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J VLI CS fl.

JdmiraJlij-OJJice, Feb. 13.


From the LONDON CtJZETTE, Tel. 13. JdmiraJlij-OJJice, Feb. 13. Dispafches of whic-li the following are co- pies, have been received at this Office by John Wilson Croker, Esq. from Vice-Admiral Bertie, Commander in Chief-of his Majesty's ships and vessels at the Cape of Good Hope, addressed to the lion. W. Wellesic y Pole, [Extract from Colonel Reating's ieHer, II L which commences with a tribute of praise to the troops, and after mentioning the em- barkation and arrival off the Island, p roceeds with the narrative of the military operations.] At five a Ill. on the 23d inst. the troops were disembarked to the southward of point de Galotte, seven n'iiiss from St. Paul's, and immediately commenced a forced march, with a view of crossing the causeways that ettnd over-the Lake, before the enemy could dis- cover our debarkation or approach to the town, which we were fortunate enough to effect nor had they time to form inany lorce until we had passed the strongest position. By seven o'clock we were in possession of the first and second batteries, Lanibousierre and La Centiere; when Captain Wiiloughby, of the Jloyal Navy, who commanded a-.detach- ment of about u hundred seamen 011 shore, and to whose zeal, activity and exertions 1 fee! much indebted, linmedlalely tmneo the pm& upon the enemy's shipping, front whose tire, which was chiefly grape, and weii di- rected, within pistol shot of the shore, we suffered much, being necessarily exposed to it, during our movements upon the beach and through the town. rrom the "battery La Centiere, Capt, Iniiack was detached with the second column, composed of a hundred and forly-two of ,the second battalion orihe se- cond regiment-of Bombay native infantry ,i I I (I twelve Europeans, to take possession ol the 3d, or briery of j,a \ellf, deserted by J he ¡ ene-my. On his way thither, he fell in with and was opposed by the entire force of the.. French, who had concentrated, and taken tip a very strong position behind a stonewall, a very strong position behind a stonewall, with eight brass field-pieces, six-potuvders, .1 upon their flanks. This post was instantly charged in the most gallant manner by that, officer and his men. The enemy however maintained their po- sition, and Capt. Maunor of the 5tsUi regi, was ordered to proceed with the 3d co-iumn 10 hiy support, who charged, and took two of the enemy's guns. The action now became warm. but never doubtful. The eikm»y being reinforced from the hi lis, and having also re- I ceived one hundred and ten troops of' the huej from the French frigate La Caroline, and j squadron not being able-to stand i us, our movements being endangered by their lire, except, at intervals-, which they always look advantage of. Capt. Willoughby was directed to spike the guns of Lamhousiere and La Centiere, and with the seamen i<> man the third battery La Neuf, continuing to (ire upon their shipping., By this arrangement I Capt. Forbes, who with the reserve had cover- ed those batteries, was enabled to advance against the enemv, who, afier an honourable ¡ resistance, were compelled to give way, their I remaining guns being carried by that excel- ¡ lent officer, and a sufficient number of men were ordered to act its light troops- and to I p-.irsite the enemy, whilst the 3d column, with part of the reserve, advanced against the 4th and bill batteries, La Picre and La Caferne, ( which fell into our hands without opposition, I and whose entire-tire was immediately directed against the enemy's shipping. By halt past eight o'clock, the town, batteries, maga?.snes, I eight brass ifeld-pieces, one hundred and se- venteen new and heavy iron guns, of different calibres, and all the public stores, were in our possession, with several prisoners.—The I instaiv-t the squadron perceived that the object in landing had succeeded, and that they could with safely to the troops, stand in effectually, they immediately, anchored close to the ene- my's shipping," which after a short firing sur- rendered. The entire of the batteries being destrot ed, and the town completely com- I manded by our squadron, the troops were re- embarked by eight o'clock on the same eveillil,- I Herewith I have the honour to annex a re- turn of the shipping, grans, and stores, taken ¡ and destroyed upon this occasion!. 