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-4 neglected Church• Yard.

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JdmiraJlij-OJJice, Feb. 13.

To the Editors of Ike North…

To the -E(torq of the Ncrlh…


To the -E(torq of the Ncrlh Wales Gazette*. GENTIEKEA, As the professors of popish Doctrines have of late made open and broad strides iu these kingdoms, and have received unusual indu!- gencies, and now, as lately before, are pre- paring a Petition to Parliament for a more solid and permanent toleration it is 1 think, the duty of every one who is a friend to the protestant cause to offer bis mite for the erai. posurc of that fallacious doctrine, that the ab- surdity of such idolatrous superstition may he universally known which has been from age to age such an impediment to the propa- gation of true Christianity, in ail parts ol the world, it is to be regretted that enr clergy iu Britain are so silent in this a'&nning time of, every day offers an opportu- nity by means of cur periodical publications* fo expose the viilauy practised from age to age by those wicked incendiaries, the papists. PROTESTANT.

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J!!".. For the North Wales…