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-4 neglected Church• Yard.

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J VLI CS fl.


J VLI CS fl. This T'npp appeared ipub'if.ly in a military £ rees, while the people were a procession to implore the blessing of peace. lie carried on the siege of Miranuola in pcr,ol1; which OGca- aionc-d the following lines: Aeeine«ns ci,,)veF in Tibridis amnem Projioif, et sa&vus, taiia verba rfcr1 1 Quum Petri nihil etficiant. ad prsclia claves, Auxiiio Pauli fersitan engi erit. Girt with a swerd, the Pontiff hurls the keys In Tiber's stream, and utter* words like these-: 9i.nc.e Peter's keys in war's dire conflicts fnH, Paul's sword" more eRcactoas, may previJÎL JcJhis's hatred to <he French was so great, that he cave orders for killing; all the persons of that nation should be found in bis dominions; and rewarded a Poet very handsomely, who pre- sented him with this distich, as'he was going to engage the troops of that country Julius evnilsit Gani cvbereius alas Martias hie prisco C aware major erit. Cytherc-an Julius elipp'd ri.in¡;; wing. May manial Julin. greater terror bri", I The pleasure that accompanied the perusal of this-distich was perhaps lessened by the follow- ing, whidi vvas left upon his table Fax Lignriauv, Honiara Ponti FJBX, ccncutit arm is Julius, htiic Tiro turn Gallia forti-s aiat. Whilst Julius, Genoa's spawn, and Rome's disgrace, Affl'ots each horror on 'he Italian race, Kind Gaul, to remedy these horrid woes, In her own time a Brutus may disclose. The Germans having requested permission of this Pontiff to eat meat on the day of St. Marfan, he it To them on condition that, they should drink no wine on that day. This was ffinivale'nt to a refusal, as they thought there was perhaps more indulgence lost than granted by his jjeriuission.

JdmiraJlij-OJJice, Feb. 13.

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