1 havenho ¡ the honour to inclose a return of the killed, wounded, and missing and though our loss has been severe, is is not equal to what might have -been expected,from the nature of the attack, the position and strength ol the ene. my, and the number of guns'to which our I little force was exposed at difl'eretVt times dur- ing the morning; To the judicious arrange- ments of Commodore Rowley, the cordial co- operation and support of the rest of the Offi- cer's of his Majesty's Navy, and personal ex- ertions and assistance of Captain Corbett in landing the entire force from his Majesty's ship La Nereide, I impute the happy termi- nation and ultimate success of this enterprise. On the 22d, Lite in the evening, the enemy- appeared in some/force upon the bills, and a heavy column Was observed advancing from St. Denis, which I since understand to have been under the immediate command of Gene- ral de Urusleys: the Commodore and myself now agreed upon the propriety of landing a sufficient force to d troy ait public property? I and accordingly Mit ..lacitres, and a fewsailors uuder Captain Wiileitghby, were ordered upon the servioc, when 1 had an opportunity 01 again witnessing the steadiness and good conduct of the seamen- and Royal Marines, I who eitt-cttii I I v bimsl.au extensivegovernmeni ) store ot considerable vaiue; the remaining I stores were olllv saved from some doubt ex isting respecting their being public property. On Ike morning of the 23d, the entire force was put in boats to reiand and attack the ene- mv, whose retreat however to St. Denis during the night prevented the ^necessity of any further debarkation. The Command- ant, St, Michael, being; disposed to enter into ncgociation with. the concurrence of Commo- dore Rowley, the preliminary Articles were drawn up, a copy ot which is enclosed, and the Commandant accompanying me 011 board his Majesty's ship Raisonable, they were to the coiiiii-i-patioti or rejection I, of the Commander in Chief General de Brusley. Gn the 24th all the remaining ic ware delivered over by the Head of the Police, ataligue parties from the aguadroa and troops were ¡ dt:nfÍ tc e flab ark them on hoard the honouratile Comr",Iny"s re- captured ship Streatham, which together with 1 the Europe, were "iaced under the orders of their former commanders.—Fj'oni the 25th to the 27th, the whole of the guns, &c. were finally destroyed, our guards continuing to mount regularly in the town for the protec- tion of the inhabitants and their property. The Frigate La Caroline, with the other shipping, are making all possible preparation for sea, and it is hoped that all the ncccssary arrange- ments will be made for the troops returning to Roderiquos by the 3d of next mouth. I t cannot: conclude this dispatch without men- tioning the ohHgfltmos 1 am under to Lieute- nant Laman, ef the Kosslniy Engineers, through whose exertions I was enabled to give ft -ihm of attack to the Oflicers in command 'of columns, and who upon the entire of this service, has heeu. zea lOlls and indefatigable. I beg also-to notice the exertions of Ensign ,n Pearce, of the 56th regiment, who, beiiig." at- tached to my personal staff, has rendered me the most essential services. I have the honour to be &c. (Signed) HENRT S. KEATING. Lieut. Col. 50th Keg. To francs Warden, Esq. Chief Secretary 10 Government, Uosnbay. (Uy the C-if agreement, a tuuttial 5u«|->.en«ion of arms was itumedialdy to take place; .public property to remain in posses- sion of the Kngiish the English not to be ]' prevented from attacking any other pa: tot the island cither hy sea orinud.; three days, giveufor the ratification.) (In consequence of the sudden death of Cenerat de Brnstcy, a further delay of five days was granted.) A lit of ships arid vessels captures-nnd dairoiptl in the iload of St. Paul's Isle of 21st of La Caroline frigate, of 46 guns (28 long 18 pounders, eight "6-pounder carronades), and 360 meri; c-mimanded by Moas. Ferretier, Lieuie- itfmt ie Vaissean. Grapplcr brig, pierced for 16 gmui, J Ion hoarrl; six IHot..Jted; j long 5-, pounder carronades in the hold. Mei chanltnen capiured (lIul (lest, S U\)), hiJl. of 30 guns, and Si9 tons, partly ladeii wi-h tialfpetre, the rest of the cargo landed. Europe, of 3C guns and 8.-20 tons, ditto. Fanny, brig, of 2 guns and 150 tons, laden with a i' tie rice aad corn. Trois Amis, of 60 tons, laden with s:a\'cs aii(i rice. Lt Creole, schooner, of-SO fon., in ballast. Tiiree vessels, names tl]]!\rH;j\ destroyed. One ship, name unknown, jjurni or; the stocks. (Signed) L ROWLEY. (A return of guns, arnmmiitjon, &c. found at.' St, Pant's, follows.) Upturn of iroitvrferf, and tnfu.twg of the Force under the command of Lieutenant' Col. Ke.'ilmg, Sept. 1809, lsiandllf llourbon* rank and jilc killed; 2 Lieutenants., 17 rank and Hie, wounded. First Batt. 56th Reg.— I serjeant, fj rank and killed; Lserjeant, S6-rankand tile, wounded I drummer, 2 rank and file, mis-ring. Second Batt. 2d. Reg. Bombay Native Infan- Irv-" sank and file, killed 1 Lieutenant, 1 Soubaldam, 2 Havakiains, 1 drummer, 1 rank and lijej wounded. killed, 06 wounded, 3 rn issing. A I S O rF F I c F" S WOU'H OE j). R 01 al [Viarines—Lieutenant J. R. Pye Second "Lieu-euanf, Mathew Howdcl., Second Ratt. 2d. Native Infaniry--Lieutenant. O.u\Í;, Suhidnm Shark Solemon. fyigned) H. O'NEI LL, Maj. of Brigade. (.Signed) HENRY S. KEATING.

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