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JdmiraJlij-OJJice, Feb. 13.

To the Editors of Ike North…


To the Editors of Ike North Wales GaieHe." cf I AM under some apprehensions, that this my communication should not he deemed woi i'hy of insertion in your Gazelle, and ac- knowledge that it is not interesting at this time to any of my Cambrian friends, as my ancestors have been long obliterated from the. memory of the present generation, and r can havenn claim to their recollection.— My fa- iiier was a Clergyman, who served two small euros fti Angtesea, for the small pitttance of thiriy pounds per annum. He held a small portion of l:md, on which he kept two cows, the management of which farming concern devolved to my mother to which was added the instruction ef her two sons, and a daugh- ter. of whom 1 was Use youngest. My father had long struggled' under heavy pecuniary embarrassments, which were increased by re- peated losses of his cows, during the ainuvst general distemper, with which those valuable animais were so generally afiSicled. U-pon the event of his death, his brother, who held a lucrative situation under the East India Company, sent for my sister and me to Lon- don, and placed us at school, where I re- mained a few years, and was then placed in a situation on board an Indiaman, and during which time laequired a considerable proper- ly, but never received any tidings t'-roni my uncle, or any other of my friends.—I have hut a slender recollection of the place of my nativity, but I well remember that it.was bleak, barren, and comfortless, when com- pared to the countries to which I was remov- ed. After the lapse of many years, I returned Co England, where I was kindly received by the East India Directors, and placed in their employ, which has called upon me several to travel through Wales, in my journeys to and from Ireland. My most diligent enqui- ries after my family and friends were fruitless —no person then living could give me any information respecting; them, I could only learn that a person of my name had served those curacies, many years since. This mor- tification, gentlemen, was greatly alleviated by observing the improved aspect that the face of the country bore in Carnarvonshire and Anglesea. It appeared to rue, from the recollection that I could form of it, to be an entire new creation. The numberlest im- provements that offered themselves to my notice, in trade, manufactures, roads, build- ings, and plantations, excited my utmost astonishment, and warmed my feelings by the reflection, that my countrymen, the Antient Britons, are actuated by that Divine impulse, the Amor Patrice to form it, what nature had designed it, a delightful country. My wishes to reside in my native country, are only checked by the recollection that i am now an entire stranger to my brethren and my fa. flier's house," and am much too far advanced in life to form new acquaintances and con- aexjous, Ilhiuk it accessary to acquaint }ou. that I sin a liberal cotftrFfeulor to all tlie Welsh endowments for improvements, or cha- ritable purposes, in the metropolis, which I consider as my bounden duty, and service." and amidst the convulsions of states and king- doms, and the violent contentions, and ani- mosities of our parties at home, I preserve an equanimity, and look up to the Ailwise Go- vernor of the universe for his protection to these realms. I must also assure you of the great gratification which I receive in the pe- rusal of your Gazette, which may be truly said to be, an unlooked for advantage to my native country, alld productive ot the various blessings of information, and mental improve- ment to the district. 1 consider that it has operated as a stimulant, to call forth the ener- gies and patriotism of the gentry and the landed interest, to rescne their native coun try front til e opprobrious and wanton representa- tions, which i!i-natured travellers had cast upon it. If this should he deemed worthy of your notice, yon may expect to hear again from (.Islington) AN OLD CAMBRIAN. V > 4 ') I I I ¡ ¡ I Ii I

To the -E(torq of the Ncrlh…

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