Conway, oak.— Clea. ed out.-J ohn i¡o(l Bcfsey, Jones Juno, Rohens, for \e« V, star-s- Mary, Davies; viiss Smiilv, (Wen, for' Dublin, sla'es.; Matgaret, E\ans, for .Liverpool, Lovelv Peg-}, Parry; Lovely J.-huny, ilHaV-.c Sm erity, GnfTitb, Ref:y a«~! for Liverpool; John, Lewis, Înl London, sla'ea Co N'W A Arrived. Flora, Joiies, f'i-o in coal; ilvlary, f)ei-bysl)i-,e, from L'ier- pool, ,in ballast. C'eai.-d •#«/—Maria, Jones • Nancy, Jones Providence, Williams, for Swan- sea, with eopper r,- Friendship, I-ilis, for Bris- tol, leadore; Fletcher, Garner, for Liverpool com and -sundries Merry Harrier, Gorst for Liverpool, paving «:0nes.—Vailed. —Vary n11, Williams; Mar;a, Jones;. Nancy, Jones; V,-o- t idencc V/iiliams, for I.,iveri)ool, sundries,

ILO YDOiV -)i,ll?KBTS.


